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    Location, Location, Location!

    Best Practices or Selecting Onshore,Nearshore or Oshore Technology Services

    Fairway Technologies

    White Paper

    September 2010

    Our People. Your Solution.

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    Table o Contents

    3 Executive Summary

    4 Introduction

    4 Decoding Outsource Terminology

    4 Who is Outsourcing What to Where?

    6 Assessing the Benets o Outsourcing

    7 Acknowledging the Risks

    9 Best Practices or Selecting Onshore, Nearshore or Oshore ITO

    12 What Outsource Method Suits Your Company Best?

    13 Concluding Thoughts

    14 Reerences

    15 About Fairway Technologies

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    Location, Location, Location! Best Practices or Selecting Onshore, Nearshore or Oshore Technology Services 3

    Fairway Technologies

    Copyright 2010 Fairway Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Executive Summary

    This white paper provides an overview o inormation technology outsourcing (ITO), presents benet

    and risk assessments o onshore, nearshore and oshore ITO, and oers best practices to assist in

    selecting an ITO provider. Our analysis is based on research compiled rom published literature as

    well as interviews and surveys o technology proessionals possessing ITO experience.

    An original survey o US-based technology proessionals conducted by Fairway Technologies

    revealed that smaller companies are more likely to use only onshore ITO providers and larger rms

    are more likely to enlist a blend o service providers, including more oshore than smaller rms.

    The survey also revealed the top three ITO needs were custom sotware development, analytics /

    business intelligence and systems integration. Research shows the largest volume o oshore ITO

    business is serviced rom India, with China and Russia ar behind in second and third places.

    Controlling and reducing costs are primary drivers o outsourcing technology services. Savings

    are realized by not only lowering overhead and inrastructure expenses, but also capitalizing on

    specialized expertise to speed time to market and avoid project delays. Beore deciding whether

    to hire an onshore, nearshore or oshore ITO provider, decision makers should rst consider the

    benets and risks o each model and how those map to their business requirements.

    Benets Risks

    Onshore Higher quality

    Cultural compatibility

    Lower management costs

    Stronger communication

    May overspend depending on requirements

    Reputation o large consultants up-selling

    Nearshore Lower travel costs than oshore

    Similar time zones

    Lower wages than onshore

    Communication challenges

    Quality concerns depending on project

    Oshore Lower sta costs

    Follow the sun development cycles

    Higher management costs

    Language, time zone and cultural barriers

    Quality concerns depending on project

    This paper details ten best practices to help you decide whether to go with an

    onshore, nearshore or ofshore technology services provider, as ollows:

    Begin with the end in mind Consider your companys aversion to risk

    Take into account the nature of the IT project

    Buyer beware

    Put sucient time and expertise into planning

    Assess countries with an open mind Go your own way

    Get it in writing

    Maintain oversight

    Emphasize communication

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    Location, Location, Location! Best Practices or Selecting Onshore, Nearshore or Oshore Technology Services 4

    Fairway Technologies

    Copyright 2010 Fairway Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Decoding Outsource Terminolo

    There are as many terms used to describe outsour

    as there are providers competing or your busin

    Conversationsarticlesblogs. When the top

    outsourcing, theyre all peppered with words

    nearshoring, backsourcing, insourcing and e

    best shoring. Outsourcing terms are oten u

    interchangeably and incorrectly. So lets enwere all speaking the same language.

    Outsourcing: Shiting in-house business

    unctions to an external provider.

    Strategic outsourcing: Contracting out non-

    core unctions in order to maintain ocus o

    core competencies1.

    Ofshore outsourcing, or simply, ofshoring:

    Outsourcing unctions to a company located

    a distant country.

    Nearshoring: Outsourcing to a country locate

    in the same geographic region as the countr

    o origin.

    Onshoring: Domestic outsourcing.

    In-sourcing: Returning previously outsourced

    services in-house, also called back-sourcing.

    Global sourcing: An oshoring strategy that

    employs the services o multiple oshore

    outsource providers in order to spread risk,exploit wage dierentials and maximize

    providers strengths. Multi-sourcing and multi

    vendorare variations o this approach.

    Best shoring: Using one outsource provider

    that employs a combination o onshoring,

    nearshoring andoshoring.

    Captive centers: In-house oshore acilities

    that the home company owns and operates.

    (A common practice or business process

    outsourcing, but atypical or ITO.)

