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  • 7/27/2019 Fairytales Book


  • 7/27/2019 Fairytales Book


    "Fairy tales are more than true. Not because they tell us that dragons exist. But because they tell

    us that dragons can be defeated." Neal Gaiman

    All the fairy tales have one thing in common: In all of the stories there is Hope. And weneed hope in our real world. Hope that things like love, faith and goodness still exist. Hope that

    we can do whatever we want to do. Hope that we can be whoever we want to be. And that

    that is pure magic.

  • 7/27/2019 Fairytales Book


    Snow Whiteby Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

    Once upon a time in the middle of winter, when snow fell from the sky, a Queensat beside a window and she was sewing. While sewing, she pricked her finger with the needle,

    and her blood fell on the snow. She thought "I want a child with skin as white as snow, lips asred as blood, and hair as black as ebony."

    After that, she had a daughter, who had skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as

    black as ebony. And she was named Snow White. When the child was born, the Queen died.

    A year passed. The King married again. The new Queen was a beautiful woman. But she was

    proud and arrogant and she thought she was the most beautiful woman in all the kingdom. She

    had a magic mirror, and when she stood in front of it, she asked:

    "Mirror, mirror, on the wall,Who is the fairest of all?"

    And the mirror answered:

    "You, O Queen, are the fairest of all."

    The mirror always spoke the truth, so the Queen was very happy.

    But Snow White grew. And she became more and more beautiful. When she was seven years

    old, she became more beautiful than the Queen.

    One day, the Queen went to the mirror and asked:

    "Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

    Who is the fairest of all?"

    And the mirror answered:

    "You, O Queen, are very very fair. But Snow White is fairer."

    The Queen was shocked. And she turned green with envy. Now she hated Snow White and

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  • 7/27/2019 Fairytales Book


    "Dear child, take one of these delicious apples."

    Snow White saw the succulent red fruit and took one. When she took one bite of the apple, she

    fell on the floor. The Queen looked at her with dark eyes and laughed:

    "White as snow, red as blood, black as ebony! Now you are dead and you will not wake up


    When the Queen arrived in the castle, she went to the mirror and asked:

    "Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

    Who is the fairest of all?"

    And the mirror answered:

    "You, O Queen, are the fairest in the land."

    And now the Queen finally rested.

    When the dwarfs came home, they found little Snow White on the floor. They tried to wake her

    up, but she was dead. They were very sad and cried a lot. Since the girl was very beautiful they

    didn't have the courage to bury her, so they built a glass coffin. Outside the coffin, they wrote

    her name and that she was a King's daughter. For some time she was there in the coffin, and

    she did not change. She was still as white as snow, as red as blood and as black as ebony.

    One day, a young Prince went into the forest with his horse and he found Snow White's coffin.

    He was fascinated with her beauty. He asked the dwarfs to take the coffin with him because he

    could not live without looking at Snow White. The dwarfs felt pity and they let the Prince take

    the coffin and the girl.

    The Prince gave orders to his servants to carry the coffin in their shoulders. But one of the

    soldiers tumbled on a stick and with the shock, the poisoned piece of apple came out of Snow

    White's throat. Right after that, she started breathing again and she opened her eyes and sat up.

    She was surprised and asked:

    "Oh my goodness, what happened? Where am I?"

    The Prince, full of joy, said:

    "You are with me! And I love you more than everything in the world. Come with me to my

    father's castle and marry me!"

    Snow White accepted and went with the young Prince. They invited many people to their

    wedding. Including the evil Queen. But the Queen did not know the bride was Snow White, so

    she went to the mirror and asked:

  • 7/27/2019 Fairytales Book


    "Mirror, mirror, on the wall,

    Who is the fairest of all?"

    And the mirror answered:

    "You, O Queen, are very very fair. But the young Princess bride is by far the fairest."

    The Queen was very angry and decided to go to the wedding to see who was the bride. When

    she arrived she knew it was Snow White. But the Prince and Princess had prepared a trap for

    the evil Queen. And there she died.

  • 7/27/2019 Fairytales Book


    Hansel & Grethelby Jacob and Wilhelm GrimmOnce upon a time there lived a man, his wife and his two children. The boy's namewas Hansel and the girl's name was Grethel. They were very poor and didn't have much food to


    The man was preoccupied and he said to his wife:

    "Wife, what will happen to us? We are very poor and we don't have enough food for us and the


    The wife answered:

    "That is true. If we don't find a solution, we will die. Let's take the children into the forest and

    leave them there. We will give two pieces of bread to them. When they go to sleep, we come

    back home."

    The man was very sad. He didn't want to abandon his children. But he knew his wife was right

    and he agreed.

