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  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    Canadian SoCietyfor CirCumpolar HealtH

    GAZETTEERSpring 2012

    4 newS & eventS

    7 naHo

    9 reSourCeS

    11 training

    13 projeCt SnapSHotS

    16 referenCe SCan

    18 CSCH newS

  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    2 Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012

    H , . H N Fy M (N) .

    Marilyn Van Bibber

    My V B y-

    y FN A BC

    Y. H , y . My

    A y y . S A N C, BC FAS R Sy M S F E RC (V F).

    My y j , . S HC ,I akes a Communiy: A

    Resource Manual on Communiy-Based Preveniono Feal Alcohol Syndrome and Feal Alcohol Eecs y .

    Paul Brassard

    P B y y y y. A MG UyH C

    y (HPV) I N Q. T y HPV .

    A 14 I C

    C H, CSCH x y x . W , x .

    preSidentS C Ex SD I C H

    R Y,N . S A P D L S P H. S B S N Uy B C, M Ey MGUy PD M S Uy .S y . S ,

    , . H y, , y . R j y , y, y, .

    treaSurerC Cy


    y. B 1994-2004, C


    P I W A, j, - y

    . I 2004, j I (y Ajq C) N

    A H O (NAHO)

    O y S PO.

    C I , , . S

    W I y ( y E- Iq I My N I - N(IN). C N - y Iq, N, y I,

    , y .

    SeCretaryCy L I, NW

    BD S B. S I I H

    Sy Qq?S y. H x

    j I H IS R. Cy I NICH (N I C H).


    Michael JongM J y y 27 y y Hy Vy-G By L, C.

    H y M

    Uy N V P M S L G H.

    CSCH exeCutive 20092012

    CSCH News

  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    3Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012

    E 1984, C

    Sy C H(CSCH)

    , x, . T CSCH .

    Executive Contacts

    S C, P

    [email protected] L, Sy

    [email protected]

    C Cy, [email protected]

    M J, Ex [email protected]

    My V B, Ex [email protected]

    P B, Ex [email protected]


    / I C H R

    P.O. Bx 11050Y, N X1A 3X7 C

    : 867.873.9337Fx: 867.873.9338


    C :

    Rj [email protected]

    E I C H R

    Y, N


    Our vision a circumpolar worldwhere individuals, communiies, and

    peoples are empowered hroughknowledge o achieve beter healh.

    D C Sy C H ,

    I y jy y , y

    , ! A I y y I P Y

    A 2012 M, C. I j . R


    T C Sy C H AGM Sy A 22,

    .T A J P H: G H A CP, yT C Ay H S C M D: TEx P C S R GH. T x y

    y x y . I

    y y y . W


    W N A H O(NAHO) NAHO . NAHO y y

    C Sy C H . M NAHO y, y y

    , A . F OCAP y 90, I , . T NAHO y . Y .

    W , y

    y/ . T j

    y .

    W jy M. F , .

    Bes wishes,Susan ChawoodPresidenCanadian Sociey or Circumpolar Healh

  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    4 Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012

    U N & E

    meetingS &ConferenCeS

    IPY 2012 From Knowledge to

    Action ConferenceApril 22-27, 2012,

    Montral, Qubec


    y y , , , A y.

    T C x

    , , y . I y- y ,y, y , y, - - -y . I

    x y y


    P :

    CPHA 2012 Annual Conference

    June 11-14, 2012, Edmonton, Alberta

    T CPHA 2012A C,P H C:C S HyE, x

    y : B E;Economics & Development; Ecosystem Health;Leadership & Communications; and Society &C. C y q .

    D :

    18th The Inuit StudiesConference

    October 24-28, 2012, Washington, DC

    T A S C SI 18 I SC N- x . Ay, xy ,, ,

    W, DC 18 I S C.

    T I S C I y, y, , , ,, , .

    F , :

    2012 National Indigenous

    Health ConferenceDecember 5-7, 2012, Gold Coast, Australia

    My Py, OO -

    I IH

    A. I 200

    2012 N I HC 5 7 D 2012 G C.

    P My 30, 2012.

    O :


    newS & eventSMetrics Conference inYellowknife

    A y I C H R O 31, 2011, x x y y.P S C R D C I C H R,

    Y, N , C.

    C :

    , y, y

    T :

    Social Economy gatheringsacross the North

    T S Ey R N N C (SERNNCA) N

    y -y SSHRC- .

    I M 2011, y Hy Vy-G By,

    y Kj Fy 2012. I j I C H R, , N S S Ey,

    Y N 2011.

    T :

    Couresy Shari Gearheard

  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    5Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012


    welCometotHe inComing exeCutiveP Pete Bjeegaad [D/G], V-P Sa Chatwd [C],Sy- Bet Bye [USA], R C Lae Cha [C]R U S Jame Bee[USA], R D, G, FI - Chta VL Lae [D/G], R Ny, S, F, I Aja Rat[F]

    15tH international CongreSSon CirCumpolar HealtHauguSt 5-10, 2012, fairbankS, alaSka


    Early Bird RegistrationDeadline

    May 1, 2012

    Preliminary ScienticProgram Themes

    1. Community Participatory Research/

    Indigenous Research

    2. Womens Health, Family Health and


    3. Food Security & Nutrition

    4. Social Determinants of Health

    5. Environmental and Occupational Health

    6. Infectious and Chronic Diseases

    7. Climate Change Health Impacts

    8. Health Service Delivery & Infrastructure

    9. Behavioral Health

    Contact Info

    Visions Meeting Event Management

    Tina Day

    999 E. Tudor Rd. Suite 200

    Anchorage, AK 99503

    P: 907.334.4506

    E: [email protected]

    O ICCH15

    S C L

    C, y y 15 I C C H, F, A, 2012.

    T I C C H (ICCH) q , ,

    C, G, D, USA,R, Ny, S, I,F . T y A , , N .

    T 15 ICCH C, y , , y SC.

    T 2012 C, 2009 Y, C, I P D (IPD), y y. I x IPD j C, - .

    I , ICCH y - . T - - y , , , , y , , x.

    T C , , x AI F, A .

    I y F x C, y A .

    Warmes Wishes,

    Michael Bruce, PresidenInernaional Union or Circumpolar Healh and American Sociey or Circumpolar Healh

    Denali by Nic McPhee (Wiki)

    J A G I N C H R(INCHR) I F, A A 2012. M :

  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    6 Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012


    Health Atlassenior editor

    T. Kue Young

    associate editors

    Rajiv RawaT | winfRied dallmann | SuSan ChaTwood | PeTeR BjeRRegaaRd

    University of Toronto Press

    Introducing the

  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    7Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012

    Naional Aboriginal Healh Organizaion

    N A HO (NAHO) y H C. I NAHO y J30, 2012.

    NAHO 12 y F.

    NAHO y 30 $60 - F N,I M , :

    O 200 ,

    R A E

    T y M

    12 J AH


    O x NAHO .

    I , NAHO . W y G

    A , NAHO

    . L y, 640,000 NAHO , 250,000 , . T y , ,, .

    NAHO 50 .S , Sy O Gy C,K H P, C I HI, A N A C, H C C.

    T y NAHO , y

    y. I y NAHO F

    N, I M.

    For urher inormaion:

    revor EggleonA/Manager, Communicaions220 Laurier Ave. W.Otawa, ON K1P 5Z9el: 613-237-9462oll ee: 1-877-602-4445

    P H Ay C (PHAC) NR I (NRI) C;

    PHAC I . T NRI, IH A C C (IHACC) j x C N. D

    y x , y N. T Iq, N, IHACC j.T x, , C A PHAC. T y x , - . T f

    x .

    tHe Stateof foodand waterborne diSeaSeSin Canada

  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    8 Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012



    , CSCH. D M A C H

    y f Uy S M 1964. H F M O N M NW. B F H F R, y , W A, Sf G S L, F P , L L M, D R I S L, A C H I. D Ex O A E A P. I 1967 D y C C G V C.D. H, , y, E A I N P.

    F CD H, D W, YK. R y N, D f x y y , . I 1975 D


    C E A. H S M O M SB (MSB) O, Z D B I FBy (Iq), R D MSB Y, y V P R F N I H. U D y , B A , .

    D M y(1985-1990) C Sy C H(CSCH). H F N I .I CSCH, D . H C M S W G H, D Y SS Sy Ry C F By,NW.

    D M C A P Uy B C 20 y. H . H y y P H AH. H I C CH , .

