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What is EadgeRank ?

• is an algorithm used by Facebook to determine what posts appear on each user’s news feed in order to give users relevant and wanted content .

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What is Edge ?

• is anything that begins a story (Liking a status, uploading a video, liking a photo or even changing relationship status is an edge).

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What are factors that Facebook algorithm depend on ?

• Personal interaction : your interaction with different posts .1 - Your previous interactions with the author .the more you engage with a friend or page , the more likely you are to see their posts . 2 – your previous interactions with the post type .If you often engage with a certain type of post (photo – video – status ), you’re more likely to see posts of that type .

• Network reaction : Facebook users reaction towards different post .1 – reaction from users who already saw the post . The more Facebook users engage with a post . the more likely you are to see that post . 2 – Amount of complaint or negative feedback . As more users give negative feedback . the less likely you are to see that post .

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What are the three variables that Facebook use in it’s algorithm ?

∑ Ue We De• Ue : is user affinity• We: is how the content is weighted• De : is a time-based decay parameter.

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The three variables

• Affinity • Weight • Time Decay ( Recency )

Affinity : is a measure of how close the relationship is between the user and the Edge.Weight : is a measure of the degree of commitment required by various types of interaction. Time Decay (Recency ) : measures the time since an Edge was created. New Edges do better, older ones do worse .

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How can I Improve Edge rank ?

• Improve weight (Video – Picture – Links ) .• Get Affinity be posting short posts .• Improve Affinity (Video get 100% more

engagement than text , photo get 120% engagement ,photo albums generate 180%more engagement than text )

• Ask users for their engagement .• Post text as images .• Post daily at appropriate times .