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Fairway Products Capabilities June 2012 Industrial Fabric, Conversion and Assembly Solutions

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Fairway Products Capabilities Fairway Products Capabilities

June 2012

Industrial Fabric, Conversion and Assembly SolutionsIndustrial Fabric, Conversion and Assembly Solutions

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About FairwayAbout Fairway

We are an ISO9001:2008 compliant facility. Fairway Products' modern cut, sew and assemble capabilities, combined with the synergy we have developed with our sister divisions - gives us the quality oriented, cost efficient background to manufacture components, sub-assemblies and finished products to the specifications required by our customers. We work with woven fabrics, non-woven, vinyl, leather, foam, laminates, molded plastic, metal stampings and even wood fiber components.

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Major MarketsMajor Markets

• Automotive• Aviation• Furniture• Military• Spa Products• Luggage, Purses

& Handbags

• Mass Transportation• Marine• Theater and

Auditorium• Industrial• Retail Products• Cases & Pouches

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Assembly CapabilitiesAssembly Capabilities

• Our operators use multiple work stations to take advantage of the “Process Times” to reduce total manufacturing times and labor costs. We also use automated sew/assembly wherever possible. We make the foundations, chair cover assemblies and accessories for the several commercial office furniture companies.

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Product Specific CapabilitiesProduct Specific Capabilities

• We assemble file top and furniture pads for major manufacturers of Office Systems. We use our Gerber to cut the covers and our custom designed Pad assembly systems.

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Product Specific Work CentersProduct Specific Work Centers

• We Cut, Weld and Serge Seat Back Inserts. Using a sonic welding fixture and final sew overcast process. We also do sew seat and back cover assemblies for our customer base in commercial furniture.

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Custom Equipment CapabilitiesCustom Equipment Capabilities

• We have “Nests” and staple assembly systems used to make the 3D “Spacer Fabric” backs for Office Chairs. We also make the 3D Bi-Layer panels that become a back cover for other chairs using a special heated press/tool system.

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Dymetrol™ In Office FurnitureDymetrol™ In Office Furniture

• We supply Dymetrol™ suspensions for several High End Seating Systems

• Office Furniture• Hospitality• Medical Seating

Dymetrol™ Suspension Shown on Seat Pan for Executive Chair Program

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Cutting Capabilities Cutting Capabilities

• We have Cad-Driven Die Cut systems, that we use to cut panels for fabric covers, assembly kits and the special Topper Batting that we developed to be “Antimony Free” <100PPM. We have also developed and supply “Green” fabrics that have gone thru the MBDC registration programs.

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Gerber Cutting SystemGerber Cutting System

• We have a Gerber cutting system that allows us to cut Knitted fabrics, 3D Spacer fabrics and even light weigh scrims and nonwovens.

• We supply the Office Furniture industry … Seat backs, Seat Cushions, Toppers and Slip Sheet Scrims.

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Other Technologies and Processes duct Line Specifications

Other Technologies and Processes duct Line Specifications

• Sonic Sewing and Welding of fabrics and substrates

• Traditional “tailored” sewing• Programmable Sew/Assembly Systems• Heat Cutting Strip systems up to 18” wide• Traditional Lay up and cut “tables”

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Take a Look at our Video Capabilities:Take a Look at our Video Capabilities:

• Office Furniture Parts - http://vimeo.com/42342928• Convertible Top Parts - http://vimeo.com/43397115• Slitting, Die-Cutting and Re-Rolling -

http://vimeo.com/43180636• Consumer Products - http://vimeo.com/43183127• Automotive Products - http://vimeo.com/42370269• General Sewing & Assembly - http://vimeo.com/43409554

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Steve Firavich – President and General ManagerPaulette Moore – Sales

Jeffrey Gross – Sales 800.521.8565

[email protected]