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How do you legally create social change?

The Power of Individuals and Grassroots Movements

Page 2: HUS Civil Rights

What they didn’t teach you in grade school about Dr. King

• strong opponent of the Vietnam War

• supporter of war on poverty

• arrested and beaten

• accusations

• infidelities

• FBI and the CIA

• assassination conspiracies

“Life's most urgent question is: what are you doing for others?”

Page 3: HUS Civil Rights


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Page 4: HUS Civil Rights

X and the Nation of Islam

• Why did X and the Nation become popular?

• bio connections

• change can’t be legislated

Page 5: HUS Civil Rights

Similarities and Differences:Martin vs Malcolm

Page 6: HUS Civil Rights

Differences: MLK vs X

• non violent direct action

• integration

• use the system

• frustration and depression

• whatever means necessary

• separation*

• system is corrupt

• impact of the Hajj

Page 7: HUS Civil Rights

• (partially) inspired by religion

• took a stand against the status quo

• investigated by the FBI and CIA

• opposed the war in Vietnam

• assassinated for their beliefs/conspiracies

• inspirational/icons


Page 8: HUS Civil Rights

The Black Panther PartyWho were they and what did they do?

Page 9: HUS Civil Rights


• originally formed in Cali

• BPP for Self Defense

• formed shortly after the assassination of X

• grass roots programs

• secular

• supported all minority groups

• black power!

Page 10: HUS Civil Rights

Black Panther Programs

• police patrol

• breakfast

• day care

• medical care

• reduce street violence

• clothing


Page 11: HUS Civil Rights


• the media (image vs impact)


• role of white people

• arrest of founding member

• police shoot outs

"the greatest threat to the internal security of the country"--J. Edgar Hoover