ECE and NSSTC Launch BalloonSat I - UAH - and NSSTC Launch BalloonSat I ... Abhishek Krishnamurthy...

download ECE and NSSTC Launch BalloonSat I - UAH -   and NSSTC Launch BalloonSat I ... Abhishek Krishnamurthy (Computer) ... In his spare time, Joey enjoys basketball, ...

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Transcript of ECE and NSSTC Launch BalloonSat I - UAH - and NSSTC Launch BalloonSat I ... Abhishek Krishnamurthy...

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering Department The University of Alabama in Huntsville

    Spring / Summer 2003

    ECE and NSSTC Launch BalloonSat I

    The National Student Satellite Initiative (NSSI) is allowing students across America to design, build, fly and operate a broad range of payloads. The initiative has a strategy called Crawl-Walk-Run-Fly which allows students to built payloads of increasing complexity. At UAH, students in Dr. Charles Corsettis senior design class in the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Department have been designing, building and launching balloon payloads as part of this strategy. These payloads can reach an altitude around 100,000 feet and thus are at the edge of space. Graduate students in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences have assisted the undergraduate Electrical Engineering students in launching the balloons. The first payload was launched in November 2002 and reached an altitude of 107,152 feet. Each balloon payload has a GPS receiver on board. The information from this receiver is transmitted to a mobile ground station, and allows the students to know the location and the altitude of the payload throughout its entire flight of about 2.5 to 3.0 hours. The students can then chase the balloon during its flight in an attempt to recover the payload themselves. Each payload also has a notice of a reward for anyone who finds and returns the payload to the students. The November payload was recovered near Dayton, Tennessee two weeks after launch, and returned by an individual with whom the students had talked to during their initial recovery attempt. The entire process of payload design, construction, launch, recovery and data analysis can be accomplished in one semester. In addition to a GPS receiver, each balloon payload has sensors and equipment on board to collect other data that may include temperature and pressure measurements and aerial photographs. The idea is to make each payload more complex in its design than the previous one, and to gain additional knowledge to eventually prepare students to design a small student payload,

    Launched at NSSTC/UAH November 20, 2002. Max Altitude of 107,152 feet. Recovered near Dayton, Tennessee, December 4, 2002. called a CubeSat, which can be launched into space. The CubeSat idea was developed by Professor Bob Twiggs at Stanford University and has been adopted for use by the National Space Grant Alliance. The National Space Grant Alliance is a combination of the Space Grant Consortia of each state, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Under the NSSI program, the Alliance has the goal to launch 52 CubeSats, one from each member of the Alliance, to Mars by the year 2009. The project at UAH is being sponsored by Alabama Space Grant Consortium. The project is also open to all undergraduate and graduate students enrolled at UAH. For further information on joining the class, contact Dr. Corsetti at

    Dr. Gaede Receives the University Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award Dr. Rhonda Gaede received the University Foundation Distinguished Teaching Award at the UAH Academic Honors Convocation in April 2003. Dr. Rhonda Kay Gaede was hired in September 1992 as a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. In 1994, she joined the tenure track as an Assistant Professor, earning tenure and being promoted to Associate Professor as of Fall 2000. She received her BSEE degree in 1981 from Southern Methodist University and her MSEE and PhD degrees in 1986 and 1988, respectively, from The University of Texas at Austin. Her primary areas of interest are computer architecture, hardware description languages, performance monitoring, and optical interconnects.

  • Commencement 2002-2003, ECE Graduates Doctors of Philosophy Kenneth N. Burst Birmingham Field: Electrical Engineering Dissertation: Delay Based Congestion Detection and Admission Control for Deployment of IP Voice Tandems in Carrier Public Switched Telephone Networks Advisor: Dr. Laurie L. Joiner Sin Ming Loo Malaysia Field: Computer Engineering Dissertation: Static Task Scheduling in a Reconfigurable Hardware Environment Advisor: Dr. B. Earl Wells Hamid Reza Naji Iran Field: Computer Engineering Dissertation: Agent-based Reconfigurable Systems Advisor: Dr. B. Earl Wells Kenneth G. Ricks Tuscaloosa Field: Computer Engineering Dissertation: A Framework for the Design and Specification of Hard Real-Time, Hardware- in-the-Loop Simulations of Large Avionic Systems Advisor: Dr. B. Earl Wells Saikat Saha India Field: Electrical Engineering Dissertation: Modeling of Plasma Propulsion Using an Inflated Magnetic Field and Its Interaction with a Fast Plasma Stream Advisor: Dr. Nagendra D. Singh _______________________________________________________ Masters of Science, Non-Thesis Jones E. Allison III (Electrical) Madison Steven John Anacker (Electrical) Madison Nelson E. Barnes, Jr. (Computer) Madison Claudio Estevez (Electrical) Huntsville Gary Finley (Electrical) Brownsboro Naji Freije (Computer) Lebanon Jason R. Gastler (Electrical) Ardmore Brij Mohan Goel (Electrical) Huntsville William D. Goins IV (Electrical) Huntsville Kannathas Krishnasamy (Electrical) Malaysia Jonathan Travis Pardeck (Electrical) Rolla, Missouri Vihang A. Patil (Electrical) India Brent Christopher Priddy (Electrical) Huntsville Jenika Rajbhandari (Electrical) Madison Shahzad A. Rao (Electrical) Huntsville Christopher Robert Sanders (Electrical) Huntsville Jayagopalan Venkatesan (Computer) Huntsville Rami A. Wahsheh (Electrical) Jordan Robert V. Willem, Jr. (Electrical) Huntsville Wenjun Yun (Electrical) China Peng Zhang (Electrical) China

