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  • Breaking Bad SPEC SCRIPT (Season 5: Episode 1) "Frontiers"


    Thomas Yungerberg

    Email: tyungerberg@gmail.comMobile: 4044525766


    This episode takes place one week after the season 4 finaleand serves as the season 5 premiere. The events that unfoldwould serve as future plot lines to be explored and resolvedthroughout the 5th and final season. As of now, authoritiesare finishing up their investigation into the explosion atthe nursing home that killed Gus. Police have alsodiscovered the industrial methamphetamine lab underneathGuss laundromat after Walt and Jesse burned the building tothe ground at the end of season 4. Jesse is still in thedark about Walt using the "Lily of the Valley" plant topoison Brock, who at this point has almost made a fullrecovery. Skyler has been made aware of Ted Benekesaccident that happened while Sauls henchmen were pressuringTed to pay off his debts to the IRS. Skyler is hoping thatthings will settle back to the way the were before Walt wasmixed up with Gus and Jesse, but even in this time of peaceWalt still remains distant from his family.

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    The terminal is filled with the droning chatter of thoseflying that day. An announcement over the intercom in Frenchstates the newest baggage warnings and security measures.

    INTERCOM(In French)

    All passengers, please keep an eyeon personal belongings throughoutthe security process. If you see asuspicious piece of luggage...

    A Caucasian man, 40s, waits in line for security. He takesa deep breath before placing his bag through the scanner.

    Those behind the desk casually wave for him to step forwardas a security official waves a wand over the mans body.

    A nearby dog being held by a another officer barks loudly.The officer gives the leash a firm yank to shut it up.

    Finally the officer waves for him to take his things andmove on. He man grabs his duffel bag from the scanner anddarts for the terminals.


    He speeds down a corridor dodging other passengers. Oneindividual, not looking where hes going, knocks into him.

    A twinge of pain lights up his face as his side cramps up.Before the other passenger can apologize, he looks at hiswatch, and picks up his pace despite the cramp.


    He arrives at his gate drenched in sweat. He holds his sideand grits his teeth to help bear the pain.

    The gate attendants make a last call for passengers.

    He coughs into his sleeve and shows his ticket. He walksdown the small, cramped corridor leading to the plane.

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    The man sways back and forth as he walks down the ramp. Hegrabs the wall to balance himself while trudging onward

    His face drained of color, He coughs violently and tries tocatch his breath.

    The planes engine gets louder with each step he takes,until its almost deafening when he reaches the door.

    INT. AIRPLANE - DAY - D/1 5

    He stumbles down the aisle knocking into annoyed passengersbefore collapsing into his seat.

    Those on his row look concerned. One leans over to speak.

    PASSENGER #1(In French)

    Are you okay? Would you like someof my water?

    The passenger offers the man his bottle of water. The mannow gasping for air, nods and takes the bottle.

    The man takes two huge swallows. He clutches his lowerstomach as his body shudders. He vomits the liquid back out.

    The passengers around him recoil in horror. One offers himan air sickness bag. The man is in too much pain to notice.

    Between gags the man coughs up some discolored bile andsaliva. He throws his head back, squeezes his eyes shut andscreams in agony.

    A passenger stands up and calls down the aisle. A femaleflight attendant stands in shock watching the man suffer.

    The passenger yells again, urgently tapping his chest.

    PASSENGER #2(In French)

    Hes having a heart attack! Heneeds help now!

    The attendant snaps to and digs out a defibrillator kit froma compartment. The passengers shout in concern as shemotions for them to back away.

    The mans movements slow. His eyes roll back into his head.

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    Two passengers hoist the man up as drool trickles from hislips. They lay him down in the aisle.

    The flight attendant checks for a pulse. Nothing.

    She takes a pair of scissors and cuts open his shirt. Shehastily attaches the nodes.


    Electricity surges through the body, but he doesnt respond.


    The body twitches, but still no good,. As she continues toactivate it over and over, we slowly ZOOM on the mans face.


    INT. MORGUE - NIGHT - N/1 6

    The expression on the mans face remains the same. Suddenlya blanket is pulled up over his head.

    A police officer backs away from an autopsy in progress andleans against the wall.

    Two doctors peer inside the mans now open torso.


    So we know he was smuggling?

    DOCTOR #1(In French)

    Theres no question about that. Theradiography picked up severalsatchels in his stomach.


