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  • “Our goal : no loss or harm to people, or the environment”

    Seascape Surveyor Page 1

    Hi everyone! Welcome to the 4th Edition of the Seascape Surveyor. In this issue we have heaps of news and contribution from many people within Seascape Surveys.

    Our management summary is from Achmad Yusnandar, Operations Manager of PT Seascape Surveys Indonesia. His role is managing logistics and field personnel, working closely with our Operations Director.

    Unfortunately two of our friends and colleagues have had appendix surgery since our last Newsletter, so it is a good time for all of us to focus on our health and well being. Our geophysicist Heri has written about his experience under the knife (see Page 9).

    We also have an update of recent projects involving Seascape Surveys from around the world, and pictures and details of the two new Seascape Surveys offices, in Singapore and Thailand.

    Please keep on sending us your pictures and stories, so we can keep everyone informed about the latest news throughout the company.


    July 2008 Volume 4

    Management Summary off [email protected] +62 21 7884 3025

    Seascape Surveyor

    Seascape Surveys Indonesia Operations Manager Achmad Yusnandar

    First of all I would like to say thank you to senior management to give me an opportunityto write the management summary for this issue.

    As we all know, Seascape Surveys is not yet 4 years old but it’s growing so fast.

    Seascape Surveys is now recognised by our industry from Nigeria in West Africa to Venezuela in South America, from Russia in the North to Australia in the South.

    Who has made this happen? I believe that all of us have made it happen.

    The best management without the best employees is impossible. The best employees, without the best management is nothing.

    As my position is in the middle between top management and employees, therefore I’dlike to say thanks to all of you for making Seascape Surveys, our company, a company that we can all take pride in.

    The company team works can be compared to a car. Which part of the car is the main part and most expensive? Of course everyone can agree that the engine is the main part, but a car needs more than just the engine to move forward.

    The engine needs a body to support it. Now that is still not enough for the car to move forward! What else do we need? Steering?...yes we need steering, and what else? Tyres?… yes we need them...and still we need more, even something that costs nothing and is all around us; Air is also important to inflate the tyres. We can have the best tyres,but without air inside them, the car cannot function.

    From that philosophy it is clear that all parts of the company are very important, they are related to each other.

    Another thing for us to remember, especially for me, is to SHARE. Please share your knowledge to help out one another. This time around you may be using your experience and advice to help someone. Maybe in the future they will remember your help, and can surprise you by helping you out, perhaps by sharing their experience and advice.

    The last thing from me is please share our happiness and smile to everyone. You will thensee what good things can happen!

    Have a nice day….

    Achmad Yusnandar

    Operations Manager

    I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E

    1 Welcome Management Summary

    2 SOC Winners

    3 Project Update

    4 Health and Safety update

    5 Seascape Surveys Thailand

    6 Singapore Office Opening Party

    7 About personnel

    8 Seascape Surveys Snapshots

    9 Story from Friend..

    10 IT Knowledge Project report - Venezuela

  • “Our goal : no loss or harm to people, or the environment”

    Seascape Surveyor Page 2

    Seascape Surveyor Page 2Page 2

    Safety Observation Card winners

    Seascape Surveys recently announced the winners of the Safety Observation Card (SOC) prizes.

    A prize is awarded for the best SOC submitted over the past 6 months. Also, all people who submit SOC’s are eligible to win another “lucky draw” prize.

    The recent winners were Daniel Adiono and Hardi Suseno.

    A summary of all SOC’s submitted during the last 6 months have been circulated to all staff.

    We also award a prize every 6 months for the best technical information article or advice submitted by field staff.

    Yuda Agung Nugroho received his prize for creating a Navipac BMS setup and instruction manual. This has been circulated and is available to all field staff.

    Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment Hazard Identification and Risk Assessments (HIRA) are an important part of our job, and give us a chance to think about the hazards and risks involved in each task that we do.

    By discussing and thinking about the task in detail before doing it, we all have a better understanding of what could go wrong, and how to avoid a serious accident.

    At the start of each new project, a HIRA must be completed. In most cases it will be completed in the office prior to mobilisation. Once you arrive at the vessel, it is your responsibility to review the HIRA, and add any additional tasks, hazards or risks that were not documented in the original HIRA.