    D 44 y , D , y

    . H , , . D. JD M y C Sy C H I U CH C H y J H M.

    dr. joHn david martinOctober 1, 1939 September 5, 2011

  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    9Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012


    new reSourCeSand trainingfrom naHo

    Inuit Child

    Welfareand FamilySupport

    I N

    A HO I C, y. y I C y,

    .Inui Child Welare and Family Suppor:

    Policies, Programs and Sraegies j I .

    T I y, FN, I M , I y. A : 1) I- , 2) A-, 3) I I, 4) .

    T :

    If Not NowWhen?Addressingthe Ongoing

    Inuit HousingCrisis inCanada

    I I No NowWhen?Addressing he Ongoing Inui Housing Crisis inCanada x I . T -

    q y yI . W

    , y . Oy x / . W , x y qy , . T :


    Qaigitsi! HealthCareers Rock!Qaigisi! Healh Careers

    Rock! y, C. T I Qaigisi! I y y -y. T y -y, , , .

    Qaigisi! Healh Careers Rock N A H O I :

    Mining and AboriginalCommunity Health

    I NAHO j x y Mining and

    Aboriginal Communiy Healh, -yj y x A .

    T j y, I

    y B L N,AECOM,

    y, I N A H O.Ty :

    U x A y ;

    Iy (.., y ) ;

    , , , y .

    B 2012, I NAHO y q . T NAHO y - , , y- . Tj CI H R S H R CC.

    T M A Cy H :

    New Issue of the Journal ofAboriginal Health


    J A H.T, J, y HP (HPV) F N, I M.

    F x j :

  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    10 Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012

    Panel Presentation

    Global health and circumpolar perspectives

    Sunday, April 22, 2012

    510B Palais des congrsMontral, Qubec1:00pm

    In partnership with the Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Annual General Meetingand the International Network for Circumpolar Health Research

    Sheila Watt-Cloutier

    Nobel Peace Prize Nomineeand World Leader on Global

    Climate Change andHuman Rights

    Jeff Reading

    Professor and Director of theCentre for Aboriginal Health

    Research, University of Victoria

    Birgitta Evengrd

    Professor in Clinical Microbiology atUme University and Co-Chair of

    the Human Health Expert Groupof the Arctic Council

    Kue Young

    President of INCHR andEditor-in-Chief of the

    International Journal ofCircumpolar Health

    For more information [email protected] 867 873 9337

  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    11Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012


    F A 30 J 15, 2012, y B

    S N S A C x H Ny. T

    K M , M K, Cy S, J R.T y x. Ty - y.

    T F CUy H. W x x y y . G . N .

    T y. A N y y, y C . T R N y H, Ny.

    Dr. Perice MotAurora College Insrucor, Norhwes erriories

    aurora College nurSing StudentSto HammerfeSt, norway 2012

  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    12 Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012


    SeCond Summer inStituteon CirCumpolar HealtHreSearCHin oulu, finland

    Climate CHange & emergenCy meaSureSCommunity based youth and elder project

    S S I C H R(SICHR) J 2011 O, F. S -y INCHR , q .

    T y y y y y .

    M y y (y ) y x y. M , y, y y.

    T .T j y E, y y . I y y A, E y y , y y y


    R A y y . T y. T y


    N .

    T I CH R j D N Y D FN, Y N, Ey N.

    W A ypreparedness and management, the Walter &D G F M S G A x.

    G C AFN R C BE D , DL, D N, Cy Gy ICHR. Cy - j.

    T y j AN- y j I y. T j F N N.

    T j y y GF / M S G A

    Y . I , y E y y j C C H

    A ( 60) .

    T y y y G F .

    I O, C HH R C 40 I (POHO). T

    y INCHR, C A M, TI, F G S xy.

  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    13Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012

    Proec Snapshos

    repairingtHe HoleSintHe net: reSpondingtotHemental HealtH needSof nortHern HomeleSS women

    Repairing he Holes in he Ne -y,



    y y C . T y - .

    T y - j

    ,You Jus Blink and I Can Happen: A Sudyo Womens Homelessness Norh o 60 (2007).

    T y C N q , y, x

    , , y . Cy q qy , .

