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  • Tony Parisi is VP of Web and Open Technologies +1 (415) 902 8002 @auradeluxe

    virtually anyonecan make VR

  • the dream

  • the reality

  • the rest of us

  • introducing: DERP

    (DOM-based EquiRectangular Photo Viewer)

  • the tools

  • the code

    there IS no code!

    GLAM library lets you make 3D and VR using just markup

    DERP took 90 minutes to make.

    DERP - DOM-based EquiRectangular Photos

    body{ margin: 0px; } #ss1 { sphere-image:url(./photos/474488503.717899-sampled.jpg); } #viewer { position:absolute; width:100%; height:100%; }

  • the deal WebGL rocks

    real time 3D in a browser - no problem markup languages FTW

    browsers kinda do VR, getting better all the time WebVR API experimental in Chrome, FF nightlies Desktop - still need 90hz refresh (any day now) Mobile - head tracking still slow (but this is a general Cardboard problem) GearVR - Samsungs VR browser will someday do WebVR API

    proprietary tools, app stores and walled gardens FML


  • Thank You.

    Tony Parisi is VP of Web and Open Technologies +1 (415) 902 8002 @auradeluxe

    DERP can be found on Github at