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Lead generation process to grow your business.

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  • 1.More Sales 7 Simple Steps

2. First work out how many salesleads you wantSecond Generate them using asystem that worksFor example 3. Step 1- Whats yourmonthly profit goal? StepSales Lead Calculator ExampleFor example1 Profit Goal per month6,000 2 3 4 5 6 7 4. Step 2- Whats yourmonthly overhead costStep Sales Lead Calculator Example 1 Profit Goal per month6,000For example2 Monthly overhead 12,000 3 4 5 6 7 5. Step 3- Calculate requiredgross profit by adding step 1& 2 togetherStep Sales Lead Calculator Example 1 Profit Goal per month6,000 2 Monthly overhead 12,000For example3 Gross profit required18,000 4 5 6 7 6. Step 4- What is youraverage sales value (Average monthly salesdivided by average numberof invoices Step Sales Lead Calculator Examplegenerated per 1Profit Goal per month6,0002Monthly overhead 12,000month)3Gross profit required18,000For example4 Average sales value2,000 5 6 7 7. Step 5- Calculate thenumber of sales invoicesneeded to deliver the goal -Divide step 3by step 4 Step Sales Lead Calculator Example 1Profit Goal per month 6,000 2Monthly overhead12,000 3Gross profit required 18,000 4Average sales value 2,000For example5Number of sales invoices 9 6 7 8. Step 6- Whats yourconversion rate. For example ifyou win 1 in 4 it would be 25%Step Sales Lead CalculatorExample 1 Profit Goal per month 6,000 2 Monthly overhead12,000 3 Gross profit required 18,000 4 Average sales value 2,000 5 Number of sales invoices 9For example6 Conversion rate25% 7 9. Step 7- Calculate thenumber of sales leads requiredby dividing step 5 by step 6 Step Sales Lead CalculatorExample1 Profit Goal per month 6,0002 Monthly overhead12,0003 Gross profit required 18,0004 Average sales value 2,0005 Number of sales invoices 96 Conversion rate25%For example 7 Number of sales leads 36 10. How To Generate 36 Leads7 Simple Steps 11. Step 1- Decide how may leads you want permonthFor example36 leads per month 12. Step 2- Decide on the leadgeneration activities andresults you want from eachactivity Lead Generation Activity 1 Client Referrals 2 2 Networking Events4 3 Web Site 4 4 Seminars/Training Events 6 5 Referral Partners4For example 6 Direct Mail2 7 Social Media 6 8 PR Articles2 9 PR Case Studies2 10 Joint Venture 4 Total36 13. Step 3- Develop the processes Input templateFor exampleOutput template 14. Step 4- Make it idiot proofFor exampleId WHAT WHO WHEN HOW Investigate networking Marketing (1)Setting up the processCarry our a internet search groups AssistantMarketing On completion of the (2) Select the best groups Select the best networks that suit the target audience profileAssistant networking listMarketing Before each event speak to the organiser and obtain the (3) Seek out attendees Before each eventAssistant attendee listEach process the attendee list to see during the event.Select people on has (4) Attend the event Networker On the date Ask questions from the top ten prospect template. Ask if the resourcesattendee knows any of your top 10 allocated to it next person show the connectionBefore moving onto theDuring the conversation with (5) Obtain referrals Networker the list of people you know. This is to obtain referral forother networkerspeople you know, who will then seek out referral for youAsk for the person you are talking to for their business card.During the conversation with (6) Obtain business card Networker If they are a hot prospect ask for a future appointment. Atother networkersthe end of the event complete the prospect score cardMarketing On return of the networker to Obtain the prospect score card and business card from the (7) Enter data into CRMAssistant the officenetworker and input into the CRM systemMarketing After sending out a Select one of the three options from the process and obtain (8) Make an appointmentAssistant communication an appointment (9) Attend appointment SalesmanOn the appointment date Use the needs analysis presentation process 15. Step 5- Train your teamto run the processesHi, my name is Jane. My job is to run our 12 lead generation processes and manage oursenior people to deliver 36 leads Your Lead Generation per month for the sales team to Training Manuals convert into new business. Ireport my results to my directorwho reports to the boardYour team delivers the results 16. Step 6- Use adashboard to control theresults Be in control and then . 17. Step 7- Improve theprocesses to make themmore effective and then . 18. 3.1 Lead Conversion Work on your Lead3.1.1 Sales strategy andplanning conversion3.1.2 Appointment making processes3.1.3 Appointment needspresentation & proposal3.1.4 Sales appointmentpresentation3.1.5 Follow up andtracking3.1.6 Customer serviceWe have some good news 19. We can systemise yourwhole Business for youLeadership &managementMarketing SalesOperations Finance MarketLead ProductionFinanceresearch Conversion Office managementMarket Reach ManagementSystems Lead GenerationHealth & Safety 20. 5 Core ProcessesOver 100 process mapsOver 100 How to do it training manualsOver 100 templates & toolsA control dashboardA business development programme and when complete you can 21. Focus on the biggerpictureOr even have a stressfree holiday 22. It doesnt cost a fortuneWe can make it fit your budget 23. If you think process mapping can add valueto your business then let me arrange anappointment so you canlearn more Call me on07896 246 224