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Treat the Earth well, for it was not given to you by your parents, but rather loaned to you by your children.KENYAN PROVERB

Home Energy reinvented by ZENZEN Home Energy Systems is an Australianowned and operated company committed to the production of user-friendly sustainable energy technology. Through extensive research and product development with the worlds major manufacturers and suppliers, ZEN has quickly become Australias leading Home Energy Systems brand. Established by prominent Adelaide business leaders Richard Turner, ZEN has developed a unique vision to simplify the complex world of Sustainable Energy Technology without compromise to lifestyle. ZEN is Zero ENergy, aspiring to balance the generation and consumption of energy in your home and business through sustainable, natural sources. In turn, protecting our planet.

Innovate SA in-business Fast Movers Award 2010 Fastest Growing Company in SA

Ernst&Young Australian Entrepreneur of the Year 2010 Cleantech category Richard Turner CEO

Weve taken the guesswork out of the decision-making process by creating Australias first branded and packaged range of Home Energy and Water Management Systems. All ZEN products utilise state-of-the-art components which are user-friendly and guaranteed to last. The ZEN Home Energy Systems product range covers all your energy needs, including Solar Hot Water and Rainwater Harvesting. ZEN Solar Home Energy Systems, include grid connected Offset or Whole Home options. ZEN Commercial division provides larger custom grid connect systems, ZEN Freedom Off-Grid systems and the innovative ZEN Solar Tracker system. This enables property owners to become Solar Farmers, maximising the solar gain from a significantly smaller footprint. To find out more about the ZEN system to suit your home and your lifestyle, speak to your authorised ZEN Representative on 1300 ZEN HOME (1300 936 466) or visit www.zenhomeenergy.com.au

At ZEN we strongly believe Home Energy will be the future of energy generation as a sustainable, self managed solution.

Solar Home Energy SystemsPowering your homeIn just a few short years, ZEN has become Australias favourite Home Energy Systems brand, offering a complete package which consumers can rely upon to reduce power bills and add value to their home. ZEN Home Energy Systems are available in a range of size configurations, to generate the amount of energy you wish to offset or power your whole home. Theres no guesswork needed - you simply establish your own energy requirements, and ZEN will help you select a system to suit. Each ZEN Home Energy System is made by world-leading manufacturers to the highest quality and safety standards for reliability and ease of operation. Delivered as a complete set of ZEN plug-n-play components, these intelligent, Grid Connected Systems also feature a portable Bluetooth LCD display which provides instantaneous updates on your system performance.

These simple, elegant packaged systems are leading the way in making solar energy a profitable and user-friendly addition to your home.

You may be surprised to know, that with rising energy costs, it is now cheaper to produce your own power than buy it from the energy retailers.* See the ZEN Solar Home Loan Calculator now at: www.zenhomeenergy.com.au*Conditions apply.

The freedom to make your own power, take years off your home loan and save tens of thousands in interest.*

Solar Home Energy SystemsThe average Australian home uses 20kWh of power a day. ZEN offers a choice of Home Offset Systems to reduce your energy bills, or Whole Home Systems to feed significant amounts back into the Grid. Most systems will even produce up to 30% higher output on a clear day. ZEN Home Energy Systems also allow installation of a larger Solar Control Centre to allow future expansion of your system. ZEN will help you select a package to suit your requirements, lodge the relevant Government Rebate and Grid Connection applications on your behalf and install your system with minimal fuss.

ZEN Home Offset SystemsDaily Energy Production (approx.) System Peak Power DC Number of ZEN 185W Black Solar Panels Roof Area Required (mtrs sq.) ZEN Solar Control Centre ZEN Bluetooth LCD System Monitor 5.8kWh 1.5kW 8 10.4 sq/m ZEN1700 Yes 7.2kWh 1.85kW 10 13 sq/m ZEN1700 Yes 12.1kWh 3.0kW 16 20.8 sq/m 3000TL Yes 16.5kWh 4.1kW 22 28.6 sq/m 4000TL Yes

Average Home Offset*





*The Average Daily Energy production is based on the Australian average of 5 hours of peak sunlight per day and the Solar Panels facing North at a 30 percent incline. Variations to this will have an affect on the energy yield. On a clear day, energy production can be up to 30% higher than these specifications.

