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    Participant Special Offer

    Segelwelt.atAndreas Hanakamp GmbH | Bahngasse 46 | 2700 Wiener Neustadt | | [email protected] | +43 (0) 2622 28074

  • All products can be purchased via our shop @, via mail to [email protected] or via phone to +43 (0) 2622 28074.

    While stock lasts; Price changes by our suppliers and errors excepted.Offer valid until 09.05.2019.You can find more interesting products in our Online Shop @

    Please use the follwing promotion code in the comments of you order: SSCFIRST19

    Navisafe Tricolor Navigation Light

    Compact and battery driven LED navigation light with different light modes (tricolor, sternlight. red, green, red & green) Perfect use for the Seascape 18 and as backup light for all other classes.

    Aquasignal Serie 27 Navigation Light

    Compact and battery driven LED navigation light in Bi-Color or white version. Including vac-base and C-cleat (Bi-Color & White), 634mm pole with u-bracket (White version only).Perfect use for the Seascape 18.

    ACR Firefly Pro LED Strobe

    The all-new Firefly PRO rescue strobe lights are the brightest and mostfeature-packed strobe lights on the market today. With three activation functions, toggle between the ultra-bright strobe or the SOS strobe to visually alert Search and Rescue of your location, then toggle to the Steady-On feature for close-up recovery operations.

    ACR LED C-Strobe

    The LED C-Strobe is a manually activated personal distress strobe light with dramatically improved operating life. This waterproof light is tiny yet rugged, and features a 45 lumen LED that typically operates for 120 hours continuously. The C-Strobe has been USCG/SOLAS approved, and is manually activated with an easy twist on/off activation, making it an ideal light for all outdoor enthusiasts.

    Aquaspec LED Lifejacket Light

    The AQ40 is a unique flashing lifejacket light, automatically water activated by the sensor lead or manually at the touch of a button. Its unique size and shape, combined with ease of attachment, has made the AQ40L ideal for fitment to an inflatable lifejacket, suitable for both leisure and commercial applications.

    was € 73,90 incl. VATnow € 66,90 incl. VAT

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    was € 24,90 incl. VAT.10% discount - Seascape First Challenge 2019,-rescue/acr-firefly-pro-led-notblitz-detail.html,-rescue/automatisches-licht-f%C3%BCr-rettungswesten-detail.html

  • Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

    The waterproof, multiple-mode Headlamp with red light and up to 350 Lumen. The redesigned lighting profile offers improved peripheral lighting for close-range activities like cooking, reading or sorting gear. Eight different lighting modes allow for fully custom lighting in any situation, and our PowerTap Technology makes for instant brightness adjustments.

    Spinlock Deckvest 5D Set & Lifeline

    High specification automatic inflating lifejacket harness, very light, comfortable design for use over long periods, compact and unobtrusive, deck safety harness with soft loop safety line attachment point, high intensity, water activated flashing LED Light , double crotch straps / thigh straps with recessed clips, sprayhood - to reduce the risk of secondary drowning, quick access emergency safety line cutter. Set with 3-Clip lifeline

    KRU Sport ADV Lifejacket

    The Kru Sport ADV is ideal for inshore, coastal and offshore watersports.The jacket includes a sprayhood to minimise the risk of secondary drowning, lifejacket light, scoop back neck for maximised comfort, plastic buckle closure for fast donning (stainless 2/3 bar buckle also available with harness version), single crotch strap to iliminate ride up and a single back strap.

    Ocean Signal rescueMe PLB1

    The rescueME PLB1 provides the reassurance that global emergency services can be alerted by the press of a button. The rescueMe PLB1 can be operated with a single hand in even the most challenging situations. A simple spring loaded flap covers the activation button preventing inadvertent use.

    Victorinox Skipper Sailing Knife

    Multifunctional Sailing Knife.

    Buoyant Emergency Folding Knife

    Sharp knife for use in cockpit and at the mast.

    First Aid Kit

    Large First Aid Kit in waterproof sleeve.

    was € 55.- incl. € 50.- incl. VAT.

    was € 374.- incl. € 340.- incl. VAT.

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  • KIM Throwing Recovery Strop

    This innovative combination of a throwing line and lifting strop allows any rescuer to both reach and recover a casualty with a single piece of equipment. The weight of the 30 metre line and padded lifting strop allows accurate deployment to the casualty.

    °hf Throwing Strop

    Floating rescue rope in a throwing sock. For the easy recovery of person over board situations.

    Jonbouy Inflateable Horseshoe

    The Jonbuoy Inflatable Horseshoe is a direct replacement for the traditional horseshoe lifebuoys. Available in single or double versions, these compact units come fitted with an oral tube, drogue, retro tape, and an automatic inflation system as standard. Soft- and hardcase version available.