    One of the packages burst inside ofhim?

    DOCTOR #2(In French)

    Yes. He was very unlucky.

    DOCTOR #1(In French)

    Theyre still doing the blood workto find out the substance along


  • 5.

    DOCTOR #1 (contd)with the estimated amount he wastrying to traffic beforedilution... But we find that thisway is faster.

    The doctor digs in with his scalpel. The stomach churningsounds of flesh cutting and organs being pushed aside almostgets the better of the police officer who has to look away.

    DOCTOR #1 (CONT.)(In French)


    The doctor carefully holds up one of the clear packages andsmears the blood off of it.

    The officer moves towards the table intrigued. They hold itup to the light, but what they see cant be right...


    Its-- I think itsMethamphetamine.

    The doctor slides out one of the shards that gleams brightblue under the operating tables lights.

    DOCTOR #2(In French)

    Why is it blue?


    CUT TO:


    FADE IN:

    EXT. HOSPITAL - DAY - D/2 7

    JESSE sits in his car. He looks to the buildings frontdoors. He drums his fingers against the steering wheel.

    His girlfriend ANDREA emerges with BROCK from the hospital.Brock, confined to a wheelchair, is pushed be a nurse.

    Once they stop, Andrea takes him by the hand and helps himto his feet.

    A smile spreads across Jesses face. For the first time in along time it looks as if hes genuinely happy.

  • 6.

    Andrea points him out to Brock. Brock waves as they maketheir way to Jesses car. Jesse extends his fingers on thewheel, waving back.

    He unlocks the door and starts to clear the passengers seatof burger wrappers and other garbage.

    Jesses cell phone begins to ring.

    He digs it out of his pocket to take a look. Its Mr. White.

    Jesses face turns more serious. He looks up towards Andreaand Brock who are still walking towards the car.

    He quickly opens the phone to talk.


    WALT (O.S.)We need to meet.

    JESSEYo, I told you Im getting Andreaand Brock from the hospital today,I dont have time to meet.

    WALT (O.S.)Make time.

    JESSEIm not talkin to you about thisshit right now. Youre goin tohave to wait.

    WALT (O.S.)Jesse dont-



    WALT (O.S.)(snapping back)

    I may wait for you Jesse, but ourproblems wont. If you want them tocome looking for you, they will.And at that point it wont matterwhere you are or who youre withwhen they find you.

    Jesse looks up to Andrea and Brock as they open the door. Hetries to swallow his frustration so they wont pick up onthe tone of his conversation.

  • 7.

    ANDREAI cant thank you enough for this.

    Jesse forces a smile towards her.

    JESSEFine. Where?

    WALT (O.S.)The car wash.

    JESSEYou serious?

    WALT (O.S.)Its closed today.

    He glances at Andrea who buckles Brock into the back seat.

    JESSEI dont think its a good ideato... poop where you eat.

    Andrea looks up slightly confused.

    WALT (O.S.)Itll be fine. Just get here assoon as you can.

    JESSEAlright. Whatever. Ill see youthere.

    Jesse hangs up the phone and tries to force a pleasantdemeanor, however Andrea reads him easily.

    ANDREAIs everything alright? Who were youtalking to?

    JESSEIts a friend. He says he needs totalk to me or something.

    ANDREAWell, if you want to drop us offand go see him thats okay.

    JESSE(looking into her eyes)

    Yeah, except I dont want to.

    Theres a beat. Andrea looks concerned. Jesse decides tostop the conversation here.

  • 8.

    JESSE (CONT.)Id rather be spending the day withyou guys.

    Jesse looks to Brock in the back seat who busies himself bykicking the seat in front of him. Andrea smiles warmly.

    ANDREA.Come by my house after you see yourfriend. We can sit down and havedinner together. Itll be nice.Youre just a wanted man Jesse.

    Jesse freezes at the coincidental accuracy of her remark.

    ANDREA (CONT.)Ill take you when I can get you.

    Andrea leans in and kisses Jesse softly.

    Jesse comes to his senses during the kiss. He smiles andstarts the engine.

    As Jesse pulls away he notices a white sedan parked nearby.Inside a young disheveled man stares coldly at him.

    Their gazes lock as Jesse pulls away. A sickening grinslowly creeps onto the strangers face.


    SKYLER, wearing all black and