    Repairing he Holes in he Ne y y y - x . I :

    A , y y , y x


    j , , y

    T (CP), , y y y , , , j


    F y y

    C I H R(CIHR) MH C C (MHCC), P H Sy I(PHSI) P.

    F :

    Nancy Poole, Principal Researcher, [email protected]

    Judie Bopp, Research Coordinaor, [email protected]

    building our Home fireSwomanand wellneSS projeCtintHe nwt

    j F A

    S D (FASD) y FNations & Inuit Health Branch (FNHIB) from 2011-2012.

    T Y Fy 2012 ICHR. T Y A, B C N .M j CFASD R N A W S D H. A j A R I Uy Cy.

    T j P y y Y, B, U L . T 30 j y .

    F :

    Dorohy Badry , [email protected]

    Arlene Hache, [email protected]

    (Fron Row): Dr. Dorohy Badry, Universiy o Calgary; Dr. Amy Salmon, Coordinaor, Sheway,Vancouver; Arlene Hache, Direcor, Cenre or Norhern Families, Yellowknie; (Back Row)Marilyn Van Bibber, Research Consulan, Qualicum Beach, BC; Dr. Aileen Wigh Felske,Moun Royal Universiy (Calgary) Research Consulan. (Missing Sandra Lockhar).

    From lef o righ: Sylah Elliot (Execuive Direcor, QulliiNunavu Saus o Women Council), Nancy Poole (Direcor

    Research and Knowledge ranslaion, BC Cenre o Excellenceor Womens Healh), he Honourable Leona Aglukkaq (Federal

    Miniser o Healh and Miniser o he Canadian NorhernEconomic Developmen Agency), risa Mercer (Board o

    Direcors, Qullii Nunavu Saus o Women Council), and JudieBopp (Direcor, Four Worlds Cenre or Developmen Learning)

  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    14 Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012

    Proec Snapshos

    E A y y C By in Makimautiksat Youth Wellness & Empowerment Camp in the 2011. T A W C KI A x y N. M E Uj/R M y QjH R C. T , N

    y N. T E Uj/R M M

    I Qjjq (I ) q y N y .

    T , , , ,y , y y . C x M I . C y Qj. Iq, P two other Nunavut sites will be piloting Makimautiksat Youth Wellness &E C 2012 2013.

    Phoo: Six o he eigh Makimauiksa campers in Arvia si ouside he Aulauj Elders Cenrewih heir cards and bannock hey made or residens as one o heir pay i orward aciviies.

    makimautikSatyoutH wellneSS &empowerment Camp

    promoting Sexual HealtHand HealtHy relationSHipStHrougH youtH-led drama, role-playing, and vignetteS

    Hy xy y xy

    (SI) , q , , y x . Sx , , y y N C. SI N N (NW) C. I , y y N NW y.

    x , C Ly I C H R G Hy QjH R C, P H Ay C, - N y.T j - ( ) x N y

    x . I NW, - . I N, I ,y, . T y y y , y

    /, y y. R x 2012.

    U y yx y, x , N y x .

  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    15Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012

    raiSing awareneSS about Hpv

    O Ty, Jy 26, 2012 Increasing Awarenessand Educaion o he Human Papilloma Virus(HPV) in he Yukon j. T j y D.B Hy, Y C M O H, A I Cy-B R (AICBR) Y GD H S S.

    T j y HPVS C, YF N , C Y FN, W D . T S

    C HPV Y, . T j

    y M 31, 2013, j Y f .

    I y j, , AICBR @.; (867) 668-3393. Dr. Brendan Hanley, Jody Buler Walker, Federal Miniser o Healh he Honourable Le-

    ona Agglukaq, Bree Blotner and Kaelyn Friendship a he announcemen.

    Proec Snapshos

    tHe new arCtiC inStituteof Community-baSedreSearCH for nortHern HealtHand well-being

    O O 25, 2011, AH N-Y(AHRN-Y) A

    I Cy-B R(AICBR). T y

    AHRN-Y .

    T y- y y , , , x,

    (y, ), y. C , , .

    A y- , . I

    y, x y y.

    W y ,y y YF N . W , N

    y - .

    W - .

    P (867) 668-3393 .

  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    16 Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012

    Reerence Scan

    2011-2012 y y J L, AH L Uy M.

    artiCleSAq L. E. I J C H


    A J, L M, M G. S - U.S. A: B y . I J C H2011;70(5):473-487.