    Jonbuoy Inflatable Life Sling

    The Jonbuoy Inflatable Rescue Sling is specifically designed for the quick and easy recovery of a water borne casualty. Packing neatly into an easily stowable soft or hard case, the versatile fitting allows it to be attached to any suitable boat or land based fixture. Soft- and hardcase version available.

    Jonbuoy Danbuoy & Horseshoe Combination

    This combination of Danbuoy and Horseshoe is a natural extension of the original inflatable Jonbuoy Danbuoy. This easy to fit solution comes complete with a high impact casing, rail mounting cradle, inflatable danbuoy, inflatable horseshoe, drogue, whistle and danbuoy light.

    Jackstay with Dyneema Lashing

    2 Jackstays with TENARA threads and 4mm Dyneema rope for the Seascape 27. 2500kg breaking load.

    Waterproof Bags

    Different versions and sizes.

    was € 79,90 incl. VAT.10% discount

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    starting from € 11,95 incl. VAT.10% discount - Seascape First Challenge 2019,-rescue/kim-throwing-strop-detail.html,-rescue/jonbuoy-horseshoe-detail.html,-rescue/jonbuoy-rettungsschlinge-detail.html,-rescue/jonbuoy-danbuoy-horseshoe-combination-detail.html

  • Sheets and Ropes

    We provide a wide range of spare or new ropes for your First / Seascape yacht.Sheets, Halyards, Trim Lines, Mooring Lines, Anchor Lines, Full Sets.Polyester or Dyneema (High-End) versions available.

    Leech Tell-Tales for the main sail

    6 pieces made of light and self adhesive RIPSTOP-Nylon in red.

    Sail Tell-Tales Set

    4 pairs self adhesive wool threads in red and green.

    Davis Air Flow Tell-Tales

    14 light Ripstop-Nylon Tell-Tales (7 x red, 7 x geen), watertight mounting patches.

    Marking Stripes

    For the reproduction of fast trim settings. 10 pieces.

    Spinnaker Repair Tape

    Nylontape for minor repairs on spinnaker and gennaker50mm width, 4,5m lenght

    Insignia Cloth Nummerntuch

    Self-adhesive polyester cloth, compatible to all types of TERYLENE®, DACRON®, DIOLEN® and other sail fabrics. 54“ (ca. 137 cm) width. The width is varying up to 2“ (50mm). Price per meter.

    Dr. Sails Sailkit

    Dr.Sails SAILKIT is the essential kit to take care of your sails. Clean and easy-to-use, even UNDERWATER. Never was so easy to fix sails!

    15% discount

    € 5,90 incl. VAT.

    € 4,90 incl. VAT

    € 11.- incl. VAT.

    € 8,80 incl. VAT.

    € 10,40 inkl. Ust.

    € 25,- / m incl. VAT.

    starting from € 16,90 incl. VAT.15% discount - Seascape First Challenge 2019

  • Dr. Sails Trio Repair Pack

    Dr.Sails TRIO is all you need to turn our adhesivhe into an adhesive putty. TRIO ALLROUND is an easy and fast solution for small composite repairs even underwater.

    Dr. Sails 2-component Adhesive

    Dr.Sails 2-component adhesive is a must in every sailboat repair kit. The adhesive is designed to provide seamen with one product able to get them out of trouble should an unexpected situation happens such as a hull leak, a ripped sail and gear or a hull/deck delamination, among others. Once mixed, DrSails® reaches high strength flexible to bond almost every material performing high structurality.

    Stay Afloat Instant Leak Plug & Sealant

    Stay Afloat is the easiest and quickest way to stop leaks and prevent water ingress. The paraffin mass is removed from the container and the leak is sealed off - above and below water.

    Foldable Bucket

    The space saving folding bucket is easy to fold and can easily stowed in a supplied storage bag. When filled with water the bucket is stable by the water pressure. Made of nylon fabric with stainless steel handle. 9 or 12 liter.

    Rubber Bucket

    Made of black rubber. With anodised bow and Thimble. 7 liter.Spliced rope on demand.

    Outils Ocean Fender

    Outils Océans fenders are made from ultra-durable materials, designed to withstand forces: tearing, impact, punctures, sea water, oil, UV etc... It can even be used as a step or cushion.

    starting from € 13,90 incl. VAT.15% discount

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    starting from € 11,60 incl. VAT.10% discount

    was € 18,80 incl. € 16,90 incl. VAT.

    starting from € 65.- incl. VAT.15% discount

    All products can be purchased via our shop @, via mail to [email protected] or via phone to +43 (0) 2622 28074.

    While stock lasts; Price changes by our suppliers and errors excepted.Offer valid until 09.05.2019. You can find more interesting products in our Online Shop @

    Please use the follwing promotion code in the comments of your order: SSCFIRST19 - Seascape First Challenge 2019