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Gazetteer of Ireland compiled by Per Ivar Haug Second edition Hommelvik, 2011

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  • 1. Gazetteer of Irelandcompiled by Per Ivar Haug Second editionHommelvik, 2011

2. 2ContentsIntroduction ............................................................................................................................. p. 3Explanatory notes.................................................................................................................... p. 3Main sources ........................................................................................................................... p. 5Some basic facts ...................................................................................................................... p. 6Provinces ................................................................................................................................. p. 7Counties .................................................................................................................................. p. 8Bays, inlets ............................................................................................................................ p. 10Islands ................................................................................................................................... p. 15Lakes ..................................................................................................................................... p. 29Mountains ............................................................................................................................. p. 58Populated places.................................................................................................................... p. 84Rivers .................................................................................................................................. p. 129----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. 3IntroductionThis publication contains a list of place names in the Republic of Ireland (thus excludingNorthern Ireland), including geographical information about the different places. The materialhas been collected over many years and our objective is to make it freely available to thepublic.The gazetteer includes geographical names in several categories: the administrativesubdivisions, bays and inlets, islands, lakes, mountains, rivers and settlements. The latitudesand longitudes are given, as well as information about the length of the inlets and rivers, thearea and population of the islands, the area and height above sea level of the lakes, the heightof the mountains, and the population of the settlements. Every settlement listed in the 2006census, with several additions, is included. For all other categories, the selection includes themost important names.For Irish language areas, the main entry is placed under the Irish name.Most population figures are taken from the 2006 census results.Explanatory notesAbbreviations and symbols. district population data not availableb boroughc cityt townu urban districtThese abbreviations may be followed by data/year of incorporation.Alphabetization.The order of letters throughout each name is followed strictly:Castlelack LakeCastle LakeCastlemehigan Lough 4. 4The two forms an and na of the Irish definite article at the beginning of a name is disregardedand placed after the name:Gleannta, NaMhaoil Rua, AnModification of spelling following the definite article at the beginning of a name is disregarded:SeanghualainntSeanphails, AnSearcgNames beginning with a generic term (e.g. Abhainn, B, Cuan, Loch, Lough, Mount, River) arealphabetized under the proper name:Allen, LoughShannon, RiverCoordinates.For area features (e.g. islands, counties), the coordinates indicate the approximate centre ofthe feature.Coordinates are given in degrees ( ) and minutes ( ). 5. 5Main sourcesAA road atlas Ireland. - 2nd ed. Basing View, Hampshire : AA Publishing, 2006. ISBN0-7495-4796-0.Bathymetric survey of lakes in the Western Regional Fisheries Board area : a WaterFramework Directive project, 2006 / Western Regional Fisheries Board. - [Galway] : TheBoard, 2007. logainmneacha na hireann = Placenames database of Ireland. 2006 / Central Statistics Office. Volume 1, Population classified by area. Dublin :Stationery Office, 2007. - ISBN 0-7557-7183-4. na hireann : ainmneacha iodad daonra agus gnithe aiceanta / arna ullmh agBrainse Logainmneacha na Suirbhireachta Ordanis. Baile tha Cliath : Oifig antSolthair, 1989. ISBN 0-7076-0076-6.Map of Ulster. Edinburgh : Bartholomew, 1981. ISBN 0-7028-0437-1.Mountains of Ireland : lists of the mountains from 500 m up, maintained by Mountain Views. / Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs. risk assessment methodology for surface water abstractions from lakes : final report.- [Dublin] : CDM, 2009.[Townland data / the Department of Agriculture and Food][etc.].xlsWater quality in Ireland 2004-2006. Appendix III.1. 6. 6Some basic factsName: Ireland; Republic of IrelandName, 6 Dec. 1921-29 Dec.1937:Irish Free StateName, 29 Dec. 1937-18 April 1949:ireArea: 70,182.24 kmPopulation (2006 census): 4,239,848Max. length north-south:486 kmMax. width east-west: 275 kmSouthernmost point: Fastnet Rock, 51 23 20 N 9 36 13 W - on mainland: Brow Head, 51 26 57 N 9 46 21 WNorthernmost point: Inishtrahull (island), 55 26 N, 7 14 W - on mainland: Banbas Crown (2 km northeast of Malin Head),55 23 N, 7 22 WWesternmost point:Tearaght Island, 52 04 31 N 10 39 24 W - on mainland: Dunmore Head, 52 06 31 N 10 28 55 WEasternmost point:The Nose (Lambay Island), 52 29 50 N 5 59 53 W - on mainland: Wicklow Head, 52 57 38 N 5 59 56 WCapital:DublinLargest island(besides Ireland itself): Achill Island, 146 kmLargest lake: Lough Corrib, 176 kmLongest inlet:Shannon Estuary, 110 kmLongest river:River Shannon, 258.5 kmHighest mountain: Carrauntoohil, 1,038 m 7. 7Provinces.Province. Province Irish Area (km).Population (2006census).Connaught Cige Chonnacht 17,713.18504,121 Galway, Leitrim, Mayo,(Connacht) Roscommon, SligoLeinsterCige Laighean19,774.232,295,123 Carlow, Dublin City, Dn Laoghaire-Rathdown, Fingal, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Longford, Louth, Meath, Offaly, South Dublin, Westmeath, Wexford, WicklowMunster Cige Mumhan24,607.521,173,340 Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick, North Tipperary, South Tipperary, WaterfordUlster (part) Cige Uladh8,087.31267,264 Cavan, Donegal, Monaghan 8. 8Administrative counties.County. Coordinates. AreaPopulation Capital. (km).(2006 census).Baile tha Cliath, see Dublin City.Baile tha Cliath Theas, see South Dublin.Cabhn, An, see Cavan.Carlow (Irish Ceatharlach)52 40N 6 50W 897.90 50,349 CarlowCavan (Irish An Cabhn) 53 55N 7 15W 1,931.88 64,003 CavanCeatharlach, see Carlow.Ciarra, see Kerry.Cill Chainnigh, see Kilkenny.Cill Dara, see Kildare.Cill Mhantin, see Wicklow.Clr, An, see Clare.Clare (Irish An Clr) 52 50N 9 00W 3,442,32110,950 EnnisCorcaigh, see Cork.Cork (Irish Corcaigh) 52 00N 8 45W 7,507.58481,295 CorkDonegal (Irish Dn na nGall)54 55N 8 00W 4,859.51147,264 LiffordDublin, divided into Dublin City, Dn Laoghaire-Rathdown, Fingal and South Dublin on 1 Jan. 1994.Dublin City (Irish Baile53 20N 6 15W 117.61506,211 Dublin tha Cliath) [1 Jan. 1994]Dn Laoghaire-Rth an Din, see Dn Laoghaire-Rathdown.Dn Laoghaire-Rathdown (Irish 53 15N 6 10W 126.95194,038 Dn Laoghaire Dn Laoghaire-Rth an Din) [1 Jan. 1994]Dn na nGall, see Donegal.Fine Gall, see Fingal.Fingal (Irish Fine Gall)53 30N 6 15W 453.09239,992 Swords [1 Jan. 1994]Gaillimh, see Galway.Galway (Irish Gaillimh) 53 20N 9 00W 6,150.52231,670 GalwayIarmh, An, see Westmeath.Kerry (Irish Ciarra) 52 10N 9 45W 4,734.65139,835 TraleeKildare (Irish Cill Dara) 53 10N 6 45W 1,694.20186,335 NaasKilkenny (Irish Cill Chainnigh) 52 35N 7 15W 2,071.69 87,558 KilkennyKings, see Offaly.Laoighis, see Laois.Laois (Laoighis; Leix)53 00N 7 20W 1,719.46 67,059 Port Laoise (Irish Laois) (1556-1921, Queens) [1556]Leitrim (Irish Liatroim)54 07N 8 00W 1,588.85 28,950 Carrick-on-ShannonLeix, see Laois.Liatroim, see Leitrim.Limerick (Irish Luimneach)52 30N 8 45W 2,760.02184,055 LimerickLoch Garman, see Wexford.Longford (Irish An Longfort)53 40N 7 45W 1,091.25 34,391 Longford 9. 9County.Coordinates. Area Population Capital.(km). (2006 census).Longfort, An, see Longford.Louth (Irish L) 53 55N 6 30W 831.99111,267 DundalkL, see Lough.Luimneach, see Limerick.Maigh Eo, see Mayo.Mayo (Irish Maigh Eo)53 55N 9 15W 5,588.31123,839 CastlebarMeath (Irish An Mh) 53 40N 6 40W 2,334.54162,831 TrimMh, An, see Meath.Monaghan (Irish Muineachn)54 10N 6 55W 1,295.92 55,997 MonaghanMuineachn, see Monaghan.North Tipperary52 45N 8 00W 2,046,30 66,023 Nenagh (Irish Tiobraid rann Thuaidh) (1898-2002, Tipperary North Riding) [1898]Offaly (1556-1921, Kings) 53 15N 7 30W 1,989.81 70,868 Tullamore (Irish Ubh Fhail) [1556]Port Lirge, see Waterford.Queens, see Laois.Ros Comin, see Roscommon.Roscommon (Irish Ros Comin) 53 45N 8 15W 2,548.04 58,768 RoscommonSligeach, see Sligo.Sligo (Irish Sligeach) 54 10N 8 40W 1,837.46 60,894 SligoSouth Dublin (Irish Baile53 15N 6 25W 223.01246,935 Tallaght tha Cliath Theas) [1 Jan. 1994]South Tipperary52 25N 7 50W 2,257.94 83,221 Clonmel (Irish Tiobraid rann Theas) (1898-2002, Tipperary South Riding) [1898]Tiobraid rann Theas, see South Tipperary.Tiobraid rann Thuaidh, see North Tipperary.Tipperary, divided 1898 into Tipperary North Riding and Tipperary South Riding.Tipperary North Riding, see North Tipperary.Tipperary South Riding, see South Tipperary.Ubh Fhail, see Offaly.Waterford (Irish Port Lirge)52 15N 7 30W 1,858.71107,961 WaterfordWestmeath (Irish An Iarmh)53 30N 7 30W 1,824.86 79,346 MullingarWexford (Irish Loch Garman)52 30N 6 35W 2,365.27131,749 WexfordWicklow (Irish Cill Mhantin)53 00N 6 25W 2,032.60126,194 WicklowTotal70,182.244,239,848For some counties, the date or year of creation is given (in square brackets). 10. IRELAND.10Bays, inlets.Coordinates. County.Length (km).Adrigole Harbour51 41N 9 44WCork 2Ardgroom Harbour51 46N 9 52WCork/Kerry 4Ard na Caithne, Cuan52 12N 10 24W Kerry5(English Smerwick Harbour)Aughinish Bay 53 09N 9 02WClare/Galway 4Ballinskelligs Bay (Irish B na Scealg) 51 50N 10 12W Kerry 10Ballycrovane Harbour51 43N 9 58WCork 3Ballydonegan Bay51 38N 10 05W Cork 5(Irish B Bhaile U Dhonnagin)Ballylongford Bay 52 34N 9 29WKerry4(Irish B Bhal tha Longfoirt)Ballynakill Bay, see Ballynakill Harbour.Ballynakill Harbour (Ballynakill Bay) 53 34N 10 00W Galway 8(Irish Cuan Bhaile na Cille)Ballyness Bay, see Bhaile an Easa, B.Ballysadare Bay 54 14N 8 35WSligo 10Ballyvaghan Bay 53 09N 9 11WClare8(Irish B Bhaile U Bheachin)Baltimore Bay 51 29N 9 23WCork10Bannow Bay (Irish Cuan Bhan) 52 14N 6 48WWexford7Bantry Bay (Irish B Bheanntra)51 39N 9 43WCork40Barley Cove (Irish B na hEornan) 51 28N 9 47WCork 4Barrow Harbour52 18N 9 51WKerry3Bal an Chreachaire, see Bellacragher Bay.Beirtr Bu, Cuan na, see Bertraghboy Bay.Belderg Harbour, see Bhal Deirg, B.Bellacragher Bay53 55N 9 48WMayo 7 (Irish Bal an Chreachaire)Bertraghboy Bay 53 23N 9 51WGalway13(Irish Cuan na Beirtr Bu)Bhaile an Easa, B55 09N 8 08WDonegal4(English Ballyness Bay)Bhaile tha Cliath, Cuan, see Dublin Bay.Bhaile na Cille, Cuan, see Ballynakill Harbour.Bhaile U Bheachin, B, see Ballyvaghan Bay.Bhaile U Dhonnagin, B, see Ballydonegan Bay.Bhaile U Fhiachin, Cuan, see Newport Bay.Bhan, Cuan, see Bannow Bay.Bhal tha Longfoirt, B, see Ballylongford Bay.Bhal Deirg, B 54 19N 9 33WMayo 1(English Belderg Harbour)Bheanntra, B, see Bantry Bay.Bheara, Bal an, see Gweebarra Bay.Bhreandin, B, see Brandon Bay.Blacksod Bay54 05N 10 01W Mayo16(Irish Cuan an Fhid Duibh)Brandon Bay (Irish B Bhreandin) 52 16N 10 07W Kerry8 11. IRELAND. 