    To make this important task as easy as possible, Seascape Surveys has created a register of commonly completed tasks, and the associated hazards and risk levels. This register is used as a template for creating each HIRA. The template is divided into project phases (eg: equipment preparation, mobilisation, calibrations, operations, etc). Within each project phases the commonly performed tasks (eg: antenna installation, gyro calibration, etc) are listed, with common hazards and risk levels also.

    In completing the HIRA, each team should review the template, and decide which project phases and tasks are applicable to their specific project. For each task applicable to the project, all members of the team must read the listed hazards, risk levels, and control measures required to make the task as safe as possible. Any additional hazards applicable that are not already listed should also be added. When all team members have read and understand the task, hazards, and control measures, the task should be ticked to indicate it is applicable, and is understood.

    Any new project phases or tasks should be added to the HIRA, and risk levels evaluated and control measures listed. The HIRA should be posted next to the survey desk, for easy reference, and should be quickly reviewed prior to executing each task.

    A sample HIRA task is shown below. If you have any questions about completing HIRA’s, please contact Ade or Dave.

    Activity Description

    Hazard Description

    What is exposed People Equipment Environment Reputation

    Risk (Severity x Probability)

    Recommended Corrective Actions

    and / or Control Measures

    Residual Risk

    (Severity x Probability)

    Applicable to this

    project ?


    Install GPS antenna on


    Working near to radar, high power radio source

    People 12 (3x4) Complete permit to work with vessel

    master. Turn off radar, and

    install lockout tag/notice.

    3 (3x1)

  • “Our goal : no loss or harm to people, or the environment”

    Seascape Surveyor Page 3

    Mermaid Commander The Mermaid Commander completed diving and repair work in Vietnam, and has returned to Thailand where it is currently working on behalf of CUEL Thailand.

    Team Siam Seascape Surveys personnel continue to support the Team Siam, which is currently working in southern China, performing subsea maintenance and repair work. The project has been delayed several times because of typhoons in the region.

    Binh Minh Seascape Surveys successfully completed a deepwater pipeline and structures inspection program for Chevron in the Makassar Straits, Indonesia in April. Since then, Seascape Surveys has provided survey and positioning services for the Binh Minh on a number of projects, including pipeline inspection in Vietnam (on behalf of AME/JVPC), structure inspection in the Natuna Sea, Indonesia (Premier Oil), FPSO hookup in Thailand (Rubicon), and diving and ROV works in Indonesia (BP). The vessel is now working in Russia. Mermaid Supporter Mermaid Supporter is currently performing platform and pipeline inspection surveys for Pearl Oil in the Gulf of Thailand. Seascape Surveys is providing all survey, positioning and inspection equipment and personnel for the 3 week campaign. The vessel is then scheduled to complete a 5 week structural inspection campaign for Chevron Thailand.

    Allied Centurion Seascape Surveys continue to provide survey and positioning onboard the Allied Centurion. The vessel has completed a significant ROV and diving repair project in China, and is currently working in Vietnam, completing pipeline repair works.

    Offshore Engineering Services (OES) Seascape Surveys have continued work onboard the OES trenching barge Buaya Besar, in East Java. The barge has successfully trenched 2 existing shallow water pipelines. The project has also been used to provide valuable “on-the-job” training for some of our new trainee surveyors. ECOS The Seascape Surveys team supporting ECOS in Venezuela continues to grow, with up to 6 Seascape Surveys personnel working there at once. The team are working on a large project to identify, locate and repair leaking pipelines and wellheads within Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. This is a long term project, and is expected to continue for up to five years. For further information, take a look at the project report written by Yusa, on page 10. EGS Seascape Surveys has supplied a Party Chief Surveyor to PT EGS Indonesia, to assist with completion of a Seismic Ocean Bottom Cable (OBC) trial project, in West Papua. Bechtel Seascape Surveys continue to provide QC personnel to Bechtel, for the Reliance Dhirubhai 1 and 3 Field Development project, off the east coast of India. There are over 50 vessels involved in the project, including 3 pipelay vessels, 2 structure installation vessels, several dredgers, transport vessels, tugs and barges. The project lies in deep water (400-2700m) in the Bay of Bengal, and involves construction of an offshore CPP, pipeline and umbilical installation, suction piles, subsea wellhead and manifold installations.

