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Welcome… How to Grow Your Facebook Community (the right way) #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey

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One of the most common topics we get asked is about Facebook fans - specifically how to get more of them. But did you know that having too many of the wrong kind of fans can actually damage your Facebook stats? This presentation discusses various ways, both online and offline, to grow your fan base (likes) with the RIGHT kind of fans. #MedicalMarketing #SocialMedia #CosmeticSurgery #Dermatology #PlasticSurgery #Facebook #Likes #Fans #Statistics #VCS2013

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  • 1.Welcome How to Grow Your Facebook Community (the right way) #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey

2. Meet Monique Founder and Social Media Horticulturalist 20+ years experience: medical practice management, marketing, training, and consulting Certified Relationship Marketing and Social Media Strategist (2009) Winner 2010 #influenceSD Award for Best Social Media in Business Alert Press Top 5 Medical Practice Facebook Fan Pages Named on of 17 Top Facebook Pages for Small Business, 2012 (Fluxe Digital) Interviewed by SmartMoney Magazine, American Medical Association, Dermatology Times, Surge, Medical Economics, ReachMD on Satellite Radio Contributor to Cosmetic Surgery for Dummies Board San Diego Social Media Society music, USC, sports, spa days, shoes driving fast creative endeavors! Meet Monique 3. Milestone: Over 1.1 BILLION active users 665 million daily active users 751 million accessing via their mobile devices (700 billion++ min/month) 30-45 age fastest growing #1 Most trafficked site on web 700,000+ local business pages 30 billion+ pieces of content shared each month Facebook by the Numbers Over 1.13 trillion likes (since 09) 140.3 billion friend connections 219 billion photos 17 billion location- tagged posts Sources: Gizmodo, Facebook, 4. Scheduling a Post #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey Get More Likes (Fans) 5. Facebook recommends your practice to the friends of your current page fans. Highest likelihood to buy Get More Fans #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey Get More Likes (Fans) 6. #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey EdgeRank Your business has the potential for exponential distribution through the social graph if you can engage users so its seen in the 1st place! 7. #AACS2013 Follow on Click public to make this box appear It re-calculates reach as you change budget Set run time Promoted Posts (Reach More Fans) 8. Polls #ASOPRS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey Promoted Posts (Reach More Fans) 9. Notice baseline Engagement Rate Calculation: (MANUAL!) talking about / total likes 2% is average so anything over this is AWESOME 70% Engagement Rate #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey 10. #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey Facebook fans are much more likely to purchase, consi der, and recommend brands WhyGet More Likes (Fans) 11. Online Ideas Website At the TOP - MASTHEAD 12. Use Apps (branded of course!) Online Ideas 13. Contests & Cross Promote on other social channels VIP Offers 14. Fan of the Week (rewards engagement!) 15. #VCS2013 Follow on Twitter @MoniqueRamsey In the office Embrace it Live it Breathe it Sing it Sweat it Offline Ideas 16. Consistency ADD SOCIAL TO EVERY patient touchpoint: 17. Social Cards 18. In-Office Promotions Staff Contests / Tell Every Patient Get Team Involved Comments, likes, shares Promote Fan of the Week Contests in the office 19. Social Media MBA Course TOMORROW - Saturday 2pm 6pm Monet Rooms 3 & 4 Presentations Free Checklist Report Next Steps: Questions?