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Government of Nepal Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Department of Electricity Development Budhi Ganga Hydropower Project Sano Gaucharan , Kathmandu Expression of Interest (EoI) for Procurement of Consulting Services for Detailed Engineering Design and IEE Study of Jugada Budhi Ganga Hydropower Project (20.16 MW), Bajura District Project Name: Jugada Budhi Ganga Hydropower Project, Bajura District EOI : BHP-JBHP-EOI-01-75/76 Office Name: Budhi Ganga Hydropower Project Office Address : Sano Gaucharan, Kathmandu Funding Agency :Government of Nepal Issued on : 6 th November, 2018

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Transcript of Expression of Interest (EoI) for Procurement of Consulting ... · Budhi Ganga Hydropower Project...

  • Government of Nepal

    Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and IrrigationDepartment of Electricity Development

    Budhi Ganga Hydropower Project

    Sano Gaucharan , Kathmandu

    Expression of Interest (EoI)


    Procurement of Consulting Services


    Detailed Engineering Design and IEE Studyof

    Jugada Budhi Ganga Hydropower Project (20.16 MW),Bajura District

    Project Name: Jugada Budhi Ganga Hydropower Project, Bajura DistrictEOI : BHP-JBHP-EOI-01-75/76Office Name: Budhi Ganga Hydropower ProjectOffice Address : Sano Gaucharan, KathmanduFunding Agency :Government of NepalIssued on : 6 th November, 2018

  • Abbreviations

    CV - Curriculum Vitae

    DO - Development Partner

    EA - Executive Agency

    EOI - Expression of Interest

    GON - Government of Nepal

    PAN - Permanent Account Number

    PPA - Public Procurement Act

    PPR - Public Procurement Regulation

    TOR - Terms of Reference

    VAT - Value Added Tax

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    A.Request for Expression of Interest ........................................................................4B. Instructions for submission of Expression of Interest ............................................5C.Brief TOR ............................................................................................................6D.Evaluation of Consultant’s EOI Application .............................................................. 18

    E. EOI Forms & Formats.................................................................................................. 24

    1. Letter of Application ........................................................................................................ 252. Applicant’s Information Form ........................................................................................ 273. Experience........................................................................................................................ 284. Capacity....................................................................................................................................... 315. Key Experts (Include details of Key Experts only) ............................................................... 33

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    A. Request for Expression of Interest

    Government of NepalMinistry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation

    Department of Electricity DevelopmentBudhi Ganga Hydropower Project

    Sano Gaucharan, Kathmandu

    Name : Detailed Engineering Design and IEE Study of Jugada Budhi GangaHydropower Project (20.16 MW), Bajura District

    (Date of First Publication: 6th November, 2018)

    1. Government of Nepal (GoN) has allocated fund for Detailed Engineering Design andIEE Study of Jugada Budhi Ganga Hydropower Project (20.16 MW), Bajura Districtand intends to apply a portion of this fund to eligible payments under the Contract forwhich this Expression of Interest is invited for National Consulting Service.

    2. The Budhi Ganga Hydropower Project now invites Expression of Interest (EOI) fromeligible consulting firms (“consultant”) to provide the following consulting services:Detailed Engineering Design and IEE Study of Jugada Budhi Ganga HydropowerProject (20.16 MW), Bajura District

    3. Interested eligible consultants may obtain further information and EOI document free ofcost at the address Budhi Ganga Hydropower Project, Sano Gaucharan, Kathmandu duringoffice hours on or before 25th November, 2018 or visit e-GP or visit the client’s website

    4. Consultants may joint venture with other Consultants to enhance their qualifications. Thenumber of consulting firms in a JV should not exceed three including the lead firm. Inaddition, same consulting firm is not allowed to enter into more than one JV for the sameJob.

    5. Expressions of interest shall be delivered online only through e-GP or before 26th November, 2018 at 12 pm.

    6. In case the last date of obtaining and submission of the EOI documents happens to be aholiday, the next working day will be deemed as the due date but the time will be the sameas stipulated.

    7. EOI will be assessed based on Qualification 40%, Experience 50%,and Capacity10%of consulting firm and key personnel. Based on evaluation of EOI, only shortlistedfirms will be invited to submit technical and financial proposal through a request forproposal.

    8. Minimum score to pass the EOI is 60%

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    B. Instructions for submission of Expression of Interest

    1. Expression of Interest may be submitted by a sole firm or a joint venture of consultingfirms.

    2. Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified toperform the Detailed Engineering Design and IEE Study of Jugada Budhi GangaHydropower Project (20.16 MW), Bajura District (descriptions, organization andemployee and of the firm or company, description of assignments of similar naturecompleted in the last 7 years and their location, experience in similar conditions, generalqualifications and the key personnel to be involved in the proposed assignment).

