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DraftLock custom residential windows from Canadian Choice Windows & Doors company enjoy high popularity among Canadians! Canadian Choice Windows & Doors operates in Ontario, Calgary, British Columbia and Manitoba provices providing the best replacement windows for your home!

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The New Generation of Windows


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Bryan Baeumlera Canadian Television Host andConstruction Expert: he’s nostranger to quality products.

Bryan and his partners pridethemselves on professionalismand quality workmanship.

That’s why he exclusivelyrecommends Canadian ChoiceWindow & Door Products:

Windows aredefinitely one of the mostattractive and energy efficientwindows on the market. Built to last and backed by an industry leading warranty,these windows are truly agreat investment that willenhance the value of yourhome for years to come.”

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We are Canada’s #1 Choicewith showrooms nationwide.

Canadians prefer our windows and doorsbecause they represent the highest

standards in durability, energy efficiencyand overall elegant aesthetics at

unbeatable prices.

We are proud of the quality of our productsand stand behind them with our

exceptional Customer Service and Lifetime Comprehensive Warranty.

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Why Canadians Prefer Windows3 The Highest S ecurity Rating

Against Forced Entry

3 Exceptionally Good Looks with Classic Elegant Lines

3 Eco-Friendly & State-of-the-Art Structural Design Engineered for all Climate Conditions

3 Highest Industry Energy Ratings

3 Smart Glass Technologies for optimum energy savings

3 Smart Glass Home Analysis for Individual Room Comfort

3 Complete Line of Window Styles

3 Available in an array of Colours and in stylish Textured Finishes

3 Full Range of Accessories

3 Premium Line of Complementary Entry Door Systems

3 Lifetime Comprehensive Warranty

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The HighestSecurity RatingAgainst Forced

Entry for GreaterPeace of Mind

the remarkable GRADE 40 Rating forsuccessfully resisting forced entry.

GRADE 40 is the highest rating thatcan be tested for any vinyl window,

exceeding by far virtually every othermake of window.

High Security Locking System Night Latch

Windows have achieved

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Elegantly Crafted WindowsWill Give your Home Great CurbAppeal

featurecontoured linesthat reflect the elegance of finelycrafted wood windows giving your

home exceptional curb appeal.

advancedglazingtechnologyeliminates theuse of black orrubber glazingstrips making

more attractive andmore energy efficient over time.

Looks as Good Inside as it does OutsideComplement your Windows

with Wood and Vinyl Interior Trim SystemsInterior trim packages are available in pine, oak and other fine woods

as well as in our maintenence free Vinyl Interior Trim System.

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Infrared appliedwhite polyester


Secondary Seal:High Modulus Silicone

(Strong & Flexible)

Primary Seal:PIB Elastomer


Primary Seal:PIB Elastomer


Desiccant (removes moisture)

Dual-Seal Synthetic Warm Edge Construction

LoĒ Glass Coatings for Maximum Comfort & Savings

Cardinal I.G.

Every sealed unit is laseridentified and registeredwith Cardinal I.G.

The Lowest Failure Rate forSealed Glass Units in the World

Manufactured exclusively by Cardinal I.G., the world’s

premier LoĒ glass manufacturer, these sealed glass

units are 45 times less likely to have seal failure

over a 20 year period than any other manufacturer.

The Most Reliable Dual SealSystem on the Planet

Our Air-tight glass units are sealed with PIB

(polyisobutylene) - the only impermeable Elastomer

in the world.

Superior Comfort & PerformancewithMultiple LoĒ Glass Options

LoĒ Glass Options allow you to maximize the comfort

level of your home by reducing solar heat by up to 65%

and UV radiation by up to 95%.

Completely Guaranteed withLaser-etched identification and

Permanent RegistrationQuality control and superior customer service is further

ensured as each sealed unit is registered and on file with

both Cardinal I.G. and Canadian Choice.

The World’s BestSealed Glass Unit

Cardinal’s new LoĒ - i89™ Enhanced Performance Glass delivers a center of glass U-factor of just 0.20when coupled with our LoĒ³ or LoĒ² glass and argon fill in a double-pane unit. Rather than absorbing internal heat, LoĒ - i89 reflects it back into the room, making your living space feel warmer and more comfortable. Cardinal’s glassunits with LoĒ - i89 deliver the industry’s lowest failure rate – only 0.20% over 20 years.

Cardinal’s LoĒ - 180 High Solar Gain Glass is the perfect cold remedy. Ideal for passive solar applications, itallows winter sun’s heat to pass into the home while blocking heat loss to the outside.

Cardinal’s LoĒ² - 272 Advanced Performance Glass delivers year-round performance and comfort, whetherit’s -20° F (-29° C) or 110° F (43° C) in the shade. In winter, it reflects heat back into the room. In summer, it rejects thesun’s heat and damaging UV rays.

Cardinal’s LoĒ³ - 366 ULTIMATE Performance Glass is the new standard for it delivers the perfect balanceof solar control and high visibility – with no room- darkening tints and virtually no exterior reflectance. It provides thehighest levels of year-round comfort and energy savings, making it the perfect glass for any location.

