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If we have time Ill explain why this is starting with a joke: (Women rights panel, over 100 automatic anti Israel votes, Human rights committee led by Syria and Lybia, over 90% of decisions regard Israel)1 Welcome!


The startup nationOh No

Not THIS againISRAEL - AN Insider's LOOKA perspective from the inside on how it looks from the outsideA new phase in Israels Tech evolutionNoam KaiserPrincipal @ Gemini VC

VP Sales & Biz Dev @ Balink Founder @ VentureApp Investment Manager @ Naiot Venture Accelerator New Media Manager @ Yes Satellite TV

IDF Major

Top writer on Quora,Over the past 2 years.IsraelIDFMid east ConflictVCStart-upsBiz Dev

Gemini success storiesAn unusual day

10 AM10 PM

Im trained to do this. Been doing this for 20 years. That does not mean I always expect it.8July 17, 201410 AM

10 PM An unusual dayBriefing

Go inIntense fightingDebriefing, BriefingAnd after 10 daysUpdate command, get new orders Missed out on Johnnys B-day You find the 2nd one and destroy it3 weeks later, you head home.And continue working on Israels 2nd IoT Conference.

Some more intense fighting10NATO commander Col. Richard Kemp

Meanwhile, in the west bank

NablusJeninRamallah Rawabi, the new Palestinian City

And I thought youd enjoy this

An unusual identityAn unusual day

8.7 milesFrom the river to the sea is chanted by people called Peace activists41 milesDuring July 2014, My family was on one side, My enemy was on the otherBoth still are59 milesThe distance between the Ben Gurion Airport and the West bank is less than 5 miles4.8 miles8,500 sqmiles.Roughly the size of New JerseyWHY DO YOU HARDLY HEAR THE ISRAELI NERATIVEIts easy to paint the conflict as Strong = Aggressor and Weak = Victim (When violence always serves anti Israeli sentiment).Israel is open to foreign media, even Al Jazeera, it backfires, but such is democracy and a good thing too. Open debate and freedom of speech gives room for internal criticism in Israel. Think of the last Palestinian you heard criticizing the PA in the West Bank.The common opinion of Palestinians on the conflict is not widely discussed.Common and widespread misconceptionsThe amount of short lies, out of context claims, and exceptions presented as rules is just too overwhelming.COMMON MISCONCEPTIONSThe first time the term Palestinian Arabs appeared, was with the British mandate in 1920 (But things change over a century.).There were 650,000 Jews, and 330 Jewish settlements in the land BEFORE 1948. The first time the world recognized the 2 state solution was Nov. 1947:The future Israel accepted The Palestinians Joined a Pan-Arab annihilation war (A second attempt went down in June 1967 - Both didnt work).

Zionism never has and does not contradict a 2 state solution.That this conflict is the biggest issue in the mid east and origin of the unease in it.The solution.16

1 state solutionYugoslavia #2AnnexationTHIS would be Apartheid #2 2 state solutionNot a happy Marriage, but a Civilized DivorceIsraeli Territories Palestinian Territories

Simple, right?Wrong:Jordan ValleyConnectionLand swapJerusalemUnsolvable? No.Simply serious issues that require serious people.

A terrorist died, he was next in line, Never reelected (who has time for elections)Net worth $100M in money that isnt his.Does not deny the holocaust, just blames Zionism for it.Does anything but negotiate, fears change.Serial winner of elections through fear. Has nothing else to sell.Has very creative memory, especially about his own actions.PM 4 times. Just like Ben Gurion, Comparison says it all.Hooked on status Quo, fears change. Simple, right?

A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be.Rosalynn CarterIsraeli Right WingIsraeli Left WingIsraeli CentralistsOrthodox JewsIsraeli Arabs2013 Elections43

3 Parties(Even split)29

4 Parties


1 Party18

2 Parties11

3 Parties2015 Elections44

3 Parties(1 with 30)29

2 Parties21

2 Parties13

2 Parties13

1 PartyChange (?)(+1)(0)(+2)(-5)(+2)SO WHAT HAPPENED HERE ON March?Basically, Nothing

A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don't necessarily want to go, but ought to be.Rosalynn CarterBoth people need change.Change requires leadership.Neither side has it.Send CV to: [email protected] Borders are TBD, BUT heres what we knowIsraels Population: 7.9 Million PeopleHi-tech exports account for 45% of GDPNumber of technology companies in Israel: 5,342Number of R&D Centers: 279Companies listed on Nasdaq: 74 (Ranked 3rd)