    3. This expression of interest is open to all eligible consulting firms.

    4. In case, the applicant is individual consultant, details of similar assignment experience,their location in the previous 4 years and audited balance sheet and bio data shall beconsidered for evaluation.

    5. The assignment has been scheduled for a period of 30 Months. Expected date ofcommencement of the assignment is April,2019.

    6. A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the Quality and Cost Based Selection(QCBS) method.

    7. Expression of Interest should contain following information:

    (i) A covering letter addressed to the representative of the client on the official letter headof company duly signed by authorized signatory.

    (ii) Applicants shall provide the following information in the respective formats given inthe EOI document:

    EOI Form: Letter of Application (Form 1)

    EOI Form: Applicant’s Information (Form 2)

    EOI Form: Work Experience Details (Form 3(A), 3(B) & 3(C))

    EOI Form: Capacity Details (Form 4)

    EOI Form: Key Experts List (Form 5).

    8. Applicants may submit additional information with their application but shortlisting willbe based on the evaluation of information requested and included in the formatsprovided in the EOI document.

    9. The applicants can submit their EOI application through e-GP system by using the formsand instructions provided by the system.

    10. The completed EOI document must be submitted on or before the date and address

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    mentioned in the “Request for Expression of Interest (EOI)”. In case the submission fallson public holiday the submission can be made on the next working day. Any EOIDocument received after the closing time for submission of proposals shall not beconsidered for evaluation.

    C. Brief TOR1 Background

    Water resources are the major natural resources of Nepal. It has more than 6000 rivers andrivulets belonging to three main drainage basins: Koshi, Gandaki and Karnali. Most of therivers are perennial as they are originated in high Himalayas and are nourished by snow andglaciers. Water resources of Nepal have been regarded as nature's bountiful gift to the country.Hydropower is one of the major potential water resources which can boost economy of thecountry. The main reason for hydropower projects being the most attractive is due toenvironment friendly, reliable, safe and cheap source of energy. It has 83,000 MW theoreticalpotential among which42,000 MW is economically viable potential. At present, only about2%of the techno-economically viable potential has been harnessed.

    It has been realized that hydropower can play vital role in Nepalese economy, both byproviding cost efficient &environment friendly power supply to improve energy services andalso by contributing to GDP growth by exporting power. In addition, the harnessing of un-tapped water resources on large scale could provide significant contribution to the povertyreduction and employment generation. It could be considered as the major economicbackbones of the country.

    The government of Nepal intends to develop these hydropower potential in economical,efficient and sustainable manner to meet the growing power demand in the country as well asto export. In line with the Hydropower Development Policy, 2001 and Water ResourcesStrategy, 2002, the government of Nepal has emphasized to increase the private sectorinvolvement in the hydropower development for large, medium and small hydropowerprojects. Government of Nepal has provided various incentives to private sector fordevelopment of hydropower sector. In order to promote private sector, Nepal ElectricityAuthority (NEA) has fixed the energy rates for small hydropower projects upto 25 MWcapacity initiated by Independent Power Producers (IPPs). Similarly, domestic commercialbanks are also interested to invest in hydropower projects as priority sector investment.

    Despite of various efforts of government to promote private sector, the private sector is notable to flourish as envisaged. Potential mega-projects have failed to take shape in Nepalprimarily due to the lack of adequate funds and the basic infra-structural facilities; in view ofwhich, the development of medium scale and small hydropower projects are given highpriority. Larger projects require huge amount of investment and time. The significantadvantages of the small to medium hydropower plants are lower capital investment andproximity to the regional load centres, as well as use of local technology and shorterconstruction period. Hence, at present the GON has initiated its plan to make the bankablehydropower projects of small and medium size for its development in future using various

  • 7

    modalities of the development.

    In this context Budhi Ganga Hydropower Project(BGHP),Department of ElectricityDevelopment (DoED) intends to conduct Detailed Engineering Design and EnvironmentalStudy of small and medium hydropower projects using government fund. In this regard, TheBudhi Ganga Hydropower intends to procure services of domestic consulting firm to conductdetailed engineering design and IEE study of Jugada Budhi Ganga Hydropower Project alongwith the feasibility study for regional balance of country based on hydropower development.

    2 Objective of the complete study

    The main objective of the consulting service is to conduct feasibility study, detailedengineering design & Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) study of the proposedhydropower project and prepare study report covering technical, financial, socio-economic,institutional, environmental and any other relevant aspects of project development includingexamine technical, financial, economic and environmental viability of the project. In order tomeet targeted objective, the consultant shall carryout necessary field survey and investigationexpect drilling works along with technical via financial viability for different projectalternatives at feasibility level. After that, the Client will provide the consultant an approval togo forward with the best project option among the project alternatives obtained fromfeasibility level for detailed engineering design that will include project optimization designof project & its components, prepare drawing and cost estimate, conduct IEE and preparereport accordingly. The IEE study should constitute an integral part of the Detailed DesignStudy in conformity with the environmental legislation of Nepal.

