HUS Civil Rights

How do you legally create social change? The Power of Individuals and Grassroots Movements


Civil Rights power point that focuses on the contributions of Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X and the Black Panther Party

Transcript of HUS Civil Rights

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How do you legally create social change?

The Power of Individuals and Grassroots Movements

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What they didn’t teach you in grade school about Dr. King

• strong opponent of the Vietnam War

• supporter of war on poverty

• arrested and beaten

• accusations

• infidelities

• FBI and the CIA

• assassination conspiracies

“Life's most urgent question is: what are you doing for others?”

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X and the Nation of Islam

• Why did X and the Nation become popular?

• bio connections

• change can’t be legislated

Page 5: HUS Civil Rights

Similarities and Differences:Martin vs Malcolm

Page 6: HUS Civil Rights

Differences: MLK vs X

• non violent direct action

• integration

• use the system

• frustration and depression

• whatever means necessary

• separation*

• system is corrupt

• impact of the Hajj

Page 7: HUS Civil Rights

• (partially) inspired by religion

• took a stand against the status quo

• investigated by the FBI and CIA

• opposed the war in Vietnam

• assassinated for their beliefs/conspiracies

• inspirational/icons


Page 8: HUS Civil Rights

The Black Panther PartyWho were they and what did they do?

Page 9: HUS Civil Rights


• originally formed in Cali

• BPP for Self Defense

• formed shortly after the assassination of X

• grass roots programs

• secular

• supported all minority groups

• black power!

Page 10: HUS Civil Rights

Black Panther Programs

• police patrol

• breakfast

• day care

• medical care

• reduce street violence

• clothing


Page 11: HUS Civil Rights


• the media (image vs impact)


• role of white people

• arrest of founding member

• police shoot outs

"the greatest threat to the internal security of the country"--J. Edgar Hoover