23Source: Bank of Israel, OECD Statistics23Israel Rank #1 out of 58 Countries in:Private & Public Venture SectorIT SkillsInnovative CapacityFlexibility & AdaptabilityScientific Research

24Source: IMD World Competitiveness SurveyR&D Expenditure (Private & Public Sectors)Accessibility to Capital MarketsEntrepreneurshipQuality of Academic Research

24State-of-the-Art Tech Hub

Israeli Success StoriesLeading Multinationals in IsraelGreat Israeli Start-UpsMultinational R&D centers in Israel

Israel has the highest number of R&D centers of global companies in the entire world outside of the US: 279 companies.Growth & Buyout Funds

Vodafone Ventures




Why? A unique combo1. Israel is an immigrant country 2. Necessity is the mother of invention3. Education 4. Investment in Innovation5. The IDF Technologies6. Unique intelligence and data tech capabilities 7. The military service 8. Local market too small 9. "Chutzpa" 10. Efficiency over protocol and hierarchyGovernment investment1. Chief Scientist grants for R&D companies 2. Technological Incubators3. Tnufa fund Pre Seed boost for IP potential 4. Binational funds and Eureka program.5. Incentives for foreign investors.6. Incentives for foreign companies.

Israels Venture Capital Evolution30Source: Vintage Ventures, IVC Estimation*80s19921996WAVE I199917 Funds$500 millionraised

39 Funds$1.5 billion raised 200436 Funds$3.6 billion raisedPIONEERSGROWTHEXPANSIONCONSOLIDATION85 Funds$6.5 billion raised 200825 Funds$3.1 billion raised

MATURITY2015WAVE IIWAVE IIIWAVE IVWAVE VWhats ahead?Survival of the fittest.30In 2014, Israeli high-tech capital raising set an all-time record as 688 companies attracted $3.4 billion.The amount was up 46 percent from $2.3 billion raised by 659 companies in 2013.

2014 a RECORD funding YEAR 2014 a RECORD EXIT YEAR $15B In Exits$9.8B in IPO18 Offerings$5.2 in M&A52 Deals


CAOMPANIES GET BIGGER TOOSince 2011, we have witnessed of a rising number of Israeli IT, VC backed companies, postponing a quick exit option, and advancing towards higher valuations and annual sales.(The following figures are accurate as of December 2014)

21 Israeli IT companies crossed the $400M valuation threshold, compared with only 3 in 2011.

15 Israeli IT companies crossed the $100M annual sales threshold, compared with only 6 in 2011.

90 Israeli IT companies crossed the $10M annual sales threshold, compared with 50 in 2011.

7 Israeli IT companies performed an NASDAC/LSE IPO in 2014, with an average valuation of $1.75B, compared with none in 2011.

33WE ARE MATURINGIsrael is making a transition from being the Startup Nation" (virtually thousands of startups in the country, the highest per capita ratio) Into becoming a Tech Category Leader Nation. In other words, Israel is shifting into a phase wherein founders and investors alike, recognize and focus on fortes, and are aligning plans accordingly.

In terms of which industries, stand out: Advertising tech, big data, media, cyber security, enterprise software (Cloud!) IoT.

Particularly hot niches are: Mobile, consumer web and business-to-business-to-consumer software.

Trending sectorsNext Gen UI

SaaS 2.0

Ad Tech

Cyber Security & Fraud Detection

SMB & SOHO Engagement

Transportation Tech


Trending sectorsNext Gen UI

Trending sectorsSaaS 2.0

Trending sectorsAd Tech

Trending sectorsCyber Security & Fraud Detection

Trending sectorsSMB & SOHO Engagement

Trending sectorsTransportation Tech

Trending sectorsIoT

Israeli companies Are well positionedTo become the Infrastructure for IoT. 4 more Trending sectorsmass dEAL FLOW, but do we have en edge?Fintech

Indoor LBS

Social Apps

Social Media Monitoring

THE SCALE UP NATIONHere is the challenge.Here is the opportunity.Thank you!I could be wrong you know

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