    The message to oshore with haste seems to be everywhere, and certainly oshoring has great

    potential. However, inormation technology outsourcing (ITO) is a complex endeavor. Careul

    consideration must be given when selecting an ITO provider. This white paper provides an

    inormational overview o ITO, presents benet and risk assessments o onshore, oshore and

    nearshore ITO, and oers best practices to assist in selecting an ITO provider. Our analysis is based

    on research compiled rom published literature as well as interviews and surveys otechnology proessionals possessing ITO experience.

    Who is OutsourcingWhat to Where?

    Who. Fairway conducted a survey o US-basedinormation technology proessionals across a

    variety o industries in order to capture inormation

    about companies current use o onshore,nearshore and oshore ITO. Three quarters (77%) o

    respondents indicated that they used onshore ITO

    in the past two years. More than hal o respondents

    (61%) stated that they oshored or nearshored ITO

    during the same period. Every respondent using

    oshore/nearshore ITO also reported using

    onshore ITO. Further, 16% o all respondents

    used onshore ITO exclusively, and 23% reported

    no outsourcing o IT in the past two years.

    We took a closer look at the demographics ocompanies who indicated that they use onshore

    ITO exclusively. These onshore-only ITO users

    are primarily small companies with less than 100

    employees (60%) and 2009 gross revenues o under

    $10 million (60%). They described their operations

    as regional (20%), national (20%) and international

    (60%). Overall, 80% o them are private companies.

    Organizations rom the survey who reported using

    oshore ITO are mostly medium (100 to 1,000

    employees, 37%) or large (over 10,000 employees,37%) irms. They reported 2009 net gross revenues

    primarily between $100 to $500 million (21%) or

    exceeding $500 million (48%). These companies

    described themselves as either international (74%)

    or national (26%), as opposed to regional. Nearly

    60% are public companies.

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    Location, Location, Location! Best Practices or Selecting Onshore, Nearshore or Oshore Technology Services 5

    Fairway Technologies

    Copyright 2010 Fairway Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

    What. Non-manuacturing outsourcing is categorized into three primary groups. Business processoutsourcing (BPO) contracts out specic business tasks, categorized as either ront oce or back

    oce outsourcing. Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) reers to processes requiring research,

    analytical and technical skills. Finally there is ITO, or inormation technology outsourcing, which is the

    ocus o this white paper.

    Today, any ITO process can be onshore outsourced, rom bundled large-scale IT management to

    commoditized, clearly dened projects. Oshore ITO ventures were once restricted to application-

    development projects, while other tasks, such as security, remained onshore. Now even IT

    inrastructure unctions such as data centers and network management can be sent abroad.

    Companies top ITO needs as identied in our survey include custom sotware development,

    analytics/business intelligence, systems integration, database development, website development,

    mobile applications/mobility solutions, collaboration solutions, IT process denitions, Ecommerce

    applications and content management, in that order. The most commonly ofshored ITO services as

    reported by survey respondents are custom sotware development, database development, systems

    integration and website development.

    Where. More than 120 countries actively oer ITO, BPO or KPO services, with India as the currentoshore superpower. Indias Y2K rst-mover advantage has yet to be overcome by another country,

    boasting $40 billion in exported services, 65% o the ITO market and 43% o the BPO market in 2008.

    China ranks second having earned a ormidable $5 billion in ITO and BPO during the same period.

    Russia, with a highly educated workorce in the areas o math, engineering and science, holds third

    place with $3.65 billion in 20082.

    The nearshoring market is categorized into three world regions, each clustering around client

    locations3. Technology research leader, Gartner, evaluated thirty countries in these three regions

    based on ten key criteria, including English language prociency, local government support,

    inrastructure and technical considerations such as data security and privacy4. According to Gartners

    report, the top nearshore ITO providers or the United States include Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile,

    Costa Rica, Mexico and Uruguay. The top countries in the Asia/Pacic region, serving primarily Japan

    as a nearshore client, include Australia, China, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Philippines,

    Singapore, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. Gartner cites the top nearshore providers or the European Union

    as the Czech Republic, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Northern Ireland, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia,

    South Arica, Spain, Turkey and the Ukraine.

    We asked survey respondents who reported using oshore or nearshore ITO to indicate the

    location(s) o their providers. All o them listed India as the location o at least one o their providers.

    The second most popular destination was Mexico at 32%. Next were Russia (16%), China (10%), andCanada and the Philippines each at 5%.

