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We invite you to explore the world with us and experience the CW difference. As the leader in active and experiential travel for over 34 years, we assure you maximum enjoyment at a pace just right, topnotch customer service, and great value. Our guaranteed departures assure no cancellations, no disappointments. With over 130 worldwide

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We invite you to explore the world

with us and experience the CW


As the leader in active and

experiential travel for over 34 years,

we assure you maximum enjoyment

at a pace just right, topnotch

customer service, and great value.

Our guaranteed departures

assure no cancellations, no


With over 130 worldwide journeys

and six great styles of travel, there

is a once-in-a lifetime adventure


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The Experts In Active Travel More than 130 destinations

150 expert local guides

Award-winning itineraries

7 continents

Travel + Leisure magazine: World’s best Tour Operator for 5 consecutive years

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Experience The CW Difference

Our Home Team: Waterbury, Vermont; knowledgeable, well travelled, passionate

Guided small group - 18 guests

Guaranteed Departures: no exceptions

Exceptional service & attention to detail including pre departure materials

70% repeat & referral rate

Encore Programme

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Our Guests

• Well-travelled

• Well-educated

• Age 45-70+

• 60% female/40% male

• 65% couples/35% solo

• Active lifestyle &

passionate about: the

outdoors, photography,

wildlife, birding, arts &

culture, history,

gastronomy, viniculture

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The CW Styles of Active Travel

CW Walking Tours Guided/Self-Guided/Private

CW Biking Self-Guided

CW Safaris Classic/Family/Fly-In/Custom

CW Selects Private Mini Explorations

CW Small Ship Nature Explorations

CW Family

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Know Thy Travel Style

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Know Thy Ability Level

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Guided Group Walking

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“Alessandro and Elizabeth were the most exceptional guides I have come across in my many years of travelling.  Alessandro’s passion and knowledge of his local region

had the trip come alive as well as his insight into the Italian food and way of life. 

Elizabeth was superb…. Again with her personal touch and knowledge of the history but also her genuine caring.. making a weary traveller feel at home… a feat in itself

and one I must acknowledge in its importance.

This was my first walking tour with CW and after this exceptional week will not be my last. 

After being a world traveller since 17 years ago I can honestly say what fabulous tour guides like Alessandro and Elizabeth who had a passion for their work, the amazing food, art and history this was the most amazing week I have ever, ever experienced.

5 stars!  As I am continuing my journey my thoughts are veering to my next CW trip.”

Cecile Smart, AustraliaItaly: Sicily, April, 2013

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Our Guides:Simply the Best

Acclaimed, local experts


24/7 attention to detail

Deeply connected to their communities

Unmatched insider perspective

1:7 guest to guide ratio

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The CW Difference – Local Pride & Presence

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“ Seven days of walking and hiking in breathtaking

scenic hillsides and villages, followed with delicious

local food and wines at lunch and suppers. The CW

guides, Ivana and Dani, who are very proud of their

Dalmatia heritage, successfully shared the history and

lore of the various regions with us.

This tour, “Croatia: The Dalmatian Coast” lived up to all

my expectations of a CW tour: excellent guiding

(knowledgeable, friendly, attentive to each & every

participant), delicious food , beautiful accommodations,

and the fun and interaction with the other tour

participants and guides, certainly has made the trip a

most memorable travel experience.”

Julianne Swords, CanadaCroatia: The Dalmatian Coast May 2013

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Self-Guided Cycling & Walking

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Route Notes & Maps

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“This walking safari gives

a real sense of wild Africa.

The walks also give a

sense of the place of early

man in the natural world. I

felt really at home on the

savannah and it is

amazing that you can walk

among the herd animals

without them running off. I

felt very much in contact

with life. The entire

experience was well

supported. Despite being

in the wild, we had all the

comforts that were needed

to make this a wonderful

trip. We certainly felt

spoiled by the great

treatment we received.”


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“That's Claire with her head up. I don't think that cheetah ever saw us, she was so focused first on a

topi, then gave up and turned her attention to some impalas in the other direction and came over

and jumped up on our vehicle. I was standing up watching when she jumped down off the other

vehicle and came around the back of ours but I never guessed she'd be in my face in a split second.

Both our drivers just told us to be very quiet and calm. RIGHT! Francie (9Yrs) dived under the back

seat and hid completely. Startling, frightening, but exciting.” Kenya Family

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“Everything about this trip was superb! Fannuel was the best guide I have ever experienced. The places

we stayed could not have been more perfect. All staff was attentive and generous with their time.”


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“It was as though a family member was showing his extended family one of the wonders of the world.”


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Homes Awayfrom Home

Chosen for authenticity to region

Warm, personal hospitality

Our priority: locally owned 4 & 5 Star quality

Ideal locales for cultural immersion

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Local Flavor

Cuisine: A key cultural ingredient

Restaurants & menus chosen with “local” in mind Perfect settings

Local wine and/or beer with dinner on all guided tours

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The Gastronomy• Did I mention how good the food was?

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Thank You

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Select Experiences

Expertly curated, active, and cultural adventures | Immerse you in the heart of a

destination | Perfect balance of guided & independent explorations | Private

Savor them on their own as brief escapes; combine them to create a journey of a lifetime;

link them with another CW itinerary; or add pleasure to a business trip.

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Taking the Responsible Path

Peru Patacancha Community Trout Farm Project

The Alma Children's Education Foundation is a registered Canadian charity based in Toronto.

Cultural Connections: giving back to the areas we visit

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Join us for our next webinar

November 19th, 2013

8 pm Atlantic

Travel Professional/ClientsSAFARI 2014

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Thank You