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Person suffering from psoriasis

Psoriasis on the hands

Cure for Psoriasis through Ayurveda

June 5, 2013   Dr. N. Nafeesdeen  Psoriasis

Thousands are affected by psoriasis and many go in search of English medical treatment. However, the

Veteran Ayurveda Specialist, Doctor N. Nafeesdeen states that many are unaware that psoriasis can be

cured only by Ayurveda, Sidhha, native medical treatment.

Here’s an account of Psoriasis according to Dr. Nafeesdeen of Kalawawa, Sri Lanka:

God’s unique creation is man. Skin is the most beautiful attire for humans.

Through psoriasis, scales drop from the skin of a human body and is a

disease that is in the forefront of destroying this beautiful skin.

 Among skin diseases, it is dreaded and feared next to leprosy. In the initial

stage of this disease, the head starts dropping dandruff like fragments and

the skin begins to drop scales. People mistake this to the dropping of 

dandruff. Although it does not look alarming initially, carelessness can make

the disease spread all over the human body and cause blood to ooze from

the skin.

 Ayurveda calls it “KITIBHA” and in the Sinhala Language it’s called

because of its similarity to fish scales. In general, the following parts of 

body are affected:

The back, back of the hands, front side of the legs and



Having no knowledge o this particular disease, a kind of 

fear and doubted questions arise. This however, leads to

an incorrect approach.

Lack of understanding of this disease has led to suicide,hindered marriages and broken marriages.


Is psoriasis a genetic disease? Yes, it’s true to a certain

extent. There’s a 50% possibility for a child to inherit this disease if both parents had been affected.


 As traditional Ayurveda believes, many types of skin diseases are caused by poisoning or allergy. This

applies to psoriasis as well.


If a patient of psoriasis is wounded or bruised, there is a possibility for the patient’s ailment to spread further.

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or Psoriasis through Ayurveda | Vitiligolanka Blog[03/10/2014 11:01:35 AM]

Chemical reaction and allergy is known to increase psoriasis. Therefore, using skin softening cream,

ointment and avoiding injury can control the spread of psoriasis.


Spotted psoriasis that generally affects children is known to increase due to bacteria that causes coughs and

colds. Such children, can be cured by treating these germs.


Some kinds of psoriasis reduce during pregnancy and in some cases, it aggravates. This signifies that

hormones have an impact on this disease.


Research reveals that psoriasis emerges on weaker immunity. A modern research reveals that a lack of 

calcium in blood can also cause this disease.


It’s know that 90% of psoriasis patients are subject to depression which in turn aggravates the disease.

Therefore, patients should keep calm, have a clear mind and be joyful in order to control this disease.

Sidhha native medicine states that a distorted mind condition and past sins can cause psoriasis.


1. Pain and swelling in minor and major joints.

2. Dropping of scales from the skin that lead to wounds and oozing of blood.

3. Finger / toenail decay.

4. Nails turn yellow and break.5. Distortion of skin and skin gets rough.

6. Affects the hair.

When psoriasis begins to heal, some experience indigestion and stomach ache. It disappears as the disease

rises again.

Some fear this as a sexually transmitted disease because certain parts of the body are affected by

psoriasis. Namely, anus, vagina and other private parts. As a result, it is always advisable to obtain a

medical blood checkup or test to identify the disease.

 Ayurveda advises the patients to refrain from consuming beef, pork, red fish and alcohol.

The healthy way of avoiding this disease is to consume fruits, green leaves and raw vegetables. Morning

sun, evening sun and cold water bath will also contribute towards the patients recovery.

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Online Doctor Sri LankaDecember 30, 2013 at 12:28 pm

Thank you for your great details. Truly the Psoriasis is a some mentally debilitating condition. I have seen

some successful treatments on psoriasis in Sri Lankan Auruvedic Doctors.. Those need to be research and



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