    Project update

    Hardi Suseno onboard Team Siam in China

    Daniel Adiono onboard “Miss Laura” at Maracaibo, Venezuela

    Ari Wibowo onboard Mermaid Commander in Thailand

    Heri Ahmad onboard Adams Arrow, Venezuela

  • “Our goal : no loss or harm to people, or the environment”

    Page 4 Seascape Surveyor

    Health and Safety update

    IMCA Meeting in Bali

    On 19th and 26th of June 2008, Seascape Surveys Indonesia organised HSE training for our HSE Representatives: Raymond, Franky, Yudi Hamdani and Cahyadi (Daniel could not attend as he was offshore).

    The training was very useful for HSE Representatives. The trainer from PT Safetindo Perkasa, Mr. Marcel Saman, helped us to improve our HSE knowledge.

    Although (see Volume 3) Seascape Surveys only recently became aContractor member of the International Marine ContractorsAssociation (IMCA), we have already become an active participantin the Asia-Pacific Section activities. IMCA scheduled the quarterlyseminar of Asia-Pacific Section to be held in Bali on 17th July, andPT Seascape Surveys Indonesia volunteered to assist IMCA headoffice to organise the event.

    Etta, Ovie and others put in a lot of work to ensure that IMCA hada good Hotel venue for the event, including making allarrangements for logistics, catering and booking accommodation.Approximately 45 attendees were present for the seminar, and the IMCA committee were delighted with the support provided bySeascape Surveys, not just on the day, but beforehand andafterwards. As you can see from the smiling faces on thephotograph, and also the weather and pleasant surroundings, agood time was had by all attendees.

    Not content with the challenge set by IMCA, Seascape Surveys

    staff took on the additional challenge of organising a golf day for 18th July. The venue was Nirwana Golf Course, which is set on the coastline with the Tanah Lot temple as a background on signature holes.

    A bus load of keen golfers mustered bright and early on the day, eager to tee off. The focus of the day was enjoyment, with no competition or prizes on offer. Everyone found the golf course to be breathtaking, andthe scenery exceeded their high expectations. Following the golf, everyone enjoyed a pleasant lunch before heading back to the hotel.

    Feedback from IMCA committee and all attendees throughout the 2 days was unanimously positive towards the role that Seascape Surveys played in making the event memorable. Seascape Surveys management would like to thanks Etta for her help in planning the event, and Ovie for her support in Bali throughout.

    Adrian Hill represented Seascape Surveys at the latest IMCA Meeting in Bali.

  • “Our goal : no loss or harm to people, or the environment”

    Seascape Surveyor Page 5

    Singapore Office Launch

    Seascape Surveys (Thailand) Ltd. Office In mid-June 2008, Seascape Surveys commenced operations from our new office facility in Thailand, which is located within the Mermaid Offshore Services Ltd. office in Pinthong Industrial Estate. The office is located close to the town of Sriracha and the port of Laem Chabang (30 minutes drive North of Pattaya, and 1 hour drive South of Bangkok). The office contact details are on the back cover of this Newsletter.

    We have a full-time administrator, Neeranuch Boontanawong, working at the Thailand office. Thankfully she prefers to use her nickname "RuD", as this is much easier to remember! Her duties are to provide administrative support for Seascape Surveys general business and project activities in Thailand. We welcome RuD to the Seascape Surveys team.

    Shaun China and Adrian Hill will also spend time working from the Thailand office.

    Seascape Surveys (Thailand) Ltd

    Pinthong Industrial Estate 789/55 Moo. 1 Nongkham Sriracha, Chonburi 20230


    Tel : +66 (0) 3831-8300 Fax : +66 (0) 3834-8106 RuD direct : +66 (0) 3831-8309

    During June 2008, MOS took delivery of a newly built diving and ROV vessel - "Mermaid Sovereign" - in Thailand. The fleet will continue to expand inthe coming months, so keep reading the Newsletter for further updates.

