Team Pegasus MSF: BalloonSat SatElysium Conceptual Design Review

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Team Pegasus MSF: BalloonSat SatElysium Conceptual Design Review. September 20, 2011. Jordan Burns Miranda Link Brenden Hogan Cody Spiker Chris Dehoyos Hemal Sewal. Mission Overview. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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PowerPoint Presentation

Team Pegasus MSF: BalloonSat SatElysiumConceptual Design ReviewJordan BurnsMiranda LinkBrenden HoganCody SpikerChris DehoyosHemal SewalSeptember 20, 2011

Mission OverviewObjective: Test and record the effects of a near space environment on several cultures ofStreptococcus mutans.Purpose: Determine how bacteria cultures respond to the lack of pressure, extreme temperatures, and radiation present in near-space.Why: Test the validity the of the recorded results of the 1967 flight of Surveyor III. According to NASAs results, we believe that we will find that bacteria not only survive, but actually thrive, in the harsh environment of space.

DesignWe will accomplish our mission by creating a balloon satellite in which our samples will be exposed to differing conditions.Three sets of samples will be put in their own conditions.Number 1 will be in a lower section of the sat with the electronics and will have a heater warming itNumber 2 will be in the upper half of the sat isolated from light but not temperatureNumber 3 will be in the upper half of the sat exposed to light and temperature

The following slides will illustrate the method of doing this.

Parts ListSolderFoam CoreHOBO Data LoggerArduino ProDigital CameraHeating System9 volt BatterysAluminum TapeHumidity & Temp. SensorStryofoamLive Strand of Streptococcus MutansAGARMotarDivided Petri DishsNuts and BoltsDry Ice

ManagementSchedule9/12/11: Divide tasks and submit individual sections by 9/13/119/14/11: Team meeting/Take ITLL Tour to get access9/15/11: Finalize Proposal9/16/11: Submit Proposal9/19/11: Team meeting for Design Presentation9/20/11: Conceptual Design Review Presentation9/22/11: Team meeting to decide parts order forms. 9/27/11: Order satellite hardware9/28/11-10/7/11: Build and test prototypes. Grow first set of bacteria for ground control.10/8/11-10/13/11: Complete testing and design modifications.10/16/11-10/23/11: Construct BalloonSat. 10/23/11: Satellite completion10/25/11: Pre-Launch Inspection10/27/11: In class mission simulation11/01/11: Launch readiness review11/04/11: Final BalloonSat Weigh in and turn in11/05/11: Launch and Recovery11/06/11: Meet to review data11/14/11: Review final report11/21/11: Complete final report11/29/11: Final Team Presentations and Report12/03/11: Design Expo

Team meetings always begin at 5 p.m. on Sundays or Mondays unless otherwise specified.Construction sessions will be on weekday afternoons. Usually Thursdays.

ITEMSUPPLIERPRICEWeight (g) in SatQuantityTotalSolder Home Depot$20.00