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  • 1. In the late 1990s, I asked Fred DeLucca, the founder and CEO ofSubway restaurants, why he insisted in putting the prediction10,000 stores by 2001 on the napkins in every single Subway. Itdidnt seem to make sense, as I knew he was a long way from hisgoal, that consumers didnt really care about his plan, and hisfranchisees were deeply troubled by the competition associatedwith such a goal. His answer was, If I put my goals down inwriting and make them known to the world, Im committed toachieving them.Needless to say, he not only has, [sic] hes exceeded them. (Cialdini, 2001 p. 71)As of January 1, 2012 Subway had over 36,222 restaurants in 98 countries.

2. Small Group Communication - COMM 212 3. The Building Strategy SMART Objectives The 20 Mile March Vital Behaviors 4. PDCA Points Specialization Checkpoints"There isnt any job that cant be handled ifyou break it down into small pieces"- Henry Ford 5. 10 minutes to prepare your goals and strategy forbeating the other teams. 15 minutes to collect signatures and return Use the principles for best results 6. Eat That Frog! Take a clean sheet of paper right now and make out a list of ten goals you want to accomplish in the next year. Write your goals as though a year has already passed and they are now a reality. Use the present tense, positive and personal case so that they are immediately accepted by your subconscious mind. For example, you would write. I earn X number of dollars per year. Or I weigh X number of pounds. Or I drive such and such a car.