    In August 2008 Allied Marine and Equipment (AME) will take delivery of a newbuild DP2 vessel “Allied Conquest” in Europe. This vessel will be heading to south-east Asia during Q4 2008.

    For July 2008, the Seascape Surveys Lucky Travel Draw winner is Santi Lisindarwati. She will get 2 return flights ticket and hotel stay for 3 days 2 nights in Bali.

    Congratulations Santi, and prepare yourself guys, maybe in October 2008 it could be you…

    Lucky Travel Draw

    New Mermaid vessel The Singapore office of Seascape Surveys was officially opened on 27th May 2008, with a launch party held at the office.

    Approximately 80 guests from within the industry attended the party, with lots of familiar faces in the crowd.

    It was a great opportunity to meet up with business partners and suppliers, and for Seascape staff from different offices to get together again.

    Photos from the night are shown on the following page.

  • “Our goal : no loss or harm to people, or the environment”

    Page 6 Seascape Surveyor

    Neeranuch Boontanawong (RuD)

    as Administrator of our Thailand office

    Andy Tee As a Technician in Singapore Office

    Personnel signing on

    Dharu Wedy As a trainee


    Zein Khairudin has left Seascape Surveys Indonesia, in May 2008. He has been with us since 2005 and is also one of our Senior Surveyor in Seascape Surveys. He has been a great member of the Seascape Surveys team.

    Personnel signing off

    Singapore Office Launch - photographs

    Beautiful flowers… Ovie and Judy Delicious food…

    Stephen Auld (Coda), Roddy

    Macdonald, Neil Christie (Ashtead) & Dave Edwards

    Seascape Surveys Personnel and Mark Cooper (Acergy)

    Shaun with Colin Alexander (Ashtead), Mark Shepherd (MOS) & Steve Hughes (MOS)

    Yusnandar, Roddy, Shaun, Ross, Adrian,

    Dave, Graham Lee (Oceaneering), Judy, Ade, Jennie and Ovie

    Jinan (Sea & Land), Al (Cynergetix) & Jennie Ang

    The Seascape Surveys team

  • “Our goal : no loss or harm to people, or the environment”

    Seascape Surveyor Page 7

    Personnel weddings

    Babies Born

    All of Seascape Surveys management and staff would like to express our condolences of :

    1. Budhyarto for the passing away of his mother on 21st June 2008

    2. Cahyadi Widyatmoko for the passing away of his father on 8th July 2008.

    3. Viona Lasty for the passing away of her father on 27th July 2008.

    May their souls rest in peace and May God always be with their families.


    In June : 14th June Tajib & Adhitia Irawan 15th June Noufiya Rahman 19th June David Edwards 23rd June Kenny Black 26th June Anastasia Saras 30th June Lady Yuanita

    Dave’s Birthday on 19th June 2008

    Didit, Lady, Saras and Fiya Birthday

    on 28th June 2008

    Birthday celebrations

    In May : 5th May Firmansyah 9th May Andries Buntoro 21st May Ristiana Rusyan 27th May Wahyu Gatut

    Firman’s Birthday on 5th May at Laksana

    Andries’s Birthday on 9th May at the office

    In July: 2nd July Budhyarto 3rd July Roddy Macdonald 7th July Yudi Irawan 9th July Rido Agung & Yuda Agung 22nd July Nasution Yasin 24th July Yusa Mudzfiruddin

    12th June 2008 : Cahyadi Widyatmoko and Elfa Maharani

    “Regina Clarissa Meira”

    12th July 2008 : Pebrusani Yusuf and Rina Wahyuni

    “Jilan Juli Azuari”

    In May 2008, there were two weddings for surveyors in the Seascape Surveys team.

    Angga Yadi Permana (Surveyor) married Puteri Rallyanti in Bandung, West Java on 3rd May 2008. Rido Agung Permata (Surveyor) married Nirwana in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan on 25th May 2008.

    Seascape Surveys Management and Staff would like to say Good luck to all of you. We wish you all the best and God’s blessing for your families. Congratulations guys!