    The two children heard the conversation between their father and stepmother, so Grethel began

    to cry. Hansel said to his sister:

    "Be calm, Grethel, don't cry. We will find a solution."

    When it was morning, the man and his wife gave one piece of bread to Hansel and anotherpiece to Grethel, and they took the children into the forest. When they arrived, the stepmother


    "Stay here. We will go get some wood, and when we finish, we will come back to get you."

    But they left the children and went home. When it was dark, Grethel began to cry:

    "Oh, dear brother, we are alone! What will we do?"

    And Hansel answered:

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    "Be calm, Grethel, don't cry. When we were coming here I threw little pieces of bread on the

    earth. Now if we follow them, we will find our way home."

    Grethel stopped crying and she thought her brother was really smart. But when they looked

    down, they didn't see the little pieces of bread because the birds had eaten them. Grethel felt

    afraid and began to cry. But her brother said:

    "Be calm, Grethel, don't cry. Let's try to find the way home."

    They tried to find their home for many hours, but they were lost in the forest. They were alone,

    hungry and tired.

    A few days later, they were still trying to find their house. Suddenly, in the middle of the forest,

    they saw a big and strange house. The house was made of gingerbread, the roof of the house

    was made of cakes and the windows were made of transparent sugar.

    The children were very hungry, so they decided to eat just a little bit of the house. Everything

    was delicious! But they heard a voice saying:

    "Nibble, nibble, like a mouse,

    Who is nibbling at my house?"

    They thought it was the wind, so they started to eat again. But then the door opened, and they

    saw a very ugly old woman come out of the house. The children were very scared, but the

    woman said:

    "Ah, dear children, why are you here? The forest is very cold. Come in the house and eat with


    The children went into the house and they saw a big table with apples, pancakes, cookies,

    bread, cake and milk. After that, the woman took the children to two little beds.

    The woman was very ugly. She was old and blind. But the children thought she was very nice.

    They didn't know that she was really an evil witch who liked to give food to little children and

    then eat them.

    When the children woke up, she took Hansel and locked him in a little stable next to the house.

    Then, she looked at Grethel and said:

    "Go get some water and cook something for your brother. I want to give him a lot of food.

    When he is fat, I will eat him."

    Grethel was afraid and she began to cry. But she obeyed the evil witch.

    Everyday the witch went to the stable and screamed:

    "Hansel, give me your finger! I want to feel it to see if you are fat."

  • 7/27/2019 Fairytales Book


    But Hansel didn't give his finger to the witch. He gave a little stick. The witch was blind and

    she could not see it was a stick. So she thought Hansel wasn't getting fat.

    Four weeks passed and she lost her patience. She screamed:

    "Grethel, go get water! Tomorrow I will kill your brother and cook him!"

    Grethel was desperate and thought:

    "Please, God, help us! Don't let that witch eat my dear brother."

    The next day, when the witch was preparing to cook the boy, she said to Grethel:

    "Grethel, come here! Go into the oven and tell me if it is hot enough."

    But Grethel said:

    "I don't know how to do it. Can you show me?"

    When the old witch went next to the hot oven, Grethel pushed her into the flames and closed

    the little iron door. The witch screamed and screamed but Grethel ran to her brother and opened

    the stable door.

    "Dear brother, now we are free! The old witch is dead!"

    The children went into the house and took the witch's jewels. After that, they said:

    "Let's try to find our home!"

    So they ran away from the gingerbread house. They walked for a few days until they found

    their home. When the father saw his children, he was very happy. He hugged and kissed them.

    The father said the stepmother had died. After that, the children showed the jewels they had

    brought. And because of that, they were not poor anymore.

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  • 7/27/2019 Fairytales Book


    The Emperor gave silk and gold threads to them, and waited until they finished the work.

    After some time, the two charlatans came to the Emperor and said:

    "You Majesty, here is your fabulous new suit. Look at the colors! Aren't they beautiful? And

    touch the silk! Isn't it soft?"

    Of course the Emperor didn't see anything. But he didn't want people to think he was stupid. So

    he said:

    "Yes, yes, it is very beautiful! Thank you for your work."

    But the charlatans said:

    "Your Majesty, please, take off your clothes. You have to wear your new suit."

    The Emperor was embarrassed, but he thought the suit really existed, so he took off his clothes,

    took the "invisible" suit and tried to wear it.

    The charlatans said:

    "Your Majesty, you are amazing! This suit fits your perfectly!"

    The Emperor didn't want to seem stupid, so he said:

    "Yes, yes, it is very beautiful! Thank you for your work."