    Top 5 ITO needs include:

    Custom sotware development

    Analytics/business intelligence

    Systems integration

    Database development

    Web development

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    Location, Location, Location! Best Practices or Selecting Onshore, Nearshore or Oshore Technology Services 6

    Fairway Technologies

    Copyright 2010 Fairway Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Assessing the Benets o Outsourcing

    ITO oers advantages to companies o all sizes and industries. Assembling and maintaining an

    internal sta capable o eectively meeting all IT needs can be costly and inecient. Controlling

    and reducing costs are a primary driver o ITO and can be achieved in several ways. First, using a

    contracted ITO provider means that your company no longer has to shoulder the burden o the

    overhead associated with those employees wages and benets. Plus, it reduces your inrastructure

    costs or oce space, urniture and supplies. Outsourced products and services may be oered at a

    lower rate than can be achieved in-house when the providers processes, equipment and acilities

    are newer, resulting in more ecient operations. Economies o scale may also come into play. Finally,

    ITO can stabilize technology expenditures because providers are obligated to adhere to the cost

    structure dened in their contracts.

    Cost cutting is important, but it represents only a raction o what ITO has to oer. Strategic

    outsourcing empowers your company to ocus on core competencies by outsourcing non-core

    unctions. Additionally, quality can improve when ITO providers expertise exceeds in-house abilities,or when the in-house team simply needs to be supplemented with additional skills or a unique

    project. ITO can also alleviate temporary in-house resource shortages due to periods o sudden

    growth, or be part o a long-term stang strategy. ITO can also enable your company to take

    advantage o a market opportunity even i the in-house sta does not possess the talent needed to

    respond quickly.

    Onshore benets. Keeping your ITO onshore oers several important advantages. The US oersunsurpassed quality and ranks rst among all countries in people skills and availability5. Plus, an

    onshore provider will have a much stronger understanding o US business practices. An onshore

    team generally needs ewer people because there is reduced activity in areas like knowledge

    capture and transer, project coordination and environmental support6. This also results in higherproductivity compared to oshore or nearshore ITO teams.

    Studies continually show that technology alone does not provide an equivalent substitute or

    ace-to-ace meetings in terms o communication and relationship building. Because onshore

    ITO providers have the closest proximity, there is greater ability to integrate them into the in-

    house team, thus leading to stronger collaboration and communication. Even when the onshore

    team is not located in your immediate area, travel is easier and less expensive than voyaging to

    a oreign country.

    Sharing the same or similar time zone makes it easier to schedule meetings and make spontaneous

    contact, which helps drive momentum. Having a common language and culture minimizes

    communication problems and improves the product development process. Onshoring also insulates

    your company rom potential political backlash associated with sending jobs overseas, a detail that is

    not lost on many Americans during times o economic downturn.

    Nearshore benets.Nearshore ITO oers some advantages over ofshore ITO, primarily in terms omitigating oshoring risks. For example, nearshoring to a neighboring country may increase cultural

    compatibility and alleviate language problems. Additionally, time zone dierences diminish, and

    travel costs shrink when that ace-to-ace is needed. Thereore, nearshore ITO may result in better

    communication than oshore ITO, increasing the projects success rate and lowering the overall

    transaction costs o managing the project.

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    Location, Location, Location! Best Practices or Selecting Onshore, Nearshore or Oshore Technology Services 7

    Fairway Technologies

    Copyright 2010 Fairway Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Oshore benets. While ofshore ITO boasts many o the same benets as onshore ITO, goingoshore has the potential to augment some o onshorings advantages. Topping the list is the

    prospect or even greater cost reduction. Even or skilled workers, wages are considerably less in

    oreign countries. Inrastructure costs are also lower. In act, nearly 70% o survey respondents

    that use oshore ITO indicated lower sta-related costs as a reason or oshoring, and mostrespondents reported that their expectation was met with regard to lowering employee costs.

    Speeding time to market is another advantage, and a popular driver indicated by respondents in

    our survey. Hiring workers in distant countries allows US companies to take advantage o a longer

    workday. This ollow the sun approach enables a boost in productivity because a project can be

    turned over at the end o the workday to a provider located in a distant country like India, where the

    workday is just beginning.

    Acknowledging the Risks

    Not every ITO venture will be a success, but understanding the pitalls can help your company

    avoid them.

    Onshore risks. Selecting an onshore ITO provider protects your company rom many o the risksassociated with oshoring and nearshoring, but it has some limits. I your ITO project is accompanied

    by detailed technical instructions and specic project requirements and doesnt necessitate

    creativity and innovation, then you may overspend i opting or an onshore provider.