11Bays, inlets. Coordinates. County.Length(km).Broad Haven, see Inbhir, Cuan an.Cairlinn, Loch, see Carlingford Lough.Camus Bay (Irish Cuan Chamuis) 53 20N 9 35WGalway10Caolire Rua, An, see Killary Harbour.gCaorach, Cuan na, see Sheep Haven.Carlingford Lough54 03N 6 09WLouth/(Northern Ireland)16(Irish Loch Cairlinn)Casheen Bay (Irish Cuan Chaisn) 53 16N 9 44WGalway 3Cashen River (Cashen Estuary)52 29N 9 39WKerry 10Cashla Bay, see Chasla, Cuan.Castlemaine Harbour52 09N 9 52WKerry 15(Irish Loch na dTr gCaol)Chaisn, Cuan, see Casheen Bay.Chamuis, Cuan, see Camus Bay.Chasla, Cuan (English Cashla Bay)53 15N 9 34WGalway 6Chill Chiarin, Cuan 53 20N 9 41WGalway12(English Kilkieran Bay)Chill Mocheallg, Cuan, see Kilmakilloge Harbour.Chionn tSile, Cuan, see Kinsale Harbour.Chloich na Coillte, B, see Clonakilty Bay.Chluain Idir Dh L, B, see Clonderalaw Bay.Chorca, Cuan, see Cork Harbour.Chirt Mhic Shafraidh, B, see Courtmacsherry Bay.Cleggan Bay53 34N 10 08W Galway 4Clew Bay (Irish Cuan M) 53 50N 9 48WMayo25Clifden Bay53 29N 10 03W Galway 6Clonakilty Bay 51 35N 8 50WCork10(Irish B Chloich na Coillte)Clonderalaw Bay52 37N 9 19WClare6(Irish B Chluain Idir Dh L)Cork Harbour (Irish Cuan Chorca)51 51N 8 16WCork13Courtmacsherry Bay 51 37N 8 38WCork10(Irish B Chirt Mhic Shafraidh)Culdaff Bay55 18N 7 09WDonegal1Daingin, B an, see Dingle Bay.Daingin, Cuan an 52 08N 10 17W Kerry4(English Dingle Harbour)Dhroim Chliabh, B, see Drumcliff Bay.Dhn Dealgan, Cuan, see Dundalk Bay.Dhn Garbhn, Cuan, see Dungarvan Harbour.Dhn Mnais, B, see Dunmanus Bay.Dhn na nGall, B, see Donegal Bay.Dingle Bay (Irish B an Daingin) 52 04N 10 11W Kerry 40Dingle Harbour, see Daingin, Cuan an.Donegal Bay (Irish B Dhn na nGall) 54 32N 8 30WDonegal/Leitrim/Sligo 40 12. IRELAND.12Bays, inlets. Coordinates.County.Length (km).Drumcliff Bay 54 20N 8 35WSligo 10(Irish B Dhroim Chliabh)Dublin Bay53 20N 6 07WDublin City/10(Irish Cuan Bhaile tha Cliath) Dn Laoghaire-RathdownDunbulcaun Bay53 13N 8 54WGalway 5Dundalk Bay 53 57N 6 15WLouth 11(Irish Cuan Dhn Dealgan)Dungarvan Harbour 52 04N 7 35WWaterford7(Irish Cuan Dhn Garbhn)Dunmanus Bay51 33N 9 43WCork25(Irish B Dhn Mnais)Eochaille, Cuan, see Youghal Harbour.hEornan, B na, see Barley Cove.Feabhail, Loch, see Foyle, Lough.Fergus Estuary (River Fergus) 52 45N 9 00WClare 13Fhonin, B, see Saint Finans Bay.Fhid Duibh, Cuan an, see Blacksod Bay.Fionntr, Cuan52 07N 10 21W Kerry3(English Ventry Harbour)Foyle, Lough (Irish Loch Feabhail)55 06N 7 08WDonegal/32(Northern Ireland)Gaillimhe, Cuan na, see Galway Bay.Galway Bay (Irish Cuan na Gaillimhe) 53 12N 9 14W Clare/Galway50Gaoth Luacharois Mr, see Loughros More Bay.Glandore Harbour 51 34N 9 07W Cork 6Glengarriff Harbour51 44N 9 32W Cork 4Gweebarra Bay (Irish Bal an Bheara) 54 52N 8 27W Donegal 10Inbhear na Sionainne, see Shannon Estuary.Inbhir, B, see Inver Bay.Inbhir, Cuan an (English 54 18N 9 54W Mayo15Broad Haven; Broadhaven)Inver Bay (Irish B Inbhir)54 37N 8 19W Donegal5Kenmare River (Irish An Ribhar) 51 47N 9 57W Cork/Kerry45Kilkieran Bay, see Chill Chiarin, Cuan.Killala Bay (Irish Cuan Chill Ala) 54 15N 9 08W Mayo/Sligo15Killary Harbour53 37N 9 48W Galway/Mayo 13(Irish An Caolire Rua)Kilmakilloge Harbour 51 47N 9 49W Kerry4(Irish Cuan Chill Mocheallg)Kinsale Harbour51 40N 8 30W Cork 4(Irish Cuan Chionn tSile)Kinvarra Bay 53 10N 8 57W Galway 5Lackan Bay 54 17N 9 14W Mayo 3Lios Ceannir, B, see Liscannor Bay.Liscannor Bay52 55N 9 25W Clare8(Irish B Lios Ceannir)Loch Garman, Cuan, see Wexford Harbour. 13. IRELAND. 13Bays, inlets. Coordinates.County.Length (km).Loch na dTr gCaol, see Castlemaine Harbour.Loughros Beg Bay54 46N 8 30WDonegal 8Loughros More Bay 54 48N 8 30WDonegal10 (Irish Gaoth Luacharois Mr)Mal Bay (Irish Cuan Malbay) 52 51N 9 29WClare10Mannin Bay (Irish Cuan Mhanainn)53 28N 10 05W Galway5McSwynes Bay54 37N 8 24WDonegal 7Mhanainn, Cuan, see Mannin Bay.Mhaoil Rua, An, see Mulroy Bay.M, Cuan, see Clew Bay.Mulroy Bay (Irish An Mhaoil Rua)55 09N 7 41WDonegal19Mweeloon Bay53 14N 9 00WGalway5Newport Bay 53 52N 9 37WMayo8 (Irish Cuan Bhaile U Fhiachin)Oranmore Bay53 16N 8 57WGalway4Oyster Haven51 41N 8 27WCork5Phort Lirge, Cuan, see Waterford Harbour.Poll na nOisr, see Poulnasherry Bay.Poulnasherry Bay (Irish Poll na nOisr) 52 39N 9 33WClare 5Rathfran Bay54 15N 9 12WMayo5Ribhar, An, see Kenmare River.Ringabella Bay51 47N 8 19WCork3Roaringwater Bay (Irish Loch Trasna) 51 32N 9 26W Cork 15Saint Finans Bay (Irish B Fhonin) 51 49N 10 22W Kerry 6Scealg, B na, see Ballinskelligs Bay.Shannon Estuary (River Shannon) 52 40N 9 00WClare/Kerry/Limerick110 (Irish Inbhear na Sionainne)Sheep Haven 55 12N 7 54WDonegal11 (Irish Cuan na gCaorach)Shligigh, Cuan, see Sligo Bay.Sligo Bay (Irish Cuan Shligigh) 54 18N 8 40WSligo15Smerwick Harbour, see Ard na Caithne, Cuan.Sruth Fada Con54 16N 9 47WMayo6 (English Sruwaddacon Bay)Sruwaddacon Bay, see Sruth Fada Con.Streamstown Bay 53 31N 10 04W Galway7Sili, Loch, see Swilly, Lough.Swilly, Lough (Irish Loch Sil)55 10N 7 32WDonegal40Thrigh anach, B54 54N 8 21WDonegal 5 (English Trawenagh Bay)Thr L, B, see Tralee Bay.Thulachin, B, see Tullaghan Bay.Toormore Bay51 30N 9 39WCork3Tr Bhrige, see Trawbreaga Bay.Tralee Bay (Irish B Thr L) 52 17N 9 56WKerry25Trasna, Loch, see Roaringwater Bay. 14. IRELAND.14Bays, inlets. Coordinates. County. Length (km).Trawbreaga Bay (Irish Tr Bhrige)55 17N 7 18W Donegal 8Trawenagh Bay, see Thrigh anach, B.Tullaghan Bay (Irish B Thulachin) 54 05N 9 52W Mayo 10Ventry Harbour, see Fionntr, Cuan.Waterford Harbour 52 11N 6 56W Kilkenny/Waterford/25(Irish Cuan Phort Lirge)WexfordWestport Bay53 48N 9 38W Mayo8Wexford Harbour 52 20N 6 24W Wexford10(Irish Cuan Loch Garman)Youghal Harbour 51 57N 7 50W Cork/Waterford4(Irish Cuan Eochaille) 15. IRELAND. 15Islands.Coordinates. County. Surface Popu- Year area lation. (km).Abbey Island51 45N 10 09WKerry0.368 0 2006Acaill, see Achill Island.Acaill Bheag53 52N 9 57W Mayo 1.319 0 2006(English Achillbeg Island)Achillbeg Island, see Acaill Bheag.Achill Island (Irish Acaill)53 58N 10 01WMayo 146 2,620 2006tAibhnn Mor, An, see Evneenmore Island.Annagh Island 52 15N 9 45W Kerry0.146 0 2006(Irish Oilen Eanaigh)Annagh Island 53 59N 9 52W Mayo 2.541 0 2006(Irish Oilen an Eanaigh)Annagh Island 54 04N 9 14W Mayo 0.182 0 2006 (in Lough Conn)Annaghvaan 53 19N 9 39WGalway 1.267 140 2006(Irish Eanach Mhein)rainn (Inis Mr) (English 53 08N 9 43WGalway 30.91 824 2006Inishmore; Aranmore;Innismore)rainn Mhr (English 55 00N 8 32WDonegal17.78 522 2006Aran Island; Arranmore)Aran Island , see rainn Mhr.Aranmore, see rainn.Ardoilen, see High Island.Arranmore, see rainn Mhr.Aughinish Island (Irish Eachinis) 52 38N 9 04W Limerick 4 0 2006Aughnish Island55 03N 7 36WDonegal 0.27 3 2006Ballycottin Island, see Ballycotton Island.Ballycotton Island 51 50N 7 59WCork0.04 0 2006(Ballycottin Island)(Irish Oilen Bhaile Choitn)Bn, An tOilen, see White Island.Bannow Island52 13N 6 48WWexford 0.58 0 2006(Irish Oilen Bhan)Baoi, Oilen, see Dursey Island.Bartragh Island54 13N 9 10WMayo 1.489 0 2006(Irish An Bheartrach)Beag, An tOilen, see Little Island.Bear Island (Bere Island)51 38N 9 52WCork18.5 187 2006(Irish An tOilen Mr)Beginish (Beginnis)51 56N 10 18W Kerry 0.88 0 2006(Irish Beiginis)Beginish [Kerry], see also Beiginis.Beginnis, see Beginish.Beiginis (Beig Inis) 52 07N 10 30W Kerry 0.15 0 2006(English Beginish)Beiginis [Kerry], see also Beginish. 16. IRELAND.16Islands. Coordinates. County.SurfacePopu- Year area lation. (km).Bere Island, see Bear Island.Bhaile Choitn, Oilen, see Ballycotton Island.Bhan, Oilen, see Bannow Island.Bheartrach, An, see Bartragh Island.Bhrighe, Oilen an 55 11N 7 47WDonegal0.3713 2006(English Island Roy)Bhulla, Oilen an, see North Bull Island.Bhullin, Oilen an, see Bullock Island.Big Island (Irish An tOilen Mr) 53 10N 8 06WGalway0.680 0 2006(in River Shannon)Bior Mr 53 17N 9 47W Galway0.134 0 2006(English Birmore Island)Birmore Island, see Bior Mr.Blascaod Mr, An 52 06N 10 32W Kerry4.585 2 2006(English Great Blasket Island)0 2002Boghilmore Island53 22N 9.06W Galway0.097 0 2006(Irish An Buachaill Mr)(in Lough Corrib)mBrthar, Oilen na, see Friar Island and Friars Island.Buachaill Mr, An, see Boghilmore Island.Bullock Island 53 13N 7 59W Offaly 0.22 0 2006(Irish Oilen an Bhullin)(in River Shannon)Caher Island 52 54N 8 28W Clare0.07 0 2006(in Lough Derg)Caher Island (Irish Oilen na53 43N 10 02W Mayo 0.526 0 2006Cathrach)Calf Middle Island 51 29N 9 30W Cork0.259 0 2006(Irish Meadhon Laogh)Calf West Island 51 29N 9 31W Cork0.251 0 2006(Irish An Laogh Thiar)Cameron Island 52 58N 8 17W North Tipperary 0.3 0 2006(in Lough Derg)gCannach, Oilen na, see Canon Island.gCng, Oilen na51 50N 10 24W Kerry0.518 0 2006(English Puffin Island)Canon Island 52 40N 9 03W Clare 0.902 0 2006(Irish Oilen na gCannach)Caorach, Oilen, see Mutton Island.Cape Clear Island, see Clire.Capel Island 51 53N 7 51W Cork 0.06 0 2006Carbery Island (Irish Inis Cairbre) 51 34N 9 40WCork 0.09 0 2006Carragaigh, see Carrigee.Carraig an Mhoilt, see Carrickawilt Island.Carraig an Phoirt, see Carrickaport.Carraige, Oilen na, see Carrig Island.Carraig Mhaol na gCorrg, see Carrickmoylenacurhoga.Carraig na bhFaoilen, see Carricknaweelion. 17. IRELAND. 17Islands. Coordinates. County. Surface Popu- Yeararealation.(km).Carrickaport54 09N 10 12W Mayo 0.14 0 2006(Irish Carraig an Phoirt)Carrickawilt Island 54 09N 10 12W Mayo0.070 2006(Irish Carraig an Mhoilt)Carrickmoylenacurhoga (Irish54 10N 10 11W Mayo0.070 2006Carraig Mhaol na gCorrg)Carricknaweelion54 09N 10 12W Mayo0.230 2006(Irish Carraig na bhFaoilen)Carrigee (Irish Carragaigh) 54 10N 10 12W Mayo0.040 2006Carrig Island 52 35N 9 30WKerry 0.93 10 2006(Irish Oilen na Carraige)Castle Island (Irish Meadhon Inis) 51 31N 9 30W Cork 0.4980 2006Cathrach, Oilen na, see Caher Island.Chapaill, Oilen an, see Horse Island.Chapel Island 51 42N 9 29WCork 0.0730 2006(Irish Oilen an Teampaill)Chla, Oilen an, see Oghly Island.Chnapach, An, see Crappagh.Chruach, An, see Cruagh Island.Chruit, An (English Cruit Island) 55 02N 8 25WDonegal 3.11 53 2006Chuilinn, Oilen an, see Garinish.Church Island (Irish Inis Mr)54 15N 8 24WSligo 0.170 2006(in Lough Gill)Cladhnach, see Clynagh Island.Claidhnis, see Clynish.Clare Island (Irish Cliara)53 48N 10 00WMayo 16.40136 2006Clear Island, see Clire.Clire (English Clear Island;51 26N 9 30W Cork 6125 2006Cape Clear Island)Cliara, see Clare Island.Clocharach, Oilen, see Goat Island.Clynagh Island (Irish Cladhnach) 53 21N 9 35W Galway 0.4250 2006Clynish (Irish Claidhnis)53 51N 9 38W Mayo 0.3285 2006gCoinn, Oilen na, see Coney Island.Collainn Mhr, see Collan More Island.Collan More Island 53 50N 9 38W Mayo 0.805 18 2006(Irish Collainn Mhr)Colt Island (Irish Inis Coilt) 53 35N 6 05W Fingal 0.0240 2006Coney Island 52 43N 9 00W Clare1.0640 2006(Irish Oilen na gCoinn)Coney Island [Sligo], see Inishmulclohy.Cottage Island 54 15N 8 26W Sligo0.0610 2006(in Lough Gill)Crappagh (Irish An Chnapach)53 15N 9 45WGalway 0.5140 2006Cr, An, see Crow Island.Croaghnakeela Island, see Cruach na Caoile. 