    Hence this study is divided in to two components which are:(i) Feasibility Study(ii) Detailed Engineering Design(iii)Initial Environmental Examination (IEE)

    For any other matters not covered in the TOR, the consultant should refer the Guidelines forStudy of Hydropower Projects (2018), various manuals prepared by DoED and internationallyaccepted standard and guidelines. The IEE study shall be carried out in accordance with therequirements of the Environmental Protection Act, 1997 and Environmental Protection Rule1997 and its amendments. The IEE study shall be carried out by the environmental study teamin conjunction with the team of experts of detailed engineering design.

    In the backdrop mentioned above, BGHP is desirous to procure the services of domesticreputed engineering consulting firms ("Consultant") having competent team of specialists toperform relevant field survey & investigations at feasibility level with different projectoptions, detailed engineering design, IEE study and prepare project report. This scope of workmentioned here under outlines the services of the consultant which has to be performed duringstudy period. However, the list of tasks and activities provided therein may not be a completeand comprehensive description of the consultant's duties. It is expected that the consultant

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    shall critically assess the scope of services indicated herein and may suggest and adoptamendments wherever it deems necessary as per their own professional judgment inconsultation with BGHP and may accordingly propose to achieve the objectives of the study.

    3 Application and use of manuals, guidelines and standards

    The DoED has published various guidelines, manuals and standards listed below. The selectedconsultant has to use guidelines, manuals and standards as far as possible in addition tointernationally accepted standards, guidelines and manuals. The consultant has to provide listof such guidelines, manuals and standards used during the study phase in every reportsubmitted to DoED. Some of the guidelines are mentioned here under.

    Design Guidelines for Headworks of Hydropower Project. 2006 Design Guidelines for Water Conveyance System of Hydropower Project, 2006 Power House Design Guidelines ,2018 Guidelines for Study of Hydropower Projects, 2018 Manual for Preparing Scoping Document for Environment Impact Assessment

    (EIA) of Hydropower Projects Manual for Preparing Terms of Reference (ToR) for Environmental Impact

    Assessment of Hydropower Projects, with Notes on EIA Report Preparation. Manual for Preparing Environment Management Plan (EMP) for Hydropower

    Projects Manual for Public Involvement in the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

    Process of Hydropower Projects Manual for Developing and Reviewing Water Quality Monitoring Plans and Results

    for Hydropower Projects Manual for Conducting Public Hearings in the Environmental Impact Assessment

    Process for Hydropower Projects

    4 Scopes of WorkThe study is divided in to two components which are:

    (i) Feasibility Study(ii) Detailed Engineering Design(iii) IEE Study

    (A) Scope of Work for Feasibility Study

    The scope of consulting services for the Feasibility Study shall include but notnecessarily limited to the followings:

    a) Collect and review of previous study reports, manuals, standards, guidelines,legislations, policies & plans, maps, drawing etc.

    b) Conduct desk study and field reconnaissance survey, analyse the available data andidentify data gap of previous study & recommend the further additional study neededwith justification

  • 9

    c) Prepare preliminary project layout and configuration based examine alternativesconfiguration of project component in inception survey for further field survey andinvestigation

    d) Conduct engineering survey and field investigation for

    Topographical surveys including L-section & X-section survey,

    Hydrological studies, sediment studies and hydro-metrological surveys

    Geological survey, engineering geological mapping, geophysicalinvestigations including seismicity/seismic study,

    Construction materials survey and testing

    Communication surveys for transportation of equipment

    Alignment survey of transmission line surveys

    Alignment survey of access road and bridgee) Compile, analyze outcome of field survey & investigation tests

    f) Carry out optimum project scheme selection and alternative configuration.

    g) Prepare conceptual/preliminary layout & design considering alternative configurationof project component and conduct optimization of the components & associatedstructures of hydropower project

    h) Conduct economic and financial analysis including sensitivity and risk analysis

    i) Prepare a complete, feasibility study report covering the above mentioned scopes ofthe hydropower project including different project alternatives.

    j) Recommend the best feasible alternative for detailed engineering design.

    (B) Scope of Work for Detailed Engineering Design

    The scope of consulting services for the DED for selected option shall include but notnecessarily limited to the followings:

    a) Conduct complete detail field investigation for hydrological and sediment studies,geotechnical investigations including core drilling and test adits, GLOF study,construction materials survey and testing, communication surveys, muck disposalsurvey, construction power survey, power evacuation survey, transmission linesurveys, access road and cross drainage structure surveys for selected options as perrequirement of the study for detailed engineering design and scope of work detailed insubsequent heading.

    b) Compile, analyse outcome of field survey and investigation, prepare required specificmaps and reports as per requirement of scope of work detailed in subsequent headingand use these maps, data & parameters for detail design

    c) Prepare and establish design module and design memorandum for the detailed designof all major project components and associated structures as per recognized bestpractices and applicable standards.