The ZEN Home Energy System components, including the ZEN Solar Controller, Bluetooth LCD monitor and highly efficient ZEN 185W black solar panel.

ZEN Whole Home SystemsDaily Energy Production (approx.) System Peak Power DC Number of ZEN 185W Black Solar Panels Roof Area Required (mtrs sq.) ZEN Solar Control Centre ZEN Bluetooth LCD System Monitor 21.2kWh 5.2kW 28 36.4 sq/m 5000TL Yes 25.6kWh 6.3kW 34 44.2 sq/m 2 x 4000TL Yes 30.0kWh 7.4kW 40 52 sq/m 2 x 4000TL Yes

Average Home Offset*




*The Average Daily Energy production is based on the Australian average of 5 hours of peak sunlight per day and the Solar Panels facing North at a 30 percent incline. Variations to this will have an affect on the energy yield. On a clear day, energy production can be up to 30% higher than these specifications.

Wireless monitoring at a glanceEvery ZEN Home Energy System includes the ZEN Bluetooth LCD monitor, a classic combination of German engineering and European styling. Its large dual mode display shows a daily graph, the current power, the total energy yield, the current days energy yield and a monthly summary in the form of a bar graph. The unit is naturally solar powered with rechargeable batteries and has a USB interface and software for data transfer to your PC. To take your data reporting to the next level ask about the ZEN ECG data module, which streams all of the Environment, Consumption and Generation data from your system to your PC, Online, or Flat Screen TV.

Solar Hot Water SystemsSimple and efficient, evacuated tube technologyContinuing the success of our Home Energy Systems, ZEN have put together, through extensive research, the most efficient and reliable Solar Hot Water System to compliment your ZEN home. ZENs next generation Evacuated Tube technology delivers significantly better performance than traditional flat panel absorbers, maximising heat gain from minimal sunlight. All with electric as standard, or optional gas backup boosting, to keep your hot water steaming, on days when the sun cannot provide for all of your hot water needs. With a range of system sizes and tank configurations, ZEN can find the perfect fit for your usage, water quality and climate. All ZEN Solar Hot Water Systems are eligible for State and Federal Government rebates* and RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates). ZEN makes the application process simple, completing all details at the time of installation.* Conditions apply

Heating your household water is a major consumer of energy in most homes. Installing a ZEN Home Energy Solar Hot Water System will help the environment and reduce your hot water heating costs by up to 80%.

The freedom to relax and enjoy your own hot water, naturally heated by the sun, for free.

Solar Hot Water SystemsZEN Solar Evacuated TubesZENs advanced, highly efficient cylindrical tube design incorporates two layers of high quality borosilicate glass separated by a vacuum layer which acts like a thermos flask, retaining up to 97% of the thermal energy.

Stainless Steel TanksWhere normal quality water supply is available a Stainless Steel tank is recommended for longevity and efficiency. With higher rust resistance and a 10 year warranty, this unit will provide the most years of trouble free service for your family.

How does it work?The thermal energy is transferred to the manifold via the heat pipe located inside each tube. The small amount of evaporative liquid in each tube is super heated by the Suns energy and forms a vapour which rises to the top of each pipe. This heat is then transferred to the water flowing through the manifold, and the heated water is then returned to the tank. The result: increased efficiency through maximised heat gain from minimal sunlight. ZEN Home Energy Solar Evacuated Tubes are frost-tolerant and have passed the AS/NZ 2712:2007 Standards for both hail and freeze resistance. ZEN Solar Hot Water Systems have passed the freeze test to 15 C without the need for a heat exchanger or glycol.

Optional Vitreous Enamel TanksVitreous Enamel Tanks are recommended for areas of poor water quality (for example Bore water or hard water with high salt content) as they carry a higher resistance to impurities. These tanks have a Sacrificial Anode which is recommended to be replaced every 3-4 years depending on water quality. 5 year warranty included.

Electric BoostingWith 80% more efficiency than standard water heaters, a small amount of boosting can still be required, when radiant heat is low due to cloud cover or rain. ZEN Solar Hot Water Systems offer a standard electric element booster, to ensure the water temperature is maintained at 60C, to meet all of your hot water requirements. Gas Boosting is also available upon request.

Heat Transfer

Evacuated tube absorbs sunlight and converts to usable heat

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