2015 International TechNet Wiki Summit 2015 Nonki Takahashi Session - Small Basic and TechNet (Small...

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Transcript of 2015 International TechNet Wiki Summit 2015 Nonki Takahashi Session - Small Basic and TechNet (Small...

PowerPoint Presentation

International TechNet Wiki Summit2015Nonki Takahashi

Session - Small Basic and TechNet (Small Basic - Part 2)

AgendaSmall BasicSmall Basic CommunityTechNet Wiki ArticlesTechNet GallerySynergy around Small Basic and TechNet WikiConclusion2Small Basic3

Long keywords?Small BasicNew BASIC for cloud eraEasy but powerfulOne of .NET Framework languages

4GraphicsWindow.DrawText(10, 10, "Hello TechNet!")

TechNet Wiki | Features of Microsoft Small Basic v1.0Small Basic Easy but Powerful5EasyOnly 14 KeywordsSimple IDE - code and just [Run]

PowerfulRead/Write local text filesLoad image files/internet filesPlay audio files/MMLControlsShapes

Small Basic Easy and Fun6Smallbasic.com | Turtle Maze 1.6 (PNC833-17)Demo

Small Basic How to RunTwo Ways to run Small Basic programsIn Windows desktopIn an internet browser


SmallBasicLibrary.dllSilverlight.NET Framework 3.5smallbasic.comRunPublishImportIDE.exebrowserSmall Basic How to Run8Smallbasic.com | World Clock 0.5b (BSP033-4)Demo

Small Basic History9TechNet Wiki | History of Microsoft Small BasicSmall Basic Community10

Small Basic Community11Small Basic Community is powered by many sitesSmallbasic.comMSDN Blog & ForumTechNet Wiki & GalleryFacebookTwitterYouTubeEtc.TechNet Wiki | Community Council: Focus AreasTechNet Wiki Articles12

TechNet Wiki Articles13More than 200 articles tagged as Small BasicSmall Basic Small Basic FAQ Wiki: Small Basic Portal Small Basic Portal Survival Guide Small Basic: International Resources Features of Microsoft Small Basic v1.0 Small Basic: How to Use MSDN Forum TechNet Wiki is an encyclopedia for Small Basic

Small Basic Encyclopedia

TechNet Wiki | tagged as Small BasicTechNet Wiki Articles (1)Wiki: Small Basic Portal This is very useful article which has categorized links to TechNet Wiki articles about Small Basic

For Wiki ArticlesLinks are to TechNet Wiki articles

MORE THAN 160 LINKSCoverage 70% of SB articles


TechNet Wiki | Wiki: Small Basic PortalTechNet Wiki Articles (2)15Small Basic Survival Guide A Survival Guide is a list of resource links

Not for Wiki ArticlesLinks are for additional resources (out of TechNet Wiki)


TechNet Wiki | Small Basic Survival GuideBooksDownloadsLanguage ResourcesRelated ResourcesOfficial sitesBlogs/SitesGalleries/PortalsVideosTechNet Wiki Articles (3)16Small Basic: How to Use MSDN ForumThis article illustrates how to use MSDN forum


Tree Structure in ThreadThis section is about structured question and answers

TechNet Wiki | Small Basic: How to Use MSDN ForummTechNet Wiki Articles (4)17Small Basic: International ResourcesThis article focuses on international resources for SB both in TechNet Wiki and out of TechNet WikiNOW WE HAVE 24 LANGUAGESSupported Languages in Small Basic, Small Basic API Reference, Small Basic Getting Started Guides, Small Basic CurriculumOfficial resourcesTechNet Wiki Articles, Blogs5 languages for WikiBooks, VideosTwo books were published last year in English and KoreaTwitter, CommunitiesTechNet Wiki | Small Basic: International ResourcesTechNet Gallery18

TechNet GalleryTechNet Gallery has 25 contents tagged as Small BasicProgramsToo large SB programsSB programs with filesExtension librariesImagesDownloaded from SB programsExcel sheetsStatistic information about Small BasicPowerPoint presentationsSB curriculumsImages for SB programs

19TechNet Gallery | tagged as Small BasicTNSynergy around Small Basic and TechNet WikiCode block formatterTN Wiki article list generatorSB blog post list generatorSample programsURL of published program

FROM SMALL BASICFROM TECHNET WIKI20Information about SBGuide for new programmerSB PortalAbout SB forumAbout SB blogAbout TN GalleryAbout CodePlexAbout YouTubeAbout Channel 9TN Gallery programs and filesTN Gallery images for SB programs SB forum QA and discussionSB blog - announcement

FROM OTHER SITESSynergy around SB and TNWiki (1)21Code Block FormatterThis is a Small Basic programTechNet Wiki has its code block formatterBut doesnt support SBSo coded in SB

Synergy around SB and TNWiki (1)22

Code Block FormatterDemoSmallbasic.com | Code Block Formatter 1.4 (SKC235-2)Synergy around SB and TNWiki (2)23TechNet Article ListThis is a Small Basic programThis program creates a HTML fileThis sample creates Visual Basic article listYou can modify this program for other topics

Synergy around SB and TNWiki (2)24TechNet Wiki Article ListDemoTechNet Wiki | Small Basic: TechNet Wiki Article List


ConclusionSmall Basic is a simple and powerful programming languageSmall Basic community is hot for new programmersTechNet Wiki is now an encyclopedia about Small BasicSmall Basic contents in TechNet Gallery are growingI hope much synergy around Small Basic and TechNet Wiki26Questions?Thank you very muchFor listening this sessionFor supporting via TechNet Wiki27