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BalloonSat Flight Computer. LCANS 2007. Your Father’s BalloonSat…. …Replaced With This. Fixed sample rate 8-bit resolution Hundreds of kb memory Four sensors max No programmable camera control No digital control. Variable sample rate 8-bit resolution 1kb of memory Six sensors max - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of BalloonSat Flight Computer

  • BalloonSat Flight ComputerLCANS 2007

  • Your Fathers BalloonSat

  • Replaced With This

  • ComparisonsHobo and Timer Flight ComputerFixed sample rate8-bit resolutionHundreds of kb memoryFour sensors maxNo programmable camera controlNo digital control

    Variable sample rate8-bit resolution1kb of memorySix sensors maxProgrammable camera controlDigital control

  • Programmed in PBASIC

  • Interfacing Sensors and a Camera

  • Inside a NearSys BalloonSat Airframe

  • Power and Flight Commit Panel

  • In DevelopmentLED PhotometerGeiger CounterBalloonSat Constellation

  • Questions?

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