  • 10

    d) Conduct detail engineering design of civil structures, hydro-mechanical equipment,electro-mechanical equipment of hydropower and associated structures of optimizedoptions.

    e) Conduct detail design of the access road, project road and cross drainage structures.

    f) Conduct detail design of switchyard, transmission line and associated substation.

    g) Conduct planning &design of office complex, camp site and their required facilitiessuch as water supply system, power supply etc.

    h) Conduct IEE study as per standard guidelines (EPR/EPA).

    i) Conduct project optimization study considering present load demand scenario.

    j) Prepare detail drawings and tender drawings.

    k) Conduct rate analysis, prepare quantity estimate & cost estimate.

    l) Prepare construction plan/schedule and project implementation plan.

    m) Conduct economic and financial analysis including sensitivity and risk analysis.

    n) Analyze and propose appropriate contract/implementation module and institutionalarrangement for project implementation.

    o) Prepare tender documents for civil structures, hydro-mechanical equipments, electro-mechanical equipments of hydropower and associated structures.

    p) Prepare tender document for preparatory works (camp site, project & access road,water supply, power supply & other facilities) and transmission line and associatedsubstation.

    q) Prepare a complete, bankable and implementable detail design report of thehydropower project including associated structure considering the report ready forimplementation

    r) Conduct the capacity building training for project team.

    s) The detail scope of work to be covered under each specific heading of the study isprovided in respective heading.

    (C) Scope of Work of IEE Study

    The scope of consulting services for the Initial Environmental Examination Study shallinclude but not necessarily limited to the followings:

    a) Collect and review of previous study reports, manuals, standards, guidelines,legislations, policies & plans, maps, drawing etc.

    b) Conduct desk study and preliminary reconnaissance survey, analyse the available data.c) Delineate the project areas to be covered in the IEE studyd) Collect baseline environment condition (physical, biological, socio-economic and

    cultural) of the project areae) Identify, examine and assess project implementation activities of hydropower project,

    transmission line and substation, access and project road, camp site & office complex,quarry site etc.

  • 11

    f) Evaluate and analyse environmental and related legislation, environmental standards,policies, plans and international conventions for the IEE study.

    g) Identify the concerned authorities, interested organizations, affected communities andstakeholders to be consulted during the study.

    h) Identify and predict key physical, biological, socio-economic and cultural positive andnegative impacts & issues associated with project implementation

    i) Access, examine and analysis consequence of the impact and issues on existingenvironment

    j) Analyse the significance of environmental impacts in terms of magnitude, extent andduration.

    k) Identify and analyse the various alternatives in planning and design of the projectsfrom environmental considerations.

    l) Enable the authorities, stakeholders, local people, and affected communities toadequately participate in discussions/ hearings that dwell on the acceptability of theproject, availability of alternatives, potential impacts and possible mitigationmeasures.

    m) Assess and estimate the number of families to be affected and displaced, and studytheir socio-economic conditions as well as ways for the betterment of their livingstatus.

    n) Identify the potential areas for resettlement of the displaced families.o) Propose pragmatic, specific and cost-effective mitigation measures to avoid or

    minimize potential adverse environmental impacts and suggest enhancement measuresto enhance the beneficial impacts.

    p) Prepare an environmental management plan to implement the proposed mitigationmeasures.

    q) Prepare environmental monitoring plans.r) Involve the local public people and Monitor water quality, air quality, and noise levels

    for establishment of baseline monitoring data.s) Organize public consultation program as per requirement of EPA, 1997 and EPR,

    1998t) Inform and aware decision makers and interested parties about the environmental

    implication of the proposed project together with conclusion and recommendationu) Prepare and submit, ToR and IEE Reports as per the requirements set forth in the

    environmental legislation.v) Present ToR and IEE Reports to Environment Report Review Committees.w) Incorporate the comments provided by the client and agencies in authority.x) Meet the reporting requirement as specified in this ToR and environmental legislation.

    The consultant has to cover all the scope of work for field survey and investigation andpreparation of reports.

    5 Duration of Services

    The estimated time for completion of the complete assignment is Thirty (30) months.

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    6 Deliverables

    The Consultant shall discuss all the findings at review meetings to be held with the ProjectManagement on regular basis. The Consultant shall prepare and provide the following finaldeliverables.

