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  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

    Marine Loading ArmsSwivelsSite ServicesEngineering Services 

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



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    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Who We Are & What We Do

    Woodfield Systems started trading in 1922 and havebeen designing and manufacturing Marine Loading Arms since 1954. We became a wholly ownedsubsidiary of Aker Solutions in 1998.

    Woodfield Systems have been operating from the same site for the past 40years. We enjoy the benefits of an experienced and skilled workforce whooffer a level of expertise unrivalled in the industry. The company is based onthe North Kent coast of England, just 55 miles from London and only 25 milesfrom the Channel Ports.

    We have design engineers, project management team, sales and support staffemployed at our Whitstable site, with a team of service engineers on variousassignments worldwide.

    Our UK workshop facilities are specifically designed for swivel andloading arm manufacture and assembly. In addition to this Aker Solutionshave facilities worldwide where manufacturing can be undertaken locally.

     Areas where we are able to manufacture include India, Malaysia, Qatar , Dubai ,

    USA, China and Eastern Europe. 

    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Marine Loading Arms 

    Our Marine Loading Arms can be supplied asmanual, lever-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic witheither hardwired or wireless remote control.

    Manually operated arms can be supplied with attachment brackets for thelater addition of hydraulic operations. Operational limiting controls andother warning devices are available as optional extras. Woodfield Arms,although normally fixed in one jetty position, can be mounted on movabletrailers or rail tracks to provide dockside flexibility.

    Several types of quick connect/disconnect couplings are available for thefull range of Loading Arms. An emergency disconnect coupling is alsoavailable as an operator initiated device or as part of a sequence controlled“ shut down” disconnect system.

    Both our ambient and cryogenic swivels are well proven within the industryand fully compliant with OCIMF Design & Construction Specification forMarine Loading Arms. The LNG swivel has also been life cycle tested. Inaddition to being used within our Marine Loading Arms our swivels areused in offshore loading systems by other companies within AkerSolutions.

    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Marine Loading Arms

    The Woodfield range of Marine Loading Armsextends from 4” dia. up to 24” dia., for handlingcrude oil, refined products, slurries, chemicals,LPG, Ethylene and LNG. The equipment canoperate in temperatures ranging from -164ºC to

    +200ºC.Standard Design Features:• Minimum maintenance• Self Supported Product Pipe (Ambient loading arms)• Structurally Supported Product Pipe (LNG loading arms)• Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel Product Pipe• Rigid Pantograph Link (No wire ropes - low maintenance)• Self Lubricating Bushes• Stainless Steel Hydraulic Lines and Fittings•  Al l product swivels seals ful ly serviceable in si tu• Loading arm fully balanced in all posit ions whilst empty


    • Gas Return Line• Drain Valves• Mobile Trailer Mounting• Overreach Alarm• Position Monitoring Systems• N² Purging System

    Optional Design Features:• Emergency Release Systems• Remote Lubrication• QC/DC Coupler - Manual or Hydraulic• Product Stripping System• Manifold Support Jack• Ladder & Platforms to inboard swivels• Vacuum Breaker Valve

    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Marine Loading Arms

    Key design

    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

    The most important feature of aMarine Loading Arm is the swivel jo in ts. These are required to becapable of resisting bendingmoments, shearing forces andaxial load combinations whiler e t a i n i n g l o w t o r q u echarac te r is t ics and s imp lemaintenance. There are a total of6 product swivels on a Marine

    Loading Arm.

    Swivel joints allow for movementof the arm in all planes and freelyfollow the motion of the tankerwhen connected. These joints arerequired to carry high loads andmust not allow any productleakage.

    On an LNG Marine Loading Arm the loading arm components mustundergo a cooling process to prevent thermal shock prior to the product’sintroduction.

    To reduce tanker “ turn around” time an optimum cool down procedure wasdeveloped using finite element analysis (FEA) methods to achieve as shorta time as possib le without causing any overstressing.

    Specific features of WSL Swivels are:

    • Single track allows for accurate calculation of bearing capacity and is

    not subject to problems of machining tolerances as experienced inmulti-track swivels

    • For cryogenic use, the entire swivel unit is stainless steel, whichactually increases in strength at low temperatures. For ambientapplications carbon steel is the preferred material of construction.

    • Seal design used will withstand design operating pressures, vacuumconditions and high flow velocities.