18. IRELAND. 18Islands. Coordinates. County.Surface Popu- Year area lation. (km).Croghnut Island 53 24N 9 49WGalway0.061 0 2006(Irish Cruachnait)Crow Island (Irish An Cr)53 21N 9 40WGalway0.077 0 2006Cruach na Caoile53 20N 9 58WGalway0.575 0 2006(English Croaghnakeela Island)Cruach na Cara (English 53 18N 9 54WGalway0.247 0 2006Saint Macdaras Island;Saint Mac Daras Island)Cruachnait, see Croghnut Island.Cruagh Island (Irish An Chruach) 53 31N 10 14WGalway0.344 0 2006Cruit Island, see Chruit, An.Crump Island53 37N 10 00W Galway0.287 0 2006(Irish Oilen D Chruinne)D Chruinne, Oilen, see Crump Island.Daighinis (English Dinish Island) 53 16N 9 46WGalway0.409 0 2006Dairbhre, see Valencia Island.Dairinis, see Dernish Island.Dalkey Island 53 16N 6 05WDn Laoghaire-0.093 0 2006(Irish Oilen Dheilginse) RathdownDamhoilen, see Davillaun.Davillaun (Irish Damhoilen)53 38N 10 08W Galway0.295 0 2006Deenish, see Dunis.Deer Island, see Inishmore.Dernish Island (Irish Dairinis) 54 26N 8 30WSligo 0.465 1 20060 2002Dheilginse, Oilen, see Dalkey Island.Dinish [Kerry], see Dunis.Dinish Island [Galway], see Daighinis.Dubhoilen Beag 54 05N 10 09W Mayo0.219 0 2006(English Duvillaun Beg)Dubhoilen Mr54 05N 10 11W Mayo0.716 0 2006(English Duvillaun More)Diche, Oilen55 11N 8 10WDonegal 0.393 0 2006(English Inishdooey)Dunis (English Deenish; Dinish) 51 44N 10 13WKerry 0.506 0 2006Dursey Island (Irish Oilen Baoi) 51 36N 10 12W Cork 5.67 6 2006Duvillaun Beg, see Dubhoilen Beag.Duvillaun More, see Dubhoilen Mr.Eachinis, see Aughinish Island.Each Inis, see Horse Island.Eagle Island, see Tuaidh, OilenEanach Mhein, see Annaghvaan.Eanaigh, Oilen, see Annagh Island.Eanaigh, Oilen an, see Annagh Island.Eddy, Island (Irish Oilen Eide)53 12N 8 59WGalway0.672 0 2006Eide, Oilen, see Eddy, Island. 19. IRELAND.19Islands.Coordinates.County.Surface Popu- Year area lation. (km).Eighter Island (Irish An tochtar) 54 59N 8 28W Donegal 0.231 0 2006Evneenmore Island53 20N 9 35W Galway0.109 0 2006(Irish An tAibhnn Mr)Fainge, Oilen, see Foynes Island.Faoide, see Whiddy Island.Feenish Island 52 42N 8 58W Clare 0.728 0 2006Fnis (English Finish Island)53 18N 9 49W Galway0.684 0 2006Finish Island, see Fnis.Foaty (Fota) (Irish Fite) 51 54N 8 18W Cork3.161 Fite, see Foaty.Fornais, see Furnace Island.Fota, see Foaty.Foynes Island52 37N 9 07W Limerick 1.21 0 2006(Irish Oilen Fainge) 5 2002Fraochoilen 53 21N 9 54W Galway 0.19 0 2006(English Freaghillaun)Freaghillaun, see Fraochoilen.Friar Island 53 33N 10 14WGalway0.101 0 2006(Irish Oilen na mBrthar)Friars Island 53 10N 8 06W Galway0.457 0 2006(Irish Oilen na mBrthar)(in River Shannon)Furnace Island (Irish Fornais) 53 15N 9 44W Galway0.93165 2006Gabhla (English Gola Island) 55 05N 8 22W Donegal 1.720 4 2006Garinis, see Garinish.Garinish (Ilnacullin)51 44N 9 33W Cork 0.15 0 2006(Irish Oilen an Chuilinn)Garinish (Irish Garinis) 51 49N 9 54W Kerry0.23 2 2006Garmna, see Gorumna Island.Goat Island51 29N 9 36W Cork0.117 0 2006(Irish Oilen Clocharach)Gola Island, see Gabhla.Golam Island (Irish Glam) 53 14N 9 46W Galway0.138 0 2006Gorumna Island (Irish Garmna)53 16N 9 41W Galway23.75 1,010 2006Great Blasket Island, see Blascaod Mr, An.Great Island 51 52N 8 17W Cork 53 (Irish An tOilen Mr)Greenish Island52 38N 9 00W Limerick0.202 0 2006Hare Island (Inishodriscol)51 30N 9 26W Cork1.54224 2006(Irish Inis U Drisceoil)Hare Island (Irish Inis Ainn) 53 28N 7 56W Westmeath 0.457 0 2006(in Lough Ree)Haulbowline (Irish Inis Sionnach) 51 51N 8 18WCork 0.15 165 2006High Island (Irish Ardoilen) 53 33N 10 16W Galway0.328 0 2006Hog Island (Inishbig) 52 37N 9 30WClare 0.194 0 2006Holy Island (Inishcaltra) 52 55N 8.27WClare 0.202 0 2006(Irish Inis Cealtra)(in Lough Derg) 20. IRELAND.20Islands. Coordinates. County. Surface Popu- Yeararea lation.(km).Horse Island (Irish Each Inis) 51 31N 9 28W Cork 0.631 2 2006Horse Island 51 49N 10 16WKerry0.162 0 2006 (Irish Oilen an Chapaill)Iarthach, An tOilen, see Illauneeragh.Iarthach Thiar, An tOilen, see Illauneeragh West.Illanmaster, see Mistir, Oilen.Illannaglashy54 00N 9 12W Mayo 0.332 0 2006(in Lough Conn)Illauneeragh 53 17N 9 44W Galway 0.364 0 2006 (Irish An tOilen Iarthach)Illauneeragh West (Irish 53 21N 9 41W Galway 0.328 0 2006 An tOilen Iarthach Thiar)Illaunmaster, see Mistir, Oilen.Illaunmore 52 58N 8 18W Clare 0.61 0 2006(in Lough Derg)Illaunmore53 21N 9 39WGalway 0.397 1 2006 (Irish An tOilen Mr)Illauntannig (Illauntanning)52 20N 10 01W Kerry0.146 0 2006 (Irish Oilen tSeanaigh)Illauntanning, see Illauntannig.Ilnacullin, see Garinish.Inchaghaun, see Inis an Ghainimh.Inchagoill (Irish Inis an Ghaill) 53 29N 9 19WGalway 0.421 0 2006(in Lough Corrib)Inchamakinna 53 17N 9 37W Galway 0.457 0 2006(Irish Inis Mhic Cionaith)Inchbofin (Irish Inis B Finne)53 32N 7 55W Westmeath0.316 0 2006(in Lough Ree)Inchcleraun (Irish Inis Cloithrinn) 53 35N 8 01WLongford 0.577 0 2006(in Lough Ree)Inchenagh53 37N 8 02W Longford0.32 0 2006(in Lough Ree)Inchiquin53 28N 9 14W Galway 1.141 0 2006(Irish Inis Mhic U Chuinn) (in Lough Corrib)Inchmore 53 31N 7 56W Westmeath0.865 0 2006(in Lough Ree)Inchturk 53 31N 7 56W Westmeath0.295 0 2006(in Lough Ree)Inchydoney Island51 36N 8 53W Cork 4 193 2006 (Irish Oilen Inse Duine)Inis Aillte, see Inisheltia.Inis Ainn, see Hare Island.Inis Airc, see Inishshark.Inis an Ghaill, see Inchagoill.Inis an Ghainimh 53 18N 9 43W Galway 0.113 2 2006 (English Inchaghaun) 21. IRELAND.21Islands. Coordinates.County. SurfacePopu- Year area lation. (km).Inis Aodha, see Inishee.Inis Arcin, see Sherkin Island.Inis Beag [Cork], see Inishbeg.Inis Beag (English Inishbeg)55 12N 8 10W Donegal0.101 0 2006Inis Bearachain 53 17N 9 53W Galway 1.085 1 2006 (English Inishbarra) 0 2002Inis Bigil (English Inishbiggle)54 00N 9 54W Mayo 2.54524 2006Inis Bigir (English Inishbigger)53 21N 9 53W Galway 0.053 0 2006Inis B Finne (English Inishbofin; 55 10N 8 10WDonegal1.19436 2006 Inishbofinne)Inis B Finne, see also Inchbofin and Inishbofin.Inis Cairbre, see Carbery Island.Inis Caoil, see Inishkeel.Inis Caorach54 58N 8 30W Donegal0.194 7 2006 (English Inishkeeragh) 0 2002Inis Cathaigh, see Scattery Island.Inis Cealtra, see Holy Island.Inis Cime Thiar, see Skeam Island West.Inis Cime Thoir, see Skeam Island East.Inis Cloithrinn, see Inchcleraun.Inis Coilt, see Colt Island.Inis Corcair, see Inishcorker.Inis Cotail, see Inishcottle.Inis C, see Inishcoo.Inis Deala, see Inishdalla.Inis Drois (English Inishdoorus) 53 29N 9 22W Galway 0.652 0 2006 (in Lough Corrib)Inis Eirc (English Inisherk) 53 15N 9 45WGalway 0.287 0 2006Inis Fada, see Long Island.Inis Fraoigh (English54 57N 8 27WDonegal 1.39 9 2006 Inishfree Upper; Inishfraoich)Inis Fraoigh 55 04N 8 23WDonegal0.182 0 2006 (English Inishfree Lower)Inis Gabhla, see Inishgowla.Inis G Theas54 07N 10 13W Mayo1.84 0 2006 (English Inishkea South)Inis G Thuaidh54 08N 10 12W Mayo2.07 0 2006 (English Inishkea North)Inis Gluaire (English Inishglora)54 13N 10 08W Mayo 0.247 0 2006Inis Goirt, see Inishgort.Inishal (Irish Inis Saille)54 57N 8 26WDonegal0.295 0 2006Inishark, see Inishshark.Inishbarnog54 49N 8 34WDonegal0.049 0 2006Inishbarra, see Inis Bearachain.Inishbeg (Irish Inis Beag) 51 31N 9 21WCork 1.518 8 2006Inishbeg [Donegal], see Inis Beag. 22. IRELAND.22Islands. Coordinates. County.SurfacePopu- Year area lation. (km).Inishbig, see Hog Island.Inishbigger, see Inis Bigir.Inishbiggle, see Inis Bigil.Inishbofin [Donegal], see Inis B Finne.Inishbofin (Irish Inis B Finne)53 37N 10 13W Galway 9.61 199 2006Inishbofinne, see Inis B Finne.Inishcaltra, see Holy Island.Inishcoo (Irish Inis C)54 59N 8 27WDonegal0.42 0 2006Inishcorker (Irish Inis Corcair)52 40N 9 05WClare 0.854 0 2006Inishcottle (Irish Inis Cotail) 53 51N 9 38EMayo0.101 3 2006Inishdalla (Irish Inis Deala) 53 41N 10 05W Mayo0.061 0 2006Inishdegil More 53 38N 9 55WMayo0.129 0 2006Inishdooey, see Diche, Oilen.Inishdoorus, see Inis Drois.Inishee (Silks Island) 53 11N 8 04WGalway0.295 0 2006 (Irish Inis Aodha) (in River Shannon)Inisheer, see Inis Orr.Inisheher (Irish Inis Thiar)54 27N 8 14WLeitrim 0.085 0 2006(in Lough Melvin)Inisheltia (Irish Inis Aillte) 53 21N 9 36W Galway0.271 0 2006Inishere, see Inis Orr.Inisherk, see Inis Eirc.Inishfarnard 51 43N 10 01WCork0.324 0 2006Inishfraoich, see Inis Fraoigh.Inishfree Lower, see Inis Fraoigh.Inishfree Upper, see Inis Fraoigh.Inishglora, see Inis Gluaire.Inishgort (Irish Inis Goirt) 53 36N 10 16WGalway0.121 0 2006Inishgort (Irish Inis Goirt) 53 50N 9 40W Mayo0.121 1 2006Inishgowla (Irish Inis Gabhla) 53 53N 9 41W Mayo 0.13 0 2006Inishinny, see Inis Sionnaigh.Inishirrer, see Inis Oirthir.Inishkea North, see Inis G Thuaidh.Inishkea South, see Inis G Theas.Inishkeel (Irish Inis Caoil) 54 51N 8 27W Donegal 0.332 0 2006Inishkeeragh, see Inis Caorach.Inishlackan, see Inis Leacan.Inishloe (Irish Inis Lua)52 41N 9 01W Clare 0.534 0 2006Inishlyon (Irish Inis Laighean)53 37N 10 10WGalway0.332 0 2006Inishlyre (Irish Inis Ladhair) 53 49N 9 39W Mayo 0.21 7 2006Inishmaan, see Inis Mein.Inishmacdurn, see Inis Mhic an Doirn.Inishmacowney52 41N 9 03W Clare 0.951 0 2006 (Irish Inis Mhic Uaithne) 23. IRELAND.23Islands.Coordinates.County. Surface Popu- Yeararea lation.(km).Inishmaine (Irish Inis Mein) 53 35N 9 18WMayo 1.093 0 2006(in Lough Mask)Inishmean (Irish Inis Mein)54 27N 8 13WLeitrim0.093 0 2006(in Lough Melvin)Inishmeane, see Inis Mein.Inishmicatreer53 30N 9 15WGalway 1.032 0 2006 (Irish Inis Mhic an Trr)(in Lough Corrib)Inishmore (Deer Island) 52 43N 9 02WClare1.874 0 2006 (Irish Inis Mr)1 2002Inishmore [Galway], see rainn.Inishmulclohy (Coney Island)54 18N 8 35WSligo 1.57 6 2006 (Irish Inis U Mhaolchluiche)Inishmurray (Innishmurray)54 26N 8 40WSligo 0.85 0 2006 (Irish Inis Muirgh)Inishmuskerry, see Inis Mscra.Inishnabro, see Inis na Br.Inishnakillew 53 51N 9 37WMayo 0.259 3 2006 (Irish Inis na Coille)Inishnee, see Inis N.Inishodriscol, see Hare Island.Inishraher (Irish Inis Raithir) 53 48N 9 38WMayo0.12 0 2006 4 2002Inishshark (Inishark)53 37N 10 17WGalway 2.489 0 2006 (Irish Inis Airc)Inishsirrer, see Inis Oirthir.Inishtemple (Irish Inis Teampaill) 54 27N 8 12W Leitrim0.146 0 2006(in Lough Melvin)Inishtooskert, see Inis Tuaisceart.Inishtrahull (Irish Inis Tr Tholl) 55 26N 7 14WDonegal 0.34 0 2006Inishtravin, see Inis Treabhair.Inishturk (Inishturk South) 53 31N 10 09W Galway 0.554 1 2006 (Irish Inis Toirc)0 2002Inishturk (Irish Inis Toirc)53 42N 10 07W Mayo6.3 58 2006Inishturk (Irish Inis Toirc)53 51N 9 37WMayo 0.259 0 2006Inishturk South, see Inishturk.Inishvickillane, see Inis Mhic Aoibhlein.Inis Ladhair, see Inishlyre.Inis Laighean, see Inishlyon.Inis Leacan (English Inishlackan) 53 22N 9 56WGalway 0.575 0 2006Inis Lua, see Inishloe.Inis Mac Neasin, see Irelands Eye.Inis Mein (English Inishmeane) 55 06N 8 20WDonegal0.510 0 2006Inis Mein (English Inishmaan)53 05N 9 35WGalway9.12 154 2006Inis Mein [Leitrim], see Inishmean.Inis Main [Mayo], see Inishmaine. 24. IRELAND. 24Islands. Coordinates. County. Surface Popu- Yeararealation.(km).Inis Mhic an Doirn (English 54 59N 8 27WDonegal1.19 13 2006 Rutland Island; Inishmacdurn)0 2002Inis Mhic an Trr, see Inishmicatreer.Inis Mhic Aoibhlein52 03N 10 36W Kerry0.8090 2006 (English Inishvickillane)Inis Mhic Cionaith, see Inchamakinna.Inis Mhic Uaithne, see Inishmacowney.Inis Mhic U Chuinn, see Inchiquin.Inis Mr [Clare], see Inishmore.Inis Mr [Galway], see rainn.Inis Mr [Sligo], see Church Island.Inis Muirgh, see Inishmurray.Inis Mscra53 17N 9 49WGalway 0.0810 2006 (English Inishmuskerry)Inis na Br (English Inishnabro) 52 03N 10 36WKerry0.5060 2006Inis na Coille, see Inishnakillew.Inis N (English Inishnee)53 24N 9 54WGalway 3.586 28 2006Inis Orr (English Inisheer;53 03N 9 31WGalway5.67247 2006 Inishere)Inis Oirthir (English Inishsirrer;55 07N 8 20WDonegal0.4250 2006 Inishirrer)Inis Pdraig, see Saint Patricks Island.Inis Pc, see Spike Island.Inis Raithir, see Inishraher.Inis Rrais, see Oyster Island.Inis Saille, see Inishal.Inis Sionnaigh55 01N 8.27WDonegal0.1420 2006 (English Inishinny)Inis Sionnaigh55 04N 8 20WDonegal0.2230 2006 (English Inishinny)Inis Thiar, see Inisheher.Inis Toirc, see Inishturk.Inis Tr Tholl, see Inishtrahull.Inis Treabhair53 19N 9 41WGalway 0.7771 2006 (English Inishtravin)Inis Tuaisceart 52 08N 10 35W Kerry0.9750 2006 (English Inishtooskert)Inis U Drisceoil, see Hare Island.Inis U Mhaolchluiche, see Inishmulclohy.Innishmurray, see Inishmurray.Innismore, see rainn.Inse Duine, Oilen, see Inchydoney Island.tochtar, An, see Eighter Island.Ioma, see Omey Island.Iompainn, see Umfin Island. 25. IRELAND. 25Islands.Coordinates. County. Surface Popu- Year area lation. (km).Irelands Eye53 24N 6 04W Fingal0.239 0 2006 (Irish Inis Mac Neasin)Island , for names beginning with this word, see under next word.Lambay Island (Irish Reachrainn) 53 29N 6 01W Fingal 2.41 6 2006Laogh Thiar, An, see Calf West Island.Lehinch (Irish An Leithinse) 53 13N 7 58W Galway0.263 0 2006(in River Shannon)Leithinse, An, see Lehinch.Leitir Meallin, see Lettermullan Island.Leitir Mir, see Lettermore Island.Lettermore Island53 18N 9 40W Galway 9.11 528 2006 (Irish Leitir Mir)Lettermullan Island (Lettermullen 53 15N 9 44WGalway3.355 213 2006 Island) (Irish Leitir Meallin)Lettermullen Island, see Lettermullan Island.Little Island51 54N 8 21W Cork6.799 (Irish An tOilen Beag)Long Island (Irish Inis Fada)51 30 N 9 34WCork0.6 5 2006Maigheastar, Oilen, see Mistir, Oilen.Manis 53 18N 9 51W Galway2.481 140 2006 (English Mweenish Island)Misean, Oilen (English Mason 53 18N 9 53W Galway0.409 0 2006 Island; Masson Island)Mistir, Oilen (Oilen54 20N 9 38W Mayo 0.17 0 2006 Maigheastar) (English Illanmaster; Illaunmaster)Mason Island, see Misean, Oilen.Masson Island, see Misean, Oilen.Meadhon Inis, see Castle Island.Meadhon Laogh, see Calf Middle Island.Mr, An tOilen [Cork], see Bear Island and Great Island.Mr, An tOilen [Galway], see Big Island and Illaunmore.Mr, An tOilen [Mayo], see More, Island.More, Island 53 51N 9 40W Mayo 0.32 1 2006 (Irish An tOilen Mr)Moynish More 53 53N 9 44W Mayo0.251 0 2006Mutton Island52 49N 9 31W Clare 0.749 0 2006 (Irish Oilen Caorach)Mweenish Island53 13N 8 59W Galway0.279 0 2006Mweenish Island [Galway], see also Manis.Naomh, Oilen na, see Saints Island.North Bull Island53 22N 6 08W Dublin City 318 2006 (Irish Oilen an Bhulla)Oghly Island 53 23N 9 53W Galway0.057 0 2006 (Irish Oilen an Chla)Oilen , for names beginning with this word, see under next word. 26. IRELAND.26Islands. Coordinates. County. Surface Popu- Yeararea lation.(km).Omey Island (Irish Ioma) 53 32N 10 10W Galway 2.165 2 2006Owey Island, see Uaigh.Oyster Island (Irish Inis Rrais) 54 18N 8 34WSligo 0.13 0 2006Phoirt, Oilen an, see Port Island.Port Island 53 37N 10 13W Galway 0.097 0 2006(Irish Oilen an Phoirt)Puffin Island, see gCng, Oilen na.Rabbit Island 53 26N 9 13WGalway 0.109 0 2006(Irish Oilen na gCoinn)(in Lough Corrib)Rathlin OBirne Island, see Reachlainn U Bhirn.Reachlainn U Bhirn (English54 40N 8 50WDonegal0.336 0 2006Rathlin OBirne Island)Reachrainn, see Lambay Island.Ringarogy Island51 30N 9 22WCork3.8588 2006(Irish Rinn Ghearrige)Rinn Ghearrige, see Ringarogy Island.Roaninish (Irish Rninis) 54 52N 8 32WDonegal0.085 0 2006Roisn, see Rusheen Island.Roisn an Chalaidh (English 53 19N 9 51WGalway0.33 7 2006Rusheennacholla Island)Rninis, see Roaninish.Ros, An (English Rossroe Island) 53 17N 9 36W Galway 0.23112 2006Ros Dochan, Oilen, see Rossdohan Island.Ros Mr, An, see Rossmore Island.Rossdohan Island51 48N 9 52WKerry 0.54 0 2006(Irish Oilen Ros Dochan)Rossmore Island 51 49N 9 49WKerry 1.29 6 2006(Irish An Ros Mr)Rossroe Island, see Ros, An.Roy, Island, see Bhrighe, Oilen an.Rusheen Island (Irish Roisn) 54 07N 10 12W Mayo0.16 0 2006Rusheennacholla Island, see Roisn an Chalaidh.Rutland Island, see Inis Mhic an Doirn.Sailte Beag, An, see Saltee Island Little.Sailte Mr, An, see Saltee Island GreatSaint Macdaras Island, see Cruach na Cara.Saint Patricks Island53 35N 6 04WFingal0.04 0 2006(Irish Inis Pdraig)Saints Island 53 33N 7 54WLongford 0.826 0 2006(Irish Oilen na Naomh) (in Lough Ree)Saltee Island Great 52 07N 6 37WWexford0.886 0 2006(Irish An Sailte Mr)Saltee Island Little52 08N 6 35WWexford0.401 0 2006(Irish An Sailte BeagScairbh, An (English Scariff; 51 44N 10 15W Kerry1.477 0 2006Scarriff Island) 27. IRELAND.27Islands. Coordinates.County. SurfacePopu- Year area lation. (km).Scariff, see Scairbh, An.Scarriff Island, see Scairbh, An.Scattery Island52 37N 9 31WClare0.761 0 2006 (Irish Inis Cathaigh)Sceilg Bheag, see Skellig Rock Little.Sceilg Mhichl, see Skellig Rock Great.tSeanaigh, Oilen, see Illauntannig.Seirce, Oilen, see Sherky Island.Shenicks Island 53 34N 6 05WFingal 0.063 0 2006 (Irish Oilen Sionnaigh)Sherkin Island (Irish Inis Arcin) 51 28N 9 25WCork5.05 106 2006Sherky Island51 47N 9 55WKerry 0.33 0 2006 (Irish Oilen Seirce)Silks Island, see Inishee.Sionnaigh, Oilen, see Shenicks Island.Skeam Island East51 30N 9 27WCork 0.202 0 2006 (Irish Inis Cime Thoir)Skeam Island West51 30N 9 28WCork 0.125 0 2006 (Irish Inis Cime Thiar)Skellig Rock Great 51 46N 10 33W Kerry0.182 0 2006 (Irish Sceilg Mhichl)Skellig Rock Little51 46N 10 35W Kerry0.069 0 2006 (Irish Sceilg Bheag)Spineach, Oilen na, see Spanish Island.Spanish Island 51 30N 9 24WCork0.49 0 2006 (Irish Oilen na Spineach)Spike Island (Irish Inis Pc)51 50N 8 17WCork 0.421 0 2006 61 2002Tairbeart, see Turbot Island.Talbot Island, see Turbot Island.Tamhain, see Tawin Island.Tarbert Island 52 36N 9 22WKerry0.263 8 2006(Irish Oilen Thairbirt)Tawin Island (Irish Tamhain) 53 13N 9 02WGalway 1.708 0 2006Teampaill, Oilen an, see Chapel Island.Tearaght Island52 05N 10 39W Kerry0.271 0 2006(Irish An Tiaracht)Thairbirt, Oilen, see Tarbert Island.Tiaracht, An, see Tearaght Island.Toraigh (English Tory Island)55 16N 8 14WDonegal3.314 142 2006Tor Mr, An54 46N 8 41WDonegal0.049 0 2006(English Tormore Island)Tor Mr, An, see Tormore Island.Tormore Island, see Tor Mr, An.Tory Island, see Toraigh. 28. IRELAND.28Islands. Coordinates.County. Surface Popu- Year area lation. (km).Tuaidh, Oilen sa54 17N 10 06W Mayo 0.097 0 2006(English Eagle Island)Turbot Island (Talbot Island)53 30N 10 09W Galway 0.575 0 2006(Irish Tairbeart)Tuscar, An, see Tuskar Rock.Tuskar Rock (Irish An Tuscar)52 12N 6 12WWexford0.004 0 2006Uaigh (English Owey Island)55 03N 8 27WDonegal1.23827 20060 2002Umfin Island (Irish Iompainn) 55 06N 8 22W Donegal0.085 0 2006Valencia Island (Valentia Island) 51 55N 10 21WKerry26.32 713 2006(Irish Dairbhre)Valentia Island, see Valencia Island.Whiddy Island (Irish Faoide)51 41N 9 31W Cork4.0722 2006White Island53 34N 9 22W Galway 0.146 0 2006(Irish An tOilen Bn) (in Lough Mask) 29. IRELAND.29Lakes.Coordinates. County. Surface Altitude area (metres). (km).Abisdealy, Lough 51 32N 9 14WCork 0.6816Acanon, Lough53 58N 7 08WCavan0.39Acapple, Lough 54 33N 8 00WDonegal0.1 Achadh Bhuaile, Loch 53 25N 9 33WGalway0.2616 (English Lough Aughawoolia)Achair, Loch, see Agher, Lough.Achryane, Lough52 44N 9 12WClare 0.12Aconeera, Lough, see Conaortha, Loch.Acoose, Lough52 00N 9 49WKerry0.67 Acorrymore, Lough53 59N 10 10W Mayo0.1392188(Irish Loch an Choire Mhir)Acres Lough54 02N 8 03WLeitrim 0.1 Acrow East, Lough52 46N 9 12WClare 0.1 195Acrow West, Lough52 46N 9 12WClare0.05 Acurry, Lough53 56N 7 07WCavan 0.1935189Aderry, Lough51 55N 8 05WCork 0.1313Aderry, Lough (Irish Loch an Doire) 54 44N 8 01W Donegal0.18 Adhbha, Loch (English Lough Auva) 54 41N 8 43W Donegal0.19 Adoon, Lough (Irish Loch an Din)53 58N 7 49WLeitrim0.36 Adooraun, Lough, see Dobhrin, Loch an.Adrehid, Lough 53 26N 9 25WGalway0.0751(Irish Loch an Droichid)Agher, Lough (Irish Loch Achair) 55 08N 8 02WDonegal 0.17Agraffard, Lough, see Ghrfa Aird, Loch an.Ahalia North, Lough, see tSile Thuaidh, Loch an.Ahalia South, Lough, see tSile Theas, Loch an.Aibhnn, Loch an (English Lough53 19N 9 35WGalway0.550Aunavneen; Loughaunavneen)ilir, Loch an53 20N 9 49WGalway0.0743(English Loughaunalyer)Aille, Lough 53 46N 9 24WMayo0.0463 62Aillionn, Loch, see Allen, Lough.Ainninn, Loch, see Ennell, Lough.Akibbon, Lough 55 01N 7 54WDonegal 0.48 71(Irish Loch Mhic Ciabin)Aleck More, Lough, see Leaca Mr, Loch an.Alewnaghta, Lough52 58N 8 21WClare/Galway 0.546 31Aliggan, Lough, see Loign, Loch an.Allen, Lough (Irish Loch Aillionn) 54 07N 8 03WLeitrim/Roscommon33.56 47Alligan, Lough, see Loign, Loch an.Alltin, Loch (English 55 03N 8 05WDonegal 1.7 140Altan Lough; Lough Altan)Allua, Lough (Irish Locha Lua) 51 50N 9 11WCork1.36 84Alowney, Lough 54 33N 7 59WDonegal 0.15Altan Lough, see Alltin, Loch. 30. IRELAND.30Lakes.Coordinates. County. Surface Altitude area(metres). (km).hAltra, Loch na, see Nahaltora, Lough.Amincheen, Lough54 43N 8 00W Donegal 0.04na, Loch, see Auna, Lough.Anarry, Lough (Lough Annary)54 15N 8 17W Leitrim 0.16Anaserd, Lough53 26N 10 06WGalway 0.8228(Irish Loch an Easaird)Anillanowennamarve, Lough 54 55N 8 15W Donegal0.2(Irish Loch an Oilein)Anillaun, Lough (Loughanillaun) 53 28N 9 32W Galway0.6192 40(Irish Loch an Oilein)Anillaun, Lough (Loughanillaun) 53 33N 10 05WGalway (Irish Loch an Oilein)Anillaun, Lough [Galway], see also Oilein, Loch an.Anillaunmore, Lough, see Oilein Mhir, Loch an.Anna, Lough (Irish Loch Thana) 54 47N 8 14W Donegal 0.3357 169Annaghierin Lough 53 59N 6 56W Cavan 0.1263 118Annagh Lough54 07N 7 33W Cavan 0.4(Irish Loch an Eanaigh)Annagh Lough53 53N 7 41W Longford 0.4(Irish Loch an Eanaigh)Annaghmakerrig Lough54 08N 7 07W Monaghan0.36(Lough Annamakerrig) (IrishLoch Eanach Mhic Dheirg)Annaghmore Lough53 48N 8 09W Roscommon 0.53 46(Irish Loch an Eanaigh Mhir)Annamakerrig, Lough, see Annaghmakerrig Lough.Annary, Lough, see Anarry, Lough.Antrawer, Lough 54 19N 7 10W Monaghan0.05Anure, Lough, see Iir, Loch an.Aodha, Loch, see Ea, Lough.Aphreaghaun, Lough53 26N 9 30W Galway0.6566(Loughaphreaghaun)Aportan, Lough54 20N 7 09W Monaghan0.05Arbha, Loch an, see Loughaunarow.Arbhach, Loch, see Arrow, Lough.Ardakillen Lough53 45N 8 11W Roscommon 0.16Ardderroo Lough, see nArd-doiri, Loch na.Ardderry Lough53 27N 9 31W Galway0.81 37(Irish Loch Ard Doire)Ard Doire, Loch, see Ardderry Lough.nArd-doiri, Loch na53 20N 9 18W Galway0.1721(English Ardderroo Lough)Aroolagh, Lough, see Oirilach, Loch.Aroshin, Lough54 40N 8 28W Donegal 0.06Arrow, Lough (Irish Loch Arbhach) 54 04N 8 19W Roscommon/Sligo12.47 53Assaroe Lake54 30N 8 09W Donegal4.5 31. IRELAND. 