Grow Your Mobile App Using Facebook

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The Mobile Install Cheat Sheet How to get more customers using Facebook ads CRUSH CAMPAIGNS

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Finding high quality customers for your mobile app is tough. This can help. Inside this short presentation, I'll share with you some tips that I've learned after running 1000's of Facebook ads and working with some of the most innovative mobile companies out there.

Transcript of Grow Your Mobile App Using Facebook

  • 1. The Mobile Install Cheat Sheet ! How to get more customers using Facebook ads CRUSH CAMPAIGNS
  • 2. Heres what youll learn today: How to quickly build target audiences in Facebook How to easily create great images for your ads A less confusing way to create your campaigns in Facebook What analytics to track and how to track them Tools to check out
  • 3. Before we get started, who am I? My name is James Dickerson Im a Facebook advertising expert My agency, Crush Campaigns works with innovative companies to help them acquire customers through social advertising, retargeting, and other growth strategies In the last year alone, weve launched thousands of Facebook ads and have delivered outstanding results to our clients in some of the most competitive markets online Have launched two startups and worked at a venture capital rm
  • 4. 1. Find the right audience You can send new users that download your app into Facebook using Custom Audiences Your developers can do this by setting up App Events as part of the Facebook SDK You can even update FB with new users who have purchased your product Then, Facebook can generate an audience similar to the one that took your desired action (purchased your product) Use that audience as a start
  • 5. 1. Find the right audience Other ideas: It helps to start small. Pick a certain geographic area or just target fans of your biggest competitor. Scale from there I like to create a spreadsheet of customers and manually look up their interests and demographic information. See what they have in common. This can help you come up with endless ideas. Target your own fans or email list! What books, public gures, or tools/software does your audience use?
  • 6. 2. Images are everything You have to interrupt someone thats browsing Facebook Mobile is increasingly crowded, so think outside the box Try overlaying your app across different background images Use a lter on the image so that it appears Instagramish Start with at least 10 images Think: how does this image spark an emotion?
  • 7. 3. Quick campaign structure Campaign: My Mobile App 7/15 Ad sets (3 or 4): includes different target audiences for each ad set Ads (3 or 4 per ad set): start by having a different image for each ad, all other factors staying the same Start by using Facebooks Optimized CPM bidding Make sure you are tracking the right metrics through a 3rd party or Facebooks conversion tracking
  • 8. 4. What do I track? Ultimately the Cost Per Install doesnt matter, its the revenue generated by a user So how do you track conversions in your app to see if campaigns make money? Free solution: integrate Facebooks SDK to track in app events Paid solution: use a 3rd party analytics tool like Appsyer or Localytics Look at results on an individual ad level and see whats converting What combination of audience + creative is driving actual conversions?
  • 9. 5. Facebook Mobile Marketing Toolkit Create great images: Track the right analytics:,, Facebooks SDK, Facebooks ad reporting features Set up performance driven ad campaigns: , Facebooks Power Editor Get ideas for ad creative & ad angles:,,, High performance, done for you campaigns:
  • 10. Thanks! For more, visit CRUSH CAMPAIGNS