ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Characteristics You Can Replicate

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Characteristics You Can Replicate
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Transcript of ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Characteristics You Can Replicate

CSH Digital Media Observations

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Characteristics You Can Replicate

(Part One in the Series)

VG name that campaign1

This is the first in what will be at least a nine-part content series

On a weekly basis well be touching upon subjects such asMobile and the 99% open rateDirect mail and the 99% non-open rate (theres hope!)Digital Ambassadors- tricks with technology you should useAnd well also describe board member, event and social media opportunities all organizations should consider

And now, some thoughts on why ALS was so successful-

Maybe you cant replicate the volume of the ALS Ice Bucket Campaign

But, there are several identifiable characteristics you can

Digital media (social, mobile, e, online) tends to work best when people are given the chance to-

Feel connectedBe inspiredFind humor

One way you can do this- humanize your content

Put content creation in the hands of your beneficiaries- theyll humanize it for you

And yes, you can build governance into content creation in advance

Try to think about it in terms of changing the authors

Instead of you talking about yourself set the stage for them (your beneficiaries) to talk amongst themselves and their communities

You About You

Them About You

If youre not convinced-

Ask yourself, how did a non nonprofit break the all-time Indiegogo fundraising record

Humans of NY has amassed over 4 million followers on the simple formula of-

Letting the people be the contentAnd, by giving the followers reason to feel connected, find inspiration and laugh

Stay Tuned For More Quick Points From NEPS Digital

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