    Rido and Nirwana Angga and Puteri

  • “Our goal : no loss or harm to people, or the environment”

    Page 8 Seascape Surveyor

    Seascape Surveys Snapshots

    Andries Buntoro and Tajib in China

    Rusyan and Andries in China Yuda Agung Nugroho in Thailand

    Rafting at Citarik on 24th May 2008 Field Team in action

    Swimming at Cilandak Sports Center After rafting at Citarik on 24th May 2008 Support Team in action

    Rizky, Budhy, and Yudi in Singapore

    PPE Poster - Venezuela

    Yusa in Venezuela

  • “Our goal : no loss or harm to people, or the environment”

    Seascape Surveyor Page 9

    Real Story from our friend… Don’t ignore pain Several days ago, exactly on June 17th I got my appendix andduodenum operated, my appendix burst, but since it was notdetected, it spread out to my duodenum, so the doctor took not only my appendix but also my duodenum for 50 cm.

    At first I felt the pain around the right side of my lowerstomach, but every time I came to a doctor, the diagnosiswas always associated to ordinary stomachache instead ofappendix problem. Diagnosed to have unserious disease andpain,

    I became very sluggish to see the doctor again.

    On May 24th when I was at offshore Venezuela, my stomachwas full of gas and I felt a very great pain.

    An HSE officer brought me to a hospital and

    I entered emergency room where I got examined and healed.The diagnosis was there was an irritation in my intestine, notmy appendix. Three days later I got back to the offshore andgot down to work again, my stomach was better but it wasn’treally cured.

    Then on May 30th I asked the Party Chief to give mepermission for having an examination again. Then the doctortook the sample of my blood and feces to test in a laboratory.The test yielded that there was a protozoa—i.e Blastocistyshominis (forma glanulares) in my colon.

    On June 6th I went back to Indonesia. My stomach did not getbetter, so I saw a doctor again in Tasikmalaya. The laboratorytest from the hospital yielded that there was an irritation inmy colon; therefore the doctor gave me some medicine.

    In spite of getting better, on the next day, my stomach feltso painful and I got diarrhea. Because of the condition, Idecided to go to Borromeus Hospital. In there, I got my bloodand feces checked, carried on USG and also endoscopy. Fromthose tests, the doctor found out that there was a liquid that

    was clueless even to the doctor. CT scan was carried out toanalyze the liquid and it yielded in the conclusion that myappendix had been burst and my duodenum had beeninfected. Two hours later, after the result of CT scan was yielded, I got operated. After being operated, the doctor toldme that I was so lucky because I got operated before theduodenum leaks. If only the duodenum has leaked, the effectwould be very fatal.

    What I learned from my experience is that I would like to suggest you not to ignore the pain that you felt no matterhow easy it is neither to wait until something goes wrong.Look for the right doctor and second opinion to another if thediagnosis is not quite reliable.

    Hopefully my experience would not happen to you. And I wish that we would always stay healthy forever.

    (story by Heri Ahmad Rifai/Geophysicist)

    Heri Ahmad at Borromeus Hospital in Bandung.

    Why do we say “Roger” and “Mayday”? All personnel who have been working offshore must be familiar with ‘roger’ and ‘mayday’ phrases when we are communicating over a radio. Well, it has been questions for me for a while, why it has to be ‘roger’, not ‘paul’, ‘john’, or any other names. And why it has to be ‘may day’, not ‘june day’ and so on.

    So for all of you who have the same question as I do, here are some short stories about those words.


    ROGER -- "in the meaning of 'Yes, O.K., I understand you -- is voice code for the letter R. It is part of the 'Able, Baker, Charlie' code known and used by all radiophone operators in the services. From the earliest days of wireless communication, the Morse code letter R (dit-dah-dit) has been used to indicate 'O.K. -- understood.' So 'Roger' was the logical voice-phone equivalent."

    ROGER—‘A code word used by pilots to mean 'your message received and understood' in response to radio communications; later it came into general use to mean 'all right, OK.' Roger was the radio communications code word for the letter R, which in this case represented the word 'received.'

    So, the main reason why it was roger was that it was the phonetic designation for the letter ‘R’ which in turn stood for ‘received’.

