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Goal Setting…. . Setting Sales Goals The Road Map to Success. The Five Beliefs Of Effective Salespeople. You Have Everything You Need You Can Improve Any Area Of Your Life That You Choose Everything Is Possible Preparation Maximizes Your Potential Customers Come First. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Goal Setting.

The First Choice of Automotive ProfessionalsSetting Sales Goals The Road Map to Success

The First Choice of Automotive ProfessionalsWelcomeMitchell1 is very committed to seeing that you succeed as well. That is why we provide all of the training and support that we do. And, so in this module Ill be talking to you about the very important topic of setting sales goals. It is a topic that I have a lot of passion for. For me setting sales goals has been the basis for all my success with Mitchell1 over all the years. It is my sincere wish that you would take the ideas from this module and apply them to your career. So, on behalf of Mitchell1 and myself we want you to be the next Top Performer.

2The Five Beliefs Of Effective SalespeopleYou Have Everything You NeedYou Can Improve Any Area Of Your Life That You ChooseEverything Is PossiblePreparation Maximizes Your PotentialCustomers Come First

The First Choice of Automotive ProfessionalsSo, let me start out by saying that we believe you already possess the qualities that all great sales people have. Take comfort in knowing that we have confidence in your ability to succeed. What we need from you is your belief in yourself. But, before we begin to look at how to set sales goals we need to first look at the five beliefs of effective Salespeople. They are

1.) You Have Everything You Need. You already have all the tools you need to have success in selling otherwise we would not have given you the opportunity to represent Mitchell1 in the first place. Your job is simply to build on the qualities that we recognized you already possess.

2.) You Can Improve On Any Area Of Your Life That You Choose. Successful sales people are always more interested in what they dont yet know than in what they do know. They realize that any hope for the future success can only come from learning and implementing new strategies.

3.) Everything is Possible. We challenge you, from this point forward, to approach everything that may seem to you to be uncomfortable, unfamiliar, or difficult with the highest possible level of open mindedness. Truly successful salespeople find ways to abandon biases, and limiting beliefs that hold them back. They believe great gains are possible. They assume things can be done. To make great things possible, you must be willing to revise your strategies, your level of intensity, and your focus. There is a catch of course which leads to

4.) Preparation Maximizes Your Potential. To accept this belief, you must be willing to invest the time and effort necessary to continuously improve your knowledge of our products, the industry, and your own sales abilities. Having studied high achievers in all walks of life I can assure you that all of them believe that preparation is the essential prerequisite to success. I heard it said once Optimism is a strategy for making a better future. Because unless you believe that the future can be better, its unlikely you will step up and take responsibility for making it so.

5.) Customers Come First. Why does a focus on customers matter? Because no revenues or profits are realized until a sale is made. Successful sales people adopt a completely customer focus mindset. They internalize the same things customers internalize, worry about the same things customers worry about, and generally experienced same emotions their customers experience. Great salespeople live by this simple commandment: nothing gets sold if a customer does not feel like their issues, wants, and desires have been fulfilled. Its not about you; its about them.3

Do You Have A Vision for Your Life?If fuel is what is what makes a vehicle go, then a Your Lifes Vision is the fuel that helps to make your Sales Goals a reality.

Lets think about the word vision for a moment. A dictionary would define the word vision as an optimistic view of where someone wants to be at a set time in the future. It connotes the ability to perceive an outcome before it takes a physical form, and the ability to look to the future, ask big questions, and set substantial goals. Top producing sales people have big Visions for themselves, families, and their careers. 4

SUCCESSFAILUREA word of caution is necessary Most people will just gloss over the importance of determining what a Vision is for their life. Dont make the same mistake. Much in the same way a ship without a rudder would be at the mercy of the winds and the waves and doomed to wonder aimlessly in the ocean; most people find themselves doomed to wonder aimlessly through life without a vision. They go through their day with a task orientation never to enter into a purpose orientation. In others word instead being internally motivated they are externally motivated (usually at the mercy of someone else's agenda)Your vision is your purpose. It should drive all of your actions. As a sales rep, your vision must determine your actions on a daily basis. It must serve as the basis of all of your conversations. You must become clear about your own purpose in life. Your success depends on it. What outcomes are you willing to think about and visualize. Your vision is extremely important as you work toward setting sales goals that resonate with your passions and interests. Most people tend to choose goals that do not really connect strongly to a personal vision; they are simply deciding upon a goal for the sake of having one. And, without the personal connection to a life vision sales goals simply will not have much meaning to you.5A Guide To Aid You In Developing Your Own Lifes Vision

1.) Your Personal Happiness2.) Your Health3.) Your Family Life 4.) Your Relationships5.) Your Finances6.) Your Professional Life.

The First Choice of Automotive ProfessionalsOk getting back on track. Creating your own vision will require some effort and thought on your part. But, be persistent the ideas will come. However, there is a method that you can you to aid you in your efforts to create your lifes vision.You can begin by looking not just at your work but at your life as a whole. Divide your lifes experiences into six different categories. 1.) Your Personal Happiness2.) Your Health3.) Your Family Life 4.) Your Relationships5.) Your Finances6.) Your Hopes and Plans for Your Professional Life.

Lets take each one at a time.

Personal happiness would you describe yourself as a happy person right now? If so, how do you see yourself maintaining or even enhancing that as time goes forward? And if happy is not a word that you apply to yourself right now, what can you that will change that in the future? In your own words describe yourself making those changes. Use the present tense and make your language is direct and powerful as possible.

Health what about your health? Its easy to feel so busy that you dont exercise enough or eat properly. Its also tempting to look for stress relief in tobacco or alcohol. For a long term perspective, what will you commit to in making whatever positive changes that needs to be made to ensure better health? Family life family life is another area that sometimes gets neglected by people who are highly motivated in their work. Its also a part of their lives that most men and women view as the greatest source of emotional joy and fulfillment. Is your family life where you want it to be? What opportunities do you see for improvement, and how can you access those opportunities? Your relationships do you have good relationships with your friends, associates, and your customers? Do you have meaningful relationships with other people who are not in your family? Finances are your finances in good order, both now and for the foreseeable future? Money worries have a way of causing complications in other areas of life. How are you doing in this area? Think about where you want to be financially speaking in one year, three years, and five.Professional Life What are Your Hopes and Plans for Your Professional Life? Where will you be professionally 2 3 5 years from now.6

Studies have shown only 3% of the population engaged in some form of goal setting and only 1% actually write their goals down. Incidently, that corralates with the 1% of the most successful people in the world.Why Are Written Goals So Important?Writing something down implies reading it and perhaps living it at some future time.When you write down a goal, you automatically become a future oriented person.Writing Down Your Vision and GoalsChoose WiselyChoiceAhead

77When you write anything down, even a to-do list or a shopping list, you do so because you expect to read it at some point in the future. Since you went to the trouble of writing goals because you want to achieve them. Theres also a powerful psychological result when you write down your goals. You become a motivated and an actively success oriented person. Youre not only a believer in the future. Youre also a believer in your success in the future. Write down your goals, review them on a regular basis, and keep them fresh, clear. And be specific in your mind.

So, in this module whenever we speak of goals, we will be referring to goals that are written down. If theyre not written, they are not goals. Instead theyre dreams, or they are just a wish list. Unwritten goals cant be achieved because they arent goals to begin with. On the other hand written goals have a fighting chance simply because of the fact theyve been put in writing. This is a positive and powerful sales practice because it tells you where you are and where youre going. Effective goal setting shows what success will require during the journey and what it will look like upon arrival.You ARE a BUSNESS OWNER

You are aIndependent Sales RepThis is not a JOBYou first need to realize that wit