    Detailed Engineering Design

    Report Time Duration(months)

    Draft Copy Approved Copy

    Inception 2 3 2

    First Field 8 2 2

    Feasibility Study 12 3 2

    Second Field 16 2 2

    Interim 20 3 2

    Draft 24 3 2

    Draft Final 27 5 2

    Consolidated(DetailedEngineering Design& Approved IEE)

    30 5

    IEE Study

    Report Time Duration(Months)

    Draft Copy Approved Copy

    Draft TOR 12 10

    Final TOR 15 5

    Draft IEE 20 10

    Final IEE 24 5

    The following are the number of copies of each additional report to be submitted by the

    Consultant to the Project in total:

    Topographical Survey Report : 2 Copies

    Geological Mapping Report : 2 Copies

    Geophysical (2D ERT) Report : 2 Copies

    Geotechnical Study Report : 2 Copies

    Hydrology Report : 2 Copies

    Design Criteria Report : 2 Copies

    Monthly Progress Report : 2 Copies (each month)

  • 13

    Data, Local Services, Personnel and Facilities to be provided by the Project OfficeThe following reports and data will be made available to the Consultants:

    Pre-Feasibility Study Report (2017) of Jugada Budhi Ganga Hydropower Projectalong with annexes.

    7 Payment Schedule

    The payment schedule for the study shall be as follows:

    S. N. Submission of Reports % of Payment1 Inception Report 15%2 First Field 10%3 Feasibility Report 15%4 Second Field 10 %5 Interim Report 15 %7 Draft Final Detail Design Report 15 %8 Consolidated (Detailed Engineering

    Design & Approved IEE)20%

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    1.1 Project location and Access

    Jugada Budgi Ganga Hydropower (JBHP) is located in far western development region,Bajura District of the Province No-7and it is situated at the upstream of the Budhi GangaKhola Small Hydropower Project which is under study by Department of ElectricityDevelopment. The proposed Jugada Budi Ganga Hydropower Project is a run-of-the-river(RoR) project. The project area of the JBHP ranges from latitudes 29 24' 00" N to 29 28' 30"N and the longitudes 81 23' 45"E to 81 28' 27"E.

    Salient Features from Pre-feasibility Level1.0 General

    Source River : Budhi Ganga

    VDC : Jugaada, Atichaur and Budhi Ganga

    District : Bajura

    Zone : Seti

    Development Region : Far Western

    Type of Scheme : Run-of-river

    Gross Head : 238.27m

    Net Head : 225.68

    Design Discharge (Q45%) : 10.17 m3/sec

    Installed Capacity : 20.16 MW

    Net Annual Marketable Energy : 127.51GWh

    2.0 Hydrology

    Catchment Area at Intake : 335.9 km2

    Design 100-yrs Flood at Intake : 710 m3/s

    3.0 Diversion Weir & Intake

    Diversion Weir - Type : Free overflow- Length : 45.00 m

    - Crest Level : 1363 m

    Intake - Type : Side intake with free-fall weir- Length : 3.0 m x 2 Nos.

    Undersluice- Width : 4.00 m

    - No. of Bays : 1 Nos.

    Gravel Trap

  • 15

    -Size (L x W x H ): 17.00 m x 5.00 m x 2.5 m

    -Particle Size to be desilted : 5 mm

    Connecting Canal-Size (W x H) : 3.0 m x 2.3 m

    Desilting Basin-Type : Dufour (Double-chamber)

    -Size (L x W x H) : 75.00 m x 9.0 m x 4.5 m

    -Particle Size to be desilted : 0.2 mm

    4.0 Water Conveyance

    Headrace Canal : Cut and Cover Canal (Rectangular shape)

    Size (WxH) : 3m x 2.5m

    Length : 1050m

    Headrace Tunnel Type : D-shaped

    Size (Diameter) : 3.0m

    Diameter : 2.0 m

    Length (m) : 5300 m

    5.0 Surge Tank

    Diameter of Surge Tank : 6.0m

    Height of Surge Tank : 25.0m

    6.0 Powerhouse

    Type : Surface

    Clear Size : 30.0 m x 12.0 m x 8.1 m (L x B x H)

    Number of Units : 2 Nos.

    Type of Turbine : Pelton, Horizontal Shaft

    Rated Capacity : 10800kW x 2 Nos.

    7.0 Tailrace Canal

    Type : RCC Box Culvert

    Size : 3.00m x 2.40 m (B x D)

    8.0 Transmission Line & Grid Connection

    Specification : 33 kV single-circuit, 3 Phase, 50 Hz

    Length : 8000 m (Powerhouse to Budhi GangaKhola Small Hydropower HEP)

    9.0 Transformer

  • 16

    Step-up Transformer

    Rating : 24,200 kVA, 6.6/33 kV, 50 Hz

    Specific.n : 3 Phase

    10.0 Generator

    Generator - Type : Brushless synchronous, 3 Phase

    - Specific : 12,100kVA, 0.4 kV, 50 Hz, 600 rpm x 2 Nos.

