Welcome New Fellows From the ‘Seasoned’ Fellows!

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Transcript of Welcome New Fellows From the ‘Seasoned’ Fellows!

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  • Welcome New Fellows From the Seasoned Fellows!
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  • The Opportunity of a Lifetime Marketing 101: The vision of NCLVI needed to be conveyed to the target audience (US) in a manner that we entered into a 'belief' in NCLVI before we could fully appreciate it. Now is your opportunity to appreciate it.ALL OF IT
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  • NCLVI (Enrichment) NCLVIE: No one Can Leave Visual Impairments, EVER! NCLVI: Nationally Challenged Leaders of Visual Impairment NCLVI: Nonstop Chatting, Laughing, Venting, and Imagining (Being Done!)
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  • Ph.D. PhD: Probably heavily in Debt PhD: Permanent head Damage PhD: Pour her (or him) a Drink PhD: Piled, Higher, and Deeper PhD: Primary Hair loss Due to Stress
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  • Ed.D: Ed.D: Educational Deficit Disorder Ed.D: Educated Dummys Diploma Ed.D: Educated, Dedicated, Determined
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  • When its all over youll be a Ph. D. or an Ed. D.
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  • Signs that you are an NCLVI Fellow
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  • Heres your Sign: If youve ever made a mad dash to the post office to over night your NCLVI application to Dr. Garber- you might be a NCLVI Fellow
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  • Signs If youve ever had an article written about this Fellowship in your hometown paper -you might be an NCLVI Fellow
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  • Signs If youve ever stayed up til 3 in the morning to post a message to the discussion board-you might be an NCLVI Fellow
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  • Signs If youve ever called PCO more than once in a single day to find out if a decision had been made about who got this Fellowship-you might be an NCLVI Fellow
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  • Signs If you were on vacation and missed the call to congratulate you on your acceptance-you might be an NCLVI Fellow
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  • Signs If youve ever complained about the discussion board-you might be an NCLVI Fellow.
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  • Good advice is always certain to be ignored, but that's no reason not to give it. Agatha Christie
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  • Advice From the mind of a great Southern poet: GIT-R-DUN!!! Bring ear plugs with you for the hotels...you never know just how loud your roommate will snore! Beano is great when traveling...(think about it!) I can't tell you how many people have commented to me that they get gassy when we travel....Is it the food?
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  • Advice Sleep whenever you can! Keep your sense of humor! Keep your receipts or Tina will not reimburse you for your expenses Keep your friends close by, youll need a shoulder to cry (whine) on! Remember that we are all an e-mail, phone call, or plane ride away!
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  • Advice The only really dumb questions are the ones that go unasked No one expects you to do this alone, so don't be afraid to ask for help Set aside "me time" EVERY WEEK Invest in a flash/thumb/travel drive if you haven't already. It will become your best friend. Always strive for an A, but learn to be happy with a B.
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  • Things that Have Helped Us Get Through Dancing, hiking, riding my bike, eating well Family, friends, pets, movies, meeting new people, Starbucks & margaritas A sign on my desk reading, "It CAN be DONE!" The word done sometimes means completed and other times accomplished. Most often it reminds me that completion is more important that perfection!
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  • Words of Wisdom I am two generations from share-cropping, with parents who did not finish high school. I am the first in my family (both sides) to have a masters degree. From time to time, I am told by someone in my family that I am making them proud, all of them. That keeps me going! We all have our own motivationsfinding it is the key to success! Derrick Smith
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  • Words of Wisdom Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive. Elbert Hubbard "This too shall pass...." Tiffany (The Future Secretary of Education, not the Teen Rock Star) "Life is either a great adventure or nothing." -- Helen Keller
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  • Tips for Balancing Work, School, Family If you have a significant other with you, make sure to SCHEDULE time for them. Planning is critical for a doctoral student so plan to have time with your family and friends. During these times, forget school! You have to MAKE time to reconnect with those who were with you before you started and you want to make sure they will be there after you have finished!
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  • Tips for Balancing Work, School, Family I avoid work during the week after evening classes & before my husband goes to bed. That is our time together. I work all day on Saturday & Sunday, but take each of those evenings off as well as Sunday morning to attend Mass. That time is very precious to me & to him. We try to find something fun to do on one of the weekend evenings. They are our date nights & it gives me something to look forward to doing.
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  • Favorite Experiences Laughing! Traveling to Washington D.C. & working with the other fellows....of course their is always those lovely text messages & phone calls from the other fellows as they are loosing their minds as well. It makes for good company! Taking dance lessons in Louisville from the Colorado School for the Blind Principal
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  • Most Helpful Books Any Dr. Seuss bookthey just take me back to being a kid! Keep your APA Publication Manual HandyUse itlove/hate itthen know it!
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  • Late Night Strategies Dont EVER eat doughnuts late! The first 30 minutes afterwards is great but the crash is HORRIBLE! To Do List 1.Put the husband (wife, girlfriend) to bed first... 2.Drink a highly caffeinated beverage 3.Make sure there is a horrible deadline looming overhead 4.Check the entries made on blackboard by other fellows to know that you are not alone
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  • Ways to Avoid Getting Sick VITAMINS.LOTS OF VITAMINS! Vitamin C every day, laughing as much as you can! The use of Airborne & Vitamin C tablets have been a lifesaver for me. As soon as I feel sick, I take them both. The airborne tastes horrible, but getting sick is worse! Drink a glass of water for every glass of coffee. Zinc lozenges for the vitamin section (not the cough drops). The NOW brand with Elderberry will knock out a sore throat and sniffles lightning fast. Don't chew or take on an empty stomach!!!
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  • Example Meal Plan Route 44 Cherry Coke from Sonic for breakfast, Lunch: Cafeteria on campus, Supper: WHO KNOWS! Eat breakfast & lunch at home - usually leftovers as they are fast to reheat in the microwave...who has time to cook?! Dinner is either fast food or some creation that my husband has made...again, who has time to cook?! Bubbas & Starbucks for breakfast, sushi for lunch, & sushi for dinner.hey I can dream cant I! Lean cuisine carb conscious frozen dinners.
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  • Cumulative Weight Gain 100 lbs and counting!
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  • On a Serious Note... The Old Fellows want the New Fellows to know how happy we are that you are here to share in this Opportunity of a Lifetime with us. We look forward to your experience and knowledge that you can share with us