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The method of electrostatic painting is more than finishing in a way more versatile and intense covering most object selected with a well proportioned and uniform layer, achieving greater efficiency and quality

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  • 1. Diamond Painting Inc www.diamondpaintinginc.com Email: fcdiamondpainting@gmail.com Phone: (786) 209-6294
  • 2. Electrostatic Painting Method
  • 3. Electrostatic Painting Method The electrostatic coating is a manufacturing process that uses charged to more efficiently paint a work piece particles. Paint particulate, either powder or atomized liquid, is initially projected onto a conductive part using standard spray methods, and then is accelerated toward the work piece by a strong electrostatic charge. electrically conductive part on a paint tank which is then electrostatically charged. Ionic bonding metal painting creates the paint, where its thickness is directly proportional to the length of time that the pieces remain in the tank and the charge time is active. Once the parts are removed from the paint tank, rinsed to remove any residual paint is ionically bonded, leaving a thin film of paint electrostatically attached to the surface of the part.