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REVISION FOR THE SCOND EXAMINATIONENGLISH 7I. The present simple tense (Th hin ti n)

II. The present progressive tense (Th Hin ti tip din)

III. The present simple tense and the present progressive tense (Th Hin ti n v Th hin ti tip din)

IV. Question words

V. a / an / some / any

VI. Adjectives and adverbsVII. Would like / want / need / should

VIII. ConjuntionsIX. The future simple tense.

X. Comparatives and superlatives

XI. a few / a little / a lot / lots of

XII. Prepositions

XIII. Phonetics

XIV. Suggestions with Lets / What about?/ Why dont we?

XV. So / too / either / neither


1. A. cap

B. paddy

C. woman

D. crab

2. A. skirt

B. fit

C. exit

D. gift

3. A. dolphin

B. poster

C. problem

D. hobby

4. A. cheap

B. eat

C. teacher

D. wear

5. A. touch

B. watch

C. machine

D. armchair


1. A. change

B. care

C. strange

D. hate

2. A. cavity

B. dentist

C. fill

D. morning

3. A. comb

B. hope

C. notice

D. polish

4. A. famous

B. nervous

C. loud

D. serious

5. A. drill

B. probably

C. iron

D. break

UNIT 11 1. A. absent

B. stand

C. scales

D. catch

2. A. cold

B. note

C. nose

D. record

3. A. flu

B. drugstore

C. runny

D. up

4. A. health

B. measure

C. disease

D. pleasant

5. A. wrong

B. weigh

C. wait

D. weather


1. A. add

B. balance

C. plate

D. fat

2. A. affect

B. pepper

C. selection

D. smell

3. A. ripe

B. dish

C. life

D. guideline

4. A. cereal

B. treat

C. mean

D. steam

5. A. visited

B. returned

C. arrived

D. rememberedUNIT 13

1. A. diver

B. risk

C. district

D. quick

2. A. adult

B. undersea

C. result

D. surprise

3. A. breathe

B. clear

C. sea

D. increase

4. A. busy

B. hungry

C. drugstore

D. brush

5. A. mouth

B. cough

C. sound

D. amount


1. A. station

B. watch

C. cable

D. change

2. A. artist

B. cricket

C. satellite

D. music

3. A. contest

B. folk

C. program

D. own

4. A. house

B. youth

C. outside

D. sound

5. A. helped

B. talked

C. rented

D. stopped


1. A. arcade

B. game

C. image

D. awake

2. A. skill

B. decide

C. inventor

D. rich

3. A. teacher

B. each

C. read

D. theater

4. A. salt

B. taste

C. stall

D. wash

5. A. type

B. family

C. diary

D. pretty


1. A. battle

B. tale

C. trade

D. range

2. A. veteran

B. border

C. central

D. depend

3. A. bulb

B. funny

C. monument

D. puppet

4. A. found

B. thousand

C. house

D. tourism

5. A. city

B. place

C. ancient

D. excitingSupply the correct form of the verbs in the brackets:1. They usually (paint) ------------------ their house blue.

2. My father (buy) -------------------- a new car two months ago.

3. Nam (help) -------------------- his father repair the radio at this time.

4. I (be) --------------- busy last night, so I (miss) -------------------- good film on TV.

5. He (teach) --------------- math at this school in 1986.

6. Mr. Robinson (watch) ------------------ television every night.

7. Mrs. Mai usually(make) --------------------- all her clothes. At the moment she (make) ----------------- a dress for her daughter.

8. We (have) ------------------- an English test tomorrow.

9. We (visit) --------------- Muong Thanh Valley last year.

10. They (not have) ---------------- classes tomorrow.

11. They (go) ---------------- to Ha Long for their last summer vacation.

12. She (learn) ------------------ to play piano when she was six years old.

13. When ----------------- Thomas Edison (die) ------------------ ? _ in 1931.

14. Be careful! The car (come) -------------------- .

15. What is Lan going to do next summer?_She (go) ------------------------ to Nha Trang with her parents. II/ SO, TOO, EITHER, NEITHER:1. SO, TOO: ( cng vy) :c s dng trong cu khng nh.Song u cu; too ng cui cu.

