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Choose from the largest range of CPD modules in the UK As a qualified fitness instructor you can take a range of professional development modules to develop your skills, enhance employability and add variety into your work.

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    Publisher's note: this brochure describes the training programme currently run by YMCA Fitness Industry Training.Every care has been taken to ensure accuracy but changes may be introduced after publication.

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    A huge number of possibilities.

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    CPD courses are a fantastic way for both newly qualified instructors and those who have experience within the industry to broaden their skills, remain current and significantly increase their earning potential.

    The number of choices has grown over time, with instructors facing a multitude of decisions about the best way forward for them. We appreciate that the decision can be tough. As such, we have done our best to assist you to find the right CPD course for you by separating the modules into four distinct categories:



    Although some of our CPDs can only be accessed through completionof a specific entry level qualification, many are open to all instructors.

    Our recommendations are just that, recommendations, so as long as you meet the prerequisite requirements, the opportunity may well be there for you to complete any of ourexceptional CPD modules.

    Continuingprofessional development


    Working with groups who have specific requirements which fall outside of what is covered on entry level qualifications. These courses will allow you to teach classes and one-to-one sessions to this specific group.


    For those who wish to take the pressure off their joints a little and start to incorporate sessions which focus on both the mind and body, these courses will be ideal as an addition to your existing sessions or to be offered as a specific session in this new area.


    Ideal for those looking to gain qualifications to become a personal trainer, or current personal trainers who wish to add specific courses which will diversify their offering.


    Predominantly for instructors who have gained an initial qualification in group teaching, these modules will allow you to teach a whole new class style to make you more in-demand at health and fitness facilities.


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    Breaking down the conventional beliefs regarding running, this course looks into the art of natural running. Adapt and adjust running techniques to train efficiently, a skill that many consider has been lost through the western habit of wearing traditional running footwear.

    Barefoot Running3 hours workshop and 1 day


    To successfully start your own business or be self-employed, you will have to take into consideration a variety of factors, someof which are required legally whilst otherswill assist you to succeed. This course providesa vital foundation for those looking to maximisetheir earning potential.

    Business Skills3 days/home study

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    The ideal step up from gym instructing, this is where your career in personal training begins. As well as being able to devise detailed and effective plans for individual clients, youll also have the know-how to train them outside the gym environment, offer nutritional advice and implement a range of health and fitness tests to ensure that your sessions are really making a difference. The course also includes Suspension Fitness.

    Certificate in Personal Training11-18 days


    Its time to put to bed myths about nutrition.With this module, youll be confident in analysing food labels to understand what exactly we eat.Gain an understanding of the principles of healthyeating and weight management in relationto exercise, enabling you to offer nutritionaladvice in an exercise context.

    Exercise Nutrition3 days/home study

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    Ideal for currently qualified instructors who wish to try their hand on the gym floor. Gain confidence in teaching the correct techniques on CV equipment, resistance machines and free weights in order to provide gym inductions and set short-term training programmes.

    GymInstructorModule5 days


    Fantastic for explosive exercises that work major muscles, develop the core, burn fat, and build power, kettlebells have become extremely popular additions to gyms, and are very beneficial for a mobile PT.

    Kettlebells1 day

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    Boot camp classes are springing up in the majority of local parks as exercisers discover that the gym is no longer the sole location for those looking for a challenging cardio and resistance workout. Lead your own sessions by qualifying to teach outdoor groups.

    Outdoor Fitness3 days


    A great skill for instructors taking group exercise or one-to-one sessions. The equipment is very portable and you can use this skill to develop power, muscular strength and endurance, and coordination. It is always a very popular workout.

    Padwork for PTs1 day

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    I am looking into doing various CPD courses, including indoor cycling and Cardio Kick. I am focused on learning as much as possible and my aim is to be able to teach as big a variety of classes as possible!

    Kate Halsall, ETM Instructor


    Many clients wish to run. The treadmill is not the only option. Develop a range of running drills which will build aerobic endurance, speed and power. Impart technical expertise to ensure that your clients are running in an economical and injury-free motion.

    Running1 day

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    Hurdles, ladders, cones and wobble boards are common place when devising sports-based sessions. Youll be able to devise sessions for clients taking part in a range of sports and events, from football to fencing and tennis to triathlons.

    Sports Conditioning3 days


    An approach to fitness that utilises a rope and pulley system which manipulates a clients bodyweight to create a challenging full body workout. The portability of the equipment makes it a fantastic tool for both indoor and outdoor sessions.

    Suspension Fitness1 day

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    The increased popularity of triathlon across the UK has given rise to a new market fora personal trainer to enter. The modulefocuses on the fitness training facets oftriathlon so you can improve the physicalcapability of your clients to withstand thedemands of this multi-sport event.


    Become a franchisee in one of the fitness industrys most innovative businesses. Gain access to fantastic business support, promotional packages and additional clients allowing you to offer a more rounded and lucrative service for those seekinga happier, healthier lifestyle.

    Triathlon1 day

    Weight Loss Guru Practitioner3 days


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    Aqua Training Module3 days


    Learn how the body responds differently to training in water and gain practical experience in how to deliver fun and effective sessions using a variety of different approaches such as circuits or aerobics, depending on your previous qualifications.


    Incorporate martial arts combinations into an ETM class to create a challenging cardiovascular workout. Mix high intensity intervals involving kick and punch combinations into a choreographed routine, this workout is always a popular oneon class timetables.

    Cardio Kick1 day

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    An ever present on every class timetable, this is a course which is sure to put you in demand as an instructor. Developing ideas for exercises which utilise both bodyweight and equipment, teaching this class is a perfect showcase to potential one-to-one clients.

    Circuit Training1 day


    A must-have for any training programme, having knowledge about core stability will invigorate your sessions and will allow you to teach a specific class utilising equipment such as foam rollers, BOSU and core balls.

    Core Stability1 day

  • 17ymcafit.org.uk bookings@ymcafit.org.uk 020 7343 1850


    The practical skills required to design and teachETM classes such as aerobics and body conditioning. This course encourages the design of freestylechoreography to ensure you can teach innovativeand exciting clas