    Masters of Science, Thesis Thana Bunnag (Electrical) Thailand Thesis: Performance Comparison Between DS-CDMA and Impulse Radio in an Indoor Environment Advisor: Dr. Laurie L. Joiner Spencer Trent Cole (Electrical) Danville Thesis: Design of an Open Multipass Optical Amplifier and a Free-Space Optical Gyroscope Advisor: Dr. Richard L. Fork

    Cynthia K. Ferguson (Electrical) Huntsville Thesis: Design and Analysis of a Microelectro- Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Micro- Translation Stage with Indefinite Linear Translation Advisor: Dr. Jennifer English

    Yoshito Kanamori (Computer) Japan Thesis: Reliability and Security in a Wireless Body Area Network of Intelligent Sensors Advisor: Dr. Emil Jovanov Kenneth G. LeSueur (Computer) Athens Thesis: A Novel Technique for Real-Time Non- Uniformity Correction of Infrared Scene Projectors Advisor: Dr. Emil Jovanov

    John Price (Computer) Harvest Thesis: An Implementation of a Wireless Network of Intelligent Sensors (WISE) Advisor: Dr. Emil Jovanov

    Madan Mohan Reddy Thaduri (Electrical) Huntsville Thesis: Self Powered Reflective Type Liquid Crystal Displays Advisor: Dr. Dashen Shen Joel Glen Vinson (Electrical) Madison Thesis: Plasma Properties Characterization on the Marshall Magnetic Mirror Advisor: Dr. Nagendra Singh Earlie O. White (Electrical) Huntsville Thesis: The Photo-Chemistry and Photo- Polymerization of Matrix-Isolated Diacetylenes Advisor: Dr. Gregory Nordin Loren C. Wisehart (Electrical) Madison Thesis: Performance Evaluation of Bumpless Discrete- Time Controllers Advisor: Dr. Carroll D. Johnson

    ECE Dept., UAH 2 Real Time, Spring 2003

  • 2002-2003 Bachelors of Science

    Ali Mohamed Abdelmagid (Electrical) Huntsville William Matthew Adams (Electrical) Madison Adetokumbo Aderibigbe (Computer) Nigeria Jonathan Charles Akridge (Electrical) Meridianville Erion Angjeliu (Electrical) Huntsville Miranda J. Ashley (Optical) Vinemont Yaya O. Bamba (Computer) Huntsville Willie Mason Belyeu III (Computer) Huntsville Frank Dale Berisford III (Electrical) Huntsville Jason Kyle Brister (Electrical) Ardmore Aaron S. Brown (Computer) Marbury Stephanie Elaine Brown (Electrical) Huntsville Thomas Michael Burleson (Electrical & Optical) Huntsville Brian Perry Campbell (Computer) Hazel Green Chen-Jye Chang (Electrical) Taiwan Xiao Fang Chen (Computer) China Preston C. Chidebelu (Electrical) Huntsville Kene Chidume (Computer) Canada Joseph H. Christ (Electrical) Elkmont Mark A. Coble (Electrical) Madison Roy Thomason Cole (Computer) Cullman David Corredor (Computer) Madison Wesley Patrick Crelly (Computer) Decatur Christian Eby Daum II (Computer) Madison Joshua Harley Davidson (Computer) Vina Xinh Duong (Electrical) Vietnam Mohamed Abdelrazik Elsaidny (Computer) Egypt Gary W. English (Electrical) Meadville, PA Vickie L. Faulkner (Electrical) Huntsville Melvin Demetrius Felton (Computer) Troy Edward Jason Formby (Computer) Decatur Joshua Daniel Fowler (Electrical) Lynchburg, TN Brad Frederick (Optical) Red Bay Shirley Jane Goosby (Computer) Huntsville Daniel L. Graham (Electrical) Moulton Gregory Thomas Greaves (Electrical) Madison Jason James Alan Green (Optical) Tullahoma, TN Robin Brown Gremillion (Electrical) Madison Michael Benjamin Grigsby II (Computer) Huntsville Donn Alan Hall (Electrical) Huntsville David Evan Harbison (Computer & Electrical) Cullman Deanna Joy Hendrix (Computer) Rogersville Joshua William Hester (Electrical) Russ