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Student Page Title Introduction Task Process Evaluation Conclusion Credits [Teacher Page ] For Educators Designed by Sarina Caponi [email protected] Based on a template from The WebQuest Page The Weather Outside is…? The Weather Outside is…?
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  1. 1. Student Page [Teacher Page]The Weather Outside is? TitleFor Educators IntroductionDesigned by Task Sarina Caponi Process [email protected]ps.uakron.eduEvaluationConclusionCredits Based on a template from The WebQuest Page
  2. 2. Student Page [Teacher Page] Introduction TitleDear students, Introduction Task We will be having some guests from Processanother planet who will be joining ourEvaluationclass for a day. It will be your job toConclusionteach them about our planetsweather/seasons. So during thisactivity we will be researchingweather so we can teach them.Credits
  3. 3. Student Page [Teacher Page]The Task TitleDear students, Introduction We will be having some guests from Task another planet who will be joining ourclass for a day. Everything on their Processplanet is different from ours. It willEvaluationbe your job to teach them about ourConclusionplanets different types ofweather/seasons. So during thisactivity we will be researchingweather so we can teach them. Youwill be making poster boards anpresenting them and also bepresenting your own weatherforecasts just like a meteorologist.Credits
  4. 4. Student PageThe Process [Teacher Page]1. You will be put into groups of two and given a type of Title weather (such as rain, thunderstorm, cloudy, sunny, hail, Introductiontornado, etc.2. You must then begin to research you weather pattern such a Taskwhen does this type of weather occur? Does it occur every Process where? How does it occur? What does it look like? Lots of details!(websites that will be helpfulEvaluation http://www.weather.com/Conclusion http://web.ebscohost.com/sas/themes?sid=bbc78346-3c06-4236-b5e9-47c )3. You must then create a poster board/ power point on all the info you have found on your weather pattern (MAKE SURE TO SITE YOUR SOURCES!!!!)4. Then you will have to create a 3-4 minute weather forecast that involves your type of weather! Get creative and dress up, make it funny, but also use some of the information you discovered.5. Finally you will present this to the class and teacher.Credits
  5. 5. Student Page [Teacher Page] Evaluation TitleCATEGORY43 2 1 Introduction PowerProperly and withIdentifies thePartially SomewhatPoint/Poater detail identifiesHow?What? describes the describes the Task Board the How?What?When? Where?who?what? weatherWhen?Where?How?and Why?when?where? pattern.Uses no Processand Why? of theweather pattern. of the weather pattern. Uses how?and why?photos to Uses no pictures illustrate.DoesCreative and eye photos dealingor anynot present to theEvaluationcatching withwith weatherillustrations.Prese classdesign and use pattern.Presentsnts to the classConclusionaccurate to the class with with nopictures.someunderstanding.Presents it to the understanding,Poor eye contactclass with eye contact and and voice.understandingloud voice.and eye contactand a loud voice.Forecast Creative weather Creative weatherSomewhatPresentation failPresntation forecast and use forecast. Poorreenacted a to followof time. Uses theuse of real facts weather forecast. directions and noresearched infoabout weather No creativity. No time or thoughtin pattern Boththought or time was put into it.presentation.Bothpartners involved put into it.people werein forecast.involved. Like areal newscast.Sitations Used correct Used correctSited sources Sited sourcesbibliography bibliographyusing usingform. Used 3-4 form. Used 2-3hyperlinks.Used hyperlinks.Usedsources. sources.2-3 sources.1 sources.Credits
  6. 6. Student PageConclusion [Teacher Page] TitleCongratulations you have completed your assignment!!You have successfully taught our guests about weather Introduction on the planet earth! Not only did they learn something Task but so did you!! All of your research and hard work paidoff. Now you are weather experts and can teach other Processpeople about the different types of weather!EvaluationConclusionCredits
  7. 7. Student Page [Teacher Page]Credits & References TitlePictures were from: Introduction Taskhttp://www.weather.com/ Processhttp://www.freeiconsweb.com/siEvaluationte-images/Large/large-weather-Conclusionicons-452.jpgBig thanks goes out tohttp://webquest.org/ in thedesign of the quest.Rubric was made withhttp://rubistar.4teachers.org/Credits