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Art lovers are discovering that it’s fun to buy art online. Now you can buy original Australian art for your home by browsing the selection made available to you by an online art gallery. http://arttoart.com.au/

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  • 1. Would You Like To Buy Art Online?

2. Art lovers are discovering that its fun to buy art online. Now you can buy original Australian art for your home by browsing the selection made available to you by an online art gallery. http://arttoart.com.au/ The rise of the curated web store. 3. Personalised shopping from curated websites is becoming normal due to ease and simplicity. Think about the growth in popularity of sites like Etsy and Pinterest. Curated stores are interesting and they make buying fun again. In a world where the amount of choices available can be overwhelming, being provided an authentic curated choice of the best art in Australia is a welcome relief. 4. Traditional retail art galleries are an environment that can be intimidating to the novice art collector, are not at all family friendly and due to limited space, only so many artists can be shown at one time. Then you, the consumer miss out on knowing what diversity in art is actually available. 5. Thankfully these are all problems solved by an online art gallery such as Art to Art. In this original art web store a growing range of established and emerging Australian artists are displayed side by side, allowing you to contrast and compare, browse and discover and ultimately select a piece you will be sure to love. The search engine of an online art gallery also allows you to search artworks by your budget - another bonus of buying art online. 6. When you buy original art online there is the convenience of seeing a range of styles available in the one place. In retail galleries you would have to go to one venue for photographs, another place for Aboriginal art, and another gallery to see some abstract acrylic canvases. Who has the time? 7. Art to Art makes choosing art so easy. Now you can choose a photograph, a limited edition print, an original vintage poster and a painting all from the one store. You have the peace of mind that each artist has been carefully hand selected to meet the high level criteria of the collection. 8. Art is created to be enjoyed and Art to Art are inviting you to fall in love with easily accessible original art. The Art Insitu service helps you compare a selection of works and how they will actually look on your wall, with your furnishings and colour scheme. You simply supply a photo of your room and Art to Art will do the rest. 9. To provide you with peace of mind, each artwork on display is accompanied with a Certificate of Authenticity as being an original piece or a quality print from a limited edition run. Art to Art provide a door to door delivery service, advice on framing and how to hang the work in your home, so you can enjoy your artwork with confidence. If you receive the art and decide for whatever reason that it isnt right for you, Art to Art has a refund policy that is fully disclosed on the website. 10. Stay ahead of the Australian art scene. Subscribing to the Art to Art newsletter is a great place to start. If there is a brilliant new artist about to take off, Art to Art will know about it first. Therefore so will you. Imagine securing a key work before the rest of Australia catches on. 11. Art collecting is a deeply satisfying pastime and the astute buyer will buy art and establish a collection that appreciates in value. Whether you are just beginning to buy original art, or an experienced collector, Art of Art has the range to accommodate your needs and will make it a rewarding experience for you to buy art online. 12. Contact us 130 Bulleen Road, Balwyn North VIC 3104 Australia P. 03 9859 6040 M. 0413 945 249 enquiries@arttoart.com.au http://arttoart.com.au/