6 Reasons to Extend Your Guest Interaction to Their Mobile Devices

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6 reasons why hotels should engage with guests on their mobile devices to stay ahead.

Transcript of 6 Reasons to Extend Your Guest Interaction to Their Mobile Devices

  • MediaConcepts Pte Ltd . RCB: 200208058G, P: 6224 3994, 25A Neil Road, Singapore 088816. This document contains proprietary information and must not be disclosed in whole or part to any third party Reasons To Extend Your Guest Interaction to Their Mobile Devices6
  • 2 A growing number of hotel guests travel with at least one mobile device. In 2013, 95% brought mobile phones 55% brought tablets Source: Smith Micross 2nd Annual Hospitality Survey
  • 3 Just as guests have come to expect complimentary Wi-Fiwithin hotels, they will come to expect being able to use their mobile device to interact with hotel staff and get instant responses and services.
  • 4 If youre taking a wait and see approach to implementing a mobile application, here are 6 reasons why it might be a good idea to start getting in on the action.
  • 5 1 Guest Convenience & Loyalty
  • 6 Providing guests with information that they need, right on their fingertips, is always a way to delight them. Trotting down to hotel lobby Phoning up front desk Trawling through guest compendium
  • 7 Everything is available on their mobile device, which goes where they go. They could even access information and interactive services on the move. Get directions and order room service on the way back ... have it served as soon as they walk through their room Use loyalty points to redeem a beer from mini bar
  • 8 Getting to the airport on time is a key cause of anxiety for many travellers. How many times have you planned the perfect time to leave for the airport, only to be held up in a queue at the hotel to check out?
  • 9 By allowing guests to check out with a single click on their mobile device, you not only make it more convenient for them, you also reduce the queue for those who choose to check out the traditional way.
  • 10 A study by Cornell University shows that the guest satisfaction index drops by 50 points if guests are made to wait for a certain amount of time during check-in. US France Germany Italy UK Japan Waiting Time 30mins 17mins 15mins 5 mins
  • 11 2 Guest Feedback
  • 12 If guests are able to provide instant feedback to you through their mobile device while staying with you, it gives you the opportunity to rectify any dissatisfaction immediately. This may even turn a potentially negative review into a positive one on TripAdvisor, Facebook or any other social platform.
  • 13 Another way of using guest feedback is to look at any correlation between the lower ratings and the rooms that received them. If guests who stay in a particular room consistently give it lower ratings, it might be worth investigating if there could be a faulty bathroom door or noisy air vents in that room.
  • 14 3 Operational Efficiency
  • 15 Guests who arrive before the official check-in time quite often find themselves having to wait for a room. By offering a mobile check-in feature, messages can be sent to the guests as soon as their room keys are ready for collection, no matter where they are. They no longer have to go up to the front desk every half hour to ask if their room is ready.
  • 16 For hotels with a large number of rooms, room cycling can be a challenge Housekeeping tends to go around cleaning rooms in a systematic manner, quite often resulting in a mismatch between the category of cleaned rooms and the ones guests are waiting for. Available Rooms Rooms needed by waiting guests
  • 17 With a mobile application, front desk can see which rooms have been checked out, and re- prioritise the right rooms for housekeeping so that guests waiting for a particular room type get their rooms sooner.
  • 18 Completion of tasks can be automatically updated through the mobile application, improving operational efficiency by that much more. This automation can also provide statistics on staff performance and your average turnaround time for each guest request.
  • 19 4 Property SLAs
  • 20 Hotels that use external companies for property maintenance services could use the mobile application to monitor how well they are performing against their service level agreements. Whenever a guest sends a maintenance request, or your staff allocates that task to a service representative, or the task is completed, data is captured. This makes it much easier for you to ensure that your contractors are meeting their SLAs.
  • 21 5 Cost Savings
  • 22 In-room guest compendiums can be expensive to produce. By using a mobile application to complement the compendium, you could provide a more engaging experience without having to re-place the compendium every time you need to update the content.
  • 23 In addition to providing information about your facilities, restaurants and bars, you could allow guests to make a reservation right on their mobile device.
  • 24 Update your room service menu to include daily specials, seasonal promotions, and offer customisation of orders. No more excuses for your room service staff not getting the order right. Guests can review and make changes before placing their order on their mobile device without keeping your room service staff holding on the line.
  • 25 6 Upselling
  • 26 Using a mobile application, you can send tailored offers to guests based on their proximity, preferences, or how busy your restaurant is. If you know a guest likes a particular wine, and youve just brought in a few bottles that share a similar profile with that wine, you may want to send an offer to that guest to try them. Guests are definitely more receptive towards personalised offers.
  • 27 Most hotels have started to optimise their websites to make it easy for guests to make bookings. However, for the majority, the mobile experience stops there. Why not extend that into the guests stay and beyond? Check-in / Check-out / Bill Summary Maps & Directions Hotel Facilities Room Service Concierge Services Housekeeping Loyalty Redemption Maintenance Reporting Lost & Found Services Feedback MOBILEAPPLICATIONS
  • 28 Empower your guests to interact with you whenever and wherever they prefer . through their own mobile devices. Let us help get you started [email protected] Follow us on: