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  • What's new in Paris?

    Alain Ducasse and the chocolate factory

    Multi-starred chef Alain Ducasse has launched himself into a new and tastefu l - not to say tasty - venture: the capital's first ever "chocolate factory". The moment you enter his new workshop at the end of a court yard on rue de la Roquette, in the heart of the bustling Bastille neighborhood, you 're met by the bewitching aroma of cocoa beans. Featuring a concrete floor, brick walls and glass partitions, La Manufacture olfers a fascinating insight into traditional chocolate-ma king machinery. Repaired and put back into action, it purrs contentedly underthe control of six expert operators. "We roast the cocoa beans on-site," explains Nicolas Berger, a professional chocolate-maker, who manages the workshop. A delightful glass-roofed area has been set aside for the sale of these delicious products, including fort Y or 50 bars, of which thirteen contain "pure origin" cocoa. 40, rue de La Roquette, 11th. Tel. 0148058286.


    Something old, something new ... Old and New, a store opened a few months ago

    arrondissement, is a real cabinet of curiosities. Here, photographer and interior decorator Charlotte Gavet showeases pieces found in flea markets and antique stores, alongside contemporary works and furniture that she has restored herself. In short, it's a glimpse of a world of which Charlotte is partieularly fond - interior design. You'll find a wea lth of items from the 1940s to the present day, including lights, dressing tables, eoffee tables, wail lights and ceramies at priees ranging trom 30 to 1 ,600. Old and New, 21, rue de la Forge Royale, 11th. Tel. 0661854200. Tuesday to Sunday, llam to 7pm.

  • The changing face of rue de Paradis It doesn't get more Parisian than this! The up-and-coming neighborhood around rue de Paradis is a magnet for designers, gallery owners and trendy chefs who are gradually replacing the area's traditional purveyors of porcelain, crystal and other ingredients of the table arts. There are lots of new surprises in store - so what are you waiting for! By Viviane Blassel and Jean-Marie Dubois. Photos: Stphanie Slama.

    Jamin Puech: bag a great story Jamin Puech is the fascinating and typically French slary of a young creative duo. One day, Benot Jamin, a student at the Berat fashion design school and Isabelle Puech, a regular at the Esmod fashion ins titute, decided to create bags out of fabric .. . because money wasn't exactly flush. Sa they set up a workshop on rue d'Hauteville, below what later became their tirst store. Although finances were a little tight, their predicament turned out to be just the tonie they needed. They used everything they cou Id lay their hands on - muslin, cotton, crepe, decorated with pearls, plastic or resin - to create their designs and, still in their early 20s, exhibited in shows and took part in young designer competitions. Their reputation grew as fast as the ir success, allowing them ta set up a store located just below their apartment/workshop. The business took off and today they have four stores in Paris, two in Japan and one in New York. They now even use leather, although still in their very personal way, since they work wth laser. Jamin Puech bags are instantly recognizable. On rue d'Hauteville, in the brand's first store, Vanessa, the manager, choses new products and models from previous collections, whid1 are sold thirty percent less than the original purd1ase priee! l1's certainly worth the journey! Providing the setting for the Jamin Puech style and philosophy, their stores change decor with the collections, sa you sim ply have ta come back on a regular basis! This spring , the design will be based around tulips - delightful! Inventaire. 61, rue d'Hauteville, 1Oth. Tel. 0140220832.


    Gachon Pothier: a pop-up store that wants to put down roots If you're wondering why there's no name above this establishment, that's because ifs a pop-up store. Pop-up stores are great... except for when vou like their products, and that's exactly the case here. The young woman who welcomes us, Alexandrine, an interior decorator, is in the process of launching the Gachon Pothier brand with her partner Florence. The store offers a glimpse of their creative universe whidl has a definite nomadic vibe, including rugs and cushions from Turkey and tote bags made in India, the handles of which are inspired by a guitar strap, hence their name - Dylan bags. They also design extremely sophisticated and original jewelry. They are now on the look-out for a fixed address, preferably in the neighborhood. The Dylans alone are worth a detour via rue Martel, sa let's hape they find somewhere saon! Gachon Pothier pop-up store until June at11-13, rue Martel. 1Oth.

