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Transcript of Your Instagram Planner Instagram+Planner.pdf · PDF file • Write a clear and...

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    Your Instagram Planner STEP #1: Develop Your Instagram Strategy Instagram Assessment: Purpose:

    • Do you have a clearly defined purpose for WHY you are using Instagram?

    • Have you created specific and measurable goals to track the ROI of your Instagram activities?


    • Have you selected a relevant Username?

    • Do you have a high quality, well designed logo or photo (110X110)?

    • Do you have an engaging and relevant 150 character profile


    • Have you added a link to a specific webpage? Publish:

    • Do you regularly post images and videos?

    • Do you integrate key #hashtags in your posts?

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    • Do you design and add images with text overlay?

    • Have you tested out short, relevant 15 second videos?

    • Do you share Instagram posts in other social networks? (Re-purpose photos/images in other channels like Pinterest)


    • Do you actively search hashtags and comment and heart posts?

    • Do you actively search and follow targeted profiles in your market? Promote:

    • Do you strategically direct people to check out your Profile Link?

    • Are you promoting unique offers to build your email leads and drive sales?

    • Do you monitor and track your Instagram results? Build Your Action Plan

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    1. Create Your Purpose Statement.

    • Your purpose may be to… o Increase brand awareness o Demonstrate company culture o Increase customer engagement and loyalty o Showcase products and services o Enhance and complement event experiences o Share company news o Inspire and grow your community o Connect with influencers

    2. Establish Your Outcome Goals.

    • What do you specifically want to accomplish on Instagram in the next 12 weeks?

    3. Build your Action Goals.

    • What are the specific actions you will need to take in order to achieve your outcomes?

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    STEP #2: Create an Engaging Instagram Profile Follow these six steps to getting set-up the right way on Instagram

    1. Download Instagram App in App Store on iPhone, iPod or iPad or an Android device through Google Play and register!

    2. Complete account details and select Username (Use a name that reflects branding up to 29 characters). 3. Determine if you should invite your Facebook Friends and personal contacts ONLY if they are the right audience for your brand. 4. Decide if you want to follow Instagram’s suggested people to follow. 5. Select relevant profile image (brand logo or photo: 110X110 size)

    6. Create a relevant bio.

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    Keys to Creating a Winning Instagram Bio:

    • Add your most relevant skill that you want to be known more

    • Add relevant hobbies/interests that further define your personal brand

    • Use targeted keywords (or the language your audience would use) to better stand out

    • Include a relevant “Lead-Generation” link or a direct link to your blog

    • Possibly include an emoji to stand out some more (and have a bit of fun)

    STEP 3: Publish Relevant Instagram Posts What to Publish on Instagram: • Short 15-second business tip videos • Screenshot-style tutorial images • Videos / photos at key conferences with key influencers • Inspiring photos with text overlay (quotes) • Photos (selfies) that showcase your personality • Share relevant captions with targeted keywords & hashtags • Create contests… work extremely well on Instagram Types of Contests:

    • “Like to Win” Contests – The user likes a picture. • Hash Tag User Generated Contests • Photo Challenge Contests

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    Quick Steps to Launching a Contest • Research how other competitors in your market are using Contests • Write a clear and measureable goal (Increase Instagram followers by

    15%) • Define your target market • Select the contest type • Chose a contest hashtag (#LoveMyOffice) • Select prize, how to select winners and duration of contest • Determine if you will run Instagram contest on other SM channels • Decide if you will use a third-party contest app

    STEP 4: Ignite Instagram Visibility and Build Community How to Build a Targeted Instagram Following:

    • Leverage Hashtags • Target and follower Instagrammers who have a strong following in

    your niche • Host a contest • Cross promote with other Social Networks • Invest time commenting and liking your follower’s posts • Test out Instagram video • Be consistent… post at least once per day.

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    STEP 5: Build Your Instagram Marketing Funnel.