    11.0 Approach Road

    Kathmandu to Attariya : 646 km

    Attariya to Budar : 65 km

    Buder to Syaule : 52 km

    Syaule to Sanfebagar : 135 km

    Sanfebagar to Martadi : 55 km

    Martadi to Powerhouse : 7 km

    Powerhouse to Headworks : 3.5 km

    12.0 Total Cost of the Project : NRs. 3702.41 million (without IDC)

    13.0 Internal Rate of Return (IRR) : 19% (FIRR)

    14.0 Benefit Cost Ratio (B/C Ratio) : 1.54

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    D. Evaluation of Consultant’s EOI Application

    Consultant’s EOI application which meets the eligibility criteria will be ranked on the basis ofthe Ranking Criteria..

    i) Eligibility & Completeness Test Compliance

    Copy of Registration of the company/firm

    Tax Clearance/Tax Return Submission/Letter of Time Extension for Tax Return

    Submission for Fiscal year2074/75]. In case of submission of Tax Return

    Submission/Letter of Time Extension for Tax Return Submission for Fiscal

    year 2074/75, the Consultant must submit Tax Clearance for 2073/74

    VAT/PAN Registration

    Power Of Attorney

    Self Declaration

    Joint Venture Agreement

    EOI Form 1: Letter of Application

    EOI Form 2: Applicant’s Information Form

    EOI Form 3: Experience (3(A) and 3(B))

    EOI Form 4: Capacity

    EOI Form 5: Qualification of Key Experts

    ii) EOI Evaluation Criteria

    SN Description Weightage Marks

    1 Proposed Key Professionals for the Study(Qualification &Experience)


    I Qualification of the Key Personnel in relevant Discipline:Marks will be equally distributed among the list of key Personnel/Professionals


    A Masters/ Ph. D. or Higher Qualification 100 %

    B Bachelor’s Degree 90 %

  • 19

    In case the min. qualification is Master’s degree, Professionalswith Bachelor’s degree will not be awarded the mark under thiscriterion.

    II Experience of the Key Professionals: 30

    A Team Leader

    Should have min. 15 years of experience after graduation. Should have min. qualification of Master degree in relevant

    Engineering subject.

    1X5.5 =5.5

    B Key Professionals

    1. Hydropower Engineer

    2. Engineering Geologist

    3. Geotechnical Engineer

    4. Hydrologist

    5. Hydraulic Engineer

    6. EnvironmentalEngineer/Environmentalist

    7. Civil Engineer/AutocadEngineer

    7X3.5 =


    Should have min.10 years of experience after graduation. Should have min. qualification of Master Degree in relevant


    C Remaining other professionals

    1. Structural Engineer

    2. Electrical Engineer

    3. Mechanical Engineer

    4. Economist/Financial Analyst

    5. Sociologist/Anthropologist

    6. Zoologist/Aquatic Life Expert

    7. Botanist/Ecologist/Forest Expert

    8. Contract/Procurement Specialist

    9. Highway/Road Engineer

    10. Senior Surveyor

    11. Cost/Quantity Estimator

    Should have min. 10 years of experience after graduation Should have min. qualification of Bachelor’s Degree in

    relevant subject

    2 Work Experience of the Firm (Only study completed projectswill be considered for evaluation)


    2a General Work Experience of the firm in various EngineeringProjects having consulting fee more than NRs. 5 million


    A 10 or more than 10 projects 100%

  • 20

    B 7 orless than 10 projects 90%

    C 3 orless than 7 projects 80%

    D Less than 3 projects 0%

    2b Specific Experience of the firm in last 7 years

    I Work experience of the firm in Feasibility Study or DetailedEngineering Design (studies)/Detail Project Report (DPR) ofHydropower Projects based on numbers of projects.Only the projects having capacity more than 10MW will beconsidered for evaluation.


    A more than 3 projects 100 %

    B 3 projects 90 %

    C 2 projects 80 %

    D Less than 2 projects 0 %

    Ii Work experience of the firm in Feasibility Study or DetailedEngineering Design (studies)/Detail Project Report (DPR) ofHydropower Projects based on capacity of project.Only the projects having capacity more than 10 MW will beconsidered for evaluation.


    A Cumulative capacity of more than 60 MW 100%

    B Cumulative capacity of more than 45 MW to 60 MW 90%

    C Cumulative capacity of more than 10 MW to 45 MW 80%

    D Cumulative capacity less than or equal to 10 MW 0%

    III Work experience of the firm in EIA/ IEE Study ofhydropower projects based on number of project. Only theprojects having capacity more than 10MW will be consideredfor evaluation.


