Visual Culture: How Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram Drive Social Media Engagement

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Visual content is disrupting the web and real world. This panel will focus on key strategies used across creative industries, such as Media, Fashion, Music, Food and Entertainment that demonstrates how the use of Visual Storytelling is driving engagement with Consumers and Fans. The panel will discuss how each panelist is using photography, video and visual across social platforms such as pinterest, instagram and tumblr to tell stories to delight, educate and connect with their customers.

Transcript of Visual Culture: How Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram Drive Social Media Engagement

  • 1.SOHO HOUSE WEST HOLLYWOODAPRIL 24, 2013Visual Culture: The Aesthetics and Art ofEngagement

2. [PANEL SPEAKERS]MacalaWright, Group [email protected] De Jesus, Senior Art Director at [email protected] Carasso, Founder, Falling [email protected]roneHackman, Master [email protected] By:Staci Riordan Fox Rothschild [email protected] andInstagram#VizCult 3. Visual Culture: The Aesthetics and Artof EngagementHow have visual platforms been most useful for you inbuilding awareness of your personal or [email protected]: All platforms are useful, as visualization and visualthinking are at the core of what we do. Tumblr, used withhashtags and connected to Twitter, has by far been the mostuseful platform for decimating ideas, sharing pithy contentconnected with highly impactful video or photos, or to simplypoint out noteworthy people, causes or programs. 4. Visual Culture: The Aesthetics and Artof EngagementWhat platforms do you prefer and why?Are there things youve discovered with your followingson that platform(s) that have been critical to engagementor [email protected]: Visual platforms have allowed for acertain flexibility when it comes to shaping the GOODbrand. While the main feed of HQ-driven and communitycontent lives on, our Tumblr is curated to focusmore on creativity, design, photography, gifs, and theoccasional Bill Nye-is-the-man type posts. Instagramgives community members a more personal look atbehind-the-scenes, at our HQ, and out in the world. 5. Visual Culture: The Aesthetics and Artof EngagementHow do you connect your messages across [email protected]: Im a big fan of Tumblr. I think its one of the mostaccessible and versatile platforms. It can be used in a variety ofways from traditional journalism, to photo blogs, to personalportfolios or mood boards. Reblogging is easy and posts that youlike are automatically filtered.There are so many amazing images waiting to be shared orreblogged, but its essential to keep the visual content in checkwith your brands point-of-view. In various categories across ourown siteeducation, technology, cities, environment, etc.we tryto highlight the best and brightest of the current social good space.So on our Tumblr, I tend to focus on those best and brightest poststhat have great visual appeal. I also try to reblog designers andillustrators if his/her posts are relevant to the content going up thatday, or Ill just post in support of really awesome work. 6. Visual Culture: The Aesthetics and Artof EngagementDo you vary the strategy with the way you present copyor graphics? [email protected]: Falling Whistles Matches Visual Elements toKey Messages/Calls To Action based on the visual dimensionsof the social networks theyre on to maximize awareness. 7. Visual Culture: The Aesthetics and Artof EngagementWhat have been your biggest challenges on Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr [email protected]: The biggest challenge for most platforms is developingthe right audience. Platform statistics about users and userdemographics are only so helpful to you. So Ive gotten creative inthe way I work on my audience development, continually testingnew idea and theories.For example, while I like to use Instagram for my personallife, theres a fine line between personal and business. MyInstagram audience looks to me for being a leader in more thoughtprovoking content. So if I want to use personal, I have to put it inthe right context and leverage the heck out of common hashtagsthat are widely used by the platform such as:#MadeMyDay #CaughtGramming #InstaGood #Igers#InstagramLA 8. Visual Culture: The Aesthetics and Artof EngagementThe Cheat Sheet Whom To Follow For Visual Inspiration andIntellectual StimulationTumblr:National Geographic Found | This Crazy Fashion | Trey Wright | SuperSeventies | V Magazine |Daily Artspace |Frieke Verle | Photo JoJo|Future Journalism Project | Edjeux | PopTech | Chronical BooksInstagram: @sonjarasula @awalkerinla @[email protected] @pamelalovenyc @JohnCaswell @WestElm @RoomForty @24HourProject @NewYorkCity @FallingWhistles @TonyDetroit @HappyMundane @31Bits @Nowness @PressedJuicery 9. Visual Culture: The Aesthetics and Artof EngagementTumblr Tactics Jessica De JesusIm relatively selective about what images I choose to post for the article Im putting on Tumblr. I tryto keep text at a minimum by providing a short excerpt that best reflects the article. I try to keepcolors, sometimes themes, and sizes balanced with each other. I also think about which imagesmay be the most rebloggable, and thats a constant work in progress. To this day, our mostreblogged post was about how Tesla should get his own museum. People really love science. Butreally, who doesnt?Communicating with Tumblr followers has proved to be the most challenging. Even if you installDisqus comments or a Facebook comment plug-in, most followers choose liking and/or reblogginginstead of commenting. Sometimes there are amazing comments written through a reblog, butunlike other platforms, you cant respond as easily. I do; however, see the appeal in that type oflimited interaction. Its good to have some boundaries in an often over-exposed social mediaculture.GOOD has always had a video team thats produced in-house and also collaborated with sometalented freelancers. We do a lot of custom partnership videos, which weve been having lot of funwith. The larger ones that include a video series allow us to get a little more creative in art directingintro cards. Weve also been creating videos that coincide with big activations. Most recently, forour effort Neighborday (April 27th)a celebration of the people with whom we share space onwecreated an introduction mashup video of pop-culture neighborslike Mr. Rodgers, Winnie Cooper,Urkel, Mr. Feeny, and the Rubbles. 10. About The Panelists And How ToFollow ThemJessica De Jesus GOOD MagazineJessica De Jesus earned her BFA in Graphic Design from Massachusetts College ofArt & Design. She is currently the Senior Art Director and Tumblr Curator at GOODaglobal community of people who give a damn. She also freelances under the creativealias neonhoneytigerlily. You may also follower her on Instagram and Twitter.Staci Riordan Partner, Fox RothschildStaci Jennifer Riordan is a Partner and Chair of the Fashion Law Practice Group atFox Rothschild, LLP and an adjunct Professor at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. Asa lawyer, Stacis practice focuses on both transactional and litigation issues faced bythe fashion community: fashion licensing, copyright, trademark and business litigationas well as digital media, social commerce, business agreements, strategic planningand client counseling. Staci regularly speaks, writes and blogs on issues affectingfashion businesses. Visit her blog at or follow heron Twitter: @staciriordan. 11. About The Panelists And How ToFollow ThemSharoneHakman - ChefCulinary showman Chef SharoneHakman has an insatiable appetite for adventure and for creatingdelectable food. His dishes are as versatile and lively as his personality, filling you up in taste andin presentation.Formerly a financial planner, Sharone left the corporate world to follow his true love for food bypursuing a career as a chef. His standout performance on Foxs hit show Master Chef ignited anew vision for Sharones aspirations in the culinary world. His celebrity clientele and internationaltelevision success has not steered Sharone away from who he is: a man who creates love andpassion through his food. You can follow Sharone on his blog or Twitter.Sean Carasso Falling WhistlesSean Carasso is the founder of Falling Whistles, a campaign for peace in Congo. Over the lastfour years, he and his team have seen a Special Envoy appointed to end the war, the rebel groupM23 implode, and Congos worst warlord surrender. They sell the whistle as a symbol of protestand today more than 70,000 people have joined them as whistleblowers for peace. This coalitionhas invested in the fastest growing radio station in Congo, a sustainable business treating 330,000for malaria, the first female-run salon in eastern Congo, as well as surgeries and rehabilitation forhundreds of women and children. You can follow Falling Whistles or Sean on Twitter. 12. About The Panelists And How ToFollow ThemMacala Wright Head of Innovation, Group PartnersMacala is a writer, strategist, and storyteller. She merges her passion forstorytelling and narrative with her deep understanding of technology andstrategy to help bring innovative ideas, content and change programs to life.Interested in the tools and platforms that society uses to communicateculture, her writing and studies explore how people can become bettercommunicators in order to shape their futures, share their ideas and create abetter world to live in. She loves Twitter and Instagram.Group PartnersBlog: http://www.grouppartners.netTwitter: @Group_PartnersTumblr: