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  • 1. A Sweet Sixty Celebration for the worlds sweetest sister

2. When I was at Brooklyn College back in the early 1970s... 3. I was quite the tree-hugging environmentalist 4. Recycling was just taking off, and Savta... 5. ...might recall that I would spend hours in the basement breaking up hundreds of Tab, No-Cal, and other diet soft drink bottles because breaking them up was the only way that I could fit a couple of months worth in my little Renault R-10. 6. Ema, do you remember me crushing bottles? I often left a mess of glass shards on our Torginol basement floor back on East 7th St. 7. The Renault R-10 was a tiny car and I must have stuffed dozens of shopping bags full of crushed glass in it, all but obstructing my view, schlepping the glass to one of the few recycling centers in the city (located by the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge)... 8. so that I could carry a much larger load and keep these time-consuming trips to a minimum. At the time, I was also involved in the Sierra Club... 9. lobbying in support of the clean air act. I was also involved in trying to enact bottle bill legislation. 10. But of all of these, the issue that I was perhaps most involved with was overpopulation. 11. I volunteered with the organization Zero Population Growth (AKA ZPG) 12. They are an organization that believes that the root of many problems facing the world, including hunger, pollution, energy and water scarcity, climate change, is in overpopulation, and that the solution for overpopulation is to use persuasion and public policy to encourage people to have no more than 2 biological children. 13. I volunteered for ZPG for several years during college, serving as an office volunteer, writing letters to the editor, etc. In fact, I was so passionate about the issue that I went to visit the Yeshiva of Flatbush... 14. from where I had graduated several years several years earlier, and I met with my old nemesis Rabbi David Eliach...in order to ask him whether I could speak to some of the senior classes about ZPG. He politely declined. Many of my friends and family knew about my passion, too. 15. Several years went by after I graduated college, and I was living in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 16. I was taking classes at the University of New Mexico towards a Masters degree... 17. and I was also working at the Inhalation Toxicology Research Institute, studying the health effects of air pollutants 18. It was Thanksgiving of 1979... 19. and I was delighted to be getting guests: Harvey and Sarina, for a pre-wedding visit!! 20. I picked them up at Albuquerque Airport 21. As soon as we got to the house, my sweet... 22. sister pulled me aside and told me the following: Rafi, I know that you decided you did not want to have any children due to your concerns about the environment. Well, Harvey and I have been thinking about it and we came to a decision. 23. Yes, I replied?Well, we decided that we will have one less child than we planned to so that you could go ahead and have a child. 24. This little story says it all: My sister, the most generous, big-hearted, nave person on the whole planet!! 25. Happy birthday, Sarina, as you enter into this, the second half of your life, may you always be as generous, as big hearted...and as nave as you were on that 1979 Thanksgiving day!! 26. We all love you!Rafi, Elizabeth, Sarah, and Talia