    But the charlatans said:

    "Your Majesty, let's show your new suit to your subjects. They will love it!"

    Then the Emperor said:

    "Alright. I will give this privilege to the people."

    So the Emperor left the castle and walked in the city to show his new suit.

    People were shocked, because they saw the Emperor was naked. Then one child screamed:

    "Why is the Emperor naked?"

    When the Emperor realized he was naked, he understood the two charlatans had lied to him.

    But they ran away.

    The Emperor decided to go back to the castle, and he was very embarrassed.

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    The stepmother laughed and said:

    "You want to go to the party?! Look at you! You are dirty and you don't have a dress. You

    cannot meet the Prince!"

    But the girl cried and said:

    "Please, stepmother! I want to go very much!"

    The stepmother thought for a moment and said:

    "Alright. You can go to the party if you finish to clean the house."

    The house was very dirty and the stepmother thought Cinderella could never finish in time. But

    Cinderella was determined. She wanted to go to the party very much. She cleaned the entirehouse, went to the stepmother and said:

    "Stepmother, I've finished! Can I go to the party now?"

    The stepmother answered:

    "Of course not, you silly girl! You don't have a dress and you don't have shoes! If you go,

    people will look at you and laugh!"

    The stepmother left with her daughters and Cinderella was alone. She was very sad, went to thecemetery and cried a lot. The little magic bird heard Cinderella crying and said:

    "Don't cry, child. I am here to help you."

    Suddenly, Cinderella's apron became a beautiful dress, and her wooden shoes became little

    shoes made of crystal glass.

    Cinderella was very happy, and she went to the party. When she arrived, everybody looked at

    her because she was very beautiful. But the stepmother and the sisters didn't recognize her.

    The Prince saw that beautiful young woman and asked her to dance. They danced all night, and

    he didn't want to dance with anyone else.

    When the party was over, the Prince wanted to take Cinderella home. She didn't want that,

    because she didn't want the Prince to see her in that dirty apron. So she ran away. But when she

    was running, one of her shoes fell from her foot.

    The Prince picked up the shoe and said to his father:

    "Father, I have found my bride!"

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    The King was very happy and asked:

    "Great news, dear son! What is her name?"

    The Prince showed the little crystal glass shoe to his father and said:

    "I don't know. But I know this little shoe belongs to her."

    The Kind ordered his men to go to every house in the kingdom until they found the owner of

    that shoe.

    When the soldiers arrived in Cinderella's house, her stepsisters were very happy, because they

    had pretty feet. The older one wanted to try first, but her toe was very big to fit the shoe. Then

    her mother said:

    "Cut off your toe. When you are Queen you won't have to walk."

    And the first sister did what her mother said. She cut off her toe and tried on the shoe. But the

    soldiers saw there was blood in the shoe and they screamed:

    "There they go! There they go!

    There is blood on her shoe.

    The shoe is too small,

    Not the right bride at all!"

    Then it was time for the second sister to try on the shoe. But her heel was very large to fit theshoe. Then her mother said:

    "Cut off a piece of your heel. When you are Queen you won't have to walk."

    And the second sister did what her mother said. She cut off a piece of her heel and tried on the

    shoe. But the soldiers saw there was blood in the shoe and they screamed:

    "There they go! There they go!

    There is blood on her shoe.

    The shoe is too small,Not the right bride at all!"

    Then the soldiers asked:

    "Don't you have any more daughters?"

    And the stepmother answered:

    "My husband has a daughter. But she didn't go to the party. She is not the bride. It's


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    "Good morning, madam. What are you doing? What is this thing in your hands?"

    The woman answered:

    "It's a spindle, child. Do you want to see it?"

    Rosamond came closer to the spindle and when she touched it, she pricked her finger in the

    needle and fell upon a bed in the room.

    And this happened to everyone in the castle. Everybody fell into a deep sleep. When the King

    and Queen returned to the castle, they fell asleep on the floor. The horses, the dogs, the sheep

    everything and everyone was asleep.

    Many years had passed and around the castle grew a lot of thorns. In other lands, people heard

    of this rumor: There is a beautiful Princess past the thorns. Only a kiss will wake her and breakthe curse.

    Many brave young men tried to pass the thorns. But they couldn't and died.

    One day, when the hundred years had passed, a young Prince found the castle and saw the

    thorns turn into flowers.

    He went into the castle and saw people and animals on the floor, sleeping.

    Then, he finally found the tower where Rosamond was. He opened the door and he saw the girlin the bed. He was very enchanted with her beauty and he decided to kiss her.

    When his lips touched hers, she woke up and opened her eyes. She was very happy and

    thankful to the young Prince.