31Lakes.Coordinates. County.Surface Altitudearea (metres).(km).Atalia, Lough (Irish Loch an tSile) 53 33N 10 09W Galway0.4 Atariff, Lough, see Atarriff, Lough.Atarriff, Lough (Lough Atariff)51 40N 9 04WCork 0.06Atedaun, Lough 52 57N 9 03WClare0.38 13(Irish Loch an tSidein)Athola, Lough53 28N 10 04W Galway 0.09090Athry, Lough (Irish Loch Atrai)53 27N 9 48WGalway 0.3257136Atorick, Lough 53 01N 8 33WClare/Galway0.98 140(Irish Loch an Traic)Atrai, Loch, see Athry, Lough.Atrain, Lough (Irish Loch an Trin)54 00N 7 27WCavan0.15 49Aughawoolia, Lough, see Achadh Bhuaile, Loch.Aughrusbeg Lough 53 33N 10 11W Galway 0.528Auna, Lough (Irish Loch na) 53 31N 9 59WGalway0.3Aunavneen, Lough, see Aibhnn, Loch an.Aunbeg, Lough (Loughaunbeg)53 16N 9 24WGalway 0.0713Auneala, Lough 53 15N 9 36WGalway 0.2 (Irish Loch an D Eala)Aunemlagheask, Lough 53 27N 9 46WGalway 0.17(Loughaunemlagheask)(Irish Loch an Imligh)Aunevneen, Lough, see nOilen, Loch na.Aunfree, Lough 53 26N 9 33WGalway 0.1864Aunierin, Lough53 27N 9 29WGalway 0.2141Aunilra East 53 16N 9 31WGalway 0.120(Irish Loch an Iolra Thoir)Aunilra West 53 16N 9 31WGalway 0.120(Irish Loch an Iolra Thiar)Aunore, Lough, see ir, Loch an.Aunweeny, Lough, see Mhianaigh, Loch an.Aunwillin, Lough, see Mhuilinn, Loch an.Auva, Lough, see Adhbha, Loch.Avaghon, Lough 54 04N 6 57WMonaghan 0.54127(Irish Loch an Mheithein)Avally, Lough, see Bhaile, Loch an.Avaul Lough51 44N 9 35WCork 0.04Avehy, Lough 54 33N 7 57WDonegal0.35Awallia, Lough, see Bhalla, Loch an.Awillia, Lough, see Bhalla, Loch an.Baice, Loch na, see Naback, Lough.Ballagh Lough54 12N 7 01WMonaghan 0.04Ballinaboy Lough 53 28N 10 01W Galway 0.02(Irish Loch Bhal tha na B)Ballinafad Lough53 27N 9 50W Galway 0.0785Ballinahinch Lough, see Ballynahinch Lough. 32. IRELAND. 32Lakes.Coordinates.County.Surface Altitude area (metres). (km).Ballinlough (Ballin Lough)51 36N 9 09WCork 0.0775 86(Irish Loch Bhaile an Locha)Ballin Lough53 50N 9 32WMayo 0.22(Irish Loch Bhaile an Locha)Ballyallia Lough52 53N 8 58WClare0.32Ballybeg Lough, see Ballybog Lough.Ballybog Lough (Ballybeg Lough) 52 48N 8 59WClare 0.1974(Irish Loch an Bhaile Bhig)Ballybwee Lough 53 26N 10 08W Galway0.056Ballycar Lough52 46N 8 52WClare0.0267 28Ballycuirke Lough, see Bhaile U Chuirc, Loch.Ballycullinan Lough (Irish Loch 52 55N 9 03WClare0.29 20Bhaile U Chuileannin)Ballydoo Lough, see Bhaile Dhlocha, Loch.Ballyeighter Lough52 59N 8 59WClare0.28 17(Irish Loch Bhal ochtair)Ballyhass Lakes 52 10N 8 48WCork 0.05 and 0.01Ballyhoe Lough (2 parts)53 54N 6 43W Meath/Monaghan0.16(Irish Loch Bhal tha h) and 0.11Ballykeeran Lough 53 27N 7 54W Westmeath 0.31 38(part of Lough Ree)Bally Lough (Belle Lake)52 11N 7 02W Waterford 0.2653 35(Irish Loch Mhlis)Ballymore Lough 54 04N 9 05W Mayo0.56 15Ballynahinch Lough53 28N 9 50W Galway1.647(Ballinahinch Lough)(Irish Loch Bhaile na hInse)Ballynakill Lough 53 33N 10 03W Galway 0.628(Irish Loch Bhaile na Cille)Ballynakill Lough [Galway], see also Bhaile na Cille, Loch.Ballyscanlan Lough52 10N 7 12W Waterford0.06Ballyshunnock Reservoir 52 15N 7 19W Waterford 0.1931 88-89Balrath Lough 53 54N 6 39W Meath0.01(Irish Loch Bhaile an Rtha)Balrothery Lough53 35N 6 13W Fingal 0.1 50Bn, An Loch, see Bane, Lough.Bn an Eanaigh, Loch, see White Lough.Bane, Lough (Irish An Loch Bn) 53 41N 7 10W Meath/Westmeath 0.7545113mBan Fionn, Loch na, see Namanfin, Lough.Bannus Lough54 32N 7 52W Donegal 0.372Baraghy Lough 54 03N 6 59W Cavan/Monaghan0.2445129(Irish Loch Bharrachaidh)Barderg, Lough (Lough Haderg) 54 37N 7 57W Donegal 0.16Barfinnihy, Lough 51 56N 9 40W Kerry 0.14249 33. IRELAND.33Lakes. Coordinates.County.Surface Altitudearea (metres).(km).Barnahallia Lough 53 32N 10 07W Galway0.0297 22(Irish Loch Bhearna Aille)Barra, Lough, see Beara, Loch.Barrowen Lough53 25N 10 02W Galway0.2857Bawn, Lough 54 03N 6 54W Monaghan 0.4 Beagh, Lough (Lough Veagh)55 02N 7 58W Donegal2.343(Irish Loch Ghleann Bheatha)Beaghcauneen Lough53 27N 9 59W Galway 0.1638Beagh South, Lough, see Gartan Lough.Beara, Loch (English Lough Barra) 54 57N 8 06W Donegal 0.66 88.6Bekan Lough 53 46N 8 51W Mayo 0.2089 108Belhavel Lough (Irish Claonloch)54 13N 8 11W Leitrim 1.01 60Belle Lake, see Bally Lough.Beltra Lough (Lough Beltra) 53 56N 9 25W Mayo4.1 15(Irish Loch Bhal Tr)Bhaile, Loch an 53 24N 9 40W Galway 0.1738(English Lough Avally)Bhaile an Locha, Loch, see Ballinlough.Bhaile an Rtha, Loch, see Balrath Lough.Bhaile Bhig, Loch an, see Ballybog Lough.Bhaile Dhlocha, Loch 53 32N 9 27W Galway 0.12(English Ballydoo Lough)Bhaile na Cille, Loch 53 14N 9 42W Galway 0.24 13(English Ballynakill Lough)Bhaile na Cille, Loch [Galway], see also Ballynakill Lough.Bhaile na hInse, Loch, see Ballynahinch Lough.Bhaile na hUamha, Loch, see Cavetown Lough.Bhaile U Chuileannin, Loch, see Ballycullinan Lough.Bhaile U Chuirc, Loch53 20N 9 09W Galway 0.796(English Ballycuirke Lough)Bhalla, Loch an (English Lough53 15N 9 40W Galway 0.24Awallia; Lough Awillia)Bharrachaidh, Loch, see Baraghy Lough.Bharr an tSruthin, Loch53 18N 9 32W Galway 0.08(English Lough Vauratruffaun)Bhal tha h, Loch, see Ballyhoe Lough.Bhal tha na B, Loch, see Ballinaboy Lough.Bhal ochtair, Loch, see Ballyeighter Lough.Bhal Tr, Loch, see Beltra Lough.Bhearna Aille, Loch, see Barnahallia Lough.Bhoth Bhu, Loch, see Buffy Lough.Bhoth Loiscthe, Loch53 17N 9 19W Galway 0.6632(English Boliska Lough)Bhric Mhir, Loch an53 17N 9 24W Galway 0.0917(English Lough Nambrackmore)Birroge, Lough54 50N 8 29W Donegal0.08 34. IRELAND. 34Lakes.Coordinates. County. Surface Altitude area(metres). (km).Black Lough 52 55N 8 58W Clare0.023Blackraw Lough54 11N 7 01W Monaghan 0.04 Bltha, Loch na, see Nablahy, Lough.Bleach Lough52 38N 8 49W Limerick0.17896.5(Irish Loch an Tuairn)Bo, Lough (Irish Loch B) 54 06N 8 18W Sligo 0.45 100B Deirge, Loch, see Boderg, Lough.Boderg, Lough 53 52N 7 59W Leitrim/Roscommon 5.1139(Irish Loch B Deirge)Bofin, Lough (Irish Loch B Finne)53 26N 9 27W Galway0.9240Bofin, Lough (Irish Loch B Finne)53 37N 10 14W Galway 0.08 0(on Inishbofin)Bofin, Lough (Irish Loch B Finne)53 51N 7 56W Leitrim/Roscommon2.58 39Bofinna, Lough51 42N 9 23W Cork0.0868 139B Finne, Loch, see Bofin, Lough.Bohernabreena Reservoirs South Dublin(Glenasmole Reservoirs)Lower:53 15N 6 22W 0.0794 141Upper:53 14N 6 21W 0.1915 168Bola, Lough, see Buaile, Loch.Boliska Lough, see Bhoth Loiscthe, Loch.Bollard, Lough53 25N 9 58W Galway0.4697 Bougagh, Lough53 58N 6 46W Monaghan 0.04Bovroughaun Lough, see Leacrach, Loch.Brackan Lough (Lough Bracken) 53 50N 6 40W Meath 0.075950(Irish Loch Breacin)Bracken, Lough, see Brackan Lough.Brackley Lough54 08N 7 42W Cavan 1.6758mBradn, Loch na, see Nambraddan, Lough.Bran, Lough (Irish Loch Bran) 53 58N 8 03W Leitrim 0.16 Bray Lower, Lough 53 11N 6 18W Wicklow 0.24 374.4(Irish Loch Br Iochtair)Bray Upper, Lough 53 11N 6 18W Wicklow0.1 (Irish Loch Br Uachtair)Breacin, Loch, see Brackan Lough.mBreac Caoch, Loch na, see Nambrackkeagh, Lough.mBreac Dearg, Loch na, see Nambrackderg, Lough.Br Iochtair, Loch, see Bray Lower, Lough.Br Uachtair, Loch, see Bray Upper, Lough.Bridget, Lough52 52N 8 39W Clare 0.5530Brin, Lough (Loughbrin) 51 56N 9 46W Kerry 0.25 100(Irish Loch Broin)Broca, Loch na, see Nabrucka, Lough.Brohly, Lough (Irish Loch Brothla) 54 05N 9 03W Mayo 0.4 Broin, Loch, see Brin, Lough.Brothla, Loch, see Brohly, Lough. 35. IRELAND. 35Lakes.Coordinates. County. Surface Altitude area(metres). (km).mBruaichn, Loch na 53 19N 9 32WGalway 0.32 (English Lough Namroughania)Buaile, Loch (English Lough Bola)53 21N 9 51WGalway0.2971 Buffy Lough (Irish Loch Bhoth Bhu) 53 24N 9 18W Galway 0.25Buinne, Loch, see Bunny, Lough.Bunaveela Lough54 01N 9 33WMayo0.46 200Bunerky, Lough 54 07N 7 43WCavan 0.77 Bunny, Lough (Irish Loch Buinne) 53 01N 8 56WClare1.02917Burke, Lough 52 51N 9 09WClare 0.12 Caill, Loch, see Callee, Lough.gCaisleach, Loch na, see Carraroe Lough.Callaherick Lough, see Chaladh an Chnoic, Loch.Callee, Lough (Irish Loch Caill)52 00N 9 43WKerry 0.1783 332Calloughs Lough53 58N 7 38WLeitrim0.28(Irish Loch na gColbha)Callow Loughs53 59N 9 02WMayo0.8 90Cam, Lough 53 21N 9 51WGalway0.3334 Cam, Lough 53 26N 9 55WGalway0.0919 Cam, Lough [Kerry], see Caum, Lough.Camus, Lough 53 21N 9 33WGalway0.1710 Canbo Lough53 54N 8 11WRoscommon0.05Caol, Loch, see Keel, Lough.gCaor, Loch na 53 19N 9 52WGalway0.0906 (English Lough Nageeron)Cappaghoosh, Lough 53 28N 9 41WGalway 0.1 (Lough Cappahoosh)Cappahoosh, Lough, see Cappaghoosh, Lough.Cappanalea, Lough52 03N 9 51WKerry0.001 Carrafinla, Lough, see Cara Fionnla, Loch.Cara Fionnla, Loch (English Lough53 18N 9 33WGalway 0.135 0Carrafinla; Lough Carafinla)Caragh, Lough (Irish Loch Crtha) 52 03N 9 52WKerry 4.9115Carra, Lough (Irish Loch Ceara)53 42N 9 15WMayo15.64520Carrafinla, Lough, see Cara Fionnla, Loch.Carraigadrohid Reservoir, see Carrigadrohid Reservoir.Carraige, Loch na, see Nacarriga, Lough.Carraroe Lough 53 15N 9 37WGalway 0.1 (Irish Loch na gCaisleach)Carrickaport Lough 54 02N 7 59WLeitrim 0.46 (Carrigport Lake)Carrickavantry Reservoir, see Carrigavantry Reservoir.Carrigadrohid Reservoir51 53N 8 53WCork5.7760(Carraigadrohid Reservoir)Carrigavantry Reservoir52 10N 7 12WWaterford 0.119371(Carrickavantry Reservoir)Carrigeencor Lough 54 15N 8 15WLeitrim 0.4445 36. IRELAND. 36Lakes. Coordinates. County. Surface Altitudearea(metres).(km).Carrigport Lake, see Carrickaport Lough.Carrowkeribly Lough 54 03N 9 07WMayo0.518(Irish Loch Ceathr Mhic Geirble)Carrowlustia Lough54 18N 8 24WSligo 0.0428 110Carrowmore Lough54 11N 9 47WMayo 9.287(Irish Loch na Ceathr Mire)Crtha, Loch, see Caragh, Lough.Castlefore Lough54 01N 7 55WLeitrim 0.366Castlelack Lake 51 48N 8 48WCork 0.113Castle Lake 52 46N 8 46WClare0.28 Castlemehigan Lough 51 29N 9 43WCork 0.05 Caum, Lough 52 53N 9 13WClare0.18 Caum, Lough (Lough Cam) 52 12N 10 03W Kerry0.08 Cavetown Lough53 56N 8 16WRoscommon 0.6423 81(Irish Loch Bhaile na hUamha)C, Loch, see Key, Lough.gCeap, Loch na, see Nagap, Lough.Ceathr Mhic Geirble, Loch, see Carrowkeribly Lough.Ceathr Mire, Loch na, see Carrowmore Lough.Chaladh an Chnoic, Loch 53 23N 9 48WGalway0.03(English Callaherick Lough;Cullaherick Lough)Chaorin, Loch an [Donegal], see Keeran, Lough.Chaorin, Loch an 53 19N 9 49WGalway0.02(English Keeraun Lough)Cheim na Cailli, Loch 53 20N 9 49WGalway0.0926(English Lough Keamnacally)Chill Ghlais, Loch, see Kilglass Lough.Chill min, Loch, see Killooman Lough.Chionn an Locha, Loch, see Kinny Lough.Chionn Caslach, Loch55 01N 8 23WDonegal 0.060(English Kincas Lough)Chionn Droma, Loch, see Kindrum Lough.Chip, Loch an, see Kip, Lough.Chlochin Lith, Loch an54 57N 8 20WDonegal 0.61 13(English Dunglow Lough)Chlochar Cheann an Locha, Loch53 24N 9 32WGalway0.2111(English Clogherkinnalocha;Clogherkinnalougha)Chluain Fraoigh, Loch, see Cloonfree Lough.Chluain Meacan, Loch, see Cloonmackan Lough.Chluain na Cloiche, Loch, see Cloonacleigha Lough.Chluain na gCat, Loch, see Cloonagat Lough.Chluain Sneachta, Loch, see Cloonsnaghta Lough.Chluain Toipin53 27N 9 39WGalway0.1680Chluain Toipin East 53 27N 9 38WGalway0.1140 37. IRELAND. 