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During the Facebook Marketing Conference, Facebook announced some major design and layout changes to their brand Pages. This presentation reviews those updates and the implications for companies who run Pages for their brands.

Transcript of Facebook Pages Updates

  • 1.Facebook Updates News from the Facebook Marketing ConferenceFebruary 29, 2012

2. Definitions Page: a company or brands page/presence on Facebook Profile: an individual users page/presence on Facebook Timeline: a chronological view of a Pages or Profilesposts and activity Applications: the custom tabs on a Page Message: a private message from one entity to another Page Admin: the administrator(s) of a Facebook Page,granted access to editorial features and Insights Page Insights: the reporting functionality of a FacebookPageContents are proprietary and confidential. 3. Summary On Feb 29, Facebook instituted changes to its brandPages. These changes were announced at theirFacebook Marketing Conference in NYC. There were afew points that we will note: 1. Timeline, which had been available to Profiles for a fewmonths is now available for Pages. 2. A large Cover Photo will grace the top of the Page. 3. Fans can now privately message a Page, and a Page canprivately respond. 4. Page admins can activate these changes now but willhappen automatically on Mar 30, 2012.Contents are proprietary and confidential. 4. Timeline For Pages Updates, Implications The Timeline view has been available for user profiles its now available to Pages. This new view will be automatically implemented on your Page on Mar 30, 2012 if you donot do it first. It will show the entire chronology of your Pages activity. Option to add milestone events to your Pages timeline. You can pin any post to the top of your Page. It will remain pinned there for 7 days. Pages becoming more personal with friend activity. You can view WCGs test Page at facebook.com/testaquelContents are proprietary and confidential. 5. Timeline For Pages Updates, Implications BEFORE Fans can now scroll and jump within the timeline easierto find older posts (including negative ones). New Offers option to feature promotions. Posted as astory where users can claim via single click and sent toemail/phone. Expected later this month. Custom tabs/apps have moved from the left to the top. You must redesign custom application (tab) icons to be 111x74 pixels instead of 16x16 pixels. Applications can now be up to 810 pixels wide. Profile pictures are changing going down to 180x180AFTERpixels. Focus on strong brand representation logo. If you had a tall profile picture, you will not see the lower portion of the picture like you could in the old Page view. One would need to click on the image to see the whole thing. Important if you had a promotion or ISI there.Contents are proprietary and confidential. 6. Cover Photo A new, larger Cover Photo will grace the top of the Page. The image can not be promotional (including calls-to-action, coupons, deals, Like references, etc.). It can onlybe used for branding purposes.Contents are proprietary and confidential. 7. Cover Photo (Specs) You will need to design a new image for this Cover Photo. Image needs to be 851x315 pixels. Be wary that the Profile Photo will cover the lower-left ofthe Cover Photo. 851 px wide 315 px tallContents are proprietary and confidential. 8. Message From Profile to Page Profiles (fans) can now send a private Message to a Page.The Page can respond to that Message privately. However, a Page can not privately Message a Profileunsolicited.Contents are proprietary and confidential. 9. Message From Profile to Page (Implications) You can utilize and promote this Message button as ameans of fans contacting you about: Adverse events Drug mentions Customer service Sensitive matters Product complaints You will need to ensure you (marketing, customer service)or your agency is monitoring for incoming messages. You can turn this off in the Page settings.Contents are proprietary and confidential. 10. Changes Take Effect on Mar 30, 2012 You can Publish (update) your Page with the Timelinestarting today. You can first test it offline by selecting Preview. Your Page will be converted on Mar 30, 2012 if you do not. You may need Legal review of the new look, so get startedASAP.Contents are proprietary and confidential. 11. Other Tidbits From FMC This Page update will be available for Facebook onsmartphones later in 2012. Reach Generator: use Sponsored Stories (instead of ads)to reach up to 75% of your fans, instead of the typical 16%of Facebook content the average user sees. Premium on Facebook: distribute your content on thenews feed (desktop and mobile), right-hand of thehomepage, and on log-out.Contents are proprietary and confidential. 12. Other Tidbits From FMC (cont.) Facebook serves 100B impressions of stories to the newsfeed to 500M people every day. 425M people use the mobile version of FB per month. 105M log out of FB every month. They rolled up all different activity into whats calledpeople talking about this. Real-time Page Insights coming soon. Fan-gating (aka Like-gating) is no longer allowed. Brands can no longer dictate which tab new fans land on.All fans will land on the Wall.Contents are proprietary and confidential. 13. Questions/Discussion blog.wcgworld.com