Develop a Coporate Social Responsibility Strategy for HR

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HR makes responsible business work. Your Challenge The executive team asks HR to contribute to corporate social responsibility (CSR). You need help designing, implementing, and assessing relevant initiatives in HR. You are championing CSR initiatives to prove the strategic currency of HR. CSR is complicated, and you don’t have much time to build a strategy. Our Advice Critical Insight Not only can HR help business leaders develop socially responsible business strategies and measure their impact, but an emphasis on socially responsible business practices also gives HR more support for its existing responsibilities. Coordinate CSR initiatives with HR to measure their impact, show that the organization takes them seriously, and ensure they generate tangible business value. Impact and Result Build a CSR strategy around the two overarching KPIs that deliver the most measurable value: improving employee engagement in CSR programs and improving the organization’s level of CSR maturity. Design a CSR scorecard and action plan in a four-step process: Make the case for CSR-HR to launch the project Engage stakeholders to understand their concerns Prioritize key CSR-HR initiatives to determine next steps Develop a CSR-HR scorecard and action plan to shape HR’s contribution Prepare for key objections by leveraging the experiences and insights of industry peers that have been through this process.

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  • Start this project today by calling 1-877-876-3322 Use our Develop a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy for HRBlueprint Best Practice Toolkit Includes: Guided Implementations: 82 Do-It-Yourself Project Slides CSR Maturity Assessm ent Business Case Sum m ary Worksheet Make the case for CSR-HR to laun ch the project Determ ine the CSR m aturity level of your organization Develop a stakeholder en gagem ent plan Establish a list of CSR-HR priorities Develop a CSR-HR scorecard and action plan Plus:Onsite workshops available 1-877-876-3322 www.m clean Source:http://hr.m /research/ss/develop-a-corporate-social-responsibility-strategy-for-HR