    Since US businesses are subject to stringent workplace regulations, they lack the reedom many

    oshore providers have to exploit working hours, benets, wages and other working conditions. The

    onshore ITO market is dominated by several major rms, and some clients dislike the continual up-selling that is common with large consultants. Up-selling increases clients dependency on the ITO

    provider and can bloat the outsourcing budget.

    Nearshore risks. Outsourcing to a country within your region may alleviate some pitalls ooshore ITO. However, our research shows that many oshore ITO problems are still experienced

    with nearshore ITO, even i to a lesser degree. For example, Canada is a popular nearshore option or

    the US, especially given the shared language. But our research revealed that proessionals amiliar

    with outsourcing IT to Canada still report strained communication due to language and cultural

    nuances, dierent holidays and scheduling approaches, time zone diculties and lack o team

    building opportunities.

    Quality issues are also reported with nearshoring as well as diculty obtaining accurate status

    reports. Furthermore, English is not the rst language or most US nearshore destinations, so

    communication problems may be similar to those experienced with oshore providers.

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    Location, Location, Location! Best Practices or Selecting Onshore, Nearshore or Oshore Technology Services 8

    Fairway Technologies

    Copyright 2010 Fairway Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Oshore risks. Oshoring adds complexity which creates more opportunities or something togo wrong, and the list o what can go wrong in an oshore arrangement is long. Some problems are

    widely recognized and more easily identied, while others are unexpected and, at best, dicult to

    quantiy. We categorize the ormer as common concerns and the latter as hidden costs o oshoring.

    Common Concerns

    Time zone dierences. Diculty communicating due to dierent time zones was the number

    one problem reported by respondents in our survey (74%). A 12-hour dierence makes it dicult

    to schedule a Skype call, sure. It is even more rustrating when you cannot reach a specialist on

    the Indian team during your workday. Not to mention the inconvenience o holding middle-o-

    the-night meetings.

    Language barriers. Language barriers was the second highest complaint by survey

    respondents (68%). Translating requirements in a luid environment can be diicult, so

    inding a solution to a complex technical problem when youre struggling to communicate

    can be a real challenge.

    Cultural barriers. Anything that prevents good communication is an issue, but cultural

    design dierences oten pose an even bigger problem. A common complaint is that the

    oshore team lacks innovation and lexibility and takes a very literal approach to product

    development. O all survey respondents, 26% indicated that cultural barriers with their

    oshore providers were a problem.

    Quality concerns. Getting the oshore team to understand your denition o quality is a

    predicament related to language and cultural barriers. Even i you are able to convey your

    standards, the oshore team may not be able to deliver. Nearly 50% o our survey respondents

    reported inerior quality o services to be a problem with oshore ITO.

    Communication problems. An oshore team usually means little to no ace-to-ace time. This

    precludes team building, which impacts knowledge transer. Travel or increased ace-to-ace

    meetings will reduce this, but at an increased cost.

    High turnover. When the oshore team cycles through employees, momentum on the project

    is lost. The threat o a competing outsource provider hiring away the entire team also exists. Both

    scenarios are not uncommon in India where the demand or skilled labor exceeds supply.

    Wage ination. The past ew years have been a case study in the erratic nature o currency.

    This wreaks havoc on nancial projections and may erode your cost advantage. Shiting work to

    another country is an option you probably wont have mid-project.

    Security breaches. Intellectual property inringement is a common concern with China, who

    has a reputation or not observing copyright laws. Failure to keep condential data secure can

    also be catastrophic. And i a team member deects to a competitor, there is always ear that your

    companys secrets will go with them.

    Corporate maleasance. The 2008 scandal at Satyam, a leading global IT consulting services

    company, based in India, illustrated how corporate raud can happen anywhere7.

    Political instability. Political problems abroad, such as the 2008 terrorist attacks in India8, can

    impact oshored business operations and the ability to travel saely overseas.

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    Location, Location, Location! Best Practices or Selecting Onshore, Nearshore or Oshore Technology Services 9

    Fairway Technologies

    Copyright 2010 Fairway Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Hidden Costs

    Transitional phase. Costs or this include orienting oshore employees, paying or sta overlap

    during the transition and training the remaining in-house sta how to work with the oshore

    team, to name a ew.

    Management expenses. Research indicates that management costs associated with

    successully oshored projects reach upward o 50% o the total contract value,

    compared to 5% to 10% or an onshore outsource project, as oshore projects

    require more oversight9.

    Inrastructure requirements. The project may be oshore, but your in-house team

    still needs to communicate with them, so dont orget about telecommunications,

    data exchange and security costs. You may also need to bee up your in-house

    quality assurance.