    They went to the court and saw that everyone was awake too. The King, the Queen, the

    soldiers, the horses, dogs, sheep nobody was asleep anymore.

    The young Princess and Prince decided to get married. Their wedding was celebrated with

    splendor and they lived happily ever after.

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    Rumpelstiltskinby Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

    Once upon a time there was a very poor miller. He had a very beautiful daughterand he wanted to find a rich husband for her.

    One day, he deiced to go to the Palace to talk to the King. When he arrived, he said:

    "Your Majesty, I have a very beautiful and talented daughter. If you give her straw, she will

    spin it and it will become gold."

    The King was very interested, so he said:

    "Bring your daughter to the Palace. I want to see if she can do what you said."

    The miller took his daughter to the Palace and when they arrived, the soldiers took the girl to a

    room. In the room there was a spindle and a lot of straw. The King said:

    "Finish your work until it is morning. If you can't do this, you will be killed."

    After saying that, the King left. And the girl was alone in the room with a lot of straw. She

    didn't know how to turn straw into gold. She didn't want to die and she was desperate, so she

    began to cry.

    Suddenly, the door of the room opened and she saw a strange little man smiling at her. He said:

    "Good evening, miller's daughter. Why are you crying?"

    And she answered:

    "Oh! I have to spin this straw and it has to become gold. I don't know how to do that. And the

    King said that I will die if I don't do this until tomorrow morning."

    The strange little man smiled and said:

    "What will you give me if I do the work for you?"

    And the girl said:

    "I will give you my necklace!"

    The little man accepted the necklace and started to spin the straw. Before it was morning, all the

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  • 7/27/2019 Fairytales Book


    The girl thought she had no more options, so she promised to give her first child to the strange

    little man.

    The little man started to spin the straw and before it was morning, all the straw had become


    In the middle of the morning, the King went to the room. He saw all the gold and was very


    He and the girl got married and after a year, she found out she was pregnant.

    When the child was born, the strange little man appeared and said:

    "Remember your promise? Give the child to me!"

    The Queen loved her child very much, so she offered many riches and treasures to the strangelittle man. But he didn't accept. He wanted the child.

    The Queen began to cry and the man felt pity, so he said:

    "Alright. I will give you three days. If you find out my name until the end of the third day, I

    will let you keep the child. But if you don't find out my name, you will give the child to me."

    The Queen was awake all night. She tried to think of all the names she had heard in her life.

    At the end of the first day, the strange little man appeared and asked:

    "Did you find out my name?"

    She said a million of names, but the little man said:

    "None of those is my name."

    At the end of the second day, the little man appeared again. And the Queen asked:

    "Is your name Roast-ribs? Or Sheepshanks? Or Spindleshanks?"

    But he answered:

    "None of those is my name."

    The Queen called all the wise men in the Kingdom and none of them could think of a new

    name. But one of them said:

    "This morning, I saw a strange little man dancing in front of a house. He was singing:

    'Today I'm alone, but tomorrow comes soon!

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    I was able to trick the Queen in the room.

    Tonight the Queen's child is going to come in,

    Because she will never guess my name: Rumpelstiltskin!' "

    The Queen was very happy to hear that. When it was night, the strange little man appeared and


    "Did you find out my name?"

    And the Queen said:

    "Is your name Jack? Or Harry?"

    The little man smiled and said:


    But the Queen finally said:

    "Then I think your name is Rumpelstiltskin!"

    The strange little man was very surprised and he became very angry. He started to scream:

    "The devil told you that! The devil told you that!"

    He was very angry, so he jumped very hard on the floor. The floor broke and the little strangeman died.

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    "I will go to her grandmother's house, eat the grandmother and then eat this delicious little girl."

    So the wolf said goodbye to Little Red Riding Hood and went to her grandmother's house.

    When he arrived, he knocked on the door. The grandmother asked:

    "Who is there?"

    And the wolf answered:

    "It's me, your granddaughter!"

    The old grandmother said:

    "Little Red Rising Hood?"

    And the wolf answered:

    "Yes, grandmother. Let me in!"

    When the grandmother opened the door, the wolf opened his big mouth and ate her.

    The he put on the grandmother's clothes and laid on the bed.

    After some minutes, the girl arrived and knocked on the door. The wolf, pretending to be the

    grandmother, said:

    "Come in, my angel!"

    The girl came in and went to her grandmother's room. Then she said:

    "Grandmother, you look very different! What big ears you have!"

    The wolf said:

    "They are to hear you better, my child."

    But the girl said:

    "What big eyes you have!"

    And the wolf answered:

    "They are to see you better, my dear."

    The girl continued:

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