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Marine Loading Arms

    Innovation in design

    Downtime costs money and with tight shipping schedules and complexequipment to be inspected and maintained, reduced downtime is essential. Aker Solut ions-Woodfield’s dr ive to find cost dr iven solutions focussed onone particular area of the loading arm design; the rigid pantograph linksystem. The use of a wire rope system necessitates frequently plannedmaintenance activities and inspection leading to increased downtime of theequipment.

     As a result all Aker Solut ions-Woodf ield Marine Loading Arms are supplied

    with a rigid pantograph link system. This arrangement consists of a rigidlinkage (not wire rope) between the outer arm and secondarycounterbalance weight support member situated behind the pedestal headassembly. This rigid linkage therefore balances the outer armindependently of the inner arm and is maintenance free due to thenon-lubricated bearings.

    Rigid pantographlink system

    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Marine Loading Arms - MK9S 

    The Woodfield LNG Marine Loading Arm isspecifically designed for the transfer of liquefiednatural gas (LNG). The loading arm features astructurally supported product pipe to cope withthe mechanical stresses.

    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Marine Loading Arms - MK9 

    The Woodfield MK9 Marine Loading Arm isdesigned for general purpose service with theextra strength and support required in the use ofemergency release systems and other similarapplications.

    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Marine Loading Arms - MK6 

    The Woodfield MK6 Marine Loading Arm isdesigned for lightweight service solutions whereemergency release systems and other similarapplications are not required.

    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Marine Loading Arms - ACW 

    The Woodfield ACW Marine Loading Arm isdesigned for manual operation for lightweight,ambient service solutions where emergencyrelease systems and other similar applications arenot required. Typically it is suitable for bargeloading and other small ocean going vessels.

    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Emergency Release Systems

    We can supply emergency release systems forMarine Loading Arms to incorporate the followingfeatures:

    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

    • Fire safe ball valves to API 607 19934th edition

    • Ball valves designed to minimisespil lage on release

    B a l l v a l v e s m e c h a n i c a l l yinterlocked to ensure simultaneousseparation during an emergencyrelease

    • Ball valve closure time which canbe adjusted between 5-15 secondswith flow regulators located in thehydraulic contro l cabinet

    • Mechanica l /hydraul ic in ter lock

    valve which prevents disconnectionbefore ball valves are fully closed

    • E m e r g e n c y r e l e a s e c o l l a rwhich incorporates a stored energyfeature to ensure clean separation

    • Emergency release collar which hasa shear pin to avoid accidentaloperator intervention

    •  An over centre mechanical lockwhich prevents accidental release

    • Emergency release collar which willremain clamped in the event ofhydraulic or electrical power failure

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Quick Connect Couplers

    We can supply quick connect/disconnect couplersfor Marine Loading Arms to incorporate thefollowing features:

    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

    • Manual or hydraulic operation

    • Lubrication of all moving partswithout dismantling the coupler

    • Coupler c lamps which are designedto work simultaneously

    • Mechanism designed to exert aneven pressure on ship’s manifoldthereby avoiding overstressing ofthe flange

    •  An over centre mechanical lock toprevent accidental release

    Ex te rna l gu ides fo r co r rec talignment to vessel manifold

    • Coupler which remains clamped inthe e v e n t o f h y d r a u l i c o relectrical power failure

    • Portable hand pump supplied formanual release in the event ofhydraulic or electrical power failure

    • Coupler strength based on OCIMF

    • Snap connectors to hydraulic linesto ensure no leakage of hydraulicoil when fitted with ERS

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Control Systems  

    The design of the control system for the loading

    arm is based on a ‘fail-safe’ principle wherein anyfailure such as electrical power failure willautomatically put the loading arm into thehydraulic ‘freewheel’ mode.

    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

    When connected the arm will alwayssafely follow the tanker’s movementsthroughout the working envelope anddrift ranges. The principle of the

    system is based on using handheldtrailing lead or radio control pendantwhich can be operated from the jetty ortanker deck.

    Our supply includes:

    • Jetty control panel/desk 

    • Logic panel 

    Local/remote selector switch

    •  Alarm moni toring equipment

    Direct-on-line motor starter will besupplied on the berth to include thefollowing:

    • Isolator switch

    • Overload protection on each


    • Start pushbutton

    • Stop pushbutton

    • Terminals for remote 'start' and'stop'

    In addition to the above we can alsosupply a more simplif ied lever

    hydraulic control system if required.

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Marine Loading Arms 

    In our 50 years within the marketplace we havesupplied Marine Loading Arms to most majorsuppliers in the Oil & Petrochemical Industry.

