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Facebook Pages The Leading Product & Service Providers An Industry Overview By Launch Farm 10/03/11

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It's no secret that 800 million users embrace Facebook and, as a business, you need to have a strong presence here. This presentation by the social media experts at Launch Farm looks at the Facebook fan(Page) industry and examines the leading product and service providers in this space. If you are just starting your search for a vendor that can help you with your Facebook Page - this presentation should be a great unbiased research tool for you.

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Facebook PagesThe Leading Product & Service Providers

An Industry Overview

By Launch Farm


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Facebook PagesIndustry Overview


• The majority of Facebook fan page template offerings start with a very basic free template or a free trial period to explore a particular theme

• Beyond free offerings (which are quite functional for the DIY crowd) the pricing tiers start to ramp up the more bells and whistles and personal consulting you add to the offering

• Typical fees range from $20 to $250 per month per package based on the suite of services. This will usually include basic hosting.

• A few players offer completely custom solutions which can only be quoted by phone.

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Facebook PagesIndustry Overview

Advertising & Exposure

• With a quick Google search related to Facebook Fan Page Templates and Facebook Page Services – users will be immediately overwhelmed by the abundant availability of options and solutions

• A few select players in this industry (Wix and Pagemodo) show up more often than others with their high dollar, highly targeted, multi channel ad campaigns in full swing

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Facebook PagesIndustry Overview

Instructional Videos

• 40% of fan page service providers lead with some sort of instructional video

• Visiting site after site, the generic sound bites “700 million fans….you need to be on Facebook…etc” get pretty old and annoying fast

• Not many providers really go into the details as to why you should use their services over brand x. This is an easy opportunity for a savvy competitor to take advantage of

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Facebook PagesIndustry Overview

Full Service Facebook Page Management

• With so many free do it yourself fan page templates available, the next wave of winners in this category will need to offer a complete Fan Page Management Solution

• Several companies in this space, like ADV Media Productions, are starting to offer a comprehensive mix of fan page strategy, design, content, analytics and ongoing optimization for a monthly fee

• No company truly owns this space yet – so the opportunity is ripe to show a leadership position and dedication to this now

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Facebook PagesIndustry Overview

Niche Categories

• While free fan page templates and free trial periods are easy to find – some separation starts to happen when you break the templates down by niche categories

• Most fan page template providers will break their free templates into anywhere from 5 to 10 key categories

• The interesting point here is that an evolving trend is starting to happen in that truly niche template offerings are popping up with the sole goal of owning a particular category

• For example – “DamnThe Radio” provides fan page templates fully optimized for those in the music-related busines

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Facebook PagesIndustry Overview

Emerging Facebook Page Trends

• We have all seen it happen before. The early adopters jump on the next great social tool, app or online publication only to get turned off later when the advertising barrage ramps up in order to support the new technology or content.

• Ad-supported innovations are acceptable when done right and you can start to see this in the fan page template world. Massive fan page template warehouses will be coming online that will offer thousands of free, high-design templates for every imaginable niche. To support these free template options, users will be forced to show a sponsor’s ad/logo on their new page.

• This is exactly what happened in the Blog industry once WordPress became the default platform. A search for blogging templates and themes will turn up hundreds of providers offering free simple templates and premium priced high-design templates ($50 to $100 per template) customized by theme.

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Facebook PagesThe Leading Product & Service Providers

Recent Examples

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers

FanPage Automatic

•A unique philanthropic approach

•Custom mentorship programs

•Fundraising within pages

•Templates available by niche

•Live support

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers


•As seen on INC and TechCrunch

•User friendly templates

•Professional looking results

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers


•Known for their website builders

•Slick interface

•Free Ad vouchers

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers


•Offers complete page management including content posting and replies

•Custom templates

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers

Cool Mojito

•Nice selection of widgets

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers

High Impact Designer

•Nice drag & drop tools

•Offers email and landing page service bundles too

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers

Face It Pages

•Nice selection of applications to add to page

•Interesting page analytics for free

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers

FB Page 911

•WordPress templates for Facebook iFrame Fan Pages

•HTML5 Reveal Page

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers

Gimme Creative

•Custom page templates

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers

Market Cure

•Free consultation by phone

•100% money back guarantee

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers


•Advanced social widgets and dashboards

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers

Digital Variant

•Claims to have reached 14,487,143 fans so far

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers

FB Pager

•Offers a large gallery of ready-made free Facebook page templates

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers

Like This Fanpage

•Buy Facebook Fans

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers

Fanpage Elite

•Custom Facebook page templates

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers

Moto Templates

•Facebook page templates created in Flash

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers

North Social

•Offers Facebook apps

•Impressive client list

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers

Short Stack

•Facebook page toolbox

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers


•Offers robust social media campaigns

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers

ADV Media Productions

•Facebook support part of integrated internet marketing solutions

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers

Fanpage Toolkit

•Stand-alone cloud based site

•F Commerce platform for Facebook stores

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers

Knock Media

•Well versed in new media

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Facebook PagesProduct & Service Providers


•One time fee

•Integrated service offering

•Cluttered homepage will deter many

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