37Lakes. Coordinates.County. Surface Altitude area (metres). (km).Chnocn an Bhodaigh, Loch 53 24N 9 32W Galway0.1059 (English Lough Knockaunawaddy)Chnoc an Locha, Loch53 18N 9 16W Galway0.2834(English Knocka Lough)Chnoc Dhoire, Loch, see Knockerry Lough.Choilein U Shoda, Loch, see Cullaunyheeda, Lough.Choill an Mheathin, Loch, see Killyvaghan Lough.Choire Mhir, Loch an, see Acorrymore, Lough.Chom Gabhartha, Loch, see Crottys Lough.Chom U Dhuibh, Loch, see Cummeenduff Lough.Chonga Beag, Loch (English Lough 53 16N 9 26W Galway 0.2348Uggabeg; Lough Ugga Beg)Chonga Mr, Loch (English Lough 53 16N 9 25W Galway0.1818Uggamore; Lough Ugga More)Chratha, Loch54 57N 8 19W Donegal 0.56 14(English Lough Craghy)Cille, Loch na, see Kill Lough.Cinnile, Loch, see Kinale, Lough.Circe, Loch na, see Nakirka, Lough.Claonloch, see Belhavel Lough.gClr, Loch na, see Naglare, Lough.gCliath, Loch na, see Naglea, Lough.Clogherkinnalocha, see Chlochar Cheann an Locha, Loch.Clonlea Lough 52 49N 8 44W Clare0.4 26Cloonacleigha Lough 54 05N 8 36W Sligo 0.62 57(Irish Loch Chluain na Cloiche)Cloonadoon, Lough, see Coille, Loch na.Cloonagat Lough (Cloongat Lough)53 28N 9 58W Galway0.1018 14(Irish Loch Chluain na gCat)Cloonaghlin Lough, see Oilen U Eadhna, Loch.Cloonagh Lough53 50N 8 42W Roscommon 0.71 81Cloonfree Lough 53 46N 8 08W Roscommon 0.16(Irish Loch Chluain Fraoigh)Cloongat Lough, see Cloonagat Lough.Cloon Lough (Irish Loch Cluanach) 51 57N 9 53W Kerry 0.77 90Cloonmackan Lough 52 52N 9 12W Clare 0.24(Irish Loch Chluain Meacan)Cloonsnaghta Lough52 41N 9 10W Clare0.1 71(Irish Loch Chluain Sneachta)Cluanach, Loch, see Cloon Lough.Cluhir, Lough 51 32N 9 09W Cork 0.2Cnapa Bige, Loch na, see Knappaghbeg Lough.Coille, Loch na 53 20N 9 29W Galway0.49 29(English Lough Cloonadoon)Coille Bine, Loch na, see Whitewood Lough.Coille Mire, Loch na, see Kylemore Lough. 38. IRELAND. 38Lakes.Coordinates.County. Surface Altitudearea(metres).(km).Coirib, Loch, see Corrib, Lough.Coitein, Loch, see Guitane, Lough.gColbha, Loch na, see Calloughs Lough.Colln, Loch, see Cullaun, Lough.Columbkille Lough54 31N 8 06W Donegal 0.0645 131Columbkille Lough55 05N 7 40W Donegal 0.2Con, Loch, see Conn, Lough.Conaortha, Loch53 22N 9 41W Galway0.23690(English Lough Aconeera)Conga Lough53 27N 9 57W Galway0.1757Conn, Lough (Irish Loch Con) 54 03N 9 15W Mayo 48.489Coolagh Lough53 18N 9 04W Galway0.0729Coolkellure Lough51 44N 9 10W Cork 0.05 (Coolkelure Lough)Coolkelure Lough, see Coolkellure Lough.Coosan Lough (part of Lough Ree) 53 27N 7 55W Westmeath0.56 35Coragh Lough 54 05N 7 03W Cavan 0.139480Corbeagh, Lough53 45N 7 39W Longford0.3Corcaghan Lough54 11N 7 00W Monaghan0.1Corconnelly Lough54 08N 7 13W Monaghan0.056284Corglass Lough 54 02N 7 28W Cavan0.34 45Corkeeran Lough54 06N 6 57W Monaghan 0.16Cornalara Lough53 58N 6 52W Cavan 0.0663 150Cornaseer Lough53 56N 7 22W Cavan 0.0500 119gCorrasn Beag, Loch na, see Nacorrusaunbeg, Lough.Corrib, Lough (Irish Loch Coirib)53 27N 9 16W Galway/Mayo176 6Corry, Lough 53 55N 8 05W Leitrim/Roscommon 1.5441Corstown Lough 53 52N 6 39W Meath 0.12 Coumalocha 52 15N 7 35W Waterford 0.05 Coumduala Lough52 17N 7 34W Waterford 0.02 468Coumfea, Lough 52 15N 7 36W Waterford 0.05 Coumgaurha, Lough, see Crottys Lough.Coumshingaun Lough 52 15N 7 31W Waterford0.17 Courhoor, Lough53 33N 10 07WGalway0.1179Coy, Lough 53 07N 8 46W Galway 0.36 Craghy, Lough, see Chratha, Loch.gCreag Dubh, Loch na, see Cregduff Lough.Creeve, Lough54 05N 6 53W Monaghan0.06Creevin, Lough 53 41N 8 16W Roscommon 0.04Creevy Lough 54 00N 6 44W Monaghan 0.3Cregduff Lough 53 23N 9 56W Galway0.03(Irish Loch na gCreag Dubh)Creibhinne, Loch na53 14N 9 31W Galway0.64 14(English Lough Nagravin)Crinkill Lough (Toome Lough) 54 07N 6 50W Monaghan0.0858 104 39. IRELAND.39Lakes.Coordinates.County. Surface Altitudearea(metres).(km).Croagh, Lough 54 46N 8 35WDonegal0.12 Croaghat Lough53 28N 9 56WGalway 0.16 Croise, Loch na 54 12N 10 05W Mayo 1.11 3(English Cross Lough)Cross Lough, see Croise, Loch na.Crottys Lough (Lough Coumgaurha) 52 16N 7 31WWaterford 0.0355 418(Irish Loch Chom Gabhartha)Cige Rua, Loch na53 27N 9 46WGalway0.2153 (English Nacoogarrow Lough)Cuilinn, Loch, see Cullin, Lough.Cuinge Uachtarach, Loch na55 02N 8 10WDonegal2.157(English Lough Nacung Upper)Cullaherick Lough, see Chaladh an Chnoic, Loch.Cullaun, Lough (Irish Loch Colln)52 58N 9 01WClare0.49716Cullaunyheeda, Lough (Irish Loch52 49N 8 46WClare 1.7327Choilein U Shoda)Cullin, Lough (Irish Loch Cuilinn)53 58N 9 11WMayo10.236 9Cullionboy, Lough 54 41N 8 00WDonegal 0.0288 116Cummeenduff Lough 51 58N 9 42WKerry0.25 80(Irish Loch Chom U Dhuibh)Cummernamuck, Lough 52 03N 9 50WKerry 0.1138 130Curraghalicky Lough 51 40N 9 06WCork 0.24(Curralickey Lake)Curralickey Lake, see Curraghalicky Lough.Curramore Lough 51 48N 9 27WCork0.11 Currane, Lough51 50N 10 07W Kerry10.35 6(Irish Loch Luoch)Curreel, Lough53 25N 9 41WGalway0.4871 Cutra, Lough (Irish Loch Ctra) 53 02N 8 47WGalway 3.78 33D Eala, Loch an, see Auneala, Lough.Dairbhreach, Loch, see Derravaragh, Lough.Damba, Loch an53 21N 9 31WGalway0.0620 (English Lough Damboo)Damboo, Lough, see Damba, Loch an.Dan, Lough (Irish Loch Den)53 04N 6 17WWicklow1.029 200Den, Loch, see Dan, Lough.Dearg, Loch, see Derg, Lough.Deelish Reservoir 52 08N 7 35WWaterford 0.05 Deirce Bige, Loch na53 37N 9 31WMayo0.06 (English Dirkbeg Lough)Deirgeirt, Loch, see Derg, Lough.Deralk Lough54 02N 7 29WCavan 0.14Derg, Lough (Irish Loch Deirgeirt)52 57N 8 18WClare/Galway/116.505 33.5North TipperaryDerg, Lough (Irish Loch Dearg)54 37N 7 52WDonegal 8.62 143Derkmore Lough54 50N 8 18WDonegal0.1 40. IRELAND.40Lakes.Coordinates.County. Surface Altitudearea(metres).(km).Derravaragh, Lough53 39N 7 20WWestmeath9.14 61(Irish Loch Dairbhreach)Derreen, Lough53 25N 10 07W Galway0.0371 (Irish Loch an Doirn)Derrew, Lough 53 43N 9 18WMayo0.0851 Derriana Lough, see Dhoire Ianna, Loch.Derrybrick Lough54 03N 7 28WCavan 0.3648Derrycassan Lough 54 03N 7 39WCavan/Leitrim 0.9645Derryclare Lough, see Dhoire an Chlir, Loch.Derrycunlaghbeg, Lough53 27N 9 57WGalway0.0670 Derrycunlagh More Lough 53 27N 9 57WGalway0.1307 Derrygooney Lake54 02N 6 56WMonaghan0.3Derryhick Lough 53 56N 9 13WMayo 0.54 25(Irish Loch Dhoire Shoic)Derrylea Lough53 29N 9 57WGalway0.2337 Derrynasallagh Lough54 02N 8 14WRoscommon/Sligo0.14Derryneen Lough 53 28N 9 40WGalway 0.05(Irish Loch Doire Rhinnin)Derryvegal Lough51 44N 9 56WCork0.05 Dhoire an Chlir, Loch53 28N 9 46WGalway2.2410(English Derryclare Lough)Dhoire Ianna, Loch51 54N 10 01W Kerry 2.39 (English Derriana Lough)Dhoire Shoic, Loch, see Derryhick Lough.Dhoirinse, Loch, see Durnesh Lough.Dhrom Mr, Loch, see Dromore Lough.Dhn Ibhir, Loch (Loch Sruthair)54 01N 9 57WMayo0.51 2(English Dooniver Lough;Sruhill Lough)Dhn Liche, Loch, see Dunlewy Lough.Dirkbeg Lough, see Deirce Bige, Loch na.Dobhrin, Loch an 53 16N 9 29WGalway0.1023 (English Lough Adooraun)Doire, Loch an, see Aderry, Lough.Doire Rhinnin, Loch, see Derryneen Lough.Doirn, Loch an, see Derreen, Lough.Donogher, Lough 53 59N 7 45WLeitrim0.24Doo, Lough55 12N 7 26WDonegal0.08283Doo Lough (Irish Loch Dlocha)52 48N 9 18WClare 1.304386Doo Lough (Irish Dloch)53 39N 9 46WMayo 1.55 30Dooniver Lough, see Dhn Ibhir, Loch.Doon Lough (Irish Loch an Din) 52 49N 8 40WClare0.49 22Doonloughan Lough 53 26N 10 09W Galway0.1681 Driminidy Lough 51 38N 9 13WCork 0.02 80Droichid, Loch an, see Adrehid, Lough.Droma, Loch an, see Drum Lough. 41. IRELAND. 41Lakes.Coordinates.County.Surface Altitude area(metres). (km).Drombrow Lough51 42N 9 25W Cork 0.18 Dromore Lough 54 06N 7 04W Cavan/Monaghan 0.61 79Dromore Lough 52 55N 8 58W Clare0.491(Irish Loch Dhrom Mr)Drumcullaun Lough 52 53N 9 12W Clare0.44Drumgole Lough54 07N 7 06W Monaghan0.1Drumgun Lough 54 33N 7 52W Donegal0.14Drumharlow, Lough 53 58N 8 08W Leitrim/Roscommon2.93 40Drumkeery Lough 53 57N 7 00W Cavan 0.1303 139Drumlaheen Lough54 01N 7 52W Leitrim0.74 65Drumlona Lough54 06N 7 02W Monaghan 0.53 77Drum Lough (Irish Loch an Droma) 51 06N 7 08W Monaghan 0.1Drumsaul Lough54 08N 7 02W Monaghan0.1Din, Loch an [Clare], see Doon Lough.Din, Loch an [Leitrim], see Adoon, Lough.Dloch, see Doo Lough.Dlocha, Loch, see Doo Lough.Dunfanaghy New Lake, see New Lake.Dunglow Lough, see Chlochin Lith, Loch an.Dunlewy Lough 55 01N 8 08W Donegal 0.8861(Irish Loch Dhn Liche)Dunragh Lough 54 36N 7 56W Donegal 0.62 Dunragh Middle Lough54 37N 7 55W Donegal 0.17 Durnesh Lough 54 34N 8 11W Donegal0.7 0(Irish Loch Dhoirinse)Ea, Lough (Irish Loch Aodha)54 48N 8 08W Donegal0.24nEach, Loch na53 19N 9 27W Galway0.0524 (English Lough Nanaugh)Eanach Mhic Dheirg, Loch, see Annaghmakerrig Lough.Eanaigh, Loch an, see Annagh Lough.Eanaigh Mhir, Loch an, see Annaghmore Lough.Easaird, Loch an, see Anaserd, Lough.Eask, Lough, see Eske, Lough.Easky, Lough (Easky Lough)54 09N 8 51W Sligo 1.19 180(Irish Loch Iasca)hEaslime, Loch na53 26N 9 33W Galway0.2122 34.11(English Lough Nahasleam)Egish, Lough (Irish Loch igis) 54 04N 6 47W Monaghan1.2174 162Eidhneach, Loch 53 31N 9 45W Galway 3.21 20(English Lough Inagh)Eidhneach, Loch [Galway], see also Enask, Lough.igis, Loch, see Egish, Lough.Eirid, Loch, see Errit Lough.Eirk Lough51 56N 9 38W Kerry 0.0609 338hEisce, Loch na 51 52N 10 02W Kerry 0.23(English Lough Iskanamacteery) 42. IRELAND.42Lakes.Coordinates. County. Surface Altitude area (metres). (km).Emlagh, Lough (Irish Loch Imleach) 53 25N 9 47W Galway0.04Emy Lough54 20N 6 56W Monaghan0.6 Enask, Lough (Irish Loch Eidhneach) 53 27N 10 01W Galway0.025 Ennell, Lough (Irish Loch Ainninn) 53 28N 7 24W Westmeath 11.56 81Eoin, Loch, see Saint Johns Lough.Errit Lough (Irish Loch Eirid) 53 49N 8 42W Roscommon0.82 83Errul, Lough (Irish Loch Ioral)51 26N 9 29W Cork (on Clear Island)0.045 50Ervey Lough53 54N 6 49E Cavan/Meath Eske, Lough (Lough Eask) 54 42N 8 02W Donegal3.87 27(Irish Loch Iascaigh)Fad, Lough 54 35N 7 55W Donegal0.07Fad, Lough 55 12N 7 09W Donegal0.12233Fad, Lough (Irish An Loch Fhada) 55 14N 7 23W Donegal 0.4125Fada, Loch, see Fadda, Lough.Fada Ghleannin, Loch53 17N 9 27W Galway 0.1101(English Lough Fadda)Fadda, Lough (Irish Loch Fada) 51 44N 9 56W Cork 0.16Fadda, Lough 53 27N 10 00W Galway0.49 13Fadda, Lough 53 28N 9 53W Galway 0.05Fadda, Lough [Galway], see also Fada Ghleannin, Loch.Fscoille, Loch55 00N 8 25W Donegal0.313(English Lough Waskel)Fawna, Lough 53 37N 10 13W Galway0.0311 45(on Inishbofin)Fea, Lough 53 57N 6 45W Monaghan 0.32Feagh Lough54 09N 7 06W Monaghan0.1Fearna, Loch, see Fern, Lough.Fee, Lough (Irish Loch Fodh)53 35N 9 49W Galway 1.68 47Feeagh, Lough (Irish Loch Foch) 53 56N 9 35W Mayo 3.95 11Fenagh Lough 54 01N 7 50W Leitrim 0.4 67Fergus, Lough53 40N 8 17W Roscommon0.06 80Fern, Lough (Irish Loch Fearna)55 03N 7 43W Donegal1.93 23Fhada, An Loch, see Fad, Lough.Fheartra, Taiscumar, see Vartry Reservoir.Fhormaoil, Loch53 20N 9 28W Galway 0.29(English Lough Formoyle)Fin Lough (Irish Fionnloch)53 38N 9 45W Mayo 0.1141 28Fin Lough52 46N 8 50W Clare 0.7427Fin Lough53 59N 8 12W Roscommon 0.06 Finn, Lough, see Finne, Loch.Finne, Loch (English Lough Finn) 54 52N 8 08W Donegal1.15132Foch, Loch, see Feeagh, Lough.Fod, Loch, see Gulladoo Lough.Fodh, Loch, see Fee, Lough.Fionnloch, see Fin Lough. 