Back To The Basics Of Fairytales

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Back to the Basics of Fairytales starring the tale of Cinderella Discover the basics, travel the world and learn about culture.

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  • 1. Back to the Basics of Fairytalesstarring the tale of Cinderella
    Discover the basics, travel the world and learn about culture.

2. Helpful Unit Terms
fairy tale - a story for children about fairies or other imaginary beings and events, often containing a moral message.
culture- shared beliefs and values of group.
version- a form or variety of something that is different from others or from the original.
Cinderella- neglected person or thing, an object of undeserved neglect.
plot diagram- shows how the main events in a short story are organized into a plot
venn diagram- a mathematical diagram set as circles representing relationships to others (shared aspects are inside the overlapping portion of circles).
3. Compile a class list of
whathappens in the fairytale of Cinderella
4. Versions to read
The Rough Faced Girl
*Native American
The Egyptian Cinderella
The Glass Slipper
5. How We Will Keep the Versions Straight
Using Venn-Diagrams to list specific facts about each version and to COMPARE and CONTRAST the versions.
As a class, on the smart board after reading the story, we will list details to complete a plot/setting elements chart.
6. Example Activities for Yeh Shen
Click on the link to see a version of Cinderella told with shadow puppets. Students in China created the work.
Doing online research to findimage of origin flag for Yeh-Shen
7. **Internet Safety Rules will be STRICTLY enforced and expected for the students to follow after first Internet Safety Lesson.**
Culture investigation
8. Dreams really do come true.
When all the work is done each student will get to design their own version of Cinderella in a comic strip made online (must explain why each detail is present)
9. For the class will live happily ever after!
By: Miss Steiner