    Intangible costs. Layos oten cause a dip in employee morale and productivity and

    rise in turnover, while the burden on the surviving in-house sta increases in terms o

    longer hours, odd hours and more travel.

    Larger team size. One oshore employee does not necessarily equate to one onshore

    employee. Organizations experienced with oshoring anticipate needing 2 to 4

    oshore employees to equal the work done by one in-house employee .

    Difculty calculating ROI. Determining the savings gained by going oshore is a

    challenge. To start, you never really know the cost o the path not taken. Secondly,

    quantiying hidden costs is diicult.

    Best Practices or Selecting Onshore,Nearshore or Oshore ITO

    Begin with the end in mind. Think long-term and keep yourobjectives at the oreront. Is your primary goal to lower costs, speed

    time to market, improve quality, supplement in-house resources, or

    something else? A good outsourcing strategy is not built entirely rom

    a cost savings perspective. I you pursue oshore ITO because you want

    to lower costs, be aware that savings may be less than projected or may

    take years to materialize. I getting to market quickly is most important,selecting the right ITO provider the rst time is key to securing your

    rst-mover advantage. I quality is a priority, no country can compete

    with the skills oered in the US . And i you are seeking a true partner to

    compliment your in-house assets, onshore ITO providers oer increased

    communication, which reap savings in many ways shorter project

    duration, stronger cross-unctional team integration, smaller team size

    and greater eciency, to name a ew.

    Management costs

    associated with

    successully oshored

    projects reach upward

    o 50% o the total

    contract value,

    compared to 5% to

    10% or an onshore

    outsource project 9

    A good outsourci

    strategy should

    underscore long-

    term objectives.

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    Location, Location, Location! Best Practices or Selecting Onshore, Nearshore or Oshore Technology Services 10

    Fairway Technologies

    Copyright 2010 Fairway Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Consider your companys aversion to risk. Oshoring is neither or the aint o heart,nor the impatient. O our survey respondents, 37% reported that their oshore ITO project was

    not delivered on time and 16% stated that the project came in over budget or did not realize

    anticipated cost savings. And remember that some conditions increase risk, like loosely dened

    projects, projects with a large scope, limited ace-to-ace time, volatile currencies and politicalinstability. I you cannot aord to have anything go wrong, then it may not be the right time to

    oshore because onshoring is usually the more predictable route.

    Take into account the nature o the IT project. Are you looking to outsource a commodityor an ambitious new undertaking? Research shows that the most successul oshore IT projects are

    black box type initiatives that are highly dened, well-documented and require little back and

    orth communication. I you are able to turn over the requirements and stay mostly hands-o, then

    oshore ITO may be the right choice. Projects that are loosely dened and not well-documented,

    require innovation or need a broad understanding o your organization will challenge the benets o

    oshoring. In act, a strong onshore ITO provider will better meet your needs i youre undertaking an

    ambitious IT project that requires high collaboration and creativity.

    Buyer beware. Ask questions about who comprises the ITO team. Sometimes ITO providers oerone or two customer-acing team members to woo you, but they push the actual work down to

    lower-skilled individuals. Dont get stuck with a layered team ull o marginal people when all you

    really need are a couple o highly skilled experts who can make an impact. Watch out or large-scale

    providers employing an up-sell strategy that could leave you with more than your company needs,

    wants or can aord.

    Put sufcient time and expertise into planning. Identiy your outsourcing objectives,comprehensively evaluate providers, realistically project expenses, clearly dene success metrics and

    thoroughly plan the transition. Consider whether meeting ace-to-ace with the provider and theproposed team beore making a commitment is important to you.

    No country can

    compete with

    the skills oered

    in the US

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    Location, Location, Location! Best Practices or Selecting Onshore, Nearshore or Oshore Technology Services 11

    Fairway Technologies

    Copyright 2010 Fairway Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Assess countries with an open mind. Just because it seems that everyone is going to India,or example, doesnt mean you should limit the scope o your evaluation to that country. An annual

    research study conducted by AT Kearney provides a great tool or weighing the pros and cons o

    oshore destinations along three dimensions: nancial attractiveness, people skills and availability

    and business environment5

    . A snapshot o the top ranking 2009 countries can be ound below.