    A K, C B, H-B M. C- : x,, . J C P 2011, .

    A G M. R C. I J C- H 2011;70(4):354-362.

    A S. C y: T C .I S P 2012;13(1):105-120.

    A AM, D M, H BJA, P. T WHO jy : A Cy-C Ijy S- Sy(ACCISS) -

    y. BMC P H 2011:744.

    B M, AL, S I, K S. T x y Sy Ny. I J CH 2011;70(1):37-45.

    B S, C E. C x G . I J CH 2011;70(1):29-36.

    Byy OK, Ey EA, Ry IR, H S,Z M, By J. P y 2 A . I J C

    H 2011;70(5):552-563.B AK, Y L, L DE, MG AJ. T

    C FN. C J P H2011;102(5):345-348.

    B MY, B JN, B JE, W JA. C : A . I J CH 2011;70(3):266-273.

    B M. T - A .I J C H 2011;70(1):3-5.

    B M, O LL, J P. ACy-C Ijy S: ACy-B Py P E-. P S 2011:1-11.

    C NA, j LJS. T 2009 H1N1 F N S O: B . I JC H 2011;70(5):564-575.

    C-D M-, Dy E, C G,L-S EA, y A, E GM. O-y : I . I JC H 2011;70(2):166-177.

    C S, P A, J R. C : A y . I J C

    H 2011;70(5):576-583.C EL, Gj AM. A

    y y : A y- y N R. I J C H2011;70(5):457-459.

    D M, L P, C M, S I, BA. E -y . A R P H2011;32:327-347.

    D CM, F CS, P PA, H P.Cy- y C 1970-2008. H Py2011;102(1):34-40.

    D CM, H P. S N C: P- y y. J S H2012;82(2):65-74.

    D VK. T R I B C:Cy y I x. I JC H 2011;70(2):178-185.

    E SOE. T y A SM R P: A -. I J C H 2011;70(5):584-593.

    E KE, G N, M J, M S, A- N. I y- j N, C. BMC H S R- 2011;11(SUPPL. 2).

    E GM. IPY I H Sy q , y . I J C H2011;70(5):444-446.

    E GM, J-D L, C ZR, S N,W H. F y - . J N 2011;141(9):1746-1753.

    E GM, W-By L, J-DL, S I. y -: C y . I J CH 2011;70(4):373-383.

    E JA, O A , B R, R y B, y- M, DCy C, . E y . I J C H2011;70(3):274-285.

    E S, S R, I A . T y, y - - y . I J C- H 2011;70(1):90-100.

    E R, P-B W. j:D M . I J CH 2011;70(4):434-439.

    F A. F , y y, (DOS) - . I J C H2011;70(2):106-108.

    Fy LC. Py y F N , M I. H / S C, C C HI = R / SqC, C 2011;22(1):47-54.

    F HJA, B SSD, W DER. T y y y A . P M2011;53(6):411-416.

    F L. L : U N y W- - . I- J Q S E2011;24(5):531-546.

    G M, M M, D , F OH. U S Ny - x. R 2011;11(2):1655.

    G MH, A RW. Sy - C. I J C H2011;70(4):347-353.

    G MA, G LN, Gj AM.D x 15-y- - - . I J CH 2011;70(3):232-235.

    G M-, OD S. C - : A y C.Q R 2011;11(2):159-175.

    G J. C y: I H R C T U N . P F2011;36(2):9-31.

    H A, W S, U H, E HR . S- A(78N). I J C H2011;70(5):542-551.

    referenCe SCan

  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    17Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012

    Reerence Scan

    Hy GK, M KM, R R, K R, A-q A, I B, . Cy - , . A 2011;64(1):89-97.

    I . E. I J C H2011;70(3):230-231.

    I . E. I J C H

    2011;70(1):2.I M. T y y. I J C-

    H 2011;70(5):442-443.

    I M. R A. I J C H 2011;70(1):2.

    J R, M R, L D, Cy C, KD, R D, . P- V : A ? I J C H2011;70(3):236-244. Jy SE, E-A S,W H, M M, F RR, Dx RB, . Sx- y y GOCADAN y. I JC H 2011;70(3):254-265.

    K M, H K, L J, K S, PE, Hy . A , (HPV), q . IJ C H 2011;70(3):245-253.