    Recent highlights include:-

     Ambient Loading Arms20” , 16” & 12” MLA for Petrobras, Brazil

    16” , 10” & 8” MLA for Repsol, Spain20” MLA for Maasvlakte Oil Terminal, Holland10” MLA for Exxon, UK/Singapore10” MLA for BP UK/Greece8” & 10” MLA for Star Petroleum, Thailand

    LNG Loading Arms

    16” MLA for ADGAS, Abu Dhabi16” MLA for Asia Pacific LNG Ltd., Indonesia

    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Site Services/After-Sales

    The Service and Installation department atWoodfield Systems Limited has some of the mostexperienced site engineers in the loading armindustry.

    We can offer trained engineers for installation, commissioning,refurbishment and training.

    For all refurbished, overhauled and new Marine Loading Arms we cansupply all management and on-site facilities to supervise the installation

    and commissioning, meeting the clients safety requirements. The work canbe undertaken around shipping schedules, keeping any downtime to aminimum.

    Services offered include:

    • Maintenance programmes suitable for any make of equipment

    • Testing procedures for Marine Loading Arms and emergency releasesystems

    • Troubleshooting

    • Safety Inspections

    • In-house training programmes

    • On-site training programmes

    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Engineering Services

    Woodfield Systems Limited offers the design andmanufacture of Skid Modules/Packages for the Oiland Petrochemical Industries.

    Skid Package Pipework can be constructed f rom:

    Duplex/Super Duplex  Stainless steel  Carbon Steel

    Cupro Nickel Inconel Alloy 825 

    Chrome moly P11 group

     Al l the above to suit c lient process requirements.

    Welding capabilit ies include:


    Fabrications of up to 20 tonnes (sing le lift ) can be undertaken 


    BS EN ISO 15614-1 : 2004  BS EN 287 PART 1 : 1992 

     ASME IX  PED Module H (97/23/EC)

    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Codes & Standards 

    O.C.I.M.F.• Design & Construction Specification for Marine Loading Arms  

    BS EN 1474:1997• Installation and Equipment for LNG Design and Testing of Marine

    Loading Arms  ASME B31.3

    • Chemical Plant & Petro leum Refinery Piping 

     ASME Section IX• Welding Qualifications 

    BS449• Structural Components 

    SIS 05 5900• Swedish Standard for Surface Preparation for Painting  

     ASME V• Non Destructive Examination  


    Materials Certif icates 

    BS5345• Electrical Installations  

    BS5501• Electrical Apparatus for Potentially Explosive Atmospheres 

    NFPA 59A & 70• US Electrical Equipment/Installation 

    EU Directives• EU Machinery Direct ive 98/37/EC.• EU Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC.• EU ‘ATEX’ 100 (a) Directive 94/9/EC. 

    Client Requirements• Specific Client/Project Specifications  

    WSL System Cert• ISO 9001:2000 (SGS)

    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

    The Marine Loading Arm(s) will be designed,manufactured and tested in accordance with thefollowing specifications, codes and standards:- 

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008



    Worldwide Representation Woodfield Systems Ltd. has a wide and experiencednetwork of agents across the world. They are allfamiliar with our products and services and are happyto provide information and assistance throughout theproject lifecycle and into the after-sales andmaintenance period.

    We have approved agents in the following regions:

    IndiaSpainBrazilEgyptUSAIranPortugalGreeceSingaporeSri Lanka

     Austral iaChinaIndonesiaTurkeySouth AfricaChileHong Kong/MacauMalaysiaNew ZealandMiddle EastColombia

    UAESaudi ArabiaKuwaitKoreaItaly 

    Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

  • 8/18/2019 WSL Brochure Dec.2008


      Woodfield Systems Ltd. 

    HSE Mindset We take personal responsibili ty for HSE because we care.

    Delivering ResultsWe deliver consistently and st rive to beat our goals.

    Open and Direct DialogueWe encourage early and honest communication.

    Customer DriveBuilding customer trust is key to our business.

    Hands-on ManagementWe know our business and get things done.

    People and Teams

     Al l our major achievements are team efforts. 

    Contact us

    Postal address:

    Woodfield Systems Limited, Tyler way, Swalecliffe, Whitstable, Kent, CT5 2RS, UK

    Tel: +44 (0) 1227 793 351

    Fax: +44 (0) 1227 793 625

    E-mail: woodf [email protected]


    Issue: Dec. 2008