    Rank CountryFinancial

    AttractivenessPeople Skills& Availability


    Total Score

    1 India 3.13 2.48 1.30 6.91

    2 China 2.59 2.33 1.37 6.29

    3 Malaysia 2.76 1.24 1.97 5.97

    4 Thailand 3.05 1.30 1.41 5.76

    5 Indonesia 3.23 1.47 0.99 5.69

    6 Egypt 3.07 1.20 1.37 5.64

    7 Philippines 3.19 1.17 1.24 5.60

    8 Chile 2.41 1.20 1.89 5.50

    9 Jordan 2.99 0.91 1.59 5.49

    10 Vietnam 3.21 1.02 1.24 5.47

    Note:The highest in each category is listed below.

    14 US 0.47 2.71 2.15 5.33

    15 Ghana 3.26 0.70 1.36 5.32

    35 Singapore 0.72 1.55 2.62 4.89

    Go your own way. IT has become a crucial element o most businesses operations, so decidingwhere your resources will come rom is an important decision. Dont let anyone or anything push

    you into the wrong decision. For example, i your due diligence casts doubt upon oshoring as the

    answer, letting go is okay. Some o the best business decisions are ones to not go orward.

    Get it in writing. Whether you onshore, nearshore or oshore ITO, the service level agreementor contract you sign must meet your speciic needs while oering lexibility in case your needs

    or the environment change. Lengthy contracts are becoming less popular or oshore ITO or

    this very reason.

    Maintain oversight. Outsourcing doesnt abdicate your responsibility or the project, especiallyto your customers. Protect your reputation by insisting on active management, quality controls and

    perormance measures or all ITO arrangements, and be prepared to provide more oversight or

    nearshore and oshore projects.

    Emphasize communication. Strong communication and collaboration are vital or onshore,nearshore and oshore ITO. When oshoring or nearshoring, insist on having a local resource,

    sometimes called an engagement manager. This is an onsite representative o the oshore

    team whose job is to increase knowledge transer, build social capital and serve as the projects

    intermediary. I that isnt possible, opt or English-speakers on the oshore team. Both may be more

    expensive, but can prove worth the added price. The benet o onshore ITO is having a local resource

    without the added expense o overseas travel or burden o translation problems.

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    Location, Location, Location! Best Practices or Selecting Onshore, Nearshore or Oshore Technology Services 12

    Fairway Technologies

    Copyright 2010 Fairway Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

    What Outsource Method Suits Your Company Best?

    Cost Onshore Nearshore Oshore

    Minimized management ees

    Lower engineering bill rates

    Smaller eective team sizes

    Minimized travel

    Minimized transition and training

    Quality Onshore Nearshore Oshore

    Skills and resource availability

    Innovation and fexibility

    Integration and team collaboration

    Extended workday

    Risk Onshore Nearshore Oshore

    Loosely dened, or poorly documented requirements

    Responsiveness during standard business hours

    Wage and currency stability

    Project team retention and sta turnover

    Common language and culture

    Political stability

    Security (data/raud)

    best worstScale =

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    Location, Location, Location! Best Practices or Selecting Onshore, Nearshore or Oshore Technology Services 13

    Fairway Technologies

    Copyright 2010 Fairway Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Concluding Thoughts

    When selecting an ITO provider, know you have options that all between onshore conglomerates

    and oshore stang rms. Fairway Technologies is a highly skilled, onshore organization oering

    expert technology contracting and consulting services or mid-size to enterprise businesses.

    Fairways employees set them apart rom other ITO providers in that they combine deep technical

    expertise with business ocus; which makes them excel at delivering top quality results that exceed

    expectations. Fairway employees possess a wealth o business knowledge and experience working

    on either side o onshore, nearshore and oshore ITO projects. They ully understand the challenges

    o outsourcing and know how to create a winning ITO arrangement or your company.

    Fairways know-how comes rom experience, enabling them to provide you with reliable inormation

    or estimating project length, cost and other key variables. Fairways sta knows how to integrate

    themselves into your in-house team to assure strong communication and collaboration. They can

    readily adapt to each clients technology-related preerences and help identiy the right technology

    strategy to both solve the problem at hand and suit the clients environment going orward.

    Contact Fairway Technologies to learn how to obtain top-quality results rom your ITO provider.

    W www.airwaytech.com

    P (858) 454-4471

    E [email protected]

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    Location, Location, Location! Best Practices or Selecting Onshore, Nearshore or Oshore Technology Services 14

    Fairway Technologies

    Copyright 2010 Fairway Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved.


    1. Weinert, Stephan, Mathias Weber, and David Vasak. Oshore Outsourcing to Russian IT Providers:

    Opportunities, Risks and Best Practice Procedures. Schumpeter School o Business and Economics. 2008.

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