    K AAI, W-H O, S LK,J LO, H HP, M IK, .T N- F . I J C H2011;70(2):215-227.

    K , K A-, R E, HH, S MJ, Kj M-, . Q :

    Py y y F.I J C H 2011;70(1):72-78.

    L L, N P, S M, R R,D J, MKy L, . H 2 C F N . I JC H 2011;70(2):141-153.

    L MP, Hy G, F J. T P- y y Iq, N. R 2011;11(2):1680.

    L B, Hx L, W , C L.By : Fy A . M E 2011;45(4):400-406.

    L S, MI S, O N, Hy G, A S,O G, . T - - y N-Nqq(O ). I JC H 2011;70(4):363-372.

    L JG, F EL, D M, M PJ, O NJD. I ?H Py 2011;6(4):35-48.

    L L, L E, M , E , K .A - - -- . I J C H2011;70(3):329-338.

    L . Ly : D N C. A N2011;17(2):75-89.

    L J, K M, Ky H. A F . I J C H2011;70(1):79-89.

    ML S. A ,, , : A C . I J CH 2011;70(4):342-345.

    M DH. N y : U - L .I J C H 2011;70(4):384-395.

    MAy C, K LD. I : C, .E H: A G A SS 2011;10(1).

    M G, G S, H N. H y Ny: A y. I JC H 2011;70(2):205-214.

    M K, Sy H, L C, W M,W-By L, C Z, . I : R IP Y I H Sy 2007-2008. I JC H 2011;70(5):520-531.

    M C, D F, M L, W S, L S.

    I y : A . I J C H2011;70(5):460-472.

    N B, R M, B I, S C.T G - 1994 2006. I JC H 2011;70(2):186-194.

    N LM, D L, J I, B M,Sj P, G B. D y 1930-1950 y. I J C H2011;70(3):301-318.

    N J, O A, S M, N C,B AR. H - y. I J C H2011;70(3):319-328.

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  • 7/30/2019 CSCH Gazetteer 2012


    18 Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012

    Reerence Scan

    New Online Database

    T Uy j O A HN R D. I

    y y .T j y, . I :

    Publishing Association Update

    W CSy C H I

    A C H P.T Inernaional Journal oCircumpolar Healh.

    W D. M J CSCH . T x IACHP M,Q A 24, 2012.

    Special Issue of IJCH

    T C Sy C H y y :

    Participatory Research Processes and Ethics:

    Addressing Challenges in the North

    Edited by Dr Rhonda Johnson Chair, Department of

    Health Sciences, Professor of Public Health, University

    of Alaska Anchorage

    P y IJCH .

    CSCH Proled

    T C Ay H S Canadians Making a

    Dierence: Te Exper Panel on Canadas Sraegic

    Role in Global Healh. T , y Ex P C x, y- - y.

    Sy CSy C H x .

    T :

    Executive Committee Elections

    A x -y x , I C CH F, A. Sy y .

    CSCH newS

    S JA, L M. R y C:P , y . I J C H2011;70(4):407-418.

    A, Y A, K M, M I,E H. A y F- . I J C H2011;70(1):59-71.

    C. T y A. I JC H 2011;70(2):109-112.

    V B, Dy E, A-L-S E,P P. I -3 y y N I .I J C H 2011;70(1):6-18.

    V H K, S D, A C. Iy :A x .Cy N 2011;37(1).

    V I, N A, N A, Ny L. I- y y S. I J C H2011;70(2):195-204.

    W S, S RC, P, D C, M- D, G S, . Cy- y V G . I J C H 2011;70(4):396-406.

    W N, V P, R K, K S. A- -y A (x ). H / S C, C C HI = R / SqC, C 2011;22(2):15-20.

    W K, C N. U A :Ex q A -A C. CG 2012; .

    W DS. A N:A y . I JC H 2011;70(1):19-28.

    Y K. I [2011:1]. I J C- H 2011;70(5):450-456.

    Z YE, K S, E GM. Hy -3 y : I- P Y I H Sy, 2007-2008.I J C H 2011;70(5):498-510.

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    19Canadian Society for Circumpolar Health Spring 2012

    Noce to Our Readers and Subscribers
























    Email:[email protected]:www.ijch.





    [email protected]

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