A presentation by Morgan Mury

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How does a cell compare to a school? Find out with my slideshow. Enjoy :)

Transcript of A presentation by Morgan Mury

  • A comparison of cells and schools.
    A presentation by Morgan Mury
  • What do these two have in common?
  • The cytoplasm would be like the entire school because everything is inside it.
  • The cytoskeleton could be the structure of the school because it supports the cell.
  • The microtubules could be like the support of the school as in walls and roof because they provide support.
  • The lysosomes would be like a bathroom because they dispose of things.
  • The centrioles would be like a volleyball net bacause its fibers.
  • The golgi apparatus would be like the ag shop because it distributes things.
  • The nuclear envelope would be like the walls of the office because it surrounds the nucleus.
  • The chromatin of a cell would be like the teachers because this knowledge needs to be passed on, as a teacher would do.
  • The nucleolus of a cell would be like the principle because it takes the positions, as do the principle.
  • The nucleus of a cell would be like the office because it is the main brains of the cell. All controls come from here.
  • The rough endoplasmic reticulum is like a hallway with people walking down it because they are like ribosomes transferring things.
  • The smooth endoplasmic reticulum would be like a hallway with no one in it because the superhighway doesnt have any ribosomes on it.
  • The plasma membrane could be like the walls of a school because they stop outside forces.
  • Ribosomes are like students because they transfer stuff, as do students.