    A 3 or more than 3 projects 100 %

    B 2 Projects 90 %

    C 1 Project 80 %

    D 0 project 0 %

    3 Financial Capacity of the Firm in NRs (Average AnnualTurnover (AAT) in million NRs in last five consecutive fiscalyears)


    More than 60 100 %

  • 21

    More than 45 to 60 90 %

    More than 30 to 45 80 %

    Less than 30 0%



    a. The information furnished by the Firm(s) in the EOI document should be realistic. If anyfaulty information is found, legal action may be taken as per prevailing rules and


    b. The Consultant must put the signature of authorized representative with indelible blue inkand stamp of company on each and every page of the EOI. In absence of signature of

    authorized representative with indelible blue ink and stamp of company, the particular

    page will not be considered for evaluation.

    c. The relevant figures/numbers of each members of joint venture shall be added together tocalculate cumulative figures/numbers of the joint ventures for the purpose of evaluation of

    experience and turnover of the firm(s).

    d. The projects listed in Form -3 (Experience) for work experience of the firm will beconsidered for evaluation. The experience of the projects not listed in Form -3 will not be

    considered for evaluation.

    e. In case of the firm’s experience, if the completion certificate is issued by a private Client,the firm should mention the name of the public entity where the study reports were

    submitted; otherwise the experience will not be accounted for evaluation

    f. The experience of the firm shall be supported with notarized copies ofexperience/completion certificates in the form of experience/ completion certificates

    showing the name & type of consulting service, project size and date of completion of the

    assignment as given in Form -3. The experience of the firm without evidence/proof or

    experience certificate will not be considered for evaluation. The data/figure such as name

    & type of consulting service, project size and date of completion of the assignment

    mentioned in experience/ completion certificates will only be considered as authentic and

    will only be considered for evaluation purpose. If these required data/figures are not

    mentioned in experience/ completion certificates, these data will not be considered from

    elsewhere such as data sheet. If copy of experience/ completion certificate is not notarized,

    the particular non-notarized copy document will not be considered for evaluation.

  • 22

    g. For experience of the firms in EIA/IEE study projects, the EIA/IEE study of projectswhich were approved as per the prevailing Environmental Protection Act, 1997 and the

    Environmental Protection Rule 1997 will only be considered for evaluation. For the

    evidence of EIA/IEE approval, firms should submit EIA/IEE approval letter issued by

    public entity. Otherwise such experience will not be accounted in evaluation.

    h. Only study completed project will be considered for evaluation. The ongoing study orpartially study completed project will not be considered for evaluation.

    i. Marks will be given only to the key professionals to be deployed for the as listed in list ofkey professional. If Consultant propose alternate professional in designated post,

    minimum marks obtained of professional will be considered for evaluation.

    j. Public/Semi-public entities’ employees need to submit official no objection letter toprovide consultancy services. In absence of official no objection letter, such professional

    will not be evaluated.

    k. Pass year and month of educational degree of the key professional shall also be mentionedin Form -5. If the month of degree is not mentioned, the month of December of mentioned

    year will be considered for evaluation. If pass year of education is not mentioned, the

    education degree will not be considered for evaluation.

    l. Firm shall not propose the same key professional for more than one designation for thesame job. If so proposed, the respective person will not be accounted in the evaluation for

    any designation.

    m. The average annual turnover of the Firm/Company shall be calculated in Net PresentValue using inflation index of Nepal Rastra Bank. Exchange rate shall be considered the

    rate as on the last date of submission of EOI.

    n. If the Client finds the proposed key professional doubtful regarding education, experienceor any issues then such professional may be asked to appear in Bughi Ganga Hydropower

    Project Office for verification. Failing to appear in such verification may cause

    disqualification of that key professional.

    o. In case of a joint venture, the Consultant must submit the joint ventureagreement duly signed by authorized signatories & stamped with company seal of each

    member of joint venture in every page of JV agreement & clearly mentioning name of the

    lead firm, name of JV partners, role and responsibility of each member, name of the

    authorized signatories. In case of failure to submit joint venture agreement between each

    JV partner, the EOI will be considered as non-responsive and will not be considered for

    evaluation. Similarly, the JV agreement should be signed by authorized representative

    having power of attorney to sign the JV agreement with indelible blue ink. The signature

  • 23

    of authorized representatives & stamp of companies should be in each page of JV

    agreement. If JV agreement is not signed with by authorized representative having power

    of attorney and with indelible blue ink, the EOI will be considered as non-responsive and

    will not be considered for evaluation.

    p. The Consultant must submit power of attorney of authorized signatories to sign JVagreement and submit the EOI from their respective firm with signature & stamp of each

    member of JV. Such Power of attorney of authorized signatories of JV shall have been

    issued by executive head of organization such as Board, Managing Director, CEO or

    Chairperson, etc. If otherwise, the EOI will be considered as non-responsive and will not

    be considered for evaluation.

  • 24

    E. EOI Forms & Formats

    Form 1. Letter of Application

    Form 2. Applicant’s information

    Form 3.Experience (General, Specific and Geographical)

    Form 4. Capacity

    Form 5. Qualification of Key Experts

  • 25

    1. Letter of Application

    (Letterhead paper of the Applicant or partner responsible for a joint venture, including fullpostal address, telephone no., fax and email address)

    Date: ............................