43. IRELAND.43Lakes.Coordinates. County. Surface Altitude area(metres). (km).Fionnmha, Loch, see Garadice Lough.Foirbis, Loch, see Forbes, Lough.Foirnise, Loch na53 22N 9 32W Galway0.1874(English Lough Nafurnace)Foirnise, Loch na [Mayo], see Furnace Lough.Fooey, Lough na, see Fuaiche, Loch na.Forbes, Lough (Irish Loch Foirbis)53 47N 7 53W Longford/3.4 37 RoscommonFormoyle, Lough, see Fhormaoil, Loch.bhFraochla, Loch na 53 19N 9 27WGalway0.03(English Lough Navreaghly)Fuaiche, Loch na (English Lough53 35N 9 33WGalway/Mayo 2.56 25Nafooey; Lough na Fooey)Fullerton Pollan Reservoir 55 10N 7 18WDonegal 1.17143.8(Pollan Dam Reservoir) [1997]Funshinagh, Lough53 31N 8 06WRoscommon1.6(Irish Loch Fuinseann)Furnace Lough53 55N 9 34WMayo1.410(Irish Loch na Foirnise)Gabhlach, Loch, see Golagh, Lough.Gaineamhin, Loch, see Yganavan Lough.Gal, Lough, see Geal, An Loch.Gangin Lough 53 58N 7 38WLeitrim 0.08Gara, Lough (Irish Loch U Ghadhra) 53 55N 8 27W Roscommon/Sligo12.57 66Garadice Lough 54 03N 7 43WLeitrim 3.97 49(Irish Loch Fionnmha)Garraunbaun Lough53 33N 10 01W Galway0.14(Irish Loch an Gheararrain Bhain)Garroman Lough, see Ghleann D Loch, Loch.Gartin, Loch, see Gartan Lough.Gartan Lough (Lough Beagh South) 54 59N 7 55WDonegal 2.05 67(Irish Loch Gartin)Garty Lough53 56N 7 34WCavan 0.8254 67.5Garvagh Lough54 15N 7 53WCavan0.09 Geal, An Loch (English Lough Gal) 52 11N 10 14WKerry0.18 Ghainimh, Loch an53 16N 9 40WGalway0.0834 11(English Lough Illauntrasna)Gheararrain Bhain, Loch an, see Garraunbaun Lough.Ghleanna, Loch an, see Glen Lough.Ghleanna Mhir, Loch na, see Glanmore Lough.Ghleann an Chairthe, Loch, see Glencar Lough.Ghleann Bheatha, Loch, see Beagh, Lough.Ghleann Cuillinn, Loch, see Glencullin Lough.Ghleann D Loch, Loch53 28N 9 44WGalway0.83 16(English Glendollagh Lough;Garroman Lough) 44. IRELAND. 44Lakes.Coordinates. County. SurfaceAltitude area (metres). (km).Ghleann ada, Loch, see Glenade Lough.Ghleann Mhac Muirinn, Loch 53 19N 9 30WGalway1.6528(English Glenicmurrin Lough)Ghoirt Ghlais, Loch an, see Gortglass Lough.Ghrfa Aird, Loch an 53 25N 9 24WGalway0.2901 (English Lough Agraffard)Gile, Loch, see Gill, Lough.Gill, Lough (Irish Loch Gile)52 16N 10 03W Kerry1.4 3Gill, Lough (Irish Loch Gile)54 15N 8 23WLeitrim/Sligo14.29 0Glanmore Lough 51 44N 9 46WKerry 0.57 8(Irish Loch na Ghleanna Mhir)Glasloch, see Glaslough.Glaslough (Irish Glasloch) 54 19N 6 53WMonaghan 0.4 Glasshouse Lough 54 00N 7 35WCavan/Leitrim 0.5448(Irish Loch an T Ghloine)Glenade Lough54 22N 8 16WLeitrim 0.7466(Irish Loch Ghleann ada)Glenasmole Reservoirs, see Bohernabreena Reservoirs.Glenbeg Lough51 43N 9 52WCork0.6678Glenbrickeen Lough 53 31N 10 01W Galway0.07 Glencar Lough54 20N 8 23WLeitrim/Sligo 1.1528(Irish Loch Ghleann an Chairthe)Glencoagh Lough54 40N 8 13WDonegal 0.0865103Glencullin Lough 53 40N 9 48WMayo0.3420 38(Irish Loch Ghleann Cuillinn)Glendalough Lower Lake 53 00N 6 20WWicklow0.2 Glendalough Upper Lake 53 00N 6 21WWicklow 0.38 133.5Glendollagh Lough, see Ghleann D Loch, Loch.Glenicmurrin Lough, see Ghleann Mhac Muirinn, Loch.Glen Lough 51 43N 9 41WCork 0.1 Glen Lough 54 34N 8 05WDonegal 0.1475Glen Lough 55 07N 7 50WDonegal 1.6824(Irish Loch an Ghleanna)Gleoire, Loch, see Glore, Lough.Glinn, Lough (Irish Loch Glinne) 53 50N8 33W Roscommon 0.5587Glinne, Loch, see Glinn, Lough.Glore, Lough (Irish Loch Gleoire)53 42N 7 15WWestmeath 0.3579Goir, Loch, see Gur, Lough.Golagh, Lough (Irish Loch Gabhlach) 54 33N 8 03W Donegal0.6 101Golagh, Lough (Irish Loch Gabhlach) 54 42N 7 56W Donegal 0.33 Golden Falls Reservoir 53 07N 6 36WKildare0.4136.0-(Golden Falls Lake) 139.0Gorman, Lough54 33N 8 08WDonegal 0.074580Gortglass Lough52 41N 9 09WClare 0.302764.5(Irish Loch an Ghoirt Ghlais)Gort Lough 55 06N 7 34WDonegal 0.038487 45. IRELAND. 45Lakes.Coordinates.County.Surface Altitude area(metres). (km).Gortnawinny Lough54 12N 7 13W Monaghan0.05 Gougane Barra Lake 51 50N 9 19W Cork0.25170Gowna, Lough 53 51N 7 34W Cavan/Longford4.15 61 (Irish Loch Gamhna)Graddum Lough53 54N 7 18W Cavan0.122499nGrg, Loch na (English Isknagahiny 51 49N 10 04W Kerry 0.42 Lough; Isknagahinny Lough)Graney, Lough52 59N 8 40W Clare3.7246 (Irish Loch Grine)Grange Lough 53 50N 8 03W RoscommonGrange Lough (Little Grange Lake)53 50N 8 05W Roscommon 0.07839Greaghlone Lough 53 58N 6 51W Monaghan 0.17 Greagh Lough 54 11N 7 01W Monaghan 0.2Greenan, Lough 55 05N 7 49W Donegal0.23 Grine, Loch, see Graney, Loch.Grove Lough54 20N 6 58W Monaghan 0.1Guitane, Lough (Irish Loch Coitein) 52 00N 9 25W Kerry2.4677Gulladoo Lough (Irish Loch Fod) 53 57N 7 37W Leitrim0.3951Gur, Lough (Irish Loch Goir) 52 31N 8 32W Limerick0.78981Haderg, Lough, see Barderg, Lough.Halfcarton Lough 53 27N 9 35W Galway 0.0203 Hawnaghaneekyne, Lough, see U Chadhain, Loch.Hibbert, Lough, see Thoirbirt, Loch.Hirbirt, Loch, see Thoirbirt, Loch.Hoirbeaird, Loch, see Thoirbirt, Loch.Holan, Lough 53 55N 9 08W Mayo 0.029922Hollywood Lake 54 16N 7 04W Monaghan0.13Hyne, Lough (Irish Loch Oighinn) 51 30N 9 18W Cork 0.50Iarainn, Loch an 53 19N 9 46W Galway0.16 (English Lough Ierin)Iasca, Loch, see Easky, Lough.Iascaigh, Loch, see Eske, Lough.Ierin, Lough, see Iarainn, Loch an.Illauntrasna, Lough, see Ghainimh, Loch an.Imleach, Loch, see Emlagh, Lough.Imligh, Loch an, see Aunemlagheask, Lough.Inagh, Lough, see Eidhneach, Loch.Inbhear Beag, Loch 53 24N 9 38W Galway 0.1942 (English Inverbeg Lough)Inbhear Mr, Loch53 24N 9 39W Galway 0.1293 (English Invermore LoughInbhir, Loch (English Lough53 24N 9 37W Galway 0.56 4 Invernagleragh; Lough Inver)Inch, Lough, see Inse, Loch.Inchicronan Lough52 55N 8 54W Clare 1.167 (Irish Loch Inse Chrnin) 46. IRELAND. 46Lakes. Coordinates. County.Surface Altitude area(metres). (km).Inchiquin, Lough51 48N 9 41WKerry 0.77 42 (Irish Loch Inse Choinn)Inchiquin Lough 52 57N 9 05WClare1.0819(Irish Loch Inse U Chuinn)Inishcarra Reservoir, see Inniscarra Reservoir.Inn, Lough55 12N 7 11WDonegal0.18 Inner Lough 54 06N 7 04WMonaghan 0.65 Inniscarra Reservoir51 54N 8 44WCork4.940 (Inishcarra Reservoir)Inse, Loch (English Lough Inch) 53 16N 9 10WGalway 0.28 Inse Choinn, Loch, see Inchiquin, Lough.Inse Chrnin, Loch, see Inchicronan Lough.Inse U Chuinn, Loch, see Inchiquin Lough.Inver, Lough, see Inbhir, Loch.Inverbeg Lough, see Inbhear Beag, Loch.Invermore Lough, see Inbhear Mr, Loch.Invernagleragh, Lough, see Inbhir, Loch.Iolra Thiar, Loch an, see Aunilra West.Iolra Thoir, Loch an, see Aunilra East.Ioral, Loch, see Errul, Lough.Iskanamacteery, Lough, see hEisce, Loch na.Isknagahiny Lough, see nGrg, Loch na.Islandeady Lough53 50N 9 23WMayo1.39 27Iir, Loch an (English Lough Anure 55 00N 8 17W Donegal 1.56 36Keagh, Lough (Rockmount Lake) 52 52N 9 20WClare0.0697 183Keamnacally, Lough, see Cheim na Cailli, Loch.Keel, Lough 55 00N 8 14WDonegal0.11 136Keel, Lough (Irish Loch Caol) 55 04N 7 46WDonegal0.6197Keel Lough53 59N 10 04W Mayo 0.85 6(on Achill Island)Keeran, Lough 54 37N 7 59WDonegal0.01 (Irish Loch an Chaorin)Keeraun Lough, see Chaorin, Loch an.Kellys Lough 52 58N 6 26WWicklow 585(Irish Loch U Cheallaigh)Key, Lough (Irish Loch C)54 00N 8 15WRoscommon8.9 42Kilcorran Lough (Killcoran Lough) 54 15N 7 08WMonaghan 0.143569Kilglass Lough53 49N 8 01WRoscommon 2.33 38(Irish Loch Chill Ghlais)Killcoran Lough, see Kilcorran Lough.Killinure Lough 53 27N 7 54WWestmeath3.1735(part of Lough Ree)Kill Lough (Irish Loch na Cille)53 53N 7 22WCavan0.117488Killooman Lough 54 14N 8 04WLeitrim 0.02(Irish Loch Chill min)Killynenagh Lough 54 05N 7 11WCavan/Monaghan 0.0696 80.5 47. IRELAND. 47Lakes.Coordinates. County.Surface Altitudearea (metres).(km).Killyvaghan Lough 54 06N 7 01W Cavan/Monaghan0.2 (Irish Loch Choill an Mheathin)Kiltooris Lough 54 49N 8 30W Donegal 0.52 7Kiltullagh Lough53 35N 8 35W Galway 0.3755Kinale, Lough (Irish Loch Cinnile) 53 46N 7 24W Cavan/Longford/2.464.3 WestmeathKincas Lough, see Chionn Caslach, Loch.Kindrum Lough55 14N 7 42W Donegal 0.628(Irish Loch Chionn Droma)Kinny Lough55 15N 7 41W Donegal 0.4 (Irish Loch Chionn an Locha)Kip, Lough (Irish Loch an Chip)54 34N 7 56W Donegal 0.04Knappabeg Lough, see Knappaghbeg Lough.Knappaghbeg Lough53 46N 9 30W Mayo0.2201 30(Knappabeg Lough)(Irish Loch na Cnapa Bige)Knockaderry Reservoir52 12N 7 17W Waterford 0.466Knocka Lough, see Chnoc an Locha, Loch.Knockanannig Reservoir 52 07N 8 20W Cork0.02(Knockananig Reservoir)Knockaunawaddy, Lough, see Chnocn an Bhodaigh, Loch.Knockerry Lake 52 39N 9 24W Clare 0.08(Irish Loch Chnoc Dhoire)Kylemore Lough 53 34N 9 51W Galway1.32 29(Irish Loch na Coille Mire)Labe, Lough54 04N 8 25W Sligo 0.0554145Lacha, Loch (English Lough Lagha) 55 06N 8 11W Donegal 0.33 Lackagh Lough54 14N 8 07W Leitrim 0.0672396Ladys Island Lake 52 12N 6 24W Wexford4.66 0(Irish Loch Tchair)Lagha, Lough, see Lacha, Loch.Laghtowen, Lough 54 33N 7 56W Donegal 0.16Lambs Lough (Lambes Lake)54 16N 6 58W Monaghan0.1 Lannagh, Lough 53 50N 9 21W Mayo0.59 28Lattone Lough54 21N 8 00W Leitrim/ 0.311 75 (Northern Ireland)Lavey Lough (Irish Loch Leamha) 53 58N 7 15W Cavan0.1Leaca Mr, Loch an 54 55N 8 22W Donegal 0.61 10(English Lough Aleck More)Leacrach, Loch 53 19N 9 27W Galway0.1591(English Bovroughaun Lough)Leamha, Loch, see Lavey Lough.Leane, Lough (Irish Loch Lin) 52 02N 9 33W Kerry19.52 60Lee, Lough 54 32N 8 04W Donegal0.15 Lee, Lough 53 32N 9 05W Mayo0.0195Lehanagh Lough, see Leitheanach, Loch. 48. IRELAND. 48Lakes.Coordinates. County.Surface Altitudearea(metres).(km).Lin, Loch, see Leane, Lough.Linn, Loch, see Lene, Lough.Leitheanach, Loch53 30N 9 42W Galway0.3116(English Lehanagh Lough)Lene, Lough (Irish Loch Linn) 53 40N 7 14W Westmeath 4.162592Lerrig Lough 52 22N 9 46W Kerry0.01Lettercraffroe Lough 53 23N 9 25W Galway0.7866 160(Lettercrafoe Lake)Levally Lough53 59N 9 18W Mayo 1.2329Lickeen Lough52 58N 9 14W Clare 0.8424 68Lios U Dhlaigh, Loch, see Lisdaly Lough.Lisdaly Lough53 54N 8 11W Roscommon 0.07(Irish Loch Lios U Dhlaigh)Lisnalong, Lough 54 05 N 7 01W Monaghan 0.08Loch , for names beginning with this word, see under next word.Lochn, An, see Mount Dalton Lough.Loign, Loch an (English 53 24N 9 40W Galway0.1931Lough Aliggan; Lough Alligan)Looscaunagh Lough51 57N 9 37W Kerry 0.22(Irish Loch Luascnaigh)Lough , for names beginning with this word, see under next word.Loughahalia North, see tSile Thuaidh, Loch an.Loughahalia South, see tSile Theas, Loch an.Loughanillaun, see Anillaun, Lough and Oilein, Loch an.Loughanillaunmore, see Oilein Mhir, Loch an.Loughaphreaghaun, see Aphreaghaun, Lough.Loughaunalyer, see ilir, Loch an.Loughaunarow (Irish Loch an Arbha) 53 29N 9 57W Galway0.0599Loughaunavneen, see Aibhnn, Loch an.Loughaunbeg, see Aunbeg, Lough.Loughaunemlagheask, see Aunemlagheask, Lough.Loughaunevneen, see nOilen, Loch na.Loughaunore, see ir, Loch an.Loughaunwillin, Lough, see Mhuilinn, Loch an.Loughbrin, see Brin, Lough.Loughnahillion, see Nahillion, Lough.Loughsalt, see Salt, Lough.Loughyvangan 53 27N 9 45W Galway0.0848(Irish Loch U Mhongin)Loung, Lough 53 39N 8 24W Galway0.06Lua, Locha, see Allua, Lough.Luascnaigh, Loch, see Looscaunagh Lough.Luchramn, Loch na 54 45N 8 32W Donegal 0.64 180(English Lough Nalughraman)Luggala Lake, see Tay, Lough. 