Cardinal’s Neat® naturally clean glass on the outside works by harnessing the power of the sun’s UV rays to loosendirt so water can simply rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless. Your windows stay cleaner longer and clean easier.

Low Maintenance Glass Option Makes Life Easier

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State-of-the-ArtStructural Design1. Leak Proof Performance

Our Revolutionary New Acrylic Glazing Technology uses an advanced

ASTM approved acrylic system that eliminates unattractive rubber

strips, which deteriorate over time, and securely bonds the sealed

glass unit to the sash.

2. Most Energy Efficient Glass UnitOur glass units are dual sealed with PIB and high modulus silicone

and feature a desiccant filled continuous warm edge spacer with a

patented infrared white polyester interface for the greatest thermal


3. Best Sealed Glass UnitTo further ensure against glass seal failure our windows are

manufactured with Continuous Corner Sealed Units.

4. Top-of-the-line Heavy Duty HardwareOur windows are constructed with only 100% Truth Maxim Heavy

Duty quality hardware components backed by an industry leading

Lifetime Transferable Warranty.

5. 100% Eco-Friendly & RecycleableOur windows are constructed with the highest quality,

un-plasticized, lead-free UuPVC, expertly compounded and

extruded directly from pure powder. These windows are UV

resistant and will not fade, discolor, warp, crack or peel.

6. Maximum Strength Profile CornersTo ensure increased overall strength, all frame and sash corners are

fusion welded throughout the full profile. Our windows have no

exposed vulnerable rubber seals.

7. Super Efficient Frames & SashesMultiple-chamber frames and sashes ensure greater thermal

efficiency in both the winter and summer months. They also provide

excellent sound proofing. Certified for Zones: 1, 2 and 3.

Canadian Choice Windows & Doors reserves the right to make product improvements in design and construction without notice.








Double Glass Windowsincorporate 7/8” glass units.Available in both 3.5” and 4.5”Frames.

Better Sealed Glass UnitsBetter Constructed Frames & SashesBetter Designed Windows


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Canadian Choice Windows & Doors reserves the right to make product improvements in design and construction without notice.

Built for Virtually Any Climate

Energy Star top Performer withIndustry Record R-Value

The Cardinal I.G. manufactured sealed glass unit

achieved an industry record R-9.4 R-Value.

Reinforced Frames for SuperiorPerformance & Greater

DurabilityUnlike most competitors who use dual glazed window

frames to hold triple glazed units, our

Triple Glazed Casement Window uses a frame that is

specifically engineered with fiberglass reinforcement

inserts and thicker weight-bearing profile walls to handle

the extra weight load of triple glazed sealed glass units.

This ensures greater durability and long-term

performance for the ultimate in window performance.

Award WinningNew Triple Glazed

Casement WindowTriple Glazed Casement WindowsBuilt to handle extreme weather conditions.

Triple Glazed Window Frameis designed and constructedto handle the extra weight ofa triple glazed glass unit.

This means it will performbetter and last longer thansimilar windows on themarket today.

Triple Glazed Windowsincorporate 1 3/8” glass units.Available in both 3.5” and4.5” Frames.




Inserts & Thicker


Profile Walls

certified high performance Energy Star windows, with their uniquely sealed LoĒ glass units, will let you enjoy the sunlight for they are specifically designed to deal with intense solar heatgain and destructive UV exposure regardless of the season.


STANDARD ONDraftLOCK PLUSCLASSIC SERIESStructurally soundfoam filled multiple-chamber frames an d sashes for extra thermalefficiency and Fiberglass Reinforcement Inserts.

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Smart Glass HomeAnalysis forMaximumIndividual RoomComfort

1. Rooms May Be Too Warm or Too ColdEvery room in your home is exposed to various degrees ofsunlight in the summer and cold winds in the winter. Thisresults in some rooms always feeling too warm whileothers always feeling too cold. Not the most comfortable of situations.

2. We Will Analyse Your HomeOur Representative will analyse your home and the uniqueissues pertaining to every room and will determine what iscausing some rooms to be too warm or too cold.

3. Advise on which Windows & Optionswill Maximize Individual Room ComfortOnce our analysis is complete, our Representative willadvise on which windows and options would be bestsuited to ensure that you experience maximum comfortregardless of which room you happen to be in.

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Regardless of whatthe weather is like

outside, we willmake sure that youare comfortable in

every room of your home

How do we do it:

Double Glazed

Triple GlazedThese windows are engineered for the highest

performance and durability in all climate conditions.

LoĒ Glass OptionsWe offer 4 LoĒ Glass Options designed to counter

the unique climate conditions to which your windows are exposed:

Cardinal’s LoĒ - i89 Enhanced Performance Glass

Cardinal’s LoĒ - 180 High Solar Gain Glass

Cardinal’s LoĒ² - 272 Advanced Performance Glass

Cardinal’s LoĒ³ - 366 Ultimate Performance Glass

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Casement Windows are anexcellent choice when it comes toprotecting your home from the mostsevere weather or from intruders.

They open wide and outward like a doorfor the largest unobstructed opening ofany style of window.

They can be easily combined with fixedpicture windows and various accessoriesgiving you a wide sele ction of designoptions.

Also available in an AwningWindow Style.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance


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Triple Glazed

Built with same state-of-the art-structural designand Energy Efficiency as the Classic Series,

DraftLOCKplus Slim windows are engineered for great functionality and fabulous curb appeal.

DraftLOCKplus Slim windows are available in bothDouble Glazed and Triple Glazed. Structurally soundfoam filled multiple-chamber frames an d sashes for

extra thermal efficiency are standard.



SLIM A New Modern Aesthetic

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Double & SingleHungWindows

An excellent choice for those seekingwindows with a timeless classicappearance. The sashes in these windowstilt inward for easy comfortable cleaningfrom the inside of your home. Thesewindows feature the highest securityrating against forced entry for greaterpeace of mind for you and your family.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

Page 15: Windows by Canadian Choice Windows & Doors

The perfect choice for those seeking

windows with a modern contemporary

appearance. The sashes in these

windows tilt inward for easy comfortable

cleaning from the inside of your home.

They also feature the highest security

rating against forced entry for greater

peace of mind


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Architectural Windows arecustom manufactured to fit any shape

window opening.

Our Trim Systems will increase theimpact of your Architectural Windows.

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NEW European Style Window

Versatile & FunctionalThis unique window opens inwards

in two fashions:

1. Tilts inwards from the top to easily control air flow

2. Opens fully inwards for maximum air flow and

for easy cleaning.

Maximum SecurityOur European Style Window features

multiple locks placed on all 4 sides for the ultimate in security and

peace of mind.

View from Outside

Tilts Inwards from the Top

For Easy Air FlowManagement

Locks on All FourSides for Maximum


Solidly Built forOptimum Performance

Opens Fully Inwards forMaximum Air Flow and Easy Cleaning

View from Inside

New EuropeanStyle Window

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Options and AccessoriesDecorative GrillsWith Decorative Grills our windows can

be easily customized for that historical,

contemporary or unique personalized

look. These grills are available in a

variety of colors including pewter,

white, brown and cream and in all

popular styles such as Farmhouse,

Colonial, Classic Prairie and

Contemporary Prairie.

Farmhouse Colonial

Classic Prairie ContemporaryPrairie

Simulated Divided Lites (SDL’s) Our beautiful SDL’s (Simulated Divided Lites) give that classic “individual pane” look to any window and ourarchitectural grills can be custom sized for all your window openings.

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1000’s ofColours &

Textured Finishes

Transform your home from ordinary to extraordinarywith our new Coloured & non-glare Textured Finishes.

Available in an array of colours as well as custommatched colours for that personalized look.

* These are only digital representations: for more accurate coloursamples, please consult with a Canadian Choice Sales Representative.

Our Most Popular Colours*

Wedgewood Blue

Rainware White Sandalwood


Pebble Venetian Red Wicker

Sable Iron Ore Black

Commercial Brown


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Entry DoorSystems F Energy Efficient

F Great Durability

F Very Low Maintenance

F Strong Curb Appeal

F Multiple Frame Options

F Variety of Door Panels

F Single & Double Sidelites

F 1/2, 3/4 or Full Light Sidelites

F Specialty Shaped Transoms Available

Page 21: Windows by Canadian Choice Windows & Doors

HardwareOptions andAccessories

F Classic, Modern and Rustic

Hardware Collections

F Multiple Hinge Finishes

F Sill Options

F Dentil Shelves

F Wrought Iron

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Canadian Choice Windows & DoorsLifetime Comprehensive Warranty

Canadian Choice windows are laser identified and computer

registered at the Cardinal I.G. plant, so that you will always

know who to call in case a problem should arise; in which

case you will be covered by Canadian Choice Windows &

Doors’ Industry Leading Warranty Program.

Canadian Choice Windows & Doors’ Lifetime Comprehensive

Warranty guarantees all its windows against seal failure. In

the rare case of seal failure, Canadian Choice will provide a

replacement sealed unit free of charge and will issue a

cheque in the amount of $50.00 for any inconvenience to

the homeowner.

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The New Generation of WindowsCanada’s #1 Choice

3 Highest Security Rating

3 Looks Great from the Outside and the Inside of Your Home

3 World’s Best Sealed Glass Unit

3 State-of-the-Art Structural Design - Energy Star Award Winner

3 Smart Glass Home Analysis for Maximum Individual Room Comfort

3 Every Window Style Available

3 Extensive Options and Accessories

3 Vast Array of Colours & Textured Finishes

3 Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

3 Lifetime Comprehensive Warranty

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The New Generation of WindowsBy

Cardinal I.G.

Toll Free: 1-866-613-4440 www.windowscanada.comv

Smart Glass Performance

“Exceptional Windows & Doors at Affordable Prices”

Bryan Baeumler

Your Trusted Choice for Windows & Doors


Over 2000 Reviews

Approved & Certified

Certified Dealer

Certified Installation

Excellent Reviews

Certified for Zones 1, 2 & 3