An Insider's Look at ALCA

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  • An Insiders Look at the Athens-Limestone Community Association

    OCTOBER 17, 2017

  • HistoryALCA was founded in 1981 and reorganized in 2007

    Our primary mission was to preserve the former Trinity High School, Limestone Countys only all-black high school before integration, and Fort Henderson, the Union fort used during the American Civil War

    Our board is composed of 11 members who are active in our community

  • Trinitys HistoryTrinity High School was opened from 1865-1970

    It was a private school for many years and then transitioned to a public school that was under the direction of Limestone County Schools

    After the school closed, it was used for a few years and then fell into a dilapidated state

    ALCA then decided to repair the building to be used for a community center

  • Trinity High School Through the Years

  • Trinity Faculty

  • Trinity Students

  • Trinity Graduates

  • Trinity Restoration Project

    ALCA saw fit to turn this building from a blight on our community to a resource for everyone.

  • How did we do it?

  • Fundraising is Key!We raised money at every opportunity we could:Car shows

    Speaking Engagements


    Individual Donations

    We also partnered with many organizations: City of Athens

    Limestone County

    State of Alabama

    Rotary Club of Athens

    Sons of the Confederate Veterans

    Many others!

  • The Pincham-Lincoln Center

  • What is next?

  • Fort Henderson Construction


  • Fort Henderson Construction


  • How can you help?

  • How can you help?Tell people about ALCAs projects

    Give a donation to ALCA

    Support our events and activities

  • An Insiders Look at the Athens-Limestone Community Association

    OCTOBER 17, 2017