    The use of “roger” isn't all that old. In the military's phonetic alphabet, "roger" didn't become the designation for R until 1927. (Previously the designation had been "rush.") The first citation given by the Oxford English Dictionary for “roger” in the sense of "received" dates from 1941, coinciding with U.S. entry into WWII. The term made the big time in 1943, when the Army Signal Corps incorporated it into one of its procedural manuals.

    In 1957 "roger" was replaced by "romeo," the current designation, but by then "roger" = "received" was so entrenched that the brass knew better than to try and change it.

    …Continued on page 11

  • “Our goal : no loss or harm to people, or the environment”

    Page 10 Seascape Surveyor

    IT Knowledge Are you afraid of Ghosts?

    If you are afraid, it is ok - I am also afraid of ghosts!

    Anyway we are not talking about the scary things. This ghostwon’t scare you - instead it could be one who will save yourday.

    Ghost is some computer software from Symantec. The mainfunction of it is to make an image of drives for use as abackup.

    Some of you maybe ask “What is the importance of making animage of the drives?” Ok I’ll show you…

    Imagine you are in the middle of critical mission doing abathymetric survey on the Amazon River. You are chasingtime and there are piranhas biting your wooden boat. Ok,maybe that story is bit over the top…

    Anyway, everything is ok until suddenly your PC restartsbecause of a voltage shock from the generator. Now thecomputer won’t even start Windows because some of its filesare corrupted.

    You have all the software and drivers on CD so it would beeasy to reinstall Windows, and fortunately you always savedata on D: Drive.

    The problem is, how long will it take to reinstall windows?Not just Windows, but also all the programs and drivers. Itmay take a full day to complete everything. But with Ghost, everything can be restored in a matter of minutes!

    Now read carefully this step. On every new project, there is always set of CDs containing backup drivers, software and also a ghost recovery CD. So just insert the CD, boot from theCD, follow instruction on screen to restore the drive a previously created drive image.

    Everything is finished within minutes, and you can return to work again. Imagine if you don’t have Ghost, how much timewould be wasted reinstalling everything?

    But be aware… what Ghost does it restore the drive to thesame state at the time when the image of drive was made.Any changes made or data added the image was made will be lost! Most if not all ghost image are made after clean installand standard programs installed, so it is fresh and onlyghosted on C: Drive or OS drive, so your data on D: drivewon’t be affected.

    What if my data is on C: drive, the same drive that will needto be restored ? Is there any way I can get this data before I do the Ghost recovery?

    The answer is yes! Most jobs have 2 computers, so just unplugthe damaged windows hard drive and plug into the goodcomputer as a slave, then just copy the data to the goodcomputer, and later on it can be copied back.

    Ghost is better for using as last resort where every othermeans to repair Windows is not successful.

    Note: Always store your data, settings, and configuration files on D: Drive or an external Hard disk and always make a copy or remove data from the computer (C and D drives) after thejob is complete.

    If you want more information or training about this softwareor others, please do not hesitate to contact me.([email protected])

    Project report - VenezuelaPDVSA (Venezuelan national oil company), has been exploringgas and oil at Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela, for approximately 60 years. They operate approximately 1000 wellhead as well as hundreds of platforms across the lake.

    After 60 years of operation, pipeline and wellhead leakage is causing enormous pollution within the lake – there areapproximately 600 known leaks.

    Seascape Surveys are providing personnel to assist in acampaign to identify, locate and repair these leakages, andrestore the lake to its former condition.

    A number of specialised vessels are being used on theproject, including the survey vessels “Adams Arrow” and “Miss Laura”, and DSV “Gulmar Eagle”. The first SeascapeSurveys team (Heri, Wahyu, Yusa) were on site in February 2008

    Adams Arrow – Geophysical survey vessel

    The Adams Arrow is performing survey over an area of almost 900km2. It is simultaneously acquiring and processing data from a range of equipment, including multibeam and singlebeam echosounders, side scan sonar, and sub-bottom profiler.

    The vessel has already surveyed an area of over 225km2 since February, and located hundreds of pipelines, platforms and subsea structures, including 12 platforms whose location waspreviously unknown! In addition, the vessel has identifiedand located 21 pipeline leakages and over 80 significantpipeline freespans.