  • Lili Cabas: shopping bags and much more The founder of Lili Cabas, Galle Giard must have loved her grandmother a lot - and il shows! Because il was her shopping bags that gave Galle the idea for this store. Her den - her apartment, almast - is filled with ail sorts of shopping bags, which come in ail sizes and color, plus a huge selection of other items. In fact, Galle sells anything that takes her faney. Vintage sewing machines, li9ht5, furniture and abjects by one of the designers she spotted on her 5trol15 through the area. In fact, she often discavers these talented artists not far tram her store. And no wonder: this neighborhood - her neighborhood - is ti lled with creative types, ideas and - the cherry on the cake! -customers, who mainly live in the area or work in its businesses. They definitely share the same taste for the same lifestyle - that's the Lili Cabas effect! Lili Cabas. 24, rue des Petitescuries, 1Oth. Tel. 0678441946.


    Le Manoir: scare yourself... in total safety What a great idea to choose a listed historic building as the venue for telling - and reenacting - scary stories. Le Manoir, opened -::~::;~~=~~~!!!~ in May 2011, offers visitors the chance to rel ive the capital's greatest mysteries: the most awful. horrifying mysteries, the sort that really frighten the wits out of you ... with a preference for those that no one has ever really solved, including the phantom of the opera and Quasimodo. From the catacombs to the Pre Lachaise cemetery, the visit continues through twenty-three rooms covering an area of 1,000 sq.m. To really bring the stories to life, a dozen actors, dressed as dastardly characters, madmen and vampires, jump out from behind doors and up staircases when you least expect them to. Cries of tear or surprise and nervous giggles guaranteed. Yikes! le Manoir. 18, rue de Paradis, 1Oth.

    Broc'Martel: a cabinet of curiosities you won't want to leave Beware: once vou enter Broc'Martel you'lI be here for hours! Partly because of its fascinating collection of furniture and objects, and partly because the owner, Laurence Peyrelade, can talk for hours about "her objects" and the 19111 century store she reopened two and a hait years ago - after being closed since 1941! The wonderful painted canvas ceiling is one of the vestiges of the store's history ",r.""".---.....: .. and provides the setting for Laurence to .. do whar pleases me and uy to share it with others ". It's a philosophy that's totaHy in tune with this neighborhood, which fell on hard times in the 1950s, but which has sprung back to life over the last two to three years.And what exactly pleases Laurence? Furniture and objects from the 1930s to the 1950s, including industrial design, metro seats, bistro tables, clothiers tables, fairground figures ... the list is endless! After hunting them down, she restores them in her workshop in the Oise and displays them in Paris. Broc'Martel. 12, rue Martel. 1Oth. Tel. 0148245343.


  • Nanashi: a trendy restaurant for bento fans Looking for a trendy eatery for lunch or dinner? Then head to Nanashi at 31 rue de Paradis. The whole world is there! Or at least the world of design and fashion. In short, ifs THE place to be. This restaurant opened by Lionel - yes, Lionel from the Baron - and Kaari Endo, formerly the chef at the Rose Bakery in the Marais, offer a splendid mix of Japanese - or Japanese inspired-

    Rouge 58: a warm and (very) . welcoming gallery You simply can't walk down rue de Paradis without stopping in front of this store's small window display. ln fact, it's 50 appealing, you'lI find it ha rd not to push through the door, where a small bar, caf, children's books and photos are just waiting to be discovered. This wonderful mix is the brain child of Nadia, the long-haired brunette who laughs w ith pleasure at the idea of showing us around Rouge 58, which she mainly devotes to photography exhi-bitions, just like her former gallery in New York. And because she finds galleries a linle dull in general - and there's sorne truth in that - she's gone the extra mile to make this one relaxed and welcoming. Mission accomplished! And if you were wondering why she chose to cali her gallery Rouge 58, ifs actuallya nod to her favorite lipst ick - Chanel 58 Audace - which suits her a treat. Rouge 58. 51 . rue de Paradis. lOth.

    cuisine and French cuisine. The minimalist decor includes tables screwed to the floor and a large slate menu. It has a pretty basic "canteen" feel about it, but ifs definitely the place to be seen right now. Don't miss the display of organic fruit and vegetables on your way out. If you're sensitive to noise. it might be best to avoid this place. Oh, and they have newspapers too. Fun and friendly! Nanashi, 31. rue de Paradis, lOth. Tel. 0140220555.

    La Cristallerie Paradis: a reflection of the past, a glint of the future Don't even think about missing out the "cristallerie de Paradis" if you're in the area. l1's a great way ta exper