Ex: Hoa is hungry and I am, too

so am I.

2. EITHER, NEITHER: (cng khng): c s dng trong cu ph nh. Neither ng u cu; either ng cui cu.

Ex: Hoa isnt hungry and I am not, either. neither am I.

Complete the sentences with so, too, either, neither :

1. He cant swim. ---------------- I.

2. Nam and Ba are playing soccer and ----------------- Minh.

3. Hoa doesnt like pork and her uncle -----------------.

4. They wont ome to the meeting and --------------- we.

5. Nga ate too much cake last night and I ------------------.

6. She phones to her parents twice a week. --------------- I.

Combine two sentences into one, using too, so, either, neither:

1. He is hungry. I am hungry.

_ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .

2. They can play volleyball.We can play volleyball.

_ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .

3. I write diary every night. My sister writes diary every night.

_ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .

4. Hoa ate bread and beef for breakfast. Her uncle ate bread and beef for breakfast.

_ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .

5. Nam doesnt like durian. Hoa doesnt like durian.

_ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .

6. Mr. Tam wont come to the party tonight. His wife wont come to the party tonight.

_ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .

7. He didnt meet her last night. I didnt meet her last night.

_ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- .

8. They mustnt stay up late. You mustnt stay up late.

_ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- III/ Adjectives, Adverbs:1. Adjectives: tnh t V tr: tnh t thng ng sau ng t to be hoc ng trc danh t v b ngha cho danh t .

Ex: 1. She is beautiful. 2. She is a beautiful girl. Tnh t danh t

Ngoi ng t to be , mt s ng t theo sau l tnh t nh:look, seem, get, become, 2. Adverbs: trng t

V tr: trng t thng ng sau ng t thng v b ngha cho ng t hoc ng u cu v b ngha cho c cu.

Ex: 1. He drives carefully. 2. Suddenly, the light went outng t thng trng t

Mi lin h gia tnh t v trng t: tnh t + ly trng t

Ex: Mt s trng hp c bit: AdjectiveAdverb AdjectiveAdverb














Ex:1. He is a careful driver. He drives carefully.

2. She is a good badminton player. She plays wellComplete the sentences with the correct adjective or adverb:

1. My brother is a good badminton player. He plays -------------- .

2. Lans sister is a ------------------- swimmer. She swims quickly.

3. Nas father is a safe driver. He drives ------------------- .

4. Im a --------------- soccer player. I play badly.

5. My mother is a slow cyclist. She cycles ------------------ .

6. Ha is a ------------------- table tennis player. She plays skillfully.

7. Mr Hai is a careful driver. He drives ---------------------- .

8. The boys are --------------- soccer player. They play well.

IV/ Modal verbs : (ng t khim khuyt) can, must, should, ought to1. can : c th _ cant : khng th

S dng can hoc cant din t kh nng.

Ex: She can speak English. ( c y c th ni ting Anh)

S dng can hoc cant din t s xin php hay cho php.

Ex: Can I watch TV now, Mum?

No, you cant. You must finish your dinner first.

2. should = ought to : nn . Dng din t li khuyn.

Ex: 1.You should study hard. ( Em nn hc hnh chm ch)

2. Children shouldnt eat too much candy. Its not good for their health. ( Tr con khng nn n qu nhiu ko. N khng tt cho sc kho ca chng).

3. must ; mustnt:

Must: phi, t hn l . c dng din t s bt buc hay suy on.

Ex: 1. The traffic lights are red . You must stop. ( n giao thng ri . Bn phi dng li)

2. Minh was absent today. He must be ill. ( Hm nay Minh ngh hc. t hn