    The Seascape Surveys team of geophysicists onboard the Adams Arrow are processing and digitizing sidescan sonar andsub-bottom profiler data acquired by the Adams Arrow and Miss Laura.

    Seascape Surveys also has one surveyor onboard the MissLaura acquiring data, and another surveyor onboard the DSV Gulmar Eagle. A pipelay vessel is also scheduled to join thecampaign later in the year.

    Navigation and data acquisition is being controlled byNavipac, and data is processed using NaviEdit, and Triton andCoda sidescan sonar and sub-bottom profiler software packages.

    The survey team have found the network of pipelines on theseabed are like a bowl of spaghetti, with many unknownpipelines crossing all over the lake.

    …Continued on page 11

  • “Our goal : no loss or harm to people, or the environment”

    Seascape Surveyor Page 11

    Multibeam bathymetry and digitized pipeline location in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

    Sidescan sonar mosaic, showing pipelines and unknown platform locations in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela

    The survey campaign is expected to continue for another 6 months.

    The follow up rectification and leak repairs are expected to continue for the next five years, making the it one of the largest projects of its type, in the world.

    (Project Report by Yusa Mudzfiruddin)

    …Continued from page 10


    Mayday is an emergency code word used internationally as a distress signal in voice procedure radio communications. It derives from the French venez m'aider, meaning 'come to my aid'/"come [to] help me." It is used to signal a life-threatening emergency by many groups, such as police forces, pilots, the fire brigade, and transportation organizations. The call is always given three times in a row ("Mayday Mayday Mayday") to prevent mistaking it for some similar-sounding phrase under noisy conditions, and to distinguish an actual mayday call from a message about a mayday call.

    The Mayday call sign was originated in 1923 by Frederick Stanley Mockford (1897-1962). A senior radio officer at Croydon Airport in London, Mockford was asked to think of a word that would indicate distress and would easily be understood by all pilots and ground staff in an emergency. Since much of the traffic at the time was between Croydon and Le Bourget Airport in Paris, he proposed the word "Mayday" from the French m'aider.

    (article from Zein Khairudin)

    …Continued from page 9


    Mobile phones could explode under extremely hot conditions !

    An incident of a mobile phone explosion inside a vehicle cabin was reported in Saudi Arabia lately (Safety Alert from SNC_LAVALIN Gulf Contractors)

    Mobile phone units were left inside the car compartment while the vehicle was parked in an open area. One of the phones had its power “on”. It was close to midday. Reportedly after an hour in the park, one of the mobile phones exploded.

    The mobile phone battery is the only component as the legitimate source of stored energy. The solar heat pressurized the car’s closed cabin. What triggers the explosion could be the overheated battery, caused by extremely high temperature magnified by the windshield (glass) and the sealed (unventilated) vehicle cabin.

    It is recommended not to leave mobile phones in your car compartment especially when the vehicle is exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period.

    Shattered car windshield as a result of the explosion

    Safety Alert !

  • “Our goal : no loss or harm to people, or the environment”

    Page 12 Seascape Surveyor

    INDONESIA PT Seascape Surveys Indonesia Jl T.B. Simatupang, Kav 1S Cilandak Timur Jakarta 12560 Indonesia

    Phone: +62 21 7884 3025 +62 21 7884 3039 Fax: +62 21 7884 2987 SINGAPORE Seascape Surveys Pte. Ltd 30 Loyang Way #05-16 Loyang Industrial Estate Singapore 508769

    Phone: +65 6501 0770 Fax : +65 6542 3828

    Our Offices

    Comments and Suggestions

    Please send any comments or suggestions to [email protected] or [email protected]

    THAILAND Seascape Surveys (Thailand) Ltd. Pinthong Industrial Estate

    789/55 Moo. 1 Nongkham Sriracha, Chonburi 20230 Thailand

    Phone: +66 0-3831-8300 Fax : +66 0-3834-8106 AUSTRALIA Seascape Surveys Pty. Ltd. PO Box 58, Redcliffe, 4020 Queensland

    Phone: +61 7 3880 4555 Fax : +61 7 3880 4555