Download - Props and costumes analysis


By Hasan Ali


Throughout our opening sequence we did not use any props apart from a book, the reason we chose the book we did was due to the fact that it was large and would take up a lot of the screen, also because it was mysterious and random.


The girl is normally dressed at the start of the sequence this is to allow a sense of normality into the movie and then take it away from the audience later, leaving them vulnerable. Later in the sequence the girl is seen wearing a red coat this is to allow vulnerability into the scene as red is closely related to blood and is very iconic within horrors. The colour also makes her stand out within the forest and completely contrast every other colour shown in the sequence showing us that she is out of place and does not belong in the location she is.


The three characters that follow the girl through the forest are all dressed in dark clothing mainly black to hide them and make it harder for the audience to spot them also to make them scary and suspicious to the audience.