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1. a d v e r t i s i n g 2. Problem.There is a growing concernregarding students atRMIT not getting enoughnutrition to maintain abalance diet.They are skipping mealsand buying cheap, greasyfood at the expenses ofchoosing a healthieroption.And this can lead tonegative impact on theirphysical and mentalwellbeing. 3. insightsThe main barrier to preparing healthymeals identified by students was thelack of time.Over 30% of students surveyed believedthat preparing healthy food would take30 minutes or moreon average, even though this is notnecessarily true. 4. I.To educate 75% ofstudents to be responsiblefor their own health and wellbeing not skipping meals and eathealthily.II.To change 50% ofstudents perceptions thatpreparing a healthy meal isnot timneo tc otnimsuem cionngs.u ming.Objectives 5. Hi. Im Jesse.... its a little daunting to manage my own meals even my friends agree! Especially when myassignments are starting to pile up, I dont evenhave the time to shop, prepare the food and do thecooking! Even when I do have time to spare, I dontI am 19 this year and I am living away from home,and YES to my newfound freedom!! There arecertainly some pluses and minuses to this like howbadly I MISS EATING MY MOMS HOME COOKEDFOOD. Every now and then I get nagged on for nothaving a proper meal, buteven know what to buy!Living alone and having a tight budget really limitson how much I can spend on my grocery andshopping. Once, I went grocery shopping, not onlydid waste 2 hours trying to figure out what to buy, Iended up buying junk food. So I usually go the easyway out fast food! Its fast, its convenient andalthough I know its not the healthiest and cheapestoption out there, it beats skipping meal totally. 6. It is not difficult to shop,plan and cook my ownhealthy and nutritiousmeal even when I am ona tight budget.SMP 7. AnyonecanCook! 8. Rmitrecipes! 9. pocketrecipes! 10. mugameal! 11. Baby CarrotsButterBrown SugarElbow MacaroniCheeseOatsFruits 12. results RMIT Recipe Facebook page received atotal of 204 likes and270 people engaged with our page.The total post reach hits 1,700 with anaverage reach of 130 for each post.The total number of clicks generated from ourposts is 416 is a good amount inrelation to the number of page likes 13. resultsDuring RUSUs Wednesday free breakfastperiod, we gave out a total of 60 pocketrecipes in an hour.RUSU also shared our RMIT Recipes pageon their Facebook page, and thiscontributed heavily to our page likes. 14. resultsInstead of us approaching the students,students themselves approached us andwe gave out a total of 24 mug-a-meals. 15. Anyone can Cook!is designed in a way that build acommunity amongst students anduniversity staff and is alsodiverse enough to appeal to abroader online community.