    Full Name of Client: __________________________

    Full Address of Client: ________________________

    Telephone No.: ______________________________

    Fax No.: ____________________________________

    Email Address: _______________________________


    1. Being duly authorized to represent and act on behalf of (hereinafter "the Applicant"), andhaving reviewed and fully understood all the short-listing information provided, theundersigned hereby apply to be short-listed by Budhi Ganga Hydopower Project asConsultant for Detailed Engineering Design and IEE Study of Jugada Budhi GangaHydropower Project (20.16 MW), Bajura District

    2. Attached to this letter are photocopies of original documents defining:

    a) the Applicant's legal status;

    b) the principal place of business;

    3. Budhi Ganga Hydopower Project and its authorized representatives are hereby authorized toverify the statements, documents, and information submitted in connection with thisapplication. This Letter of Application will also serve as authorization to anyindividual or authorized representative of any institution referred to in the supportinginformation, to provide such information deemed necessary and requested byyourselves to verify statements and information provided in this application, or withregard to the resources, experience, and competence of the Applicant.

    4. Budhi Ganga Hydopower Project and its authorized representatives are authorized tocontact any of the signatories to this letter for any further information.1

    5. All further communication concerning this Application should be addressed to the following

    1 Applications by joint ventures should provide on a separate sheet, relevant information for each party to theApplication.

  • 26





    [Phone, Fax, Email]

    6. We declare that, we have no conflict of interest in the proposed procurement proceedingsand we have not been punished for an offense relating to the concerned profession orbusiness and our Company/firm has not been declared ineligible.

    7. We further confirm that, if any of our experts is engaged to prepare the TOR for any ensuingassignment resulting from our work product under this assignment, our firm, JV member orsub-consultant, and the expert(s) will be disqualified from short-listing and participation inthe assignment.

    8. The undersigned declares that the statements made and the information provided in the dulycompleted application are complete, true and correct in every detail.



    For and on behalf of (name of Applicant or partner of a joint venture):

  • 27

    2. Applicant’s Information Form(In case of joint venture of two or more firms to be filled separately for each constituent member)

    1. Name of Firm/Company:

    2. Type of Constitution (Partnership/ Pvt. Ltd/Public Ltd/ Public Sector/ NGO)

    3. Date of Registration / Commencement of Business (Please specify):

    4. Country of Registration:

    5. Registered Office/Place of Business:

    6. Telephone No; Fax No; E-Mail Address

    7. Name of Authorized Contact Person / Designation/ Address/Telephone:

    8. Name of Authorized Local Agent /Address/Telephone:

    9. Consultant’s Organization:

    10. Total number of staff:

    11. Number of regular professional staff:

    (Provide Company Profile with description of the background and organization of theConsultant and, if applicable, for each joint venture partner for this assignment.)

  • 28

    3. Experience

    3(A). General Work Experience

    (Details of assignments undertaken. Each consultant or member of a JV must fill in thisform.)

    S. N. Name of assignment LocationValue ofContract

    YearCompleted Client Description of work carried out










  • 29

    3(B). Specific Experience

    Details of similar assignments undertaken in the previous seven years(In case of joint venture of two or more firms to be filled separately for each constituentmember)

    Assignment name: Approx. value of the contract (in current NRs; US$or Euro)2:


    Location within country:

    Duration of assignment (months):

    Name of Client: Total No. of person-months of the assignment:

    Address: Approx. value of the services provided by yourfirm under the contract (in current NRs; US$ orEuro):

    Start date (month/year):

    Completion date (month/year):

    No. of professional person-months provided by thejoint venture partners or the Sub-Consultants:

    Name of joint venture partner or sub-Consultants, if any:

    Narrative description of Project:

    Description of actual services provided in the assignment:

    Note: Provide highlight on similar services provided by the consultant as required bythe EOI assignment.

    Firm’s Name:

    2 Consultant should state value in the currency as mentioned in the contract

  • 30

    3(C). Geographic Experience - Not Applicable

    Experience of wrking in similar geographic region or country(In case of joint venture of two or more firms to be filled separately for each constituent


    No Name of the ProjectLocation(Country/ Region) Execution Year and Duration








  • 31

    4. Capacity4(A). Financial Capacity(In case of joint venture of two or more firms to be filled separately for each constituent member)

    Annual Turnover

    Year Amount Currency

    - Average Annual Turnover

    (Note: Supporting documents for Average Turnover should be submitted for the above.)

  • 32

    4(B). Infrastructure/equipment related to the proposed assignment3-Not ApplicableNo Infrastructure/equipment

    RequiredRequirements Description






    3 Delete this table if infrastructure/equipment for the proposed assignment is not required.

  • 33

    5. Key Experts (Include details of Key Experts only)

    (In case of joint venture of two or more firms to be filled separately for each constituent


    SN Name Position HighestQualificationWork Experience

    (in year)

    Specific WorkExperience (in







    (Please insert more rows as necessary)