Why Montessori would have loved digital technology #digfestival

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Mainly images, but for those that want to revisit the fun that Dan Donahoo brought us at #digfestival here are his slides. Make contact with Dan for more info.

Transcript of Why Montessori would have loved digital technology #digfestival


2. a little riff onPLAY | TECH | STORY 3. STAND UP 4. SIMON SAYS 5. IS AN INTEGRAL PART OFTHE HUMAN CONDITION 6. WHAT ISTECHNOLOGY? 7. COLLISION 8. WHERE WOULDMARIAMONTESSORIBE TODAY? 9. The Story ofSCREENTIME 10. SCREENTIMEPOLICY, 1992 11. 15 yearsbefore this 12. WHERE ARE REGGIO EMILIACOMMUNITY TODAY?Children must have some control over the direction of their learningChildren must be able to learn through experiences oftouching, moving, listening, seeing, and hearing;Children have a relationship with other children and withmaterial items in the world that children must be allowed to exploreChildren must have endless ways and opportunities to express themselves. 13. Technologydoesnt existin isolation.The screen isnot isolating. 14. There isemotionhere. 15. This isnt new 16. 1970s | 1980s Tablet Device 17. TECHNOLOGYISUS 18. #cylonnews 19. TECHNOLOGYISPLAYFUL 20. JACOBS 3DS 21. LETSPLAY 22. (www) projectsynthesis.com.au(e) [email protected](tw) @ddonahoo