49. IRELAND.49Lakes. Coordinates. County.Surface Altitude area(metres). (km).Luoch, Loch, see Currane, Lough.Lurgan Lough 53 27N 9 31W Galway 0.16Mac nan ochtair, Loch, see Macnean Lower, Lough.Macnean Lower, Lough 54 17N 7 50W Cavan/ 5.16 55(Lough Nilly) (Northern Ireland)(Irish Loch Mac nan ochtair)Mac nan Uachtair, Loch, see Macnean Upper, Lough.Macnean Upper, Lough 54 18N 7 56W Cavan/Leitrim/10.23 55(Irish Loch Mac nan Uachtair)(Northern Ireland)Magherarny Lough 54 13N 7 06W Monaghan 0.15(Maherarney Lough)Maghery Lough, see Mhachaire, Loch an.Maherarney Lough, see Magherarny Lough.Major, Lough 54 08N 6 53W Monaghan0.24 Mardal, Lough54 33N 8 04W Donegal 0.13 Mask, Lough (Irish Loch Measca)53 37N 9 21W Galway/Mayo82.178 19Maumeen Lough53 24N 10 01W Galway0.49185(Irish Loch Mhimn)Maumwee, Lough 53 28N 9 32W Galway 0.2765 47.9Measca, Loch, see Mask, Lough.Meela, Lough, see Mle, Loch.Meelagh, Lough (Irish Loch Molach) 54 03N 8 10W Roscommon 1.16 50Meenish, Lough 54 19N 7 08W Monaghan 0.02Meenlecknalore Lough, see Mhn Leic na Leabhar, Loch.Meilbhe, Loch, see Melvin, Lough.Melvin, Lough54 26N 8 10W Leitrim/23.29 29(Irish Loch Meilbhe)(Northern Ireland)Mhachaire, Loch an 54 56N 8 27W Donegal0.190(English Maghery Lough)Mhimn, Loch, see Maumeen Lough.Mheithein, Loch an, see Avaghon, Lough.Mhianaigh, Loch an 53 18N 9 32W Galway0.2(English Lough Aunweeny)Mhic Ciabin, Loch, see Akibbon, Lough.Mhlis, Loch, see Bally Lough.Mhn Leic na Leabhar, Loch 54 55N 8 19W Donegal0.28(English Meenlecknalore Lough)Mhucrois, Loch, see Muckross Lake.Mhuiceanach, Loch [Clare], see Muckanagh Lough.Mhuiceanach, Loch53 20N 9 30W Galway 0.43(English Muckanagh Lough)Mhuilinn, Loch an (English Lough 53 16N 9 36W Galway 0.34843Aunwillin; Loughaunwillin;Loughaunwillan)Mhullach Dearg, Loch 55 01N 8 22W Donegal0.543(English Mullaghderg Lough) 50. IRELAND. 50Lakes.Coordinates. County. Surface Altitude area(metres). (km).Mle, Loch (English Lough Meela) 54 58N 8 24WDonegal0.72 3Mill Lough (Lough Portaliffe)54 00N 7 31WCavan 0.121557Mine, Loch na, see Naminna, Lough.Minor, Lough 54 08N 6 54WMonaghan0.1Molach, Loch, see Meelagh, Lough.Moltg, Loch na, see Nameeltoge, Lough.Moher Lough53 44N 9 33WMayo0.364387Mohra, Lough 52 18N 7 35WWaterford0.05Moirne, Loch, see Mourne, Lough.Mna, Loch na (English 51 53N 10 02W Kerry 0.45 Lough Namona; Lough Na Mona)Monalty Lough53 58N 6 41WMonaghan0.3Moorlagh, see Morlach, An.Mr, An Loch (English Lough More) 53 04N 9 30W Galway (on Inis irr)0.092 0More, Lough [Galway], see Mr, An Loch.More, Lough54 11N 9 31WMayo0.04 More, Lough54 23N 7 05WMonaghan/ 0.21 179 (Northern Ireland)Morlach, An (English Moorlagh)55 01N 8 20W Donegal0.095 0Morne, Lough54 04N 6 50W Monaghan0.16 Mount Dalton Lough53 31N 7 32W Westmeath 0.09 122(Irish An Lochn)Mount Eagle Lough, see Sliabh an Iolair, Loch.Mourne, Lough (Irish Loch Moirne) 54 45N 7 54W Donegal 0.67 168Muc, Loch (English Lough Muck)54 55N 8 04W Donegal 0.27 Muc, Loch [Galway], see Muck, Lough.Muck, Lough [Donegal], see Muc, Loch.Muck, Lough (Irish Loch Muc)53 35N 9 51W Galway0.2157 Muck, Lough 53 59N 9 05W Mayo 0.25110Muckanagh Lough 52 59N 8 56W Clare0.96117(Irish Loch Mhuiceanach)Muckanagh Lough {Galway], see Mhuiceanach, Loch.Muckno, Lough 54 07N 6 43W Monaghan3.38-5.6890.97-(Irish Loch Mucn) 92.87Muckno Mill Lough 54 09N 6 43W Monaghan 0.2Muckross Lake 52 00N 9 31W Kerry 2.69 17(Irish Loch Mhucrois)Mucn, Loch, see Muckno, Lough.Mullagh, Lough53 49N 6 57W Cavan 0.3507 121Mullaghderg Lough, see Mhullach Dearg, Loch.Mullanary Lough 54 06N 6 58W Monaghan 0.35Naback, Lough (Lough na Baice)53 54N 7 37W Longford0.1185 129Nablahy, Lough53 50N 8 02W Roscommon0.76 40(Irish Loch na Bltha)Nabrucka, Lough 53 27N 9 48W Galway0.1751 (Irish Loch na Broca) 51. IRELAND. 51Lakes.Coordinates. County. Surface Altitude area(metres). (km).Nacally, Lough55 01N 7 54W Donegal0.09 Nacarriga, Lough54 03N 7 53W Leitrim0.24 (Irish Loch na Carraige)Nacarrigeen, Lough53 34N 9 48W Galway 0.111 Nacoogarrow Lough, see Cige Rua, Loch na.Nacorrusaun, Lough53 26N 10 02WGalway0.1987 Nacorrusaunbeg, Lough 53 26N 10 02WGalway0.0917 (Irish Loch na gCorrasn Beag)Nacreaght, Lough55 06N 7 45W Donegal0.08Nacroagh, Lough 54 10N 8 14W Leitrim 0.0041 292Nacung Upper, Lough, see Cuinge Uachtarach, Loch na.Nadarragh, Lough54 35N 8 00W Donegal 0.09 Nadreegeel Lough (Nadregeel Lough) 53 53N 7 10WCavan 0.44 103Nafiddaun, Lough, see Tan, Loch.Nafooey, Lough, see Fuaiche, Loch na.Nafurnace, Lough, see Foirnise, Loch na.Nagap, Lough (Irish Loch na gCeap) 53 27N 10 02W GalwayNagarnaman, Lough 54 02N 6 45W Monaghan0.1822 151Nageage, Lough54 37N 7 44W Donegal0.01Nageeron, Lough, see gCaor, Loch na.Naglack, Lough53 58N 6 42W Monaghan 0.16Naglare, Lough (Irish Loch na gClr) 53 58N 7 06WCavan 0.0639 174Naglea, Lough 55 13N 7 45W Donegal 0.071378(Irish Loch na gCliath)Nagravin, Lough, see Creibhinne, Loch na.Nahaltora, Lough53 42N 9 50W Mayo0.1122 (Irish Loch na hAltra)Nahanagan, Lough53 02N 6 24W Wicklow0.3 (Irish Loch na hOnchon)Nahasleam, Lough, see hEaslime, Loch na.Nahillion, Lough (Loughnahillion) 53 31N 9 55W Galway0.4181 (Irish Loch na nUilleann)Nakirka, Lough (Irish Loch na Circe) 52 02N 9 50WKerry 0.06 173Nalughraman, Lough, see Luchramn, Loch na.Namachree, Lough54 02N 6 52W Monaghan0.1670 117Namanfin, Lough 54 42N 8 19W Donegal0.23128(Irish Loch na mBan Fionn)Nambrack, Lough 54 10N 7 55W Cavan/Leitrim 0.07 Nambrackagh Lake53 25N 9 46W Galway0.02 Nambrackderg, Lough 51 48N 9 14W Cork0.12 (Irish Loch na mBreac Dearg)Nambrackkeagh, Lough53 30N 10 00WGalway0.078267(Irish Loch na mBreac Caoch)Nambrackmore, Lough, see Bhric Mhir, Loch an.Nambraddan, Lough (Lough Nam- 54 52N 8 08W Donegal 0.06 bradden) (Irish Loch na mBradn) 52. IRELAND.52Lakes.Coordinates.County. Surface Altitudearea(metres).(km).Nambraddan, Lough (Lough Nam-55 08N 7 46W Donegal0.03 bradden) (Irish Loch na mBradn)Nambradden, Lough, see Nambraddan, Lough.Nameeltoge, Lough55 09N 7 47W Donegal 0.0825 128(Irish Loch na Moltg)Naminn, Lough55 13N 7 23W Donegal0.16150Naminna, Lough 52 47N 9 13W Clare 0.2025 169(Irish Loch na Mine)Namnamurrive, Lough54 33N 7 55W Donegal 0.16 Namona, Lough, see Mna, Loch na.Namroughania, Lough, see mBruaichn, Loch na.Nanaugh, Lough, see nEach, Loch na.Naskeha, Lough, see Sceiche, Loch na.Nasnahida, Lough 54 55N 8 14W Donegal0.152 Nasoodery, Lough 53 26N 9 59W Galway0.28 (Irish Loch na Sdair)Nasool, Lough (Lough Nasuil) 54 06N 8 18W Sligo0.3 100(Irish Loch na Sl)Nasuil, Lough, see Nasool, Lough.Natawneighter, Lough, see Tamhna ochtair, Loch na.Naulla, Lough, see Nuala, Loch.Navreaghly, Lough, see bhFraochla, Loch na.Naweelaun, Lough 53 26N 9 56W Galway0.34 New Lake (Dunfanaghy New Lake) 55 10N 8 00W Donegal 0.93 (Irish An Loch r) [1920]Nilly, Lough, see Macnean Lower, Lough.Nuala, Loch (English Lough Naulla) 53 16N 9 21W Galway0.3427 Oakport Lough53 59N 8 10W Roscommon0.51 42OFlynn, Lough 53 46N 8 38W Roscommon1.37 77(Irish Loch U Fhloinn)Oighinn, Loch, see Hyne, Lough.Oilein, Loch an [Donegal], see Anillanowennamarve, Lough.Oilein, Loch an (English Lough53 25N 9 44W Galway0.5726Anillaun; Loughanillaun)Oilein, Loch an [Galway], see also Anillaun, Lough.Oilein Mhir, Loch an 53 18N 9 20W Galway0.7141 (English Lough Anillaunmore;Loughanillaunmore)nOilen, Loch na (English Lough53 15N 9 31W Galway 0.1 Aunevneen; Loughaunevneen)Oilen U Eadhna, Loch 51 52N 10 01W Kerry1.28 109(English Cloonaghlin Lough)ir, Loch an (English Lough Aunore; 53 20N 9 45W Galway 0.057385Loughaunore)Oirilach, Loch53 23N 9 37W Galway0.24 (English Lough Aroolagh) 53. IRELAND. 53Lakes. Coordinates. County.SurfaceAltitude area (metres). (km).hOnchon, Loch na, see Nahanagan, Lough.Oony, Lough 54 13N 7 08WMonaghan0.1 Oorid Lough, see raid, Loch.Oughter, Lough (Irish Loch Uachtair) 54 01N 7 27W Cavan1349Oughteraglanna, Lough, see Uachtair, Loch.Owel, Lough (Irish Loch Uail) 53 34N 7 24WWestmeath 10.217897Pailse, Loch na, see Pallas Lough.Pallas Lough (Irish Loch na Pailse) 53 14N 7 35W Offaly 0.2880Park Lough, see Tawnagh, Lough.Peters Lake (Peters Lake)54 15N 6 58WMonaghan 0.03 Pholl Ruair, Loch54 54N 8 24WDonegal0.07 (English Lough Pollrory)Pollacappul, Lough53 34N 9 53WGalway 0.2529(Lough Pollacoppul)Pollacoppul, Lough, see Pollacappul, Lough.Pollan Dam Reservoir, see Fullerton Pollan Reservoir.Poll an Phca, see Pollaphuca Reservoir.Pollaphuca Reservoir (Poulaphouca 53 08N 6 30WWicklow 19.70179.9-Reservoir) (Irish Poll an Phca)186.3Pollrory, Lough, see Pholl Ruair, Loch.Portaliffe, Lough, see Mill Lough.Port Lough55 10N 7 59WDonegal 0.2 Poulaphouca Reservoir, see Pollaphuca Reservoir.Ramhar, Loch, see Ramor, Lough.Ramor, Lough (Irish Loch Ramhar)53 49N 7 04WCavan7.1382Rannaghaun, Lough 53 24N 10 00W Donegal0.14 Rath Lough54 34N 8 03WDonegal0.34 Rea, Lough (Irish Loch Riach) 53 11N 8 35WGalway 3.1381Reanna, Loch na, see Rinn Lough.Ree, Lough (Irish Loch R)53 32N 7 57WLongford/Ros- 106.135common/WestmeathReelan, Lough55 06N 7 48W Donegal0.06 Renvyle Lough, see Rusheenduff Lough.R, Loch, see Ree, Lough.Riach, Loch, see Rea, Lough.Rinn Lough (Irish Loch na Reanna)53 53N 7 51W Leitrim2.1339Rockfield Lough53 59N 7 35W Cavan/Leitrim0.3847Rockmount Lake, see Keagh, Lough.Roisn Duibh, Loch an, see Rusheenduff Lough.Rosa, Loch an (English Ross Lake;53 22N 9 13W Galway 1.39 6Ross Lough)Ros an Mhil53 16N 9 33W Galway0.1 (English Rossaveel Lough)Ross, Lough (Irish Loch an Rois) 54 05N 6 39W Monaghan/ 0.85785(Northern Ireland) 54. IRELAND. 54Lakes.Coordinates. County.Surface Altitudearea(metres).(km).Rossaveel Lough, see Ros an Mhil, Loch.Ross Lake, see Rosa, Loch an.Ross Lough, see Rosa, Loch an.Rowan Lough54 01N 7 52WLeitrim 0.5273Rusheenduff Lough (Renvyle Lough) 53 36N 10 00WGalway 0.1161(Irish Loch an Roisn Duibh)Rusheen Lough53 20N 9 29WGalway 0.01Rushen, Lough54 33N 7 58WDonegal/ 0.22 (Northern Ireland)Sile, Loch, see Tacumshin Lake.tSile, Loch an, see Atalia, Lough.Sailen, Loch, see Sillan, Lough.tSile Theas, Loch an (English Lough 53 24N 9 34WGalway 1.320Ahalia South; Loughahalia South)tSile Thuaidh, Loch an53 24N 9 33WGalway 0.392(English Lough Ahalia North;Loughahalia North)Sail, Loch (English Sallys Lough)55 00N 8 26WDonegal0.10Saint Johns Lough (Irish Loch Eoin) 54 02N 7 52WLeitrim 1.89 60Saint Peters Lough 54 39N 8 13WDonegal0.1648 112Sallagh, Lough 53 52N 7 45WLeitrim/Longford0.49 55Sallys Lough, see Sail, Loch.Salt, Lough (Loughsalt)55 05N 7 48WDonegal0.32 246(Irish Loch Slta)Slta, Loch, see Salt, Lough.Scainimhe, Loch na, see Scainnimh, Loch.Scainnimh, Loch53 26N 9 57WGalway 0.81 16(Loch na Scainimhe)(English Lough Skannive)Sceiche, Loch na 53 20N 9 31WGalway 0.2885(English Lough Naskeha)Schull Reservoir, see Skeagh Lough.Scoir, Loch an, see Scur, Lough.Scur, Lough (Irish Loch an Scoir)54 02N 7 57WLeitrim 1.1462tSeanaigh, Loch an 55 15N 7 40WDonegal0.2696 69(English Shannagh Lough)tSidein, Loch an, see Atedaun, Lough.Seimhd, Loch, see Sewdy, Lough.tSeisgh, Loch an, see Sessiagh Lough.Sessiagh Lough 55 10N 7 56WDonegal0.24(Irish L