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What makes Networking Plus, LLC different

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  • 1. Networking & Educational:Over 500 networking opportunities in a year. Educational components in all meetings Special Events Marketing Tips & Pointers Coaching & Consulting Available Learn how to create Alliances Build Partnerships and Grow Your Business

2. Monday 1:00pm Tuesday 9:30 & 5:00 Wednesday 9:00 & 4:30 Thursday 9:30 & 3:00 Friday 9:00 & 1:00 3. Advertising & Marketing: Brochures place your brochures in our office and bringto every meeting Showcase your products and services at all meetings Directory - Member business listed in directory on website Expos-we offer Mini Expos and one large expo yearly formembers Member Focus - in the eNewsletter for you to sharesomething special about you Member-to-Member Discounts Your discount listed inthe Plus Moments Online Business Listing on the website - with link to yourwebsite Post your event all our social media, and announce in allmeetings We Refer to Networking Plus members 4. Committee & Volunteer Opportunities: Member Appreciation Night and Award Celebration Networking Plus Expo Speed Networking Events Special Events Golf Tournament Mini Expo Showcase products and services Happy Holidays Boutique 5. Other Benefits/Services:Plus Moments-Benefits and perks with your membership YouTube Video to advertise your business Members can be a speaker at all meetings Write an article or create an ad for our eNewsletter Host or Attend complimentary seminars Weekly update on all meetings and events and specials eNewsletter emailed bi-weekly covering members articles andadvertisements Mentoring Program - business assistance to members Business coaching-creating alliances Savings Programs through Sandlers Training Join us on LinkedIn, like us on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter Connect with the business community, build relationships and formlifelong friendships. 6. Member Orientation-2nd Monday of EachMonth at 9:30am at Networking Plus Offices Members Only Meeting-2nd & 4th Thursday ofeach month